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Caught Sniffing

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I was eighteen when we moved, that is my father and me. My mother had left a year or so ago. I don’t know why they split, they never talked to me about it, but I think my mother had been seeing someone else. My Dad met Rosemary soon after. She was in a similar position to him, being divorced, she had been left to bring up her two daughters by herself.

I got on well with Rosemary. I hadn’t spent much time with her daughters, Amy and Emily, so I was uncertain how things were going to work out. They were older than me, being identical twins they were nineteen and obviously not used to having a boy around.

Dad and Rose had decided on a fresh start so had bought a house together. It had three bedrooms which meant Amy and Emily had to share which they were used to as they had always shared anyway. My bedroom was next to theirs at the back of the house with Dad and Rose up the hall at the front with the bathroom in between.

Being the summer break from high school and having none of my old friends around, I spent much of my time in my room to start with. The girls did much the same, they were both on their break from university and like me had moved away from their old friends. Dad and Rose both worked so we had the place to ourselves most days.

From my bedroom window I had a good view of the back garden. One afternoon I heard voices and looking out I saw Amy and Emily arranging a blanket on the lawn. Dressed in bikini’s they laid down to sunbath in the hot sunshine which gave me the chance to study their near naked forms.

I struggled to tell them apart, they really were identical. It didn’t help that they tended to dress the same. They were perhaps a little under average height, long dark hair, slim bodies and small breasts. I found the sight of their near naked bodies very arousing and couldn’t stop watching.

Every now and again they would change position. One laying on their front while the other laid on their back, which was like looking at the same girl both sides at once. Although they were chatting away I couldn’t hear what was being said. I kept out of sight studying every inch of their bodies.

Breaking my vigil I went for a pee which took me a casino şirketleri while as I had to let my semi erect penis soften. As I waited I spotted some panties hanging from the laundry basket where they had been thrown but hadn’t quite dropped in. I managed to pee before my mind was racing with the thought of where these panties had been not so long ago, which soon had my flaccid cock reversing course.

I couldn’t help myself and picked the panties up feeling the soft frilly materiel again imagining where they had been. On a whim I took them back to my room to study them further. Laying back on my bed I held them up in front of me, I could still see Amy and Emily outside. Lifting the dirty knickers to my face I took a sniff, moving them around to find the spot that would have been next to the pussy of either Amy or Emily.

Having no previous experience I was mesmerised by the odour and found my cock was growing harder. Looking out at the girls I imagined my head between their legs sniffing the aroma of their pussies, the aroma I smelt now from the panties. Stroking my erection I took another sniff before lowering them to my cock and wrapped them around my shaft.

Being a virgin with no sexual experience at all I could only use my imagination. As I wanked the dirty panties up and down my shaft, my cock throbbing I watched the girls outside. At that moment one of them, laying on their front unclasped the bikini top, raising themselves to remove it I caught a glimpse of a nipple. I instinctively covered my knob with the knickers in time to catch my load as I came…

The panties were soaked with my spunk and I worried that I would be found out. I quickly returned them to the laundry basket and hoped it wouldn’t be noticed…

Back in my room I noticed both girls had discarded their tops. They both laid face down but I could see their small breasts squashed against the ground beneath them. A little later they both suddenly sat up giving me a perfect view of four identical tits before they were quickly covered as they put their tops back on. My fleeting glimpse of their firm breasts with large dark brown areola imprinted in my memory.

They soon picked up the blanket and headed inside finished with their sunbathing for the day. Hearing them coming casino firmaları upstairs, one of them entered their bedroom as the other went to the bathroom and I heard the shower being turned on. After a few minutes it was Amy that came out of the shower as I heard her enter her room saying, “your turn Em!”

Another few minutes the shower went quiet, “Oh My God!” I heard Emily exclaim as she left the bathroom, “Look at this Amy!”

I heard movement, “That Dirty Little Sod!” one of them said.

The next thing I knew my bedroom door flew open and Amy and Emily stood there looking at me holding up the knickers at arms length, “What have you been doing with these then you dirty little boy,” said Emily I guessed as she had a towel wrapped around her while Amy wore shorts and a white bra.

I must have gone bright red with embarrassment, not answering, not knowing what I could say.

“You’ve been wanking into them haven’t you, what a mess,” said Emily.

“Bloody hell, they’re soaked,” said Amy as she took them from Emily, studying them.

“I know what we should do,” said Emily as she rushed off. She returned with both their bikini bottoms and walked towards me on the bed.

“Show us what you did, here use these,” said Emily throwing the clothing at me.

“Yeah you dirty bugger get your cock out and show us what you did,” demanded Amy as she stood beside Emily at the side of my bed.

“But I Erm…” I didn’t know what to say. This was so embarrassing.

“Go On,” shouted Emily, they both stood there, hands on hips, Amy still holding the soaked panties, soaked with my cum.

I reluctantly pulled my shorts and pants down exposing my cock. I’d never shown my self to a girl before let alone two.

“Oh dear… is that it!” said Amy mockingly.

“Go on, wank it, show us what you did!” taunted Emily.

I started pulling on my subdued cock, trying to forget I was being watched.

“Show us what you were doing with these,” said Emily picking up one of their bikini pants and handing them to me.

“Did you have a sniff before you made a mess in them… go on have a smell,” demanded Amy.

Lifting them to my nose I closed my eyes and took a sniff. My cock began to respond.

“Disgusting boy, do they smell good, güvenilir casino is that what gets you off!” said Emily.

My cock was growing bigger in my hand as I sniffed in the aroma from the bikini.

“Fucking Hell!” exclaimed Amy, “Look how big it’s getting Em!”

Encouraged by Amy’s remark I tugged faster.

“Wow!” exclaimed Emily, “and it’s still growing.”

I could feel the wetness from my pre cum running down my shaft as I stroked up and down slowly.

“How big is it Tom?” asked Emily, “I’ve never seen one that big before, it’s huge.”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I’ve never measured it.”

Amy rushed off and soon returned holding a tape measure, “give me a hand Em, lets measure it.”

I looked down as they pulled my hand away, Emily held one end of the tape at the base while Amy grabbed my shaft with one hand, holding me straight and pulled the tape taught.

“Bloody Hell!” said Amy, “it’s ten and a half inches!”

Discarding the tape measure Amy kept her hand wrapped round my shaft, squeezing it.

“So Fucking hard!” exclaimed Amy, “here, have a feel Em.”

Emily wrapped her hand around just above Amy’s and squeezed, “that’s so hard, never felt anything like it.”

“Bet you love this don’t you, here have a sniff of these as well,” said Amy, placing the other bikini pants under my nose, “smell our dirty little pussies on them.”

They both ran their hands up and down my cock making it harder than ever, throbbing under their touch, pre cum running freely from the knob. Amy wrapped the panties that I had cum over earlier around the base of my shaft. Now three hands wanked in unison.

“Come on Tom, lets see you shoot,” said Amy, “here, perhaps this will help,” she pulled her bra down and exposed her tits.

“Yes come on Tom, smell our pussies on those pants, shoot your load,” encouraged Emily.

The sight of Amy’s gorgeous little tits, their stiff nipples, wet panties wrapped around my shaft, three hands wanking my shaft and the smell of both their cunts on the bikini’s was all too much and I shot my spunk all over myself and Amy and Emily’s hands. Considering I had come not so long ago I was amazed at how much I had left.

“Got to admit Em, that was fucking hot. He might be a dirty little pervert but his cock is such a turn on,” said Amy.

“Yeah you’re right there, perhaps we should let him have our dirty knickers, as long as we can watch of course,” said Emily.

I think I was going to enjoy having stepsisters…

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