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Caught, Blackmailed and Loving It! 001

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This story involves gay sex, group sex, semi-incest, but since the main theme of the story is gay sex, I decided to put it here. If this bother’s you, please do not read any farther. Thank you and have a happy cum!!!


I loved it. I might have been doing these extra jobs to get some extra spending cash while in college, but it didn’t bother me. A friend of mine had, after I had confessed that I was having trouble keeping any extra money after bills came, suggested that I help her father with the landscaping and remodeling that he was doing on their house. It really worked out well because I got to spend a lot of time on my own, at their very nice house, outside in the summer sun and still made a decent amount of spending money.

Being twenty-one now, any extra spending money was a bonus because I could go to bars a lot easier now and didn’t have to limit myself or the drinks I bought for the ladies, or allow myself more time in one of the many Adult Arcades the city had. One of the great perks of the job was that, since I was alone a lot, I got to swim and lay out when my work was done and, due to the high fences, could do so naked, thus erasing my tan lines.

Today was no exception. I had finished what I was working on and decided to take a dip as today was exceptionally hot. I stripped, allowing the sun to absorb into my naked skin. My cock hung heavy between my legs. I’ve always been a “shower” not a “grower” which I preferred because it meant that I never had a small dick. I wasn’t huge by any means, just slightly over average at 7 inches, but it was well proportioned and served its purpose.

I jumped in the pool and splashed around for a while. I loved the feeling of the water on my naked body and always wondered if anyone could see me. I didn’t really care. I loved my body. After a brief swim, I got out and laid down on one of the lounge chairs. On my back, my cock laid across my thigh to my right side. I closed my eyes and let the sun tan my body. After about 15 minutes, I turned over, face down and let the sun beat down on my round ass and chiseled back.

In this position, I dozed off, but wasn’t out for very long before I felt a hand poking me in the back. I jumped and looked up and realized it was Heather’s dad. My body was warm and glistening with sweat and it took me a few seconds to catch my bearings.

“Didn’t want you to burn,” he said. “How long you been out?”

I honestly had no idea I thought to myself, still silent. Then I spoke, “not quite sure, I guess I fell asleep.”

Then I realized that I was naked and went to reach for my short that were on the other side of me and that’s when I saw the other man.

“No need to get dressed on our account. I just saw you out here and we decided to make sure that you didn’t burn that great ass of yours,” her father said.

Great ass? Did he just compliment my body in front of another man?

“I, uh, didn’t want to be rude.” I managed to get out.

“Rude,” he asked. “Rude would be putting your clothes back on. If you feel uncomfortable, let us put you at ease.”

With that, he stood up and took his shirt off, the other man following suit. He then pulled open his khaki shorts and pulled them down. They both got naked and I immediately became a little self conscious for several reasons. One, I was now naked with my friend’s dad and his friend, they both had larger cocks than me, both at what appeared to be around 8 inches, although his friends was a bit thicker, two, they were already excited sporting veiny erections, and three, I was following suit with my cock getting hard under my young body.

“Let us make sure you don’t get burned,” said the unknown man. He grabbed some lotion and squirted some in Heather’s father’s hands and then in his own. These men began to caress my legs and my back, rubbing the lotion into my skin while massaging my muscles. I began to protest, but Mark (Heather’s father) stopped me before I began.

“I’ve casino şirketleri been waiting to get you alone for a while. I was at a store downtown, picking out some porn and out of the arcade walks this young man, shirt in disarray, hair messed up and walking quickly out of the store. I recognized this boy as you. Still unsure of why you were there, I strolled towards the arcade and walked in. Inside were several men talking about you and how you had a mouth to die for. They went on and on about how much you liked to suck cock and you seemed to go crazier the more they treated you like a little slut. I began to talk to them and found out that you’ve never given your ass up to any of them either.”

By this point, their hands had moved closer together so that now they were concentrating on my ass and upper legs, pulling my ass apart, rubbing it, cupping it, and groping it. I was loving it, subconsciously humping the lounge chair.

“What struck me as funny was that Heather has never spoken of you being gay and I finally realized why. It’s because she doesn’t know. I’m betting to guess that none of your friends know. Am I right?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” I moaned, confirming his suspicions. I was a little scared of where this was going, but honestly didn’t care as they felt me up.

“See Jack, I knew it,” he said to the other man. “So what that means is that we are going to have a great summer because as of now, you are our little whore. We aren’t going to tell anyone, as long as you play along.”

A finger found its way into my ass as he said this. Honestly, the fear of being fucked in the ass was quickly dissolving as my ass was getting all of this attention. Mark told me to lift my ass up and I did so obediently. Jack opened up my ass cheeks and I felt more lotion being poured down the crack of my ass. Mark used the lotion and began to probe my ass. I was moaning and with the time they were taking on my ass, it was opening up on its own under the manipulations of my friend’s father’s fingers.

He kept working them in and out and would gradually ass more and more fingers till he was using four on my virgin hole. The feeling was so amazing. He then removed his fingers yet my ass was still being held open by Jack. I began to rock back and forth, suddenly missed the manipulations on my ass. I could tell Mark was starting to straddle the chair and then I felt the head of his cock at my hole.

“Does our new whore want it?” he asked.

“Yes” was all I could get out followed by a horny moan.

“Beg me for it,” he commanded.

“Take me. Take my ass. It’s yours. Fuck me like the whore I am. Fuck me. Stick your cock in my ass and take my ass for the first time. I want you in me so bad. Treat me like a little girl and fuck my pussy,” I said, meaning every word of it.

I then heard giggling and turned my head back to the same side where Heather’s father was before, and closer to the house was Heather. I had no idea how long she had been there, but she was staring at me with my ass in the air like a bitch. Just as I realized that she was there, I felt Mark, Heather’s father, push his cock into me. My eyes closed and my body had waves of pleasure with some pain gushing through it. I didn’t care. I wanted his cock in me and I didn’t care anymore who found out.

Mark began to slowly move in and out of my ass as it became more and more acquainted to him. I felt Jack’s hands move off my ass and Mark grabbed my hips so that he could better fuck me. Jack moved around and pulled my head up, bringing me up to my hands and knees. He fed me his monster, plowing into my mouth.

I was getting pounded from both ends while a longtime female friend of mine watched. Her dad told her to go upstairs and get her mother’s strap-on from the closet. Heather practically sprinted out.

“She’s going to fuck you too. You are absolutely going to get used you little whore. You like that don’t you? To be used. To be a slut. You should have been born a little casino firmaları girl so that you could service even more cocks. I bet you wish you had a pussy so that you could have three cocks in three holes. You fucking faggot. You love this don’t you? Does his cock taste good? I bet you love it. This is what you were built for. To be a dumpster for guys. To be a device for other men to use so that they can get off. Heather didn’t believe me when I told her I saw you there, so I told her that I would prove it. She’s going to make you her little bitch too. Her friends want to see you get pounded. She’ll whore you out to anyone that wants you. You want that don’t you?”

The entire time, I just kept getting rocked back and forth between the two monster cocks that were invading my body. It was hard to believe that all of this was happening outside, but I didn’t care. If they neighbors wanted, they could come fuck me too.

Heather returned with a large black strap-on dildo. She laid it down on one of the chairs and began to strip. Her body was luscious, tight from years of sports and working out and seductive with her perky b-cup breasts with round pink nipples and a shaved pussy that just begged to be eaten and fucked.

Her dad pulled out of my ass and Jack pulled out of my mouth and switched places. Jacks’ larger cock cause more waves of pleasure to shoot through my body. Mark didn’t immediately stick his cock in my mouth but began to rub it on my face and slap me with it.

“Good cock boy. Tell me you want my cock again.”

“Please stick your cock in my mouth. I need to be used from both ends. Let me show Heather how good I can please her father and how good I can suck cock.”

“Oh my friends are gonna love this,” Heather said. “Half of them have wanted to fuck you forever anyways, but to see you with other guys; they are going to absolutely die. Not only will they be able to get fucked by you, but they will be able to fuck you too. You look so hot with my daddy’s big cock in your mouth.”

I was about to say something when her dad slammed his cock into my mouth.

“Heather doesn’t want to hear you talk. She wants to see you suck cock and be a sissy boy,” he said.

I couldn’t believe how good all of this felt. Jack then pulled out of my ass and moved towards my head. He began slapping his cock on my face. My ass was empty and I began swaying it back and forth, inviting anyone who wanted it to come and take it. I then felt more lube being poured in the crack of my ass and smaller hands rubbing my hole.

“How does it feel sissy boy? You’re so much of a faggot that a little girl is going to fuck you. My little girl is going to tear your virgin ass up.”

I felt the head of the large black strap-on touch the pussy in my ass. I knew the strap-on was big, but to feel her small hands pull back on my hips as this black beast split me was more than I expected. It hurt. She pulled harder. The cock in my mouth took advantage of my gasping to invade the inner sanctum of my throat and the cock to the side of me began beating me in the face harder. Heather pulled out, then pushed in, the pulled out, then slammed in. She was enjoying the fucking she was giving me. Her father pulled out and Jack held my head up towards him and told me to open my mouth. I did so and a large string of spit came down from his mouth and landed in mine.

“Use my spit on my cock bitch!”

“Oh my god, now I know why guys love fucking someone doggy style,” Heather said, “the feeling of power is amazing!! You like my big black cock don’t you? I bet you always thought you would get your cock in me before I got mine in yours, didn’t you?” She giggled at this last comment and began to really fuck me.

The men took turns shoving their cocks in my mouth, one at a time, sometimes both. When they weren’t in there, they would stick their cocks where they could, trying to fuck my ear, hit me on face or forehead or on the top of the head, where ever they could.

“I want güvenilir casino to watch him suck your cocks better, but I don’t want to stop fucking him,” said Heather is the sweetest, whiney voice possible.

“I have an idea,” said her dad.

He pulled out and Jack took his place. He then went over and grabbed a towel from somewhere and laid it on the grass next to the pool area.

“Heather, come over here and lay down here on your back.”

Heather pulled out of my ass with a slurping sound. Jack pulled his cock out and for the first time in a while, I did not have a cock in me, rather real or fake.

“Crawl over to my daughter,” Mark said.

I got off the chair and crawled over to her, ready to jump back on.

“Beg her,” he said.

Our relationship was completely different and there was no turning back.

“Please let me put your cock back in my ass so that you can fuck me some more,” I said, pleading to her with my eyes.

“No,” she said. “First, suck my big black cock and look me in the eyes as you do it.”

I got between her legs and went at her big fake cock, licking and sucking it like it was the real thing full of delicious cum. She watched me as I pleased her fake cock and she would grab my head and piston me up and down on it. She would pull my mouth off of it, holding me by the hair and slap me in the face with the big rubber cock.

“God, this is so hot. I wish I really did have a cock,” she said, “you boys are so lucky!!! Now get on my cock and ride me slut!”

I climbed on top of her, positioned her fake cock at the opening of my ass-pussy and sank down. My head went back when Mark grabbed me by the hair and once again, my face was being rubbed with hard, glistening cocks. Once again, the men began to alternate fucking my face with their large cocks as I bounced up and down on Heather’s fake cock.

The men began to become more aggressive and if their cock wasn’t in my mouth, they were beating off, looking at me, looking at Heather down on the ground and her perfect tits and tight stomach, her big luscious lips and big round eyes.

Jack lost it first, unloading all over my face. Stream after stream of hot cum flooded my face, dripping down on my chest and landing on Heather’s body strung out below. I started bucking hard on her cock. Mark then grabbed me by the back of the head and pointed his cock at me and unloaded. I thought Jack unloaded a lot, but his seemed to never stop. He even moved his cock away from my face and finished up by shooting two or three spurts on the tits and face of his daughter below. She squealed at this and I lost it. My cock, untouched, poured out on to Heather’s stomach, tits and even managed to his her on the chin.

“Clean yourself up you little faggot boy,” Mark said.

I began scooping cum off of my face and body and shoved it into my mouth.

“Now get off my daughter and clean the cum off her body as well.”

I pulled off the cock and began to lick all of the cum off of Heather. As I moved up towards her, my cock came in contact with her pussy.

“Oh God, fuck me, please, put your big cock in me,” Heather begged.

In front of her father and friend, I slammed my cock into her incredibly wet pussy and began to pound away as I continued to lick the cum off her body. She started grabbing my face and kissing me, sharing the cum. We continued like this until she began bucking under me, cumming loudly and without concern for neighbors. Her spasms made me cum again, flooding her tight young pussy with my second orgasm in less than five minutes.

I collapsed on her, completely spent.

“This is going to be a fun summer,” said Heather’s dad. “Now get off my daughter and let’s take a swim.”

We all jumped in the pool and let the cool water cool us down and just relaxed, talking about the moment that we all just shared. After a while, I felt Mark come up behind me and his erect cock poke into the crack of my ass just as I saw Jack swim up behind Heather doing the same thing to her. “Yep, this is going to be a fun summer,” I said, and then leaned in towards Heather as she leaned in towards me. Our lips met and we began kissing as we both had our asses penetrated by these older men….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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