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Catalog Shoot

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“Do I need to make any special preparations for the shoot?”

I could tell what he was hinting at and I replied in the most professional and straightforward manner possible. “Well, since we will be doing some shots with insertable toys, you will need to be very clean,” I paused and then to be sure he got my intent, “Internally that is.”

“That’s no problem.” Buddy chirped, ” I am looking forward to the shoot and working with you. See you at the studio at 9:00.”

As I hung up the phone, I pictured Buddy: bright smile, deep blue eyes, square jaw, buzzed blond hair and a perfect body. Really perfect! Chiseled muscles, 6-pack abs, flawless skin and a beautiful butt. I guess that what it takes to be a model?

I was shooting products for a local leather shop and Buddy had been selected by the shop owners as their signature model. Though there would be a few other models in the catalog, Buddy was the star, and rightfully so. His winning smile had sold thousands of dollars in underwear for another local retailer and the leather shop wanted some of that success to rub off. Besides, this was their first print catalog and they wanted to make a splash. With Buddy gracing its pages, they would!

The following morning my stylist had already unpacked the boxes of clothing, accessories and toys sent over by the shop. Sheila had them neatly arranged in rows on a couple of 8-foot tables near the entrance to the dressing and makeup room. To her, this might as well have been a fashion accessory shoot for shoes and handbags. Sheila was a pro, and she could keep track of hundreds of products and prep them to look their best on camera in record time. Since most of what we were shooting was leather, she had pushed her steamer and ironing board into the corner, and replaced them with a small table of leather care products and polishes to make everything gleam.

For this shoot, my friend Tony would be doing hair and makeup, though not much would be needed with Buddy’s natural good looks. To tell the truth Tony had agreed to a half-day rate since he probably would have minimal work, but he wanted to stay around to see Buddy in the buff. Tony would never do anything unprofessional, but he should at least get some reward for cutting his rate!

Buddy arrived 15 minutes early, a good sign for any model, since being late costs everyone time and money. I had finished setting up my basic lighting on a seamless sweep near one corner of the studio where I would shoot the full body shots, and a smaller table top sweep of white Plexiglas where I would shoot product close ups.

Sheila took care of the list and I kept track of the owners notes for the products and how he felt they would look best. The shop owner was being very hands-off for this project which made things go much faster and to tell the truth, would end up with a better product in the final catalog. While I was putting the final touches on the basic lighting Tony emerged from the dressing area and walked up to me. “Well you were telling the truth for a change, he really is perfect.” Tony moved in to whisper, “Are you sure he is real?”

I raised an eyebrow at Tony, “Oh he’s real, wait till you see him in action!”

Tony fanned himself with a fluttering hand. ” Be still my beating heart! By the way, he’s ready whenever you are.”

“Sheila, what’s the first outfit?”

” Let’s start with the harnesses.” Sheila was buffing the last strap on a complex looking contraption of leather and chains.

“Well Tony,” I smiled,” do your magic and get him into it, chop-chop!”

“Will do boss!”

By the time I had finished making final adjustments to my camera gear, Tony emerged with Buddy in tow. He was wearing a leather full-body harness with a matching leather jock. Thanks to Sheila’s handiwork it gleamed and Buddy’s firm physique made it look even better.

“Looks terrific!” I said as I guided Buddy to a position near the center of the white seamless background.

“Let’s start with a few shots to warm up. Just keep moving Buddy; I want this merchandise to look like it is made for use, not just posing. ”

Buddy took the cue and began to move; striking several poses that showed off his hot body and the sexy harness. Sheila turned up the boom box on her table and I began snapping away. If I had been shooting film, I would have taken a few Polaroids first just to check the lighting, however this shoot was digital, and no such tests were necessarily.

Buddy was getting into the shoot as well, Finding ways to pose in the sexy harness that made him look even hotter that when we started. After I had shot about 45 shots I told buddy to loose the jock, so we could see the harness in full. With that instruction, Buddy started a sexy striptease; unsnapping the leather jock and letting it barely cover his cock and balls in a few poses before discarding it entirely.

Even Sheila, was fixated on Buddy, and she has seen it all. This guy was sex personified a good casino şirketleri choice for this shoot.

Buddy was looking over his shoulder, at the camera, the black shiny leather straps crisscrossing his back and once strap trailing down between his firm round buttocks, then he turned for a profile shot and I gasped. His cock was rock hard and protruding a good 8 inches from the silver cock ring attached to the harness. I kept shooting, trying desperately to ignore the raging boner between my own legs.

Then he turned directly toward the camera, his huge throbbing hard on looking impossibly large in the distortion of the lens.

“Well, this might not sell the harness, but it sure will sell the catalog”, I joked trying to ease any tension.

Buddy chuckled, “Sorry about the wood, but this cock ring on the harness is kinda tight.”

“Don’t worry, ” I told him as I took a few final shots. “It makes the merchandise look even sexier. Think you can change into the next harness without hurting yourself?”

Tony walked up and handed Buddy a cold wet towel. “Here this will bring that monster back under control in no time.”

As Buddy went back to the dressing area, Tony looked over his shoulder” Pity to waste that lovely piece of meat, but we have a long day ahead of us.”

I changed out memory chips in the camera and took a break for a cup of coffee while Buddy changed into the next outfit. This was turning out to be a very interesting shoot after all. Sheila walked by with the next harness.

“Hope he is ready for this one” she smiled”. It has a little surprise attachment” She held up a black rubber butt plug. “But never fear, She quipped, holding up a tube of lube,” We have all the accessories.” With that she headed off to the dressing room and handed the harness to Tony. He smiled and closed the dressing room door.

In a few minutes, buddy emerged again, dressed in the new harness and sporting another massive erection. Tony followed him this time, a towel in his hands, wiping the last of some lube from his fingers. He winked conspiratorially at me and moved a position beside the camera.

Buddy was a bit flushed, but I suppose I would be too with a big rubber butt plug deep in my ass. “You feeling good?” I asked.

Buddy smiled a little sheepishly, “Yea, you could say that. Glad this plug wasn’t any larger though.”

We began working again and Buddy showed off the harness to it’s fullest advantage, even giving me a very revealing and hot bent over view of the retaining strap that held the butt plug in place. I was beginning to wonder if the store wouldn’t do better to just sell the catalogs.

After I had enough shots, I gave Buddy a well-deserved break, and shot some tabletop shots of boots and accessories. Sheila was at her best with this kind of work, she could arrange and style products better than anyone. As we worked, she glanced down at the still present bulge in my jeans.

“Looks like he is having an effect on you too.”

Raising an eyebrow I looked up at her. “Too?”

That’s when I noticed the rock hard nipples evident through the material of her T-shirt.

“Well, It’s good to see that you aren’t immune to his charms either.” I chuckled.

Sheila was unwrapping a couple of dildos. She picked up the largest one and looked at it.

“Think one of these would be missed when we return the merchandise?”

“Got you that hot, huh?” I smiled.

“Oh yea.” Sheila whispered. “If that boy wasn’t gay, I would be on him so fast!”

I snapped another couple of shots and then looked over at her still caressing the dildo. “Well, maybe you could find some hot guy to share him with you.”

We both laughed to break the sexual tension. I looked at our list and told her it was time to get Bobby ready for a few shot of vests and chaps.

I grabbed another cup of coffee and then returned to the studio. I plugged the last memory chip into my laptop and reviewed a few of the shots we had just taken. When I came to the ones with Buddy’s throbbing erection I once again became aware that my own dick was straining at my jeans. Looking around to make sure I was alone I rubbed my aching dick through the denim a few times. I knew I would have to relieve that tension after the shoot or my balls would turn as blue as Buddy’s eyes.

Just then I hear the door to the dressing area open and Buddy, Sheila and Tony emerged. Buddy had on a basic black leather vest and a pair of tight bar chaps. Underneath he wore a leather jock with a single strap that ran between his full round butt cheeks.

It was easy to make the apparel look sexy on a guy like him. As he posed, he flexed his buttocks. As I snapped the picture, I realized why leather chaps looked so good on him. The open back of the chaps framed his ass like it was a masterpiece. Not only did it push it out, but also it made it look all the more inviting surrounded with the slick black leather.

After getting casino firmaları several poses with the jock on, I asked Sheila to remove it for a couple of just the chaps. Sheila, stepped in and helped Buddy unzip the chaps so he could take the leather jock off. As I watched I saw Tony smiling at me. He knew I was getting very turned on and he loved watching me suffer.

“Love you too”, I said silently to Tony, and smiled back while blowing a kiss.

Hearing a zip, I saw that Sheila had Buddy ready for the next shot. His cock was semi-erect and again, the chaps framed his package perfectly.

After another few dozen shots we were ready for the last items.

“OK” said Sheila, “it’s down to the insertables and we’re done.”

I walked over to the table where she had the products arranged. There were several dildos and butt plugs that would look their best on the Plexiglas table, without a model. However, there were a couple of toys that really needed to be shown in action to get the full effect.

The first up was a set of chrome anal balls. Each was about the size of a small pool ball and they were strung on a rubber-coated cord. The shot I had in mind would be of Buddy, on his back, legs spread with a couple of the balls inserted and the remainder in his hands.

“So, Buddy, I hope you are ready for these,” I said holding up the string. “They might be a little large at first.”

Buddy chuckled and blushed slightly. ‘Well I am game to try if you are patient.” He took the string from me and held one of the balls in his hand. “They are pretty big, but I think I can do it.”

Tony appeared with a tube of lube. “With enough of this you could take the Hindenburg”

Buddy playfully slapped him on the cheek, and then went off to get ready.

Sheila tapped my arm. “Do you think you can handle this from here on out? I think Buddy is gonna be more comfortable without my feminine energy here.”

“I think you may be right.” I told her, “great job today as usual, just drop by in the morning and we can get everything ready to return to the store.”

“You got it boss,” Sheila turned and the looked over her shoulder. “Now you boys don’t go damaging that merchandise.” Then she motioned her head toward Buddy.

“No problem,” I chuckled, “I would never damage anything so beautiful.”

Sheila packed up her equipment and left the studio just before Buddy and Tony returned from the dressing room. Tony had on latex gloves and held the chrome balls and Buddy, still dressed in the chaps was holding a towel.

I positioned him on a fresh piece of seamless paper on his back with his legs spread and knees bent. Tony slid the towel under him before going to work on his ass. He carefully worked a little more lube into his hole and gently prepared it with his fingers. Then he took the first ball and pressed it against this ass.

“Glad you warmed those up.” Buddy said. His voice wavered with a little nervousness and more than a little excitement.

“Just take it easy,” I said as I got down close with my camera. “Give him time to take them in and adjust.”

“Oh yesssss.” hissed Buddy as the first chrome ball disappeared into his asshole. He closed his eyes as his body accommodated the large chrome ball. Then he nodded for Tony to insert the other one.

Tony deftly slipped the second ball into Buddy’s ass and carefully wiped any excess lube from his skin. Then once Buddy was settled, Tony had him lift his hips so he could remove the towel that protected the fresh seamless paper. In the real world sex and sex toys are messy, but on film and in catalogs they look pristine and dry. The magic of photography.

“Ok, now wipe the last fingerprints off the chrome and we’re ready.” I said as I positioned myself on the floor for the shot. Looking through the lens, buddy looked stunning. Face peering over his rippled abs, his spread legs framing the shot. His bubble butt spread with the cord and remaining three balls artfully arranged beneath him.

“Now, give me a look like you want more.” I said as I started shooting.

Buddy’s expression smoldered. He looked positively wanton as his blue eyes burned into the camera. His ass exposed and perfect, with the cord running out to the balls. He held his cock with one hand and stroked it slowly. This was a very hot picture.

“If that doesn’t sell these damn balls,” Tony quipped, “I don’t know what will.”

I took about two dozen more shots before pausing.

“You OK?” I looked at Buddy, who was lazily stroking his cock.

“Oh yea,” His voice sounded sultry. “I am just fine.”

“Last shot is the long handled dildo.” I smiled at Buddy. “I guess you can handle it?”

Tony groaned at the pun and Buddy laughed. It never hurts to break the tension on a set with a little humor.

Tony slipped the towel back under Buddy’s ass and with a little coaxing, the two chrome balls popped out. “Good job,” Tony said, “and with just a little clean güvenilir casino up, we’ll be ready for the last shot.”

Tony went to work wiping the lube from Buddy’s gorgeous ass, a task I am sure he enjoyed. I noticed Tony’s pants were bulging every bit as much as mine were.

I positioned Buddy on his knees for the last shot. I wanted him looking back and impaling himself with the toy. It would make a hot shot to accompany the close up product shot in the catalog.

Again, Tony touched Buddy’s backside up, with just a little make up to hide a couple of bumps. I could have retouched them afterward, but Tony liked his models to look as perfect as possible for the camera.

“If you don’t mind,” I said, “I am going to position this myself, to get the angle right for the camera. Then you can reach back and hold it for the shot.”

“Be my guest.” Buddy said with more than a little sexiness to his voice.

I lubed the business end of the dildo up and carefully pressed it against Buddy’s asshole. It slid in almost without effort. I guess the balls had sufficiently loosened him up.

As I continued to work the long dildo into his ass, I twisted it a little so the profile would be more evident I the photo. Buddy moaned as I did so and his breathing increased.

“Ok, that’s gonna be perfect.” I wiped the lube off my hands and picked up my camera.

Tony daubed any excess from his ass and Buddy took hold of he handle. His whole body was quivering slightly. He was really enjoying this and I knew it would come across that way on camera as well.

I eagerly snapped away, getting lots of angles showing the toy and Buddy’s smoldering sexy look. His ass was amazing, framed by the leather chaps and impaled with the big dildo. This shot would be a classic.

“That was perfect.” I said as I checked the last shot in the view screen. Not hearing any reply, I looked up and saw Buddy was starting to make good use of the dildo in his ass.

I put the camera to my eye and continued shooting. These would be useless for the catalog, but for my collection they would be real prizes.

Buddy was moaning and fucking himself with the huge dildo with a real passion. He was seemingly unaware of me, the camera and Tony.

After I had filled the memory chip, I put the camera down and continued to watch Buddy work the big rubber cock in and out of his perfect ass.

Looking at Tony I saw that he had already pulled his own cock from his jeans and was happily stroking as he watched. I winked at him and then moved closer to Buddy.

“Great shoot, Buddy.” I whispered to him, “need some help with that?”

He moaned and nodded. I wasted no time in lending a hand. I took the handle of the dildo from him and began to fuck his sweet ass slowly and methodically. He was writhing on his knees making the most wonderful groans.

As I worked the long dildo deep in his ass he reached under himself and started stroking his hard dripping cock. About the same time I saw Tony had moved around in front of him. Buddy wasted no time in taking Tony’s hard shaft into his mouth.

His hips bucked against the dildo as he sucked Tony. Then he pulled his head away and looked back at me.

“I’ll bet a real dick would feel lot’s better than that rubber one”

It only took a few moments for me to remove the dildo, and strip off my jeans. Before long I had a condom on my cock and as shoving it into that beautiful round ass. His butt felt like fire around my dick, and I started fucking him mercilessly.

I pulled his ass onto my cock and slammed into him from behind as Tony pumped his mouth. Buddy stroked his dick as he hungrily sucked. Together we were a three-man fucking/sucking machine.

Tony’s face contorted and I could tell he was about to cum. He pulled his dick from Buddy’s mouth and aimed it right at his face. With a moan a torrent of cum splashed Buddy’s cheeks and lips. He opened his mouth and lapped up as much cum as he could before diving back onto Tony’s cum covered cock and sucking it dry.

That was too much for me. My balls began throbbing and I held his ass firmly as I thrust in one last time. My dick exploded filling the condom deep in his hot ass with my cum. I collapsed over him and held him tight as I bucked into his but one last time.

Feeling his ass contract on my dick, I knew he was about to cum. I rolled over, pulling him on top of me as he stroked his cock furiously. Tony wasted no time before diving down on it and taking it into his mouth. He gagged a little right as Buddy shot his load. Buddy’s ass clenched on my softening dick as his orgasm continued. I watched over his shoulder as Tony’s mouth pressed deep onto his hard cock, cum leaking from his lips and running down his chin.

Moments later, we were all splayed across the seamless paper on the floor of the studio. Sweat dripping from our bodies, we all hugged and savored the moment.

“Any chance I could keep these chaps?” Buddy grinned.

“I’ll write them off as damaged goods.” I laughed. “As long as I get to see you wear them again sometime.”

“And as long as I’m there to make you look so good!” Tony chimed in with a lewd grin.

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