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Catholic Girls!

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It was six in the morning on a lovely Thursday morning. I could smell the sweet smell of flowers in the distance and even of freshly cut lawns. Birds were singing and the day was so very pleasant. I am the assistant priest at St. Mary’s of Perpetual Help and Chaplain for the high school. I walked towards the back door of the high school which I always used in the morning when I entered my office.

As I walked down the hall I saw a figure squatting near my door. I turned the hall lights on and saw Megan. She must have arrived early, just after morning mass. She wore the traditional plaid dress and white blouse with black shoes and white socks. The skirt had crept back showing much of her legs to me as I walked up to her. She seemed in a daze. Startled at my presence she jumped up, almost knocking into my lip with her forehead. I had been leaning down to help her up. It was a moment of embarrassing confusion for both of us.

“Why are you here so early Megan? Is it that important?”

“No. Father, I just wanted to remind you to see me.”

“Oh. Alright. Who do you have your first classes with?”

“My first class is Algebra Father, Sister Melatforneau is my teacher.”

“We call her sister Agnes, Megan.” I chided. She should have known that, it is her senior year of high school. She had been set back a year in grade school and another in first year high. She was about nineteen years old now.

“Come in,” I said; as I opened the door. She walked in and I turned the light on. There is a stiff wooden chair next to my desk where the students sit when they seek counseling or confessions from. Sometimes they just came to talk but Megan had never made use of our counseling services before.

I went behind my desk and pulled the comfortable leather office chair back and sat down. As I did, Megan sat down on the wooden chair. Her legs were apart and the briefest white line showed between her opened legs. She began to rock her legs together, opening and closing them as she sat there. I took out a pen and a hall chit to fill it out for her. “How long do you think we’ll need?” I asked. “Gee! Father I don’t know!”

So I wrote down on the chit that I would have her helping me file for the day. That would get her out of all her classes. I remember hoping that her grades wouldn’t be affected.

“Here. Take this to Sister Agnes and let her know that she should pass it along to all your teachers. Understand?”

“Yes. Father. Then should I come right back here?”

“Yes. What did you think?”

“I don’t know…” She walked quickly away, and I began to put things in order on my desk. Straightening it up by habit and not necessity.

I heard a faint knock on the door. Then the door opened, Megan delayed a bit as she unhooked the “Confession in Progress!” sign from the inside knob of the door and put it on the outside. I heard the familiar well oiled click of the lock, as she abruptly turned around and quickly walked over and sat down in her chair.

“Father, I’m having a problem with boys.” She blurted out. “I’m sorry Megan, but you’ll have to tell me a lot more than that if you want me to understand, let alone help you.” I protested.

She told me how the boys were taking liberties with her. As they walked by, touching her breasts or giving a quick but forceful rub to her pussy. None of her teachers noticed, as the boys were careful and the other girls only laughed at her. She flushed with embarrassment. A tear rolled down her cheek.

“I’m nineteen Father. They think they can do anything with me, ’cause it isn’t against the law!”

“Megan, boys are curious at this age. From what you bahis firmaları say, they are merely ‘accidentally on purpose’ rubbing there hands on you.”

“Father please!” She began to sob. I decided to let her have a good cry and waited till she could talk. It seemed a simple matter. I would notify her teachers and this tomfoolery would stop.

“Father. Sometimes I like where they touch me. Sometimes I want to grab their hands and rub them into me.”

“Megan. Girls get curious too. Just get control of yourself.”

“I was about to have some coffee. Would you please fill the decanter and I’ll put the filter in and the coffee grounds?”

“Yes Father.” She said obediently. I moved a folding tray next to the leather couch. I felt the familiarity, and comfort would take the edge off her frustrations.

She quickly came back with the now filled decanter. I started the pot and got out two cups, sugar, coffee creamer and spoons. I even had a little stash of cup cakes in my desk drawer and decided to share them, in case she hadn’t had breakfast.

“Father. You don’t understand. I don’t want to sin. I want to go to heaven.”

“Sit down Megan.” She sat down on the couch about a foot away from me. As she filled our coffee cups and added the creamer and sugar, I saw the outline of her breasts through the fabric of her white blouse. Her hair fell down to cover her now teary eyes. Legs still spread apart though. No one must have told her about this I imagined. She just didn’t know that her white panties were peeking out at me as her dress rose up on her wide open legs. My cock began to pinch again but with a quick movement I stood up and took the inseam of my trousers leg, letting its now slowly magnificent length gorge with blood in perfect freedom down my leg. The leg opposite from where she sat. I caught her taking a small look, only to once again turn red, this time with a slight flush on her neck.

“Megan. These feelings you are having are so natural. You needn’t worry about them at all. We all go through this, boys and girls.”

She looked up into my eyes in wonder. We sat and drank our coffee, eating and drinking in the quiet silence of my office.

“Oh!” She said as she stood up, and moved to the other side of the couch. She sat close to me, draping her leg over mine, putting her arm behind my back. She reached over her leg, now bare up to her waist giving me a full view of her panties, and began to gently stroke my penis through my pants leg, up and down it’s length. She looked into my eyes and down at my deeply engorged hard prick and back again to my eyes. “How do you like it?” She looked at me defiantly. Seemingly expectant of a slap or some other mean response. I merely sat there calm but for the heat running up and down my member and the gentle rocking of the leg she had draped over mine. “I’m sorry Megan. I still don’t understand.”

“Isn’t this sinful? Aren’t you going to condemn me to Hell or Purgatory for making you have an erection?”

“No Megan. I told you, curiosity is normal for children your age.”

She dropped her head to my shoulder while at the same time taking her leg off of mine and moving hers close to my thigh. She still kept stroking my pants leg, where my now fully erect penis was making a small tent. Her hand felt so hot with warmth.

“Can I look at it?” She asked. She must have felt safe. I am a priest. Yet. After the night before when I accidentally aroused the beast within me, my breathing began to quicken and my hard cock pulsed. She didn’t wait for an answer, she tugged at my belt buckle, and struggled with the clasp on my pants, then she unzipped my kaçak iddaa trousers and tried to pull them down. She looked up at me with a look that said stand up, pleeeeze; and I did almost hypnotically. She pulled my pants and my boxers down. The pleasant release of the binding pressure on my erect penis caused me to make a small sigh, a sigh she seemed to share.

“Are all boys this big Father?” Oh God! I thought. Not another one. How will I find the time to attend to my priestly duties if I am going to be busy having sex with every woman in my parish? Of course this was a slight exaggeration. When I sat down, the head of my prick stood up and rose about two inches above my lap. Megan wasn’t satisfied with that, and pushed open my legs. She pulled herself up on top of me, and her weight pushed me down onto the couch. She slowly, purposefully guided her panty covered pussy opening along the shaft of my already teased dick. “Am I really safe with you Father? I mean, you won’t tell?” She asked or maybe begged me.

The need to stretch my dick up and push my hips was so great, I pushed her white panties into the cleft of her vagina. We began to kiss. I allowed her to take me, to take control of me and of this unusual situation. She moved the middle of her panties over and put my now pulsing dick inside her. I pushed up hard but met no resistance. “What’s this Megan. No hymen?” I asked. “Oh I masturbate Father.” She said innocently. Slowly she stroked up and down my hard dick. Her already flowing juices coating my pubic hairs with hot moist pussy juice. I could hear her making small moans and noises. Even up to now, though aroused, I only slightly began to be a co participant.

“Father, can you make babies?” She asked.

“Yes. I can, I think.” I had been planning to have a vasectomy operation. I planned to call and make the appointment today. “So can I Father.” She said, sadly. Then she slowly pulled off of me and moved her head down. She took the head of my gorged dick and began to swallow it, moving her head up and down. Lightly touching her tongue to the head of it. Then she moved her head and licked up and down the shaft, as though it were a lollipop. She grabbed my testicles tightly and took as much of me in her mouth as she could. I began to moan and shoot load after load of fresh jism into her throat. As she moved her mouth away, she sucked the film of jism off my dick and licked the head. Oh this felt so good. Swallowing. “Was that okay, Father?”


“My daddy taught me. He said I’d need to know how to do this to keep the boys from making me pregnant. Was it ok?”

“Yes. It was alright Megan.” I began to unbutton her blouse. This little bitch was more than curious, she wanted to fuck. She let me undress her with no resistance and then I let my clothes fall off me. We both were naked. I moved over to the desk and got one of the counseling packets that I was given to give the boys. I opened it up and got one of the half dozen condoms out. My prick was still hard. I decided to take her on the floor. The couch was reserved for my angel.

“So you want a safe fuck?” I asked. She nodded yes. I lightly licked her around her lips, I grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. Pushing her onto the floor, I parted her legs. Her pussy was so wet and juicy. I decided to begin there first. I pushed my head deep inside of her and let my tongue cup all her juices out. I licked her clit, bit it and licked again. Then I rolled it in my fingers and patted it. She was beginning to moan and get into it. “Father. Father. Please don’t torture me! Just fuck me. Fuck me now Father.” I loved this. I loved the torture kaçak bahis of it. The bitch was really hot and she kept trying to use her arms and legs to take the controlling position. I kept pushing them back and letting her become a wild sex raged animal. I wanted to hear her beg me to fuck her. I wanted to hear her say it again and again. “OH God! Father I need it. Pleeeeeeze!”

“You want it bad huh?” I asked. “Oh yes Father. I want it bad.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to put your dick inside me and fill me with your cum Father. Now. Now. Now.” She said. Her hips rocking as she said it, pinned down as she was by my weight. My fully engorged prick in my hand I rubbed my condom covered prick on the outside of her vaginal opening and carefully rolled it around her clit. She was a wild animal of passion, moaning loudly. Bucking her hips. Begging me. Pleading. I pushed my member inside her. It seemed a little bigger than last nights.

She loved it, every inch of it, moaning deeply she began to come right away. I was naive about sex, it wasn’t until later that I heard of a premature ejaculation but never by a woman. So even now, when I go over it in my mind, it amazes me. As her bucking subsided and her hips rocked less and less. I began to come. My juice spurted deep inside the condom, filling it and her. I moaned loudly but not loud enough to blank out the small tapping sound on my office door. My body needed to thrust inside her again and again. Finally pulled myself out and stood up on shaky legs. “What is it?” I asked. “It’s me, Sister Agnes. What is going on in there?”

“Give us a moment sister.” I said. “I want to know now.” She demanded. You will wait right there till I am ready for you I commanded. Megan hurriedly got dressed. Her blouse was wrinkled and her socks had spots of jism on them. A small trail of jism still showed where it had trailed down her leg. She lifted her dress up to fan her wet panties, wet with our sweat and my jism. It wasn’t until then that I noticed the condom had split in several places. This useless protection had allowed my jism to pour inside her hot wet pussy.

I decided to make sister Agnes wait to fill her curiosity. I don’t know why but I had no fear.

Megan looked fearfully at me. I told her to sit down and relax. I then went to the door and let Sister Agnes in.

“I want to know what is going on in here? I have never heard such load animal noises before in my whole life!”

I looked her square in the eyes and said, “We had sex.”

“Well, try to keep it down next time will you? You are disturbing our classes.” She winked at Megan and walked out. “By the way, if you look in the cupboard above the closet you will find a pillow. Next time use it!” Maybe she didn’t hear what I had said?

“Father. I’d like to become a nun, I mean I want holy orders.” She looked serious.

“Megan this isn’t a decision to be made rashly. If you think that all we do is have sex all day you are mistaken. I am a sinner. I have never heard of another priest like me.”

“Father. Can we do this? I mean even if I get married or something?”

“Yes Megan.” I told her. “It is wrong. It is a sin. We can still do it if you want to.”

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!” She said as she stood on her tiptoes and gave me a big kiss. Then she left to go to lunch. I was about to leave for lunch when Sister Agnes brought lunch to me. “Did you really have sex?” She asked. “Of course not.” I lied. We both laughed. “Well then I won’t have to tell on you.” She said. We prayed before our meal, I had never been so grateful in my life. I must have had so much sexual tension, years of it, that the release was like a large dam breaking. I still don’t know if sister Agnes was joking or not. I just didn’t feel the need to bring another woman into the mix. Two were enough I felt. I am only one man, I mean, priest.

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