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Carmen , Alyssa

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Carmen leaned in to kiss her and their lips met. At first it was slow, deliberate. Every moment needed to be savored. Instinctively, Carmen’s hand began to caress her face, gliding from her cheek to the nape of her neck. Her tongue easily slipped inside her lover’s mouth, curiously caressing and searching.

Carmen couldn’t believe this was happening yet she’d wanted it for so long. It seemed natural. She thought she’d be fumbling with what to do, what to say— if anything was to be said— or where to place her hands. But there was no doubt in her. She wasn’t thinking about whether she was doing anything right. She wasn’t thinking at all. Just feeling. Deeply. Passionately.

Their kissing had picked up rhythm. With each meeting of their lips, and greeting of their tongues, Carmen throbbed with heat. Her breathing became heavy, her heart racing. Soft, quiet moans began escaping her mouth, which surprised her and excited her even more. She opened her eyes and noticed that at this point, she had been straddling Alyssa in the opposite corner from where they started on the sofa. Alyssa had opened her eyes too and they shared a brief moment of unspoken words before they returned their mouths to one another.

Alyssa began guiding her fingertips up and down Carmen’s smooth back. She could tell that with each passing, Carmen’s body shuddered and she let out an uncontrollable “mmmm.” Her fingers found their way to the front of Carmen’s shirt and her thumb searched until it reached Carmen’s firm nipple. The action sent a shock through Carmen, and she broke away from Alyssa’s mouth to let out a hushed “ahhhhh.” Alyssa kept massaging, enjoying how Carmen’s body reacted to her touch. She began kissing Carmen’s neck, gliding her tongue from Carmen’s chin to her collarbone. Carmen held her, one hand behind Alyssa’s head, the other stretched to the arm of the sofa, trying to keep their bodies steady.

Alyssa could feel herself slipping, losing control, becoming more in tune with Carmen’s body and less present in the real world. The thought of what was happening made her heart skip a beat and she abruptly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Carmen breathed, her mouth still touching Alyssa’s lips.

“Carmen,” Alyssa whispered, trying to catch her breath, “we can’t. We can’t do— I can’t do this.”

This sudden hesitation caught Carmen off guard. Did Alyssa really want to stop? Why? Did Carmen do something wrong? She wanted to inquire why Alyssa needed to break what was between them but all that she could say was, “I want you.”

Alyssa stared at Carmen whose eyes seemed to repeat the words.

Carmen lightly kissed her on the lips then moved her mouth to Alyssa’s ear and slowly whispered, “I want to taste you.”

Alyssa shivered and let out a sigh.

“I want to feel your tongue inside me.” Carmen grabbed Alyssa’s hand, which was still resting on her breast, and directed it below her navel, between her skin and her panties. She pressed Alyssa’s fingers just a little farther, and Alyssa could feel Carmen’s pussy throbbing. The sensation was almost as rhythmic as their hearts. Carmen’s already wet pussy seemed to gush even more after feeling Alyssa’s soft fingertips and Carmen let out a moan that she tried to quiet as it escaped.

Alyssa couldn’t stop.

They returned to their passionate kissing. Neither knew how much time elapsed before Carmen got up, grabbed Alyssa’s hand, and started guiding her to the bedroom. In that short walk, Carmen thought about all the times she fantasized about this moment. None of her illusions prepared her for what her body was feeling right now. She was on fire yet numb. Her stomach was in knots from excitement, waiting for the next free-fall. And like the ascent on a roller coaster, she was scared but thrilled. She was ready.

When they got to the doorway of her bedroom, Carmen kissed Alyssa and separated from her, dropping Alyssa’s hand. She continued to stare into Alyssa’s eyes as she backed away towards the bed. She raised her t-shirt above her head, dropping it to the floor. In the same fluid motion, Carmen slipped off her shorts, revealing her black-laced panties. She had determined that the last article of clothing was Alyssa’s to take off or keep on, whichever she desired. Carmen sat on the bed and slightly leaned back, still peering into Alyssa, daring her. She wanted to say something erotic or sexy, something she knew would arouse Alyssa more but all Carmen could do was echo her earlier plea.

“I want you.”

Alyssa leaned her body against the side of the doorway as she watched Carmen’s deliberate movements. In just a few seconds, an array of thoughts went through her mind.

Did Carmen plan this? Did she know this would happen all along? Did I know?

For a moment, Alyssa had the unction to run towards the door and leave Carmen’s apartment. That thought was fleeting, and Alyssa felt herself being pulled closer to Carmen, as if she held some invisible magnet.

Carmen sat Amsterdam Shemale up on the bed once Alyssa stood in front of her. She began to take off Alyssa’s jeans while Alyssa unbuttoned her denim shirt, revealing more of her smooth, tan skin. Carmen kissed her navel and guided Alyssa’s jeans down her legs. Alyssa’s body tingled as Carmen’s lips began moving slowly below her navel. Alyssa opened her mouth, but only air seeped out of it. Carmen continued to kiss and nibble Alyssa’s lower torso, simultaneously guiding her hands across Alyssa’s firm butt cheeks. Alyssa reached behind her back to quickly unfasten her bra, releasing her silky breasts and already hard nipples. She grabbed Carmen’s chin, and leaned down to kiss her.

Their tongues continued to passionately dance around each other as Alyssa gently pushed Carmen to lie back and climbed on top of her. Alyssa steadied her body on her right elbow and her other hand found its way back to Carmen’s breast and began rubbing and pinching her nipple. The earlier sensation Carmen felt from this was intensified now that their bare skin was touching. Carmen reached down to grab Alyssa’s cheeks once more, this time pushing Alyssa’s waist closer to hers. At the same time, Carmen subtly started thrusting her hips, getting more and more aroused.

Alyssa began kissing and licking Carmen’s neck and shoulder. Each section of Carmen’s caramel skin that was explored by Alyssa’s tongue made Carmen moan, and every time Alyssa found a spot she hadn’t previously kissed, Carmen’s moans became more intense.

Any earlier reservations Alyssa had were completely gone now. She could feel Carmen getting more and more excited and this enlivened Alyssa. She’d been with “first-timers” before. They all had an intense curiosity about them which heightened their senses. Every touch seemed to overwhelm them, even if they had been touched by a man in a similar way before. After some time, Alyssa found the whole process of having sex with a “first-timer” exhausting. But Carmen was different. Alyssa was engrossed in Carmen’s curiosity and excitement. She couldn’t help but be pulled into it. It was like they were embarking on some new journey together and Alyssa just happened to be a bit more familiar with the terrain.

Alyssa stopped kissing Carmen and slowly pushed herself up on both hands. Her dark brown hair fell down past her face and Carmen pushed one side of her long tresses back to tuck behind Alyssa’s ear. As Carmen’s hand grazed Alyssa’s cheek, Alyssa turned her head to kiss it. She turned back to stare at Carmen who looked up at her. She had never looked more radiant.

“You are so fucking beautiful.” Alyssa instantly wished she had said something more romantic but Carmen quickly reassured her with a smile. She continued in her head, You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life and I think I’m falling for you. But I don’t want to fall for you. I don’t need to fall for you. Alyssa just stared until her thoughts were interrupted by Carmen’s soft whisper.


Instead of hearing her name, Alyssa thought she’d heard some exotic lyric from a beautiful love song and her heart skipped a beat again. Only this time, it didn’t make her want to stop. She placed her lips back on Carmen’s and they resumed kissing. It was more forceful but still full of passion. Alyssa reached down again. Bypassing Carmen’s breast, she placed her fingers on top of Carmen’s panties, just at her bikini line. She reached farther, still on top of the laced underwear, and pressed her fingers on top of Carmen’s pussy. The panties were soaked.

Carmen leaned her head back, breaking the kiss as another moan crept out of her. “Uhhhh.”

Alyssa kept her fingers in place and started moving her lips down from Carmen’s mouth to her chin. Alyssa kissed and licked her way down Carmen’s neck to the middle of her chest until her head was in between Carmen’s breasts. For a second, she wasn’t sure which one she wanted in her mouth but quickly decided on the one she had been ignoring for most of the night. Alyssa guided her tongue up the light brown mound until it reached the dark brown areola. She carefully circled her tongue on the darkened flesh, trying not to touch the nipple. Alyssa glanced up at Carmen who had her eyes closed, clearly in a state of ecstasy.


Alyssa smiled a little and circled her tongue one more time before she brought her mouth down and enclosed the nipple. She sucked on it gently then flicked it a few times with her tongue. Alyssa repeated the steps on the same breast before guiding her tongue to the other side and starting the process over again. She could tell it was driving Carmen crazy.

Carmen felt electric pulses travel from her nipples, down her spine, straight to her pussy. It throbbed even more and Carmen began to writhe in pleasure. In between moans, she managed to wonder how she never felt this sensation before. She knew her breasts were her personal Rotterdam Shemale turn-on. She thought her ex-boyfriend did a pretty good job in that department but when Alyssa’s tongue touched her nipple, it—


Alyssa started to make her descent again. She walked her tongue down Carmen’s belly, pausing at her navel to kiss it. She brought her tongue out again and licked along Carmen’s bikini line from one end of her hips to the other. Alyssa softly bit the middle the panties, her teeth grazing a little of Carmen’s skin. There was a small bow on the material that Alyssa grabbed with her teeth and pulled up, revealing Carmen’s waxed pussy. She was a little surprised; she didn’t think Carmen was the hairless type. She stretched the panties out a bit farther with her teeth then let go so that they hit Carmen’s skin with a light snap. It didn’t seem to bother Carmen as she continued to moan with her eyes closed, using her hands to massage her breasts after Alyssa had abandoned them.

Alyssa sat up on her knees and stared at Carmen briefly. Carmen had opened her eyes then, convincing herself that she needed to see what would happen next. Alyssa grabbed the sides of Carmen’s panties and after a quick pause, she pulled them down off her smooth butt, then slid them up Carmen’s legs which rose above Alyssa’s head. Once Alyssa got Carmen’s feet through the openings, she threw the panties to the side and separated Carmen’s legs. There was no turning back now and Alyssa didn’t want to anyway.

Carmen looked up at Alyssa, happy that she decided to retreat from her bliss to watch this angel unwrap her most precious gift. Carmen wanted to reach out and bring Alyssa close so she could kiss her but she couldn’t move; she was too captivated in Alyssa’s gaze. She was so captivated that she hadn’t noticed that Alyssa snuck her hand towards Carmen’s pussy. Carmen did notice when Alyssa’s thumb began gently rubbing the top of her pussy, massaging Carmen’s clit.

“Oh my god,” Carmen managed to get out. She closed her eyes again and leaned her head back, giving a long, eager sigh.

“I want to hear you say it again,” Alyssa whispered.

“Wha—,” Carmen couldn’t get the words out and she barely heard what Alyssa said.

“Say it. Tell me how much you want me.” Alyssa was in full control now; she knew she could make Carmen do almost anything.

“Uhhhh…I want you. I…mmmmm.” Carmen reached one hand down to feel Alyssa’s thumb as it continued to massage her clit. The other reached down too but Alyssa grabbed it with her free hand and brought it to her face. Alyssa licked Carmen’s fingers and stuck them, one by one, into her mouth.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you. I want to hear you say it again.”

Carmen thought she would explode. Her moans weren’t enough for Alyssa. She had to beg.

“I want you to taste me,” she said breathlessly, “I want to feel your tongue inside of me.”

As if that was the password, Alyssa stopped massaging Carmen’s clit and leaned down to kiss Carmen’s inner thigh, closer to her knee. She pushed Carmen a little farther up the bed so that she could lie on her stomach. Her face was inches away from Carmen’s pussy, but she didn’t want to give Carmen the satisfaction yet. Alyssa mildly blew on each lip, pretending like she was cooling off hot tea.

Carmen knew Alyssa was teasing her and it made her go crazy. “Please.”

Alyssa ignored her cries and moved her head back up. She licked Carmen’s inner thigh again, moving her tongue down to Carmen’s pelvis. She kept doing this, not realizing that her hair was slightly sweeping the top of Carmen’s pussy each time she moved her head up and down. Carmen giggled which caught Alyssa off guard and made her pause to look up at Carmen.

“I’m sorry,” Carmen, still giggling, propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at Alyssa. “That tickled a little.”

Alyssa smiled. “You’re so cute.”

She moved up and kissed Carmen quickly then went back to her position facing Carmen’s pussy. Alyssa didn’t want to tease her any longer. She flipped her hair so that it fell to one side and out of the way. Alyssa slowly kissed Carmen’s outer pussy lips, first pecking them as if they were just friends then including her tongue signaling that the friendship was over. Carmen was so wet that each time Alyssa kissed her, some of her juices got on Alyssa’s lips. Alyssa licked her lips a few times, tasting how sweet Carmen was. She wanted to taste more.

Carmen didn’t have the strength to keep herself propped up anymore and lied back down. She slipped back into her torrent of ecstasy as Alyssa continued to kiss her pussy.

“No parar,” she whispered not realizing she spoke in her native language. “Mmmm…no se detenga, por favor.”

Alyssa heard Carmen mumbling but couldn’t make out the words. No matter, she wasn’t concerned with what Carmen was saying. She could tell Carmen liked what she was doing because she’d grind her hips up Netherlands Shemale closer to Alyssa’s face whenever her lips parted from Carmen’s pussy. Alyssa reached both her arms around Carmen’s legs and pressed down on her hips to keep her steady. She finally kissed Carmen’s clit, first pecking it then amorously kissing it with her tongue, making sure it was as passionate as when she kissed Carmen’s mouth.


Carmen grabbed and pulled her bed comforter, squeezing it as she continued to grind her pussy on Alyssa’s face. She was getting hotter and hotter. Carmen shuddered as electricity shot through her, trying to find an outlet since her body couldn’t contain it.

Alyssa began doing suction on Carmen’s clit, sucking gently as her tongue still moved up and down just below. Because of the suction, Alyssa’s mouth never parted Carmen’s pussy and some of Carmen’s juices began spilling into her mouth while the rest dripped down Alyssa’s chin. Carmen’s hips writhed some more and her moans grew louder and louder. Alyssa aborted her suction and lifted her head up.

“I don’t want you to cum yet.”

“Uhhhhh, mami, I was so close.” Carmen bit her lip, grabbing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

“Not yet baby,” Alyssa whispered as she smiled seductively at Carmen.

Alyssa brought one arm back around Carmen’s leg keeping the other wrapped around her hip. Alyssa took her free hand and gently rubbed it on Carmen’s whole pussy. She then took her index and middle fingers and glided them on top of Carmen’s clit. Alyssa kept gliding and pressing her fingers down until the clit was between the two fingers. Her fingers continued the fluid motion and she used her other hand to reach down and pinch the top of Carmen’s pussy. This made Carmen’s clit protrude out a bit more and Alyssa kept massaging it between her fingers.

The sensation sent Carmen into a frenzy and she moaned so loudly it seemed more like a scream.

Alyssa stopped pinching and slid her fingers down. She wasn’t sure if Carmen would appreciate internal stimulation after she seemed to be blown away by Alyssa’s clitoral conquest. Alyssa gently slid her index finger inside Carmen’s pussy anyway, pressing down lightly and moving it in a semi-circular motion. She was met with more of Carmen’s sensuous moaning.

“Do you like that?” Alyssa didn’t really expect an answer.

Carmen responded, “Mm-hmm.”

Alyssa smiled. She moved her index finger back just enough so that she could insert her middle finger. This time she pressed down harder. Carmen thrust her hips up and Alyssa could feel her pussy muscles contract. She released her pressure. When Carmen’s hips went back down, and her muscles relaxed, Alyssa pressed her fingers down again. This continued as Carmen kept thrusting up and down. At one point, Alyssa turned her fingers up and pushed them deeper into Carmen’s pussy. She hooked them and could feel a ridged, fleshy mound. When Carmen shrieked again, Alyssa knew this was her g-spot. She pressed and pulled as Carmen thrust her hips.

Carmen felt like she was being fucked.

“Right there. Don’t stop!”

Alyssa had no plans on stopping. While she kept applying pressure with her fingers, moving them in and out only a few times, she placed her mouth back on Carmen’s clit and resumed her suction.

Carmen reached one hand down to touch the top of Alyssa’s head while the other kept massaging her breast and pinching her nipples. The heat surrounding her was more intense. The electricity shooting through her body traveled faster. She bit her lip, trying to stifle another whimper. Carmen’s thrusts became so forceful that Alyssa could no longer press her hips down. Alyssa’s head moved up and down with Carmen’s hips but her mouth never left Carmen’s pussy. Alyssa sucked on her clit, moving her mouth up at times so that the suction was right above and her tongue massaged the clit. Alyssa made sure she kept her two fingers inside Carmen’s pussy, alternating between applying pressure to Carmen’s g-spot and then to the base of Carmen’s pussy.

Carmen couldn’t take it anymore.

“Uhhh! Unnhhh! I’m gonna cum!”

Her hip thrusts were faster, more intense. Alyssa had to move her knees up, positioning them below her chest, giving her a few more inches of height off the bed to accommodate for Carmen’s hips going up. But her mouth never left Carmen’s pussy. She wanted her to cum this time.

Carmen definitely had an orgasm before. She was sure of it. It was like waves of pleasure flowing through her body until she exploded, feeling like an erupting volcano. Her pussy throbbed and tingled. Her body quivered. She had an orgasm before.

But it wasn’t like this.

The waves were more intense; she felt like they violently rocked her body. The electricity shooting through her finally found an outlet through her fingers, her toes, and her clit. She felt like she was trapped in a tinfoil cocoon since her body was engulfed in heat. Her legs shook and she arched her back as the quiver shot up her spine causing her whole body to spasm. She tried to open her eyes but her surroundings seemed blurry so she quickly shut them.

It continued. The waves. The electricity. The heat. The spasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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