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Catherine Ch. 27

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I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch, and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine Chapter 27


“Catherine…, how is Sarah,” repeating my question.

“I’m sorry,” Catherine’s reply, putting the sandwich half back on the paper plate in front of her. “I ah…, was thinking about how long Sarah and I have known each other…, ten years or more I think…, yes…, it has been that long,” she says “We were both hired at IIG at the same time, I think I told you, to do the same job; research for the Veterans Program a Vice President was proposing.”

“Yes, I remember you telling me that in one of our long phone calls back when you were on that, supposed be, three week long business tip,” telling her.

“We, Sarah and I, were putting in a lot of long hours in the office back then; winter time it was like now, lots of late winter nights — late January, a Friday night, another late night working in the office; snowing…, blizzard like almost. Streets piled up with it had traffic snarled all over the city and elsewhere too.”

“Sarah and I taking a break were looking out a window, nothing moving except snow plows and salt trucks. “My God!’ Sarah was saying, realizing there was no way she was going drive home; her sports car would never make it to the corner,” Catherine tells me.

“Guess I’ll be sleeping here in the office.” Sarah was saying to me.”

“No, you’re coming with me to my sisters,” I told Sarah. It’s not to far, she has a condo down near the river,” I reminded her. “My sister’s overseas and won’t be back until next week and I know she wouldn’t mind you staying over with me, I was telling her too,” Catherine going on.

“Jon was out of town on a project, so I was using his new Range Rover, which has all wheel drive,” I was telling Sarah. “So it shouldn’t be to much trouble getting from here, meaning the office, to my sisters building.”

“Sarah, of course protested, telling me she could camp out there in the office.” I told her, ‘Bull Shit,’ you’re coming with me! Camping out here in the office.., had us both laughing,” Catherine tells me.

“It was slow going, but we made it to my sisters without any trouble…, I could have kissed Jon for being out of town.” Catherine’s saying.

Which has me turning my head away laughing at what Catherine just said about Jon being out of town.

“What’s so funny, Swaggart!” I hear from her.

“It wasn’t snowing the night you took me to your sisters and seduced me,” my reply.

“I didn’t…, seduce you!” Her firm response.

“What ever you say Catherine,” my come back. Her look, the daggers swishing by my head.

“Anyway…, what ever you.., thought,” she shoots back.

“But it was I who was seduced that snowy night,” She says now.

Oh really? My thought…, you and Sarah…, she, if I remember on that same phone call, where she allude to the fact she and Sarah were more then co-administrators!

“Are you still here, Swaggart?” Catherine’ asking now.

“Of course I’m still here Catherine. I just had a short thought…, just something you said before, about you and Sarah; sorry.”

“Uh Huh,” she replies. “I can imagine how short your thoughts are!” she bust on me.

“OH!? My sharp response. “Would you like me to tell you, about another short thought of mine…, Catherine?” Poking her.

“What!?” Her blunt reply.

“Two minutes, Catherine,” telling her. “Two minutes into what you were telling me of Jon’s, ‘Nancy,’ I knew.”

“What do you mean…, you knew,” she ask.

“I knew the ‘Nancy’ was true because, I knew by the way you were telling me, your body language Catherine, it had turned you on by the way Jon did it — no for play; he just used you for his own pleasure then walked away. Jon, Catherine, was reclaiming you! And you liked it that way, even though you didn’t cum, it still turned you on. An I bet you masturbated in the shower after he left; didn’t you? So why didn’t you tell me that part,” asking her. “I told you I fucked Sally that weekend. And you had to put two and two together that my being at Ryan’s when you called I must have been their over night?” Me, not really asking for a reply.

“Why would I make it up what Jon did?” She’s not really asking either.

“Then good for Jon! But a shame though, you had to wait till you got here, to get yourself really fucked; right?” Busting back on her. “Now then, please go on about you and Sarah getting it on at your sisters condo on a cold and stormy night.”

“Fuck you!” She hurls at me, where she’s off the bar stool coming the at me where I easily catch her, pinning her arms to her sides, where it’s crushing her beautiful mouth to a very hard kiss — as many more followed this one.

“Now please go on and finish telling me about you and Sarah — in some hot lesbian sex at your sisters on that cold, snowy night,” telling her at breaking the mauling bostancı escort of each others mouth.

“You are such, a, shit,” she calls me, her hand sliding over my cheek as I let go of her. Where she’s back to sit on the bar stool, taking a bite of her half sandwich.

“My sister, of course,” Catherine starts out. “Didn’t have much in the way of food except a couple cans of tomato soup, which I mixed together and heated up on the stove. There was also a box of crackers and of course some wine,” she’s telling me.

Tomato soup, crackers and wine, how romantic, my thought, now broken into at hearing her. “A little more than what you and me had that night I seduced you,” I get from her now.

To my raise eyebrow and slightly cocked head to the side as if — what did you just admit?

“Yes Swaggart,” she says at seeing my reaction. “I wanted you and I wanted you in the worst way. An that’s why I say I hate you; knowing you would be trouble for me from the start — but I couldn’t help it — you just, do something to me!” She says, her eyes boring into mine. “And don’t…, you fucking move,” she says at seeing my reaction, making a move to get off my chair.

But I wasn’t trying to get off my chair, I was almost knocked off it.

Staring back at each other across the island top until her finally breaking it at her, “Sarah…, I was washing up the soup bowls and pot I heated the soup in when…,”

“You really are in love me, aren’t you,” my breaking into what she was saying by asking that.

“Don’t let what I said go to your head,” she says. “I’m still me, and me will do what me…, wants to do, when me…, wants to do it.” Her eyes never leaving mine as she’s saying it.

“You’re killing me girl,” shaking my head at the same time laughing at her.

“What ever you say, Catherine! You’re just to exciting and unpredictable just the way you are And it goes for me too, what you just said. Now…, who’s pussy got licked first, yours, or Sarah’s?”

“Fuck you…” I get again, but with a smile and a turning of her head from side to side as if in frustration.

“As I was telling you,” she starts with. “I was finishing up the dishes. When Sarah came up behind me asking if I needed any help, where I told her no, I was just rinsing the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher.” Catherine saying now.

“Sara though, was right up against me where I could feel her boobs pressed into my back,” Catherine’s telling me. “We ah.., had been joking and telling stories about…, things like we had done…, confessions, you could say…, I guess. The bottle and half of wine we killed loosened up our inhibitions where stories went from bawdy to raunchy; Sarah had tempered, according to her. They’re not as involved in some consensual outside sexual relationships — swinging, her and her husband Tom.” Catherine’s telling me.

“Bob…,” Catherine looking hard at me from across the island top. “Sara has opened up to a lot with me about her life. One of those parts was…, she and her husband were involved with three other couples in a group sexual relationship; okay! Like you told me about you and Sally being involved with that couple you’ve told me very little about. And…, I’m sure, with your dirty mind…, you can imagine the many combinations of hook-ups,” Catherine is saying.

“Yes Catherine, I can imagine quite a lot!” Has her looking away, shaking her head, trying not to laugh.

“Swaggart,” she says looking back to me now. “Be serious, for once; okay.”

“Catherine, you asked me to imagine the combinations…, I assume with four men and four women…, that would make one hell of a daisy chain; you’ve seen a caterpillar crawling, haven’t you?” Not really asking her.

Catherine’s face I can see getting pink at her thoughts, or vision of eight people, coupled in some kind of sexual combination or in a full circle daisy chain writhing around on the floor.

“Why are you blushing Catherine…, all those arms and legs trying to move in sync while trying keep from decoupling.

“You…really are a pig, Swaggart; you know that!” She throws at me.

“I just have a very good imagination; that’s all,” telling her. “Now then, what’s Sarah like in bed? Does she eat you as well as I do? Is she a screamer when you get her off? I bet seeing you and her in a hot sixty-nine would be heart stopping beautiful…, you know; just my imagination.” telling her.

“Yes!” Catherine’s her sharp reply. “Sarah is a great fuck! And I’ve had a lot of good fucks with women,” she comes back at me with that too. “Women I told you Swaggart…, have been a very large part of my sex life.” She reminds me. “And Sarah has been one of the best parts of that life!”

“Lucky Sarah…, I envy her,” telling Catherine. “Now…, tell me from the beginning…, please?” Asking her. “Oh, and this too Catherine, you wouldn’t happen to have a picture of Sarah…, like those you’ve recently showed to me?”

She knows who I’m referring too — two, büyükçekmece escort the most recent she’s been with. Diego, she didn’t show me his picture; probably because of his public notoriety. Where I can almost read the thought processes going on in her pretty head as she’s staring back across the island at me.

“I guess she wouldn’t mind if I showed you a picture — she already knows about you plus the two others that have seen us together; remember, us getting caught by Connie when we kissed in the City Hall plaza that morning.

“Yes Catherine, I remember it well!” Where she picks up her phone and begins swiping across the screen suddenly stopping where she holds up the phone for me to see the face of a very beautiful, dark haired woman with dazzling blue eyes staring at me from the screen of Catherine’s phone. “That’s Sara!” I hear Catherine telling me.

“Yeah!” My one word reply. “You Catherine…, have, a, Gorgeous Girlfriend!” Emphasized in the tone of my voice.

“She certainly is,” Catherine’s reply, as she pulls the phone back to look again at the face of Sarah herself. “She’s quite a woman,” Catherine says out loud, looking at her friend and lovers’ face. “She’s bright, hard working and has the same passion as I do for the job we’ve been given, we ah…, work well together and ah…, play well together,” Catherine says, laying the phone back down on the island top to look back at me. “And we have the same high sexual apatite too,” Catherine’s telling me.

“Oh…,” My waiting for more from what she just said.

“If it’s like yours…,” Now that she hasn’t come back with it, “I’d like to meet her too. Because knowing yours, the two of you together must be quite the combination. That ah…, fly on the wall thing of mine, watching you two together…, oh heart be still!” My hand slapped over my heart saying that.

“You really are a pig!” She calls me, her flashing eyes and beautiful smile coming along with it too.

“Sarah ah…, had brushed my hair from the back of neck and…, she kissed me there, on the back of my neck.” Catherine returning to what she had been telling me. “I ah…, even as tightly as Sarah was pressed against me I was able to turn around to face her and that’s when she kissed me on the mouth. Not hard…, more like how she had just kissed me before I turned around. We were like…, right in each other’s face — if I had moved our noses would have touched. An then it…, just exploded! The two of us kissing like…, this was the most passionate, natural thing, two women could do. Then it was like waltzing, slow dancing, as our hands were roaming all over each other at the same time we were moving around or, pressed up against the kitchen counters, bumping into things, table chairs, our feet got tangled where we almost fell.” Catherine laughing, remembering something at the same time looking back at me.

“Bobby,” she says. “You know how far it is from my sister’s kitchen, through and around the great room, to the bedroom we were in,” she says to me now. “I don’t remember making it into the bedroom…, I don’t remember, our clothe coming off. But I do remember how excited we both were and of course how beautiful Sarah was…, is!” Catherine’s telling me. “Sarah, has a beautiful body,” Catherine again, looking at me. “You saw how dark her hair is and her trimmed pubic patch is exactly the same dark color. Sarah is tall, like me so our body’s melded together perfectly…, my boobs are bigger though. And like you, she loves my nipples and umm…, my ah…, ‘girly-dick,’ as you call my clit.” Catherine giggles. “And Sarah…, she’s delicious down there too. I think she has the perfect pussy. Mine I think is to fat.” comes as a surprise she thinks her pussy is too fat? But Catherin’s not looking at me, but towards the French doors…, maybe remembering their first time?

“Is she as kinky as you?” Asking her now.

“WHAT!?” Her sharp reply at my breaking into her thoughts..

“Yes. Catherine…, you know, something like you told me one night this past week.” Reminding her. “That was pretty kinky I thought.” To a very cool stare from her who knows, exactly what I’m referring to; James.

“I wouldn’t say kinky,” Catherine’s quick reply. “But she has told me some ah…, interesting thing thats happen with that group she and her husband were involved with. And that’s how she met this ah, guy she’s so excited about getting together with during her trip to Atlanta.”

“He ah…, was a, unaccompanied guest at a party one of the couples was hosting.” Catherine opens without any prodding. “He was quite a hit with the women and most of the husbands too…, except for Sarah’s husband,” Catherine continues.

My thought now…, I know where this is going.

“The wives…” I hear Catherine, bringing me back from a day years ago.

“They were having, “one heck of a good time” with him,” Sarah was telling me. “As well as the husbands were enjoying the activity’s the wives were engaged in with him too, çağlayan escort except for Tom, Sarah’s husband…, she told me.”

“Sarah, when she told me about that night.” Catherine goes on. “The main group partying had broken up where couples or more drift off for some,”more intimate fun out of the spotlight,” Sarah called it. “Couples pairing off, someone’s husband with someone else’s wife…, threesomes, more-some’s of men and women, to a more private place to have some fun or observe the fun others were having…, sort of room to room to observe or join in,” Catherine going on.

“Okay…, to make a complicated story short,” Catherine’s abrupt change in tone. “Sarah and this guy had drifted off together and ah…, Sara was telling me…, they found their way to unoccupied upstairs bedroom…, and, according to Sarah, that’s where Tom discovered her alone with this guy. Sara also told me she wasn’t awhere that Tom had been watching her alone with this guy — that’s how much she was into this guy!” She told me

Catherine, looking past me into the great room, that same faraway look I saw on her face as she replied to the text she received that day we had lunch together.

“What’s the matter Catherine,” my asking, Catherine having stopped what she’s been telling me.

“Sarah told me, Bob…, ” Catherine’s coming back. “This guy has a ah…, huge cock! An what he was doing to her her…, they way he was fucking her, she had never been fucked like that before — to multiple, really hard orgasms; okay!?” Catherine, suddenly, forcefully tosses back at me.

“I’m sorry,” she quickly follows. “I didn’t mean for it to come out…, like it did.”

“That’s okay because I ah…, knew where it was going already with you trying to tell me about Sarah because…, I know a guy just like; Sarah’s boy friend is black; right?” Where it’s more me telling, than asking her. “And you Catherine, know a guy like that too!”

To her sudden jaw dropping, open mouth surprise reaction at what I just told her.


“Wait Catherine! Give me a moment before you say anything,” stopping her before she can say any more.

“I have a really good memory plus, as I told you, I’m also really good at ready body language; especially…, the type of things you’ve told me or hinted to me like say…, ‘a guy you met on a business trip where things went pretty far, but you stopped it before it went that far,’ you remember, telling me.”

“I hate you…, sometimes!” I get from her now.

“Well, I’m glad it’s only, sometimes,” replying back to her.

“Bobby, yes…, I did tell you that and it’s exactly what happened. Also one of the very few times…, I’ve acknowledged that question I get from some men, that ah.., ‘How married are you Catherine?’ Where that time I answered, …, anyway, because…, honestly, I was…, curious. By then I knew a whole lot more about Sarah and her friend, what she experienced when she was with him, so many things she’s told me. The…, way he makes her orgasm so many times. Plus the things you hear …, from other women…, the mystique…, what ever you want to call it…, it’s just what it is with some women, Bob!” She says, where she looks away, like she’s been caught in the admission to something more.

But not wanting to push the subject, it’s back to the coffee pot for a fresh cup of coffee, allowing Catherine to gather her thoughts…, or memories?

Catherine, watching as I perch myself back onto the bar stool I had been sitting on. “Bob, I.., ah, the way I feel about you,” she says. “It won’t change my curiosity about what I just told you. And…, if that situation were to ever come about again with that man…, I may not stop it,” she tells me.

“Fair enough.” My simple reply. Where she’s off the bar stool and around the island to stand right in front me to her, “Spread your knees!”

Which sounds more like a order than a request, where she’s already wedging herself between my knees, forcing them further apart. Where it’s her hands pushing my head back to her face right in mine with her, “You’ve ruined me…, you know that!” She says right into my face.

“You…, you bastard, you do thing to me that I’ve have never felt before with anyone else. But…, that won’t keep me from doing what I want to do with someone else either…, just so you know. I, am, still, me!” She emphasizes. “But…, I am selective…, just so you know that too. And I do love you, just so you know that too. And I didn’t have a choice in that either…, just so know that too; you Bastard!” Her saying all that, ending with her mouth crushing down on mine.

“For warned, is for told I guess,” saying right back to her, on breaking the kiss.

“Yes you are,” I get right back. “And you know what else,” she says.”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me; right.” My answering back.

“I’m horny again…, that’s what! So…, what are you going to do about it?”

She followed all that, a obvious easy question for me to answer.

Where the flannel shirt of mine she’s wearing — my hands are under it, pushing it up to fill them with her gorgeous tits and hard nipples against the palms of those hands squeezing her gorgeous tits, flicking those hard nipples with my thumbs. “God I want you!” Her heavy breathing it into my mouth just before her gorgeous, hungry mouth crushes down onto mine again.

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