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Carrie’s Threeway Ch. 2

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Carrie’s comments

I won’t bore you with details already mentioned in my husband’s story, but he thought it would be neat for me to write down my feelings about the whole encounter with Frank and Carl. As he said, I have always been attracted to men older than me. No, I don’t have some secret desire to make it with my Dad or anything, I just like older men’s bodies and the way they seem to not be in such a hurry to just fuck. They seem to know what a woman needs and are more sensitive to making sure I get what I want – when I want it.

I was really kind of shocked when Les asked me that night about being with someone else. Sure, I had thought about it before. Anytime I see a well dressed man I sometimes fantasize about what he would be like in bed, but I have never acted on it. I like to flash a little and flirt, but I have never actively pursued another man for sex. I do like to show off my legs, and whenever I can, I like to go braless and show off my tits. The looks and stares I get really make me feel good and it makes me feel sexy to be wanted. When Les first brought up the subject of making it with someone else, I thought he was joking at first, but then I realized that it was something he really wanted. I have read about other men who really love seeing their wive’s with other’s and I wanted to give my husband what he wanted.

As the weeks went by, the subject wasn’t mentioned anymore, but the more I thought about it, the hotter I became. When we decided to go to the car lot, I really hadn’t expected to go as far as we did, but after we met Frank, I knew immediately that he liked what he saw. After the walking around and looking at cars, we went into his office and I thought I would see if this could work out. It reminded me a lot of the time in the bank. I knew I was driving that guy crazy and I really got off by flirting with him, but the thought of going to bed with him never crossed my mind. I guess with Frank, I knew that Les was open to it, so I just let myself go. I made sure I flashed a lot of smiles his way, and when we made eye contact it was like we passed messages back and forth between us. It was so funny how Frank tried to remain all businesslike with Les there, but with his eyes he was telling me he wanted me, and I think I was communicating the same thing back to him. As he kept talking, I kept spreading my legs apart a little each time he looked my way. After he left one time, I decided to turn up the heat and show off my tits a little.

Frank told me later in the car that when he came back and all I had on was the thin white shirt, he wanted to dive across the desk and suck my nipples. God that made me so hot! He sure did have a lot more difficulty talking after I took my jacket off.

So…we made the deal, and I thought that if our plan didn’t happen now, it probably wouldn’t, so I talked to Les to make sure he was still cool about the whole thing. Secretly I hoped he wouldn’t want to back out, because I had let myself go too far now with Frank and I truly wanted to fuck him, or at least try.

After Les left the showroom, I went into the bathroom and took off my panties. Frank was the perfect gentleman and opened the door to the new car for me and even buckled casino şirketleri my seat belt. I think he wanted to touch my nipples but didn’t have the nerve. I would have probably climaxed right there if he had. His cologne and his gray temples were such a turnon for me. We left the dealership and drove a few blocks, with Frank showing me all the buttons and controls, but I could feel his eyes on my legs and tits. I had hiked my skirt up pretty high while he was walking around to get in, making sure he could see my thighs. I have pretty strong thighs and the muscles are really well defined, so I wanted to show off my best asset. Frank didn’t make any moves to get closer to me, so I thought it was all up to me to make my desires known. I pulled the car off the road and shut the engine off. I remember taking a deep breath before swinging my right leg over in the seat, turning my body to face him. I could tell by the cool air hitting my pussy that he now had a full view of my shaved lips. Well….it worked! Frank turned to me and asked “Is there a problem?” I couldn’t believe the words were coming from my mouth but I said “Yes! I have a problem here” and I spread my pussy lips with my fingers. Frank leaned over and rubbed my pussy and I swear sparks flew inside me. It had been years since anyone besides Les had touched me there, and his touch was so gentle. He smiled at me and then cupped my tit in his hand and said “And what about here? Any problems here?” “Oh yes!” I replied “they need attention too!” “What about your husband?” Frank asked. I told him that Les would be gone by the time we got home, and that I needed to feel his cock inside me. With that he leaned over and we kissed and again, a jolt of electricity went through me.

We got back to the dealership, and when Frank explained to Carl that he would be escorting me home, Carl told him that he follow us and that Frank should ride with me until I was comfortable with the new car. My heart sank and the look of disappointment on Frank’s face was obvious. Frank took Carl off into a side office, and I thought they were going to yell at each other before it was over. I then heard Carl say loud and clear enough to hear “REALLY!”. Frank came back out and told me that Carl was afraid of letting his salesmen escort ladies alone due to some stupid sexual harassment laws, and that Carl insisted on following to pick Frank up at my house. Frank pulled me closer and said that he had told Carl of “our plans” and that Carl was cool with it but he wanted to have some of the action too. I froze like a deer in headlights! Here I was wanting to fuck Frank with a passion I had not felt in years, and now it was all going to shit right before my eyes. Carl wasn’t a bad looking guy, but I had never been with two men before and wasn’t sure what to do. Frank offered to just meet me later after he got off work, but I told him that it had to be now. I could see the hurt look in his eyes, and I felt guilty for leading him to this point, so after some thought, I agreed. I just hoped Les would not be upset.

We left with Carl following behind. Frank ran his hands up and down my legs all the way to my house, and I managed to feel his bulge through his pants, so by the time casino firmaları we got there I was soaking wet between my legs. Once we got inside, I knew that Les was in the bedroom, waiting. I wasn’t sure exactly how to get things going, so I thought that maybe some drinks would loosen the guys up a little. I made some drinks and brought them back. I sat opposite the guys and after a couple of drinks, I started to act as if I was getting tipsy. I started flashing a little more thigh, and I ran my hands across my throbbing nipples a few times. I turned toward Carl and spread my legs to let him see my pussy and just the idea of showing it made me so horny.

I could see that the point of no return was approaching fast. I think I had already gone past that point, but I wanted to check with Les again to be absolutely sure! After he gave me his approval, I decided to go all out. I tore off my clothes and went back into the room. This time there was no question about what I wanted. I went in there feeling like a total slut, and as the guys started taking off their clothes, I felt like a changed person. God I wanted Frank…. and before he could even get naked I was sucking his beautiful cock! In my mind I had excluded Carl from the room, all I was concerned about was feeling Frank’s cock in my mouth. As I took it in, his cologne again drove me crazy and the smooth softness of his skin combined with the hardness of his cock was indescribable. I guess I totally lost it at this point and I went into a frenzy sucking Frank. The excitement of seeing, holding, and tasting another man, added to the fact that my husband was watching just drove me wild. Frank’s cock was big too! Bigger than I had ever experienced so that was an added challenge too. I could feel Carl fumbling around behind me, trying to get into my pussy, so I raised my ass a little to let him in. I really wasn’t into Carl that much, but when he started entering me….GOD! it felt like a baseball bat being pushed inside me. This was too much for me and I just let go! At first I worried about maybe enjoying it “too” much, especially with Les watching. I didn’t want him to be hurt by this, but with Frank’s magnificent cock in my mouth and Carl’s huge cock stretching my pussy I just lost it all! I don’t remember much after this…..my head was swimming and I was running on total instinct and adrenaline. I wanted to swallow all of Frank’s cock, and I couldn’t wait to taste his cum. I don’t remember how long we were in this position but I do know that I had an orgasm pretty fast but I tried to subdue it for Les’ benefit, but then I felt Frank’s cock getting even harder and longer and I could feel those little spasms that told me that he was going to cum……God! I think I may have blacked out about then because my whole body shook with a powerful orgasm right before Frank’s cock started spurting in my mouth. Oh my God! It had only been recently that I had developed a taste for Les’ cum, and now Frank was pumping my mouth full!!! His was slightly less bitter tasting than my husbands and I actually wanted more! I could feel Carl getting close behind me too. His cock was actually hurting me a little, but it was a pleasurable pain, but when he started cumming, güvenilir casino I thought he was going to totally fill my entire body. His cum was hot and it felt like it traveled all the way up my spine.

I guess they both were pretty exhausted at this point, but like I said, I was running on pure adrenaline at this point. They both sort of melted into the sofa, but I wasn’t finished. I wanted more. I wanted to see Carl’s cock, I knew it had to be huge. I remember feeling a little disappointed when I first saw it. It wasn’t all that long but the head was massive. Now I knew what had stretched me so far! Under other circumstances I would probably consider his cock ugly or freakish, but right now, all I could think of was wanting more cum. I started licking his cock, tasting his cum and my own juices, comparing the taste to Frank’s. I soon became fascinated by the huge head of Carl’s cock, and it really was nice to suck that huge thing. I could even put the tip of my tongue in the huge slit at the end and I remember thinking that it seemed oh so kinky somehow. As I was trying to fit that monster into my mouth, Frank started fucking me from behind. I could barely feel him after being stretched by Carl and there wasn’t much friction with that huge load of cum he had left. I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted it all. I wanted to have all of my holes filled while I had this chance, so I guided Frank’s cock to my ass. Anal sex has always been painful to me, but this time I just was lost in passion and I wanted to experience everything. Frank was gentle as I expected, and after the initial pain, it soon gave way to a different kind of pleasure. Just feeling his long, hot cock deep inside me, made me have an orgasm like I have never experienced. It was somehow deeper, and different than any orgasm before.

Carl came about then….filling my mouth with his cum, which I tried to swallow but there was just too much. I collapsed after that and really pushed back hard against Frank. I couldn’t believe it but another “anal orgasm” hit me, and I knew then and there that I was hooked on anal sex. Frank started pumping me faster and I was numb….I rocked back against him…..wanting like crazy for him to be the first man to ever cum inside my ass. His cock stiffened and for just a second hurt me slightly, but then I felt my ass being set on fire with hot jets of cum shooting deep inside me.

At that point I collapsed, exhausted. I finally knew what it felt like to be totally fucked. The rest of the night was a blur. I watched as Frank and Carl got dressed but I was unable to move. I did manage to walk them to the door, where I kissed Carl with a quick kiss, but when I kissed Frank, I kissed him like there was no tomorrow. His tongue pushed inside my mouth and I gladly sucked it. God he was so hot! Frank wanted to see me again, but suddenly rational thought returned to my brain and I reluctantly told him that it wouldn’t be possible. Believe me, I could really learn to love being fucked by him, but Les means the world to me, and my future is with him.

So that’s it! My first and probably last threeway. It’s certainly an experience I will never forget, and I really learned a lot about myself. I learned to just let go and experience all you can, while you can. Right now Les is talking about seeing me with a woman. Since he mentioned it, I have to admit my curiosity has been peaked, and I have already begun to consider a few candidates.

Play safe,

Carrie M.

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