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Caught Fantasizing at Home Ch. 08

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This is chapter 8 but it’s really chapter 2 of this part of the series. The first chapters focused on a married man coming to terms with his love of cocksucking. In Ch. 7, his wife found out and is getting revenge. The revenge continues in this chapter. Like Ch 7 but unlike the first six, there is no male on male oral sex. However, he does still fantasize about sucking cock. There is a STRONG cuckold current to both ch. 7 & 8. If any of this turns you off or offends you, move on – there’s nothing to see here.



I sat in my hotel bed, stunned. What had I just witnessed? Marcie had gotten her revenge. She’d fucked Jake and Tommy. Was she really planning more? Why?

I mean, shit – I knew WHY…

Either she’d found my videos or Jake had told her everything. Somehow she saw to what extent I’d been cheating. Even though, technically, a husband sucking other guys’ cocks isn’t really cheating, is it? I mean I’d only fucked one other woman. THAT was cheating.

She couldn’t possibly be planning on replicating all of my actions? For revenge? For revenge she was going to become…like me? No – not like me!. She would become a… a…whore!

Marcie couldn’t do this! She was too innocent!

Too innocent? I just watched her having revenge sex with two men in a video. The scene of Marcie reaching orgasm while Tommy fucked her popped into my head.


I thought some more really considered just what I’d done. I shoulda just told her. I shoulda opened up. I love Marcie. She loved me! Why didn’t I just tell her!

Obviously, Marcie would’ve been much more open to new things in our bedroom – the video was proof of that.

Jesus! And what proof! Who knew, though? Who knew?

Now she was planning…God knows what…to teach me a lesson. I had to call her. What did fuckin Jake say? A poker game? Was she planning a poker party like mine? Jake and I had organized a poker game where I lost on purpose and I sucked everybody’s dicks.

Marcie wouldn’t do that. I mean, for revenge? Would she?

Jake would, though. Fuckin Jake! And he’d convince an obviously pissed and hurt Marcie to do it.


I glanced down at my computer. I guess the video play was set to automatic repeat because Marcie had just pulled Jake’s pants off and was admiring his cock.

“It’s even bigger in person” she said. “No wonder Chris loves this…” Marcie paused as if considering the right word. “…Cock. It’s so big!”

I couldn’t watch the video again. It was too much. But as watched my beautiful wife slip the head of Jake’s soft cock into her mouth as she stared into the camera [my eyes], my cock hardened. I wanted her. What’s more, I had to admit that I wanted to suck cock with her.

I ended up watching the whole video again and I jacked off twice. Four sessions watching Jake, Tommy, and my wife cuckold me. My cock was definitely sore.

I wanted to call Marcie but I knew she wouldn’t answer. I typed a short text:


Marcie replied almost immediately.


We’ll get over this? We’ll get OVER this? What did that mean? Shit! What a mess I’d made.

After sitting there on the hotel bed for a while envisioning Marcie replicating my sexual escapades, I decided to act – to do something proactive. I’d go home early and put a stop to this madness. Somehow…

I went online. I spent more than an hour trying to change my flights to get home earlier with very little luck. The best I could do was to move my flight up to Wednesday afternoon. This was only slightly better than my Friday afternoon flight, and it cost me a small fortune, but hey – my marriage was at stake. I decided not to tell Marcie. I’d surprise her and…force – no! Beg! Beg her to talk to me.

The next morning, I went about my business while trying to pretend that my wife wasn’t planning some sex orgy without me. Strangely, I was hard all day. I was distracted. This affected my work. I tried to get out of dinner with a customer that night but I really couldn’t – I was there to meet him, after all. I wasn’t gonna be able to get a flight out that night anyway, so in the end, why cancel? I checked my phone throughout the whole meal but it never beeped.

I finally got back to my room late and with more than a slight buzz. I took off my clothes and got in bed. Even though I had been checking my phone all evening and I knew there were no new emails, I fired up the computer and checked.


Maybe she changed her mind…Maybe she’d realized that she’d gotten the revenge she wanted; she’d made her point. By now, she’d surely gone to bed. It was 12:30 am for me. That made it 3:30 for her. We never stayed out that late. I did sometimes for work, but Marcie never did.

This thought cheered me somewhat. No news is good news, I thought. In better spirits, I typed a quick email telling her I casino şirketleri loved her and apologizing again. I thanked her for reconsidering. I assured her that I “got it”. Then I fell asleep.

Later that night my phone and computer beeped. I woke up and stared at the clock.

5:30 am? That was 8:30 at home.

I stumbled over to the desk and clicked open the email from Marcie.

“Hey Hon,

Sorry this email is so short but, I am simply worn out!

I went to my first poker game tonight! Wow! I truly has such a good time!

All I can say is that you really should have taught me to play poker – I wasn’t very good at it. In fact, maybe if you’d have taken me with you when you “played with the boys”, I’d be as good as you…

I certainly wouldn’t have gone to play tonight – at least not alone, without you. But, Obviously you didn’t trust me enough to involve me.

Jake filled me in on the behind the scenes details.

Anyway, long story short, tonight Jake set up a poker game with some people he said would “love to play with me” (Jakes’s own words)

When the guys showed up, he made everyone pay $250 to play. Does that seem like a lot to you? I don’t know poker was so expensive! Is that the kind of money you play with when you play poker?

Oh – I forgot, you play to lose. Or maybe, you don’t play for money – just for cocks. After tonight, I can’t say I blame you…

Anyway, I didn’t bring that kind of money with me to Jake’s. The men were nice enough about it though. They all said I was so pretty, I didn’t have to “by in” (whatever that meant). They were all so big and muscular! Is that typical for poker?

The guys suggested I use my clothes as money to play! Men! You’re all the same. (Except some like to humiliate their wives and go suck cocks behind their wive’s back…). They thought I couldn’t see what they were after. It was pretty obvious. Play with my clothes instead of chips!

But, guess what? I did! It was…well, “fun” isn’t even close to the right word. You’ll just have to watch the video to see what I mean.

And since (spoiler alert) I did end up trading all my clothes for chips, that got embarrassing fast. Fortunately for me (and everyone else), we were able to…cum ;P to an agreement. The guys were all VERY willing to lend me a hand. Or other body parts.

At the end of the night, the boys were so happy with me they ended up giving me the whole pot. $2,000! Seriously! I ended up taking home $2,000 cash!

Even though I lost! Or maybe you did because now, something has changed in me. It can never change back.

Truly though, my guess is you may like the new me. I’m much more…open…than I’ve ever been.

I do love you. And I do believe you love me. Watch the video in the dropbox. Maybe this is enough for you to understand where I’m coming from…or not.



PS: I saw your email. I don’t think you do get it. Not yet. But you will. Me too. I got it tonight!”

SHIT! Shitshitshitshit! I swore at the room. This was not good.


Resigned to my fate, I sighed and shook my head. What else could I do at this point. I brought my computer over to my bed, set it on my lap, took a deep breath, and opened the Dropbox.

There it was. POKER_NIGHT.mp4. I moved it to my hard drive and opened it.

The video started with a group of men sitting around Jake’s apartment. I saw Jake and Tommy. I saw Steve, a black guy I’d sucked more than once, and his black friend everyone just called “Jones”. I’d sucked him too at Steve’s house and at the glory hole. These four were all wearing Gopro cameras on their heads.

This did not bode well.

There were four other guys I didn’t know. Two were white, one was black, and the last guy was Asian. These guys all seemed extremely fit – I bet they were Jake’s workout buddies. The black guy, though, was huge. Six foot six or eight or something. All muscle. He musta been a pro football player or something.

There was a general murmur as they all talked to each other around the table. It was difficult to make out conversations for two reasons. First, the conversations all overlapped each other and second, the view shifted quickly. Obviously there at least two more cameras on tripods in the room. And, judging from that last shot, another one on the lamp above the table pointing at an empty chair. Mutherfucking Jake!

Jake had already edited this movie since the views shifted quickly – probably just to show me how many cameras there were. Mutherfucking Jake! Obviously, this video was edited in a much less professional manner than the first one. Judging by the hour, he didn’t spend too much time making it pretty. The jumps and shifts were brutal and the sound, therefore, choppy. I suspected that Jake is just rushing through this part of the night, showing clips just to get me to…to what exactly?

There was a jump and suddenly the guys cheered and Marcie was walking into the room. She was wearing a tasteful but tight casino firmaları blouse with the top couple of buttons undone, tan shorts, and low black shoes. She looked like a housewife visiting friends for a barbecue. A hot housewife. She was made up and had hear hair in a high ponytail. There were several similar views. All of the Gopro views started at her face, lingered on her breasts, and then moved down to her hips and then legs. Similar but different shots.

Another cut and Marcie was sitting at the table behind some poker chips, a drink in hand and laughing at a comment someone had made. The views shifted from face to face, then out to group shots, and then to Marcie or her cleavage.

Once again, I marveled at my wife’s beauty. She could’ve been a model – still could be!

Another sharp cut to the above view of Marcie and the men were all jeering playfully. There’s a pile of chips in the middle of the table. Then men all have individual piles. Marcie has none.

Marcie rolls her eyes. With her deep Alabama accent she says “Fine!” l’ll play by y’all’s rules.”

The men all cheered and high-fived each other and Jake. “I may be a newbe but I’m gonna come out on top, mind you. I’m gonna take home that pot. I may lose some clothes…but y’all gonna see…”

Another cut. “Yeah!”, the men cheer as Marcie reaches under the table and fumbles a bit. The cheering turns to “Awwwww” as Marcie smirks and deposits a shoe on the table.

Another cut. A shoe.

Another cut, An ankle high sock.

Another cut. The other sock.

Another cut. The men cheer. “Take it off you fuckin slut!”

The video cuts to Marcie’s face. She looked insulted.

Cut to Jake. Jake, his face completely serious, “SHUT UP!”

The group went immediately quiet. “You will not call Marcie nasty names. I told you guys this earlier with the other rules. No nasty names or you’re fuckin out. No puh – I mean- no poker for you! Got it?”

The shot stayed on Marcie. She’s nodding her head in agreement. The Asian guy, like an embarrassed gradeschooler, offers a feeble apology.

Off camera, Jake continues. “Now Marcie, they’re gonna behave. They’re gonna behave but, um, you did agree to the rules. You lost so…um…”

The view cuts to Jake as he looks directly at a camera and raises his eyebrows knowingly as if he’s “Jim” from the “The Office”. Then it cuts back to Marcie.

Marcie bites her bottom lip, looks around the table and drops her eyes in embarrassment.

Jake says “Marcie…” and looks directly at a camera again. “For Chris?”

Marcie takes a deep breath, reaches for a shot glass in front of her and downs it, grimacing.

She then stands, smiles at all the men, and begins to unbutton her blouse.

Another cut, Marcie is wearing her lacy bra and peeling her shorts off her legs revealing a matching thong. Marcie is giggling as she tries to cover herself with her arms. The view cuts to one of the tripod shots and zooms on her fantastic ass. I realize my cock is hard.

Another cut. Marcie, arms crossed over her chest, is giggling and looking around the table. To me it seems like she’s pretty tipsy. Someone yells “Either top or bottom hon – you’re gonna hafta show us sumthin!”

She smiles at the men knowingly and reaches under the table as she fidgets a bit. Then, without standing or showing anyone anything, she deposits the tiny thong in front of her on the table. The men all laugh and jeer, having been cheated out of their expected prize. The camera behind her zooms in on her sweet ass through the open back of the chair.

My mind is reeling. Marcie at Jake’s apartment with eight men. And she is only wearing her lace bra which barely hides her beautiful D-cups. Her hard nipples are straining at the flimsy material. My cock is so hard. It’s obvious where this is going. I don’t want to think about it. I can’t believe this is my sweet innocent wife. Yet at the same time, I’m so fucking turned on.

Another cut. Marcie rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Then, somehow putting a hand over each breast, she reaches between them and unclamps the bra in the middle. She bites her lip and shakes her bra-covered breasts with her hands. The men clap and hoot. The view shifts as she looks at each Gopro in the eye. Then she peels apart the bra, throws out her arms and shakes her tits, freeing them immediately from the lacy material.

A cut to the faces of the men. Astonished. Happy. Intent. They’re all hollering and yelling.

A cut back to the jiggling D-cups. Marcie is laughing. She’s loving this attention. The view shifts to here angelic face. Suddenly, she sucks in her breath, thrusts her shoulders forward, and closes her eyes. The video zooms out. Jake had reached over and tweaked her sensitive erect nipples.

Marcie recovers and admonishes Jake with a naughty smile. “Don’t do that! It’s not part of the game.”

“But you don’t have any more clothes to trade for chips…We’re going to have to work out some other method of payment…” As Jake güvenilir casino spoke the camera quickly showed the leering faces in agreement.

“What do you have in mind? What would be fair?” Marcie asks.

“I dunno…How about you suck the winner of the next hand’s cock!”

Marcie blushes and opens her mouth in surprise. The men all cheer and give each other high fives.

“No, that seems a bit much…How about…” Marcie thinks and then smiles devilishly.

“The winner of the next hand – if it’s not me, of course..” Here, the men all laughed. “The winner can make me stand up and dance for a minute.”

Again, the men all cheered. Jake held up a hand.

“Lap dance. You give the winner a lap dance…for TWO minutes.”

Another cut. Steve, my black friend with the thick cock which could be the darker longer twin of Jake’s, is sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. Marcie is completely nude and crawling on her hands and knees over to him. A camera zooms in on her ass and her wet and slippery pussy.

The view from behind Steve zooms to show her expression of lust. It zooms out a bit to capture those pendulous swaying tits crowned by pinky-tip sized nipples that I know so well.

Marcie reaches Steve and climbs to sit facing him, her face, inches from his. Steve reaches around and cradles her ass with both hands. She starts grinding her pelvis against him. Marcie leans her head back and thrusts her chest out to Steve. Steve frees one hand to grab a tit, reaches down and sucks her hard nipple into his mouth.

Marcie groans and exhales. She arches her back forcing her tits against his face. Then she reaches her hands up to grab each side of Steve’s head.

Through clenched teeth she says “I’ve never kissed a black man…” as she pulls him to her and passionately kisses, sucks, and lightly bites Steve’s face.

The crowd cheers. A camera zooms and follows Steve’s hand as it squeezes my wife’s ass and then slips a finger underneath and into her.

Marcie breaks the kiss and stares at Steve like a woman possessed. She grinds her hips on his lap. “Yes! My god! YES!”

Steve must have one long finger inside her as the other rubs quickly against her clit.

Marcie grinds and rotates her hips. Her tits shake and jiggle. The camera shifts and some of the men are removing their clothes. hard and semi hard cocks start to break free. I notice that none of these men seem to have small cocks.

The camera shifts back to steve and Marcie. Marcie’s legs start to vibrate and shake. Marcie lets out a long halting moan. Her mouth opens wide and forms an “O”. She thrusts her shoulders forward and back and suddenly tries to pull away from Steve. Marcie screams. Steve keeps ahold of her. He keeps the pressure on her clit.

Finally, Marcie stops and collapses onto Steve’s chest. Her body hitches and she tries to catch her breath. “OhmygodOhmygodOhmygooooood!” she yells.

Marcie kisses Steve deeply again and slowly breaks away from him, shaking her head, as if in amazement. She stands and looks around at the other men, as if just noticing them. Certainly, she’s just noticing that they are all now nude. Marcie’s face breaks into a huge devilish grin.

She drops to her knees in front of Steve and stares up at him. “Take off those clothes. I have to see your cock.”

Steve stands and pulls his shirt over his head and looks down at Marcie. The view shifts and zooms into his crotch. Apart from the obscene bulge, you immediately notice the large wet spot from when Marcie was riding him.

The view shifts to Steve’s Gopro. Marcie’s big tits are amazing from this view. Marcie is not looking at Steve. Instead, she is staring at his crotch, excited and impatient for him to unwrap it like a child anxious to open a birthday present.

Steve slides his pants down and his already hard, nine-inch cock breaks free and bobbles in front of my wife.

“Jesus, Lord have mercy” Marcie whispers staring at it in awe. “It’s so dark. So big…”. She licks her lips, swallows, and, as if in a trance, tentatively reaches for Steve’s massive cock.

After squeezing Steve’s shaft and feeling its warmth and hardness, Marcie marveled at how much cock stuck out above her fists. A good two inches of shaft underneath the dark head poked out of her hands.

“Look at this black cock…Just look at it…big black cock in my hands…” she said mostly to herself as she instinctually started a jacking motion.

The camera zoomed in slowly to her face and his cock. My sweet wife was mesmerized by Steve’s awesome cock – and I couldn’t blame her. I was too. Marcie shook her head in amazement as she leaned forward and slid the head into her mouth.

The guys were making all kinds of comments but she heard none of them. Marcie had closed her eyes and was moving her head sideways and in circles as she licked and sucked Steve’s cock.

She looked up to Steve. “I’m sucking your big black cock!”. Then she looked back to his cock and rubbed it over her cheeks and face. “I’m sucking a big black cock.” She repeated quietly to herself as her mind accepted this reality.

Marcie sucked his cock into her mouth again and worshipped it. She removed it only when Steve took a step back to sit on the chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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