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Carmen Pt. 03

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Charlie’s throat was sore from trying to scream to be let out. He had finally given up yelling, resigning to his fate as inhabiting his step-sister’s gigantic behind. She had put some leggings on now, to keep him in place. Like her mother, her bottom was too big for any pants that could be bought at a store, only custom-made. Carmen strutted around with extra confidence, knowing that her step-brother was wedged between her fattened cheeks, being pushed around as her massive rump bounced with every step. She couldn’t help beaming, thinking that his whole world had been reduced to the valley of her ass. Served the little loser right. His whole life, he had never had a girlfriend or a good job, so it made the most sense to keep him in her ass. He wasn’t going to be useful anyways, so she reasoned, if he could help me out by constantly stimulating my anus, that would be the best situation for both of them… well, her at least.

For Charlie, it was torturous, stuck in between those giant, strong cheeks which held him in place like a vice. The smell was a constant cheesy odor which he breathed in through the day, trying to keep his head as far from her anus as he could. Sometimes, if she was feeling extra cruel, she would “adjust” herself, standing up and separating her cheeks, forcing him into the very depths of her ass and clenching him there, his face pressed against her anus. She loved hearing him cry for relief, but his cries would be quickly silenced by an emission from her backside. As soon as she broke wind, his cries would be silent. She grinned, feeling she submission set in over him, as, after a pause, she began to feel his little tongue licking around her anus.

“The two of you are going to become best friends, Charlie,” she whispered to him. “Lovers, even. You will never have a real lover; the closest you will get is my asshole. So you will come to love it in time, and you will learn to crave it’s smell, it’s taste, it’s gifts.”

Charlie shook his head, sobbing as he continued to lick her slick anus, the bitter taste becoming unbearable.

“Charlie, I know you will become addicted to my ass in time,” she said, her hand on her hip, speaking over her shoulder. “You always were fascinated with my butt from the beginning, and now I’ve given you what you wanted. A new home, in the very place you love the most. Now, Charlie, I have some good news and some bad news for you.”

Charlie listened intently. He was more focused on the good news, as he couldn’t see anything casino şirketleri that could be worse than this.

“You will be getting to come out of my butt, Charlie. A little vacation from your new home,” she giggled. Carmen was recording the whole conversation on her camera. Her website subscribers had more than quadrupled since word got out about her shrinking her stepbrother.

Charlie’s heart jumped with joy. He would be leaving this humid, stinky cave! He felt that if he just had a chance to speak, he could convince her to bring him back to normal size, that he could please her more than ever in exchange for never shrinking him again.

She pulled him out, and immediately fanned her face, crinkling her nose with mock disgust.

“Oooh, god, Charlie, you are stiiiiinky!” she laughed, placing him on the table, right in front of the camera.

“Carmen, listen, I need to tell you something,” Charlie blurted out, trying to seize his opportunity.

“Charlie, first, turn to the camera, let the viewers see you,” she ordered. “You’re all sweaty and your face is a little bit brown! Aww, poor wittle Charlie!”

Charlie flushed with embarrassment. “Carmen, listen, I can’t do that anymore! I can’t smell anything besides the smell of your poop, and I’m hot and sweaty all the time and I can barely breathe! Please, I could make you much happier at my regular size,” he begged, getting down on his knees.

Carmen chuckled, smiling down at her little butt slave. “Oh, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. The thing is… you can’t please me any other way than living in my butt! The viewers have spoken, Charlie, almost 8 million of them now! And they want you to spend the rest of your life inside my butt! We have even found sponsors, a vitamin company to make tiny little vitamins for you so that you can get all your nutrients, without even having to come out of my ass! I can even put one in my asshole and make you go sniffing around for it,” she joked, leering down at the pathetic boy.

As Charlie was about to respond, she cut him off. “Now, Charlie, before you so rudely interrupted me, I was going to inform our fans of what the “bad news” is. You have had sufficient time to speak, and your most insightful point is that you can’t smell anything besides my ass. So I wanted to give you a chance to smell something more… potent! Charlie… I have to poop!” She looked down at him, grinning ear to ear as she saw the terror loom on his face. “That’s right, this booty isn’t just for show! casino firmaları Now, come with me!”

“Carmen, no—-” Charlie cried, his voice cracking as she picked him up along with the camera, carrying them both to the bathroom.

“I thought I’d give you a first-hand view, as this is the first time you’ll watch me poop from your new size.” She sat her gargantuan trunk down on the specially built toilet Rosetta had had put in for her “custom sized” rear end. She placed Charlie on the back seat of the toilet, and edged her bottom backwards until it was almost pinning him against the backing. Charlie shook with terror. He had no idea what to expect, knowing the quantity of her dumps could bury him ten times over.

“Now, just relax, Charlie,” Carmen said soothingly. “Breathe in my poop. It is what you will be inhaling the rest of your life.”

With that, Charlie felt the force of her giant rump contracting, as her abdomen flexed, squeezing her colon for all it had. The tip of a wide, dark brown turd emerged, wider than Charlie’s torso. There was a brief pause before the smell hit Charlie. Despite living inside her ass for half of a day, nothing could prepare him for this. He immediately became dizzy, and went weak in the knees. His head was a fog, as the thick sulfury smell wrapped itself around him. To his dismay, he felt his body as if it were something else entirely, wobbling and stumbling, his legs weakened, eventually feeling himself fall into the toilet.

With a splash, he regained consciousness, gasping for air as he pulled his head frantically out of the water to see that behemoth of a turd descending on him.

Carmen was laughing uncontrollably, grabbing the camera and pointing it right at the helpless boy, who was just trying not to drown. Suddenly, the 14 inch turd broke off, falling into the bowl with a splash, the waves sending Charlie underwater briefly.

“There, Charlie, I gave you a life raft!” Carmen bellowed with laughter. “I didn’t know you loved my shit that much! Go over to it! Wrap your arms around it, cling to it like it was your girlfriend!”

As much as it disgusted Charlie, he saw the alternative in the huge toilet was to drown. He swam over to the floating log, the smell making his head light. As soon as he got to it, the smell made him weak and his eyes watered, but his survival instincts made him climb atop it. The turd was long and slimy, and he saw bits of corn inside it. The humiliation of holding onto a turd bigger than himself güvenilir casino while millions of people watched him, began to sink in, and Charlie struggled to avoid bursting into tears. It stung more hearing Carmen’s remorseless, bellowing laughter up above, her humongous asscheeks quaking and her asshole pointing right down at him menacingly.

“Let me out, please!” he begged her. She smiled cruelly down at him from between her legs, looking deeply into his defeated eyes.

“Not just yet, my little Charlie. Not… just… yet!” she moaned, letting out a bassy fart that shook the water and hit Charlie with a wave of eggy stench. She let out another fart that stopped midway through. Charlie’s heart pounded, knowing what was to come. A hot, steaming, foul turd emerged from her back door, even bigger than the last. After 12 inches, it dropped off, floating next to the other. Charlie felt the water become warmer, as he watched the thick turd steaming near him, the smell making him close to vomiting.

She began pooping at a more frequent pace, one after the other, consistent foot-long droppings that began to pile up. Charlie lost count, purely in survival mode as she kept adding to the pile, him just trying to dodge the massive turds as the plopped down onto the mound. After one hour of constant pooping, the pile of shit was about two feet high. Charlie, though his head was in a funk from the fumes, hoped if she just kept adding to the fecal mountain, he would eventually be able to climb it and escape. However, his thoughts were dashed when she stood up.

“Charlie,” she said sweetly, turning the camera onto her miniature stepbrother. “Thank you soooo much for going to the bathroom with me! I enjoyed every minute and I’m sure you did too! Now, I know how much you enjoy my turds, and so I want to leave you to be alone with them… intimate with them,” she said seductively. “Charlie, I want you to show me and my viewers how much you appreciated me letting you play with my poo. Now I will leave you alone with them, and when I come back, I would like you to show your love for my poop… your tribute to my poop… by cumming on it. I want you to cum on my shit, Charlie. If you cannot, you will stay in this toilet until you learn to love what comes from my ass. For that is true worship.”

Charlie wanted to scream, but his mouth was frozen. He couldn’t believe what was happening, as he watched her grab the lid and begin to close it on him. He could never cum on her poop. He would be locked in here forever! He looked at her, terrified, as she slowly closed the lid, looking back at him with a sick, sinister smile on her face. She blew him a kiss, and winked at him.

“Bye, Charlie,” she sneered, as she closed the lid.

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