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Caught In The Act Ch. 02

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If there was a Sexual Twilight Zone then I was in it. My girlfriend’s mom just walked into the Atlantic City hotel room we were all sharing (her mother and step father and Sara and I) and caught us. My cock was buried in Sara while she sucked her stepfather’s thick hard-on. So, there we were.

I was mumbling, unable to form a coherent response for Karen’s question. Then again, how much answer did it really require? She asked what was going on. The simple answer would have been “I’m fucking your daughter while she sucks your husband’s cock” but like I said, that part was obvious. Sara started to explain what happened to lead us up to this point. It was odd, she had let go of Bob’s cock but I was still inside her and as she spoke she was squeezing me with her pussy muscles. I had lost about half of my erection at the shock of being caught for the second time. My G-d, Sara’s pussy wasn’t just squeezing me, she was starting to cum. Right when she told her mom how sorry she was she let out a little cry and flooded my cock with her pussy juice.

“You little slut, did you just have an orgasm?” her mom demanded. Sara looked away and said “N-n-no.”

Okay, this is when it got really weird.

“Jeff, take your cock out of my daughter please. Right now!” I pulled out and tried to cover up. My cock was coated with Sara’s orgasm; actually she had cum twice already. Karen walked up to me and looked down at my cock. I felt it getting bigger despite my nervousness from her staring at it. Then she amazed me, shocked me, and floored me. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She started to suck it and she was making wet noises and my cock had returned to full attention.

Karen stood up and asked Bob if he had tasted Sara’s pussy and he smiled and said not yet. “You have to. My little girl’s pussy tastes so good.” Karen was wearing jeans and a sweater and she started to strip. I was still frozen in place and just watched as she pulled off her sweater then unclasped her bra freeing her beautiful, big tits. Her thick nipples were hard and her areola was wrinkled tight. Her jeans followed, then her flower covered panties. She reached a hand between her own legs and commented on how wet her pussy was. Besides those awesome tits, Karen had a thick bush of brown pubic hair and one heck of a full, rounded ass.

“Mommy’s not mad sweetheart,” she walked up to Sara and kissed her on the lips. “Bob and I were have been talking about playing with you two for a long time.” She kissed me and stroked my cock and told me I had a “lovely cock.”

“On your back sweetie, I want to ride that big thing.” Bob got on the bed and got on his back. Unlike me he hadn’t lost any of his casino şirketleri stiffness. Karen moved on top of him and held his cock so that it was pointed right at her pussy that was hovering above it. She lowered herself in one movement, moaning as his fat cock disappeared inside her hairy cunt.

She was in control now. If she had been angry or shocked it was gone by now but my guess was she never was either of those things. She told Sara to let Bob taste her sweet pussy and Sara looked at me and hesitated for a minute. I shrugged my shoulders and she climbed onto the bed and lowered her pussy over Bob’s face. She gasped when his tongue touched her clit but soon she was grinding her muff over his face. She was facing her mom who was riding Bob’s cock. Karen reached out and the two women kissed. On the lips but not a deep, passionate kiss. Not yet anyway. When Karen reached out and started to play with Sara’s hard nipples Sara did the same to her mother’s much bigger tits. I stood there stroking my cock. I still couldn’t believe any of this was really happening.

Karen called me over and had me stand up on the bed so that she and her daughter could share my cock. Having two mouths on e was beyond any pleasure I had known. It felt even better then Sara’s velvety pussy. They shared my cock, sometimes one would suck it and the other would lick my balls. Then I was forgotten momentarily when Sara started to cum. This time she didn’t hold back and she humped Bob’s chin and practically screamed as she orgasmed harder then I’d ever seen her cum before. She slumped to the side and that’s when Karen started to deep throat my cock. I was standing directly in front of her now above Bob while she allowed me to fuck her face.

Karen told Sara to lick Bob’s balls. Sara didn’t hesitate to move around the bed and get behind them. Bob groaned when he felt Sara’s tongue on his nuts and I looked over Karen’s shoulder to see my sexy girlfriend licking her step dad’s sack while he fucker her mom. Karen stopped sucking me and squeezed my cock and told me to relax for a minute because she wasn’t done with me. I moved away and went to watch what Sara was doing. Karen leaned down and whispered something to Bob who answered with a loud “Oh hell yes!”

With both hands Bob reached behind Karen and spread her ass cheeks. Her asshole was wet with her sweat and her juices and Bob told Sara to lick her mom’s ass. I was right there and Sara pulled my arm so I would join her. I loved eating Sara’s ass but I think it was the first time Sara had ever done this. Both our tongues reached out and touched as we rimmed her mom’s back door. That’s when Bob’s cock slipped from Karen and slapped against my chin. I casino firmaları was surprised by it; it felt like a heavy rubber ball had hit me. Sara grabbed his wet cock and put it in her mouth. I leaned down and stuck my tongue in Karen’s wet spread pussy. They both seemed to enjoy that but it didn’t last because for the second time Bob’s cock hit me. Sara was stuffing it back into Karen. Then she went back to licking her mom’s asshole. Bob spread Karen’s cheeks again and she looked over her shoulder at me and told me to fuck her ass. I had never done that before but I was more then ready.

Sara moved to the side but stayed close and helped me stick my cock into Karen’s ass. It took a few seconds to work the head past the tight ring but when my cock finally slid in it felt unbelievable. It was even tighter then Sara’s pussy. Bob had stopped pumping for a little while until my cock was all the way and I had started my own rhythm. Then he started to pump her pussy at the same time as me. I could feel Bob’s cock rubbing mine, separated only by the thin wall between Karen’s ass and pussy.

We really had a good motion going and Karen started to cum really hard and she was moaning louder then Sara did a few minutes before. I heard Sara say “Holy shit!” She was behind us watching our cocks fuck her mom. I wasn’t sure what she was commenting on but I thought it was just the view. I was so close to cumming but Bob had been fucking her for so long that I wanted to hold out. Thankfully he had reached his limit and I felt him pounding into her harder then before and Karen was encouraging him to fill her pussy with his cum. That was all I needed. My cock exploded inside her tight ass. I guess having both holes creamed set her off and she had another orgasm. Slowly we all caught our breath. I was slumped over her back and took the opportunity to reach around and put my hands on her soft pillow-like tits. She was covered in sweat; we all were covered in sweat.

My cock finally went soft and when it slipped from her ass a little stream of cum dripped out. Bob’s cock was still inside her but his balls and his pubic hair and his whole crotch was covered in fluids. Sara leaned over and kissed me and asked if I would fuck her ass later and I smiled and told her how much I would love that.

Karen moved up and Bob’s flaccid cock popped out. He was sucking on her dangling tits and the sight of her hairy pussy, covered in juices and dripping cum as well as her asshole which finally seemed to be closing was really a turn on. Then Sara began to lick Bob’s soft cock and his big, hairy balls. She was licking him like a cat would lick her fur, cleaning him with her tongue. She was licking all over his güvenilir casino thighs too and that’s when I learned why Sara had said, “oh sit” earlier. Karen’s pussy exploded, showering Bob’s crotch with her clear cum. Apparently there was quite a bit of her juices and Sara loved the way they tasted.

I started to feel my cock rising again when Sara had finished cleaning Bob’s cock and moved her face up to her mother’s pussy. Karen moaned contently as Sara licked her clean too. Afterward Karen lay on her back. I moved to her left and Sara squeezed on the bed between her and Bob. Sara gently sucker mother’s right breast while I sucked on the left one. Bob was spooning behind Sara and was pulling and pinching her nipples. Then Karen suggested we all take a shower. “Together?” I asked. She smiled and said it would be fun squeezing in the shower together.

So we did. The four of us were naked and exhausted but anxious for the next round to begin. This part I wasn’t going to mention but Sara is proof reading me and said I had to. While we were crowded in the shower Karen was behind me and Sara was facing me and Bob was behind her. All of us were soaping each other up and rubbing our bodies together. Karen soaped me up between my ass cheeks and slid a slippery finger in my ass. I lifted Karen slightly so that my cock was rubbing between her pussy lips and over her clit. She had her eyes closed and her arms wrapped around my neck. She moaned and I realized Bob had gotten on her knees and was licking her ass hole. Then I felt something warm on the head of my cock. I thought I had slipped inside Sara’s pussy but I realized my shaft was still between her labia and I knew then that Bob had taken the head of my cock in his mouth as it poked out behind Sara. I tensed up but then Karen dug her finger deeper into my ass and my hips slid forward, my cock back in Bob’s mouth. I never moved any faster or slower, I just kept the same motion going until I was cumming. Bob had my cock head in his mouth and Karen’s finger was fucking my ass and I was cumming. Sara still had her eyes closed and had no idea I was shooting my third load in her stepfather’s mouth. I didn’t tell her until days later and it made her so out of control horny that we fucked like crazy.

When I finished cumming Bob went back to licking Sara’s ass and Karen pulled her finger from mine. The four of us dried off and went back to bed. Bob gave me a knowing look while we all toweled off but nothing was said. We all fucked and sucked the night away and Bob and I never touched each other again. Like I said, this all happened last week and since I’m home until the middle of January we’ve been fucking and sucking every day. Sara has acquired quite a taste for pussy and several times Bob and I sat by stroking our own cocks while mother and daughter 69’ed. I don’t want to go back to school, I want to move in with the three of them and never stop what we started in Atlantic City.

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