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Carly Claims Her Destiny Ch. 01

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Part 1

My mom is the greatest. She raised my two older sisters and I without the aid of a husband. Mom and dad went their separate ways not long after I was born and I always longed for the guidance and love of a father figure.

I’m Carly, the youngest of the brood. At 24, I’m quite a head-turner. I am proud of my good looks but I try not to act conceited or stuck up.

Actually, I have done a bit of modeling for local periodicals, department store layouts and a couple of bikini photo shoots. Photographers tell me they prize me for my long, sculpted legs, nice breasts and firm, round ass.

I never lacked for attention from the guys but I never got seriously involved with anyone. Mom raised me from an early age to take my time with boys and not to rush into anything permanent. Mom always taught us girls that young guys just wanted one thing whereas older men were much more mature and had their act together. I guess that’s why I always flirted with my girlfriend’s fathers. Not flirting in a sexual way, but I always liked the attention from successful men who had lived a few years and had a more mature outlook on life.

A few years back, I got into a really bad relationship with a cute guy my same age. Things were great at first, the sex with Jim was incredible but we soon realized we had little in common. His drinking became a problem and his behavior became increasingly hostile. It all came to a head one night when I came home after an innocent night out with the girls. Jim had been drinking heavily and he threatened to beat me up.

I called my Mom from a friend’s house that night and the very next morning, she and my grandfather came to my rescue. They helped me load my things into Grandpa’s truck and Mom drove me to her place. I was always grateful to the both of them for getting me out of there before something bad happened to me. Mom was so understanding and consoling. I could never get a good read on Grandpa. I always got the feeling that he was disappointed in me, although he never said anything to me about it. I haven’t been in a serious relationship since.

Living back home with mom was fun. She has a great job and a wide circle of interesting friends. Even though they were a generation older than me, I was often invited along for one of the girl’s nights out that became legendary. I felt right at home with these women, most were married but they needed an outlet from work and children. I tagged along sometimes and always drew lots of male attention.

Even though I wasn’t dating, sex was always a priority for me so masturbation became my only option. I had a large variety of vibrators and dildos for both of my holes. I played with myself at least once a day and usually more. Oh well, it was an outlet and it staved off the boy craving. I wasn’t interested in another toxic affair like the last one so self- pleasure was a wonderful release.

Summer was fast approaching and I hadn’t found a steady job. One morning while I was sitting at the breakfast table, Mom sat down for a cup of coffee before she left for work.

“Honey, Grandma and Grandpa want to see you. Since you’ve been home, you haven’t spent much time with them. They’re beginning to wonder if there is something wrong.”

“Oh no, mom, its not like that at all.”

I really adore my grandparents|. Grandpa Richard and Grandma Eileen helped out so much especially after mom’s divorce. They were like a rock we could always count on. Grandma is a retired schoolteacher and Grandpa is semi-retired from a construction company he built from the ground up. He still has a few business interests that keep him busy.

“I just, well, I feel so guilty about Grandpa having to help you bail me out of that bad situation with Jim. I guess I feel a little ashamed.” I admitted.

“Carly, no, its not like that at all. Your grandparents love you and they think the world of you. You should call them today and arrange to stay with them for a couple of weeks.”

Three days later, Mom drove me the fifty miles to Grandpa and Gramma’s place. Grandma greeted me at the front door with a warm hug.

“Grandpa’s up in his study. Why don’t you run upstairs and give him a hug.”

I ran up the stairs to Grandpa’s study, a large room at the top of the stairs. Grandpa was sitting at his desk working at the computer so I ran over to him and put my arms around his big, strong shoulders and gave him a big kiss on his cheek Grandpa is an imposing man with a broad chest, wide shoulders and big, powerful hands. His thinning grey hair was always well groomed. At 6’3″ he cuts quite a figure. His sun-scoured complexion belies his early years when he worked on construction gangs. You can easily tell he is 63 years old.

As he returned my kiss, I felt his big strong hand on my arm. My, he really does have strong hands. I could imagine those big powerful hands taking control of a woman. It made me feel a little warm down there.

“Hello Carly. Long time, no see.” That was so typical for him. He always had casino şirketleri some kind of off- hand remark that kept him aloof. The two big picture windows in his study let in the afternoon summer light.

“Granddad, are you happy to see me?”

“Absolutely dear,” he said, hardly looking up from his computer.

.” I think Eileen has some fun in mind for the two of you,” he continued, not looking up from his computer.

“What about you? Don’t you want to have some fun with us, too?” I asked.

“Sure Carly, I just have business plan to finish within the next few days but I do know the three of us are going to the lake tomorrow.” He said unemotionally.

I hadn’t been to the lake with Gran and Gramps since I was a little kid. Those were some of the happiest days of my life and I looked forward to reconnecting not only with my grandparents but also with a more innocent time of my life.

The day at the lake was great, it was nice to be back at a place that held so many wonderful memories for me. I wore short shorts that hardly covered my tight ass and a top that let my pear-shaped breasts almost fall out. I could see grandpa eyeing me when he thought I wasn’t looking. That was cool with me Lots of men had that reaction to me so it was no big deal. Actually, I was delighted my granddad, under that icy exterior, just might be human after all. I hoped so, because Grandpa and I had never been as close as I wanted. I never had a true father figure and I wanted to warmth and support of a strong man.

The next morning Grandma was out taking a walk and I did not see Grandpa around anywhere. I called for him but got no reply. I walked into the master bedroom and heard the shower running. The bathroom door had a full- length mirror that gave me an unobstructed view of the shower. Just then, Grampa pulled back the shower curtain and stepped out, stark naked. He couldn’t see me but I could see his powerful barrel chest. Something else caught my eye. I looked down to see his gorgeous nine inch cock. Not only was it long, it was thick with a big mushroom head.

I almost feinted. My heart skipped a beat. I had never seen such a beautiful cock in all my life. I could not believe how lucky Grandma is to have that cock laying beside her every night in bed. I wondered how many times a week they did it.

I stumbled back down the hallway, a hot sensation between my legs. My hands trembled as I wondered what it would be like to have that huge cock take control of me. I didn’t even stop to think at the time that the dick I was fantasizing about belonged to my grandfather.

Back in my room, I closed the door and lay on the bed and rubbed my pussy thorough the fabric of my pants. I hadn’t masturbated since I’d been there and as luck would have it, I forgot to bring a vibrator.

I figured Grandpa would get dressed and go up to his study, as usual. I put on my shortest and tightest pair of shorts and a green halter-top to show off my boobs to good advantage.

Sure enough, Gramps was sitting at his desk. I stood at the door alluringly.

“Hi Grampa, watch’a doin’?”

“Hi Carly. Just looking over this balance sheet, not very interesting, I’m afraid,” he said indifferently.

“Well, maybe I can make things a little more interesting then.”

“Good luck,” he said without looking up.

I walked over to him, my shapely breasts heaving as I strode seductively in my platform sandals. I playfully sat on his lap and gently kissed his cheek as I wrapped my arm around his broad shoulders. I leaned in to kiss his cheek again but to my surprise, our lips accidently met I think we were both startled but neither of us said a word. Interestingly enough, neither of us pulled back. My heart was racing as Grandpa cupped his large hand on my chin to hold my face to his. I felt his icy gaze on me and I trembled slightly. I quickly regained my composure.

“Oh Granddad,” I cooed. “That was so nice. Thanks for the sweet kiss,” I purred.

He kissed me once more on the cheek as I felt my legs involuntarily spread apart.

“Ok, little lady. That’s enough for now. I think your grandmother needs some help in the kitchen so off you go,” he chided.

I gently rubbed his back before I left his study. That grandfather of mine is one cool customer, I thought. I wondered if there was any way to make him melt

I ambled down the hallway to my bedroom. My pussy was on fire. The way he held me with those big strong hands just made me all warm inside. I suddenly realized my panties were soaked and I needed to change them. I wasn’t dating anyone, hell, I hadn’t dated in months and I desperately wanted a man. I wanted a man to hold me, to kiss me, to take care of me and make me feel safe and loved. I was living under the same roof with a strong, capable, self-assured man that I respected more than any man I ever knew. I wanted my grandfather and I wanted his beautiful cock.

The next afternoon, Grandma went to the hairdressers and I was doing some light housecleaning. casino firmaları Grandfather had been out all morning meeting some business people and I missed him. He returned just after grandma left and he went up to his study.

I finished housework and decided to relax by taking a bath. I ran the bath water and made sure it was nice and warm. I poured in some bubble bath and removed my clothes. I touched myself all over. I cupped my breasts and imagined my grandfather holding and sucking them. I got a tingly feeling between my legs so I slid a finger into my slit. I rubbed my outer pussy lips round and round and found my clit. I gently rubbed the head and let out a low moan. I was in heaven.

Each pleasurable sensation made me rub my clit harder and harder until I was moaning with delight. I was on the brink of an orgasm when I looked up to see grandpa standing next to the tub.

“I heard some noise and I wanted to make sure you were alright,” he reassured me.

I was so shocked to see him there that it took a few moments to realize that my breasts were clearly visible above the waterline. I made no attempt to cover myself up and offered a meek smile. Grandpa showed no sign of embarrassment or shyness. He returned my smile with an icy stare. Wow, this guy was tough. I was displaying my gorgeous tits to him and no reaction at all. I realized this man had an iron will.

He quickly changed the subject as I finally crossed my arms to conceal my breasts.

“Did grandma tell you when she would be back? Remember, we’re all going to dinner tonight at Pearson’s. I remember you like that place.”

“I think she should be back within an hour gramps.” I smiled a naughty smile but got no play from him. He just stood there, daring me to tease him some more.

“Enjoying your bath?” he asked with a cold, expressionless stare.

“I’m all done,” I said meekly.

I barely got the words out, I was so nervous. I had no idea if Grandfather was upset or what.

“All done? Are you sure?”

I barely managed to nod ‘yes’. He reached down and flipped lever and the bubble bath that covered my naked body gurgled down the drain. Grandpa grabbed a large bath towel off the rack next to him and held it up for me. I had no choice but to stand up and step out of the tub to get the towel so I crossed my arms in from of me to cover my breasts and bent down in a vain attempt to conceal my vagina.

As I stepped out of the tub, he took a step back to make me move farther into the bathroom. As I reached for the towel, he unfolded it as if to wrap it around me. He moved forward and draped it around me and began drying me, neither of us saying a word.

Grandpa firmly pulled my arms aside to fully expose my aroused breasts. The warm, soft towel glided over my chest and tummy. He got to his knees to dry my legs and my vagina was at his eye level. My god I felt so vulnerable. He looked at my pussy, which was now getting hot from the excitement. He noticed the landing strip of pubic hair and said, “I want you clean shaven. Take care of it before tomorrow afternoon because I am going to check you.” Without another word, he handed me the towel and went back to his study.

Dinner that night was a treat. Pearson’s was one of my favorite restaurants. We used to go there when I was a kid. We dined on the patio to take advantage of the warm summer evening. Grandfather looked dashing in his sport coat with an open collared white shirt underneath. Grandma looked great, too. That woman had a fine figure, especially for her age and she wore clothes beautifully. I wore a white linen dress with low heels. I tried to get some play from Grandpa. I slipped off one of my shoes and rubbed my foot on his leg under the table but I got no reaction at all.

I tried hard to get a read on what Grandfather was thinking but to no avail. He did not act defensive or try to avoid eye contact with me at all but neither was he flirty. He went back to that same cool exterior that was beginning to drive me crazy with desire.

The next day, I remembered to completely shave my pussy for Grandpa. I was so turned on as I shaved because I knew in a few hours, grandpa would inspect me. At two pm, Grandpa summoned me to his study. I wore shorts and a blue button down blouse with low heel sandals. He sat at his desk and I stood before him.

“I sent your grandma on a few errands so she won’t be back for several hours. Yesterday, I instructed you to groom yourself to suit me. I need to make sure my instructions were carried out correctly. Show me if you did as I ordered.”

Hearing him command me in this cold, clinical way made me shiver but I was determined to obey him. My hands tentatively reached for the fastener on my shorts when he stopped me, “No, that is NOT how you show me. First remove your top.”

His order took me by surprise, but his commanding tone told me it was better not to argue. My fingers fumbled nervously with the buttons of my blouse and let it fall to the floor. güvenilir casino I was not wearing a bra because I wasn’t expecting to have to remove my blouse. My ample breasts bobbled as I straightened up. My nipples were hard and I swear, both of them pointed directly at Grandpa.

“Now, take off your shorts, but leave your panties in place.” He commanded.

I carefully pulled off my shorts and kicked them aside. Now I was wearing only my thong and my sandals. The low heels enhanced the muscular tone of my legs and I imagined Grandpa had a hard on. I felt a moistness form in pussy and I squirmed a little.

“Excellent, Carly. You really are a beautiful little girl. Now, take off your panties but keep your sandals on.”

I did as he ordered and I revealed my bald pussy that was now available for my grandfather’s inspection.

“Grandpa, do I please you? Is this how you wanted me?”

“You did exactly as I instructed. Now stand perfectly still,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir,” I timidly replied.

As he stood up, he took off his polo shirt to reveal a broad, hairy chest that I wanted to run my fingers through. His expression never changed as he took me in his arms. I buried my head in his chest and felt his chest hair rub my face.

He dropped to his knees and kissed one breast while his hand played with the nipple of the other. The sensation was incredible. I let out a low moan. “OHHHHHH Grandpa, yes.” He hungrily kissed and sucked each nipple as his hands kneaded my breasts. He went back and forth between each one until my breathing was fast and shallow. I could hardly ignore the wetness between my legs.

“Oh Grandpa, you make me feel so good.” I moaned. I was ready for more and I wanted to play with that enormous dick of his but our little session was over as quickly as it began.

“That’s all for you today, little girl,” he told me condescendingly. I felt my arm in his powerful grip as he escorted my down the hall to my bedroom and ordered me to take a nap fully nude. He reminded me to wake up in 45 minutes so I could be fully dressed before grandma got home.

He brought me the clothes I left in the study and bent down to kiss my cheek. “Thank you Grandfather, you’re so sweet,” I whispered.

“Get some sleep, Carly,” was all he said as he went back to his study.


That night, as Richard and Eileen lay in bed, Eileen rolled over.

“So, how is it with you and our little Carly? She’s quite a handful, isn’t she?” Eileen asked coyly.

“Now there’s an understatement,” he agreed.

“Richard, I see the way that girl teases you. You try to act cool but that girl is so hot, you wouldn’t be human if you could resist such a tempting target.”

“Well, she’s been teasing me pretty hard, that’s for sure. I’m sure she’s just bored and wants someone to amuse her,” he replied.

“It’s more than that, Richard. She’s never had a strong male role model in her life. She craves attention from a man like you.” Grandma said. “Without some real guidance in her life from someone she looks up to, she is going to go back to her old ways. Her mother told me Carly isn’t on the pill and I’m afraid she is going to get herself in real hot water.”

“You have a point there. Something needs to be done about our little Granddaughter. Maybe we need to send her back to her mom.” Richard said.

“Richard, she really is a good girl at heart. Her mom is so busy with her work. Carly needs some attention for sure. But she also needs some guidance and someone who makes her feel safe,” Eileen added.

“Agreed. If she stays here though, things have got to be different, much different,” Richard replied.

“You’re right about that, Richard. I have a feeling we both know that means, don’t we?” Eileen asked.

“Fine then. Let’s tell her tomorrow night at dinner. In the meantime, mums the word. Besides, I need to visit Sara tomorrow and let her know. Carly’s mom needs to know what we decided for her little girl. I think she’ll be pleased.”

The next day, Richard met with his daughter Sara and discussed in great detail his plans for Sara’s daughter Carly. When he was through, Sara asked if Gramma had any objections.

“Are you kidding? Eileen is the one who suggested it in the first place,” he reassured.

“Well, you certainly have my blessing, Dad. I’m so happy to hear of your decision. Carly is such a sweet and beautiful girl but I worry about her being out on her own. Thank heavens you’re going to take care of her. Daddy, do you have to go now or can you stay awhile? I really need to have some time with you.” Sara pleaded.

“Sorry, Sara. Not this time. I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you these past few months. I promise that just as soon as Carly is taken care of, you and I will spend more time together, ok?”

Both stood up and Richard took her in his arms and kissed her warmly on the cheek

They both loaded up the rest of Carly’s belongings and Richard headed home.


Dinner that night was fun. Grandma and I fixed a casserole and it went over well with Grandpa so I was happy. Grampa and Gramma sat at the table while I cleared the dishes. When I was done, I said I was going to my room to watch TV. Grampa stopped me.

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