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Celeste Pt. 05

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AN: This is part five of a gay incest fantasy story. One of the characters has the ability to change his body, in this installment he becomes a cuntboy (a man with a cock and a pussy). Some tags of note are dirty talk and perceived non-con. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it!

Celeste’s stilettos tapped lightly against the solid wood floor as he stepped into Bartholomew’s office. He closed the door and looked at his brother with a nonplussed expression.

Bartholomew sat at his desk, glaring at his brother. Out of the three Bartholomew was the most imposing. He was broad, with hard big muscles rippling all over his body. His arms were thick where they were crossed over his wide chest. His thighs like cannons, an ankle on his knee stretching his black uniform pants to their limits. His body, paired with his beautiful, yet hard face, normally frightens people, but Celeste looked unbothered and that just pissed him off more.

“You insatiable whore,” he ground out, his hazel eyes narrowed.

Celeste locked the door and smirked, “Oh come now Bartholomew,” he sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t get flippant with me!”

“Stop it,” he chuckled, “you know just as well as I that my duties do not overlap with anyone else’s.” Celeste made a face, cocking a brow, “Well, maybe Carmichael…but he wasn’t slated to speak today. So really, no harm no foul,” he smiled brilliantly, an act that made his soft face all the more gorgeous.

Bartholomew ignored the twinge of desire that rushed through him, “Still, your duty as a god demands you lead by example!” His voice was still harsh.

Celeste walked toward his brother, his black skirt swishing along his thighs. The heels he wore made him even taller than he already was. Bartholomew forced himself not to give him a once over but was aware his brother was exaggerating his movements.

With some amusement in his voice Celeste said, “Shouldn’t you hold Lawrence to the same standard? He’s the one who started it after all,” he walked around the desk and stood in front of Bartholomew.

The god of war looked up at his beautiful brother and couldn’t ignore the way the sheer shirt showed off his nipples and how lovely his long midnight hair looked loose, framing his face. Determined to not be undeterred in his task, (he was annoyed that Celeste was not taking this seriously) he pushed on, “You could have told him no.”

Celeste hopped onto the desk and lifted his leg high dramatically to cross it over the other. His eyes sparkled with mirth and he licked his upper lip seductively then whispered, “I. Didn’t. Want. To.”

Bartholomew furrowed his brow, the god of lust’s position on his desk exposed not only his milky lean thigh, but a considerable amount of his hip and ass as well. He pursed his lip frustrated, “You aren’t wearing underwear…” he narrowed his eyes at his brother, “did you come here to seduce me?”

“I came because I was summoned,” Celeste was grinning now, “Why? Do you like what you see?” He leaned back, placing the palms of his hands behind him, “Let’s stop pretending this has anything to do with my work ethic. You’re not mad. You’re jealous,” he uncrossed his legs then, separating them slowly until his hairless genitals could be seen. His semi hard cock, large clit and slightly agape pussy, glistened with his juices. He continued, “Lawrence told me you know,” his voice was husky, but smug, “just how badly you want to be here,” he pushed two fingers deep inside his vagina and moaned. He moved them in and out slowly, never taking his eyes off his brother. He finally pulled them out and leaned forward, lifting his coated digits towards his brother’s face, “come on…have a little taste.”

His wrist was suddenly gripped strongly and he was yanked from the desk. Bartholomew threw Celeste across his lap, lifted his skirt and brought one large hand down smacking the god of lust’s pale delectable ass, “Don’t presume to know what I’m thinking!”

“What?!” Celeste gasped out.

“You were irresponsible!”

Another smack.

“Did you even hear anything that was said?”

Another smack, a bit harder than the last.

“You should be ashamed!”

Another that made Celeste yelp. Bartholomew began laying down strong sure blows to Celeste’s quivering ass cheeks and the back of his thighs. His brother gasped and mewled and cried out, his stilettos skidding, trying to find purchase on the hardwood floor as he kicked and squirmed. His creamy white flesh pinked up nicely and warmed with each new smack.

Celeste reached back, trying to grab his brother’s hand, “Bartholomew!” He felt tears stinging his eyes.

“No!” Bartholomew caught his arm and pinned it to the small of his back and continued to spank his lithe, gorgeous brother.

One of the stilettos slipped from the heel and was now dangling on Celeste’s dainty toes and he looked over his shoulder, tears streaming down his cheeks, “Bartholomew! Please!”

“Are you crying?” The ataşehir escort bayan god of war looked upon his brother with a wicked grin, but stayed his hand, “Why for? I can feel how hard you are.”

Celeste felt his face flush in embarrassment, “It still hurts,” he whispered.

“Does pain turn you on?” Bartholomew lifted a brow, amused, “My leg is soaking wet because this sloppy gash won’t stop leaking,” he pressed three fingers to the opening and felt it clench, “it’s hardly a punishment if you like it,” he pushed a bit harder and Celeste spread his legs, “you’re so fucking tight,” he rotated his wrist a bit, working his three broad fingers inside. Finally buried knuckle deep he heard Celeste moan and go lax across his lap. Bartholomew chuckled, “You have such a beautiful cunt.”

Celeste shivered at the compliment then moaned when Bartholomew started to finger fuck him quickly. He gasped, unprepared for the sudden speed and reached back again.

“You’ll never learn your lesson will you?” Bartholomew swiftly removed his fingers and without preamble shoved them into Celeste’s mouth.

The god made a gagging noise and his tongue fell out of his mouth. Bartholomew thrust his fingers in and out, loving the desperate choked sounds his bother made. He kept going until Celeste’s saliva coated his fingers and dribbled down his chin. He pulled out his fingers and wiped them on his brother’s skirt.

Celeste gasped for air and moaned softly before he spoke breathlessly, “What ever are you teaching? I can feel how hard you are too.”

Bartholomew grunted and roughly pulled Celeste off his lap and the god staggered a bit to fix his shoe. He leaned against the desk, facing him, unsure of what to do.

“Take off that skirt,” Bartholomew commanded and was pleased when Celeste was quick to obey, “Hmm…you’re always dripping aren’t you?” He reached forward and used his large hand to cup the puffy lips, “You look like a bitch in heat.”

The words made Celeste moan where he stood, gripping the edge of the desk. He trembled each time his brother squeezed his sex. He was fully erect now, leaking precum as he watched. He let out a deep groan when he felt his brother remove his hand, he pushed his hips out silently begging to be touched again.

Bartholomew complied by running the tip of his finger over the length of Celeste’s clit. He smirked, “Lawrence can’t shut up about this thing. He’s obsessed,” he gripped it between his finger and thumb and pulled.

Celeste gasped as his brother continued to pull, he started to feel discomfort and he bit his bottom lip wondering when Bartholomew would stop. He felt a twinge of pain and realized he would have to move if he didn’t want it to hurt more. Celeste walked awkwardly closer to his brother, sighing has he felt some relief. He stepped ungainly, his heels making it a bit difficult as his clit was used like a leash. He was still biting his lip as he looked into his brother’s eyes and advanced. He bumped his legs against Bartholomew’s knees, but his brother kept pulling and he whimpered.

Bartholomew whispered, “Make it work…come on,” he chuckled as he watched his brother inelegantly spread his legs and make his way closer, “yes…figure it out,” closer still, “wonderful,” he breathed and now that he had him where he wanted, he released him.

Celeste’s whole body was shaking in anticipation and arousal. He loved how rough his brother was being with his body, knowing that he could take more than his effeminate frame appeared to be able to. He wondered what Bartholomew planned to do now. His cock was resting against his cheek, his precum trickling into his short blonde hair. He could feel Bartholomew’s breath against his spread lips. With his legs wide he was free to drizzle more of his pussy juice onto his brother’s legs. His eyes went wide when he felt Bartholomew lick his clit slowly like he was trying to soothe it.

Bartholomew pulled away and looked up, “It is intriguing,” he smacked his lips before he licked it again then dragged his tongue up the hard cock that was resting on his face. He kept his eyes locked on Celeste as he kissed the tip then wrapped his lips around the head of his arousal.

Celeste’s stomach tightened as he watched his powerful brother began to slowly pleasure him with his mouth. There was something magnetic about looking into his hazel eyes as he bobbed up and down on his shaft. Celeste reached out, wishing to run his fingers through the blonde hair, but his arm was caught. Bartholomew never stopped his movements, but he narrowed his eyes in warning. The silent command excited Celeste so much his inside walls squeezed, and he felt himself pour out a little and knew it would land on Bartholomew’s lap. His eyes widened slightly, wondering how his brother felt about his uniform slacks continuously getting wet. Bartholomew just cocked a brow then concentrated on pleasuring Celeste.

Bartholomew closed his eyes and remembered all escort kadıöy the times someone had done this to him. He had never done this before, but he was so turned on by the sounds his brother made that he wanted to keep drawing them out. He swirled his tongue all around the head and speared the opening, lapping out the precum that oozed from there. He placed his hands on Celeste’s thighs and pulled him closer, hollowing his cheeks to create a strong suction. He could feel a vein throbbing against his tongue as he made his way to the base. The cock was hot, almost scorching and Bartholomew found he loved the way the heat enveloped his entire mouth. Even the rigidity was a turn on as he swirled his tongue around the girth. Each moan and plea Celeste made spurred Bartholomew on to try different techniques.

Celeste’s thighs tensed when he felt his brother’s tongue flutter beneath the underside of his cockhead. The action made the tip drip more precum onto the god of war’s tongue and Celeste let out a long moan when he felt the mouth move to swallow it. He watched Bartholomew pull off until just the tip was between his lips. He was tonguing the small hole at the head, immediately licking away each new droplet of precum that beaded there.

Bartholomew parted his lips so Celeste could watch his tongue laving over his tip. With his hands on Celeste’s legs, he could feel each time they flexed and relaxed often followed by a delightful gasp from his brother. Wrapping his lips firmly around the erection once more he pushed forward. Finally, he reached the base, his nose against Celeste’s abdomen and his lower lip pressed against Celeste’s love button. He opened his mouth a bit wider and pushed his tongue out rubbing the underside of the solid clit. Celeste let out a startled cry and Bartholomew felt more of his brother’s wetness hit his legs.

“Oh…oh yes,” Celeste groaned, “I’m close…”

Bartholomew pulled away at hearing that, ignoring his brother’s disappointed sounding whine. He licked his lips, “Not yet,” he reached up and pushed the index and middle finger of his right hand as far as he could go into Celeste’s hot canal. He stood slowly, “Lawrence didn’t lie, I do want to be right here,” now at his full height he looked at his brother. He grinned, pleased that even with the heels Celeste was still only a little bit taller than him. He wrapped his arm around his waist and started to thrust his fingers in and out. He locked eyes with him as he gradually sped up, watching as his brother’s face became flushed and his lips parted. He shoved hard and Celeste yelped, went up on his toes and wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck. Bartholomew continued the rough finger fuck, bringing his brother up to his toes again and again. Celeste was panting, still staring into his brother’s hazel eyes, brows furrowed as he listened to his pussy’s lewd sloshing sounds as Bartholomew rammed his fingers in deep.

“You look like a slut,” Bartholomew licked Celeste’s upper lip, “your hole’s sucking me in. You’re so hot inside,” he never took his eyes off of him, “what do you want?”

“Fuck me,” Celeste’s voice was weak as he lifted a leg and wrapped it around Bartholomew’s hip.

“You nasty bitch,” the god of war growled out and bit his brother’s bottom lip. He pulled his fingers out and Celeste cried out ‘no’. Bartholomew huffed, “I can’t fuck you with my fingers in there whore,” he pushed Celeste’s leg down then began to unbuckle his belt, “suck me.”

Celeste was quick to squat, not wanting to get on his knees and looked at Bartholomew’s hands as he removed his belt then unzipped his pants.

“Look at you, you’re practically drooling,” Bartholomew gathered up as much of Celeste’s raven hair into his hands and gripped him tight, “How many dicks have been in this mouth?”

“I- I don’t know,” Celeste tried to look up, but Bartholomew wouldn’t let him.

“Of course you lost count,” Bartholomew sounded disgusted as he pulled out his cock.

“I’m a god,” Celeste’s voice lost some of the submissive tone, “it’s been eons.”

“Don’t talk back,” the war god took his thick member and slapped Celeste across the face with it. It was already sticky with precum and rock hard so it landed with a satisfying thud, “open up, you’re gonna get another one.”

Celeste complied and opened his mouth wide and rolled out his tongue.

“Fuck, you really are a slut aren’t you?” Bartholomew grinned down at him, then, without foreplay, pushed his cock all the way to the hilt in one swift movement.

Celeste gagged and to his horror came, his pussy splashing its clear liquid all over the ground so forcefully some hit his shoes. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his legs quivered. He made choking noises and dug his fingers into his brother’s massive thighs as his climax continued, saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth. He could barely breathe, which just made his orgasm last longer, as tears sprung to his eyes.

“You maltepe escort cock hungry bitch!” Bartholomew let out a chuckle, “Oh you’re gonna love this!” He reached up and placed both hands on either side of Celeste’s head and pushed him off his cock. He watched as his brother coughed and dribbled spit over his chin. He gave him only a few seconds to gather air before he slammed his head back onto his dick again.

Celeste’s inner walls were fluttering wildly as Bartholomew began thrusting his hips. Celeste couldn’t do anything, his brother’s strong hold keeping him in place. So he just stayed there with his hole leaking, nipples tingling and cock bouncing while being forced to deep throat his brother’s massive member.

“You’re such a pretty cocksucker,” Bartholomew looked down at Celeste and was pleased to see his cheeks streaked with tears. At his brother’s moan he smirked, “you like it don’t you?” He pulled him off and when Celeste didn’t answer right away he slapped him none to gently, “you like being my cock loving whore?”

“Yes,” Celeste nodded as best he could.

Bartholomew jerked him by his head, “What do you want?”

“More,” the god of lust waggled his tongue and was immediately rewarded with another round of strong face fucking.

Bartholomew had never felt so wonderful in his life. Most of his lovers couldn’t handle his roughness let alone his colorful language. His entire body felt almost over heated in his intense pleasure. He started to remove his shirt, ripping a few buttons clean off as he continued to use his brother’s mouth. He pulled one arm out of his shirt, “You’re my own little fuck toy,” he groaned when he felt a shiver rush through his body. He didn’t want to come yet, “fuck!” He pushed Celeste away, “get on the desk.”

Celeste was heaving for air as he quickly sat on the desk, his legs spread wide. He looked at Bartholomew with lusty wide eyes as he watched him throw his shirt to the ground and quickly get out of his pants and underwear. He licked his lips, his crystal blue eyes roaming over his brother’s tanned body, at the large pecs with brown nipples he wanted to taste then down to his rippling abs. When his eyes settled on his erection he gasped, he had no idea how it had slid into his throat. It was long and thick, with a lengthy thread of precum hanging from the tip. The veiny member was so rigid it barely moved as Bartholomew stalked closer to him.

Once there Bartholomew gripped his own cock and Celeste’s calf. He lifted his brother’s leg and placed it on his shoulder. He drew the tip of his dick up and down over the open lips of Celeste’s sex, “How many people have you let fuck you here?”

“No one,” Celeste trembled as he reached down and slowly began to stroke his cock.

Bartholomew narrowed his eyes, “Who’s seen you this way?”

“Just the three of you,” he was trying to rock his hips closer, “I swear.”

“Keep it that way,” the order was clear in his voice. He saw Celeste’s trembling increase and his own desire grew at seeing just how much his brother loved to be bossed around.

“Yes,” Celeste agreed then said, “please,” then moved his hips again, rolling them.

“You want this here? In this greedy, sloppy cunt of yours?” Bartholomew picked up the pace as he continued to rub his cockhead up and down over Celeste’s puffy lips, “Want me to shove inside, split you wide and fuck you until you cream all over my cock?”

“Now,” Celeste pleaded then bit his bottom lip and stroked himself faster.

“Tell me,” Bartholomew rocked and pressed the barest part of his tip inside.

“Fuck me,” the god of lust gasped out.

“No,” he pressed a little more, half of his flared head entered, “tell me.”

“Fuck me please?” Celeste tried, his body on edge with near overwhelming arousal.

“I didn’t ask you to beg!” Bartholomew growled and pulled his penis away. He tapped Celeste’s clit with it and smirked when his brother whimpered, “What do you want.”

With wide eyes, finally understanding Celeste whispered, “Please, split me wide. Fuck me until I cre-eeehhh!”

Celeste arched and screamed when Bartholomew slammed home. He started thrusting immediately, quick snaps of his hips that threw his brother’s hair all around and forced him to let go of his cock so he could hold on to the edge of the desk for dear life. Bartholomew held the leg that was over his shoulder in a death grip while his other hand dug into Celeste’s hip. He grunted has he moved, loving the way he could feel the inner heat and tightness that he had only experienced on his fingers finally wrapped around his thrusting cock.

“You’re such a beautiful toy,” he praised, looking into his brother’s teary blue eyes, “your hungry fuck hole is clasping so tightly,” he leaned over, folding his brother in half. His hips still rocking mercilessly, listening to Celeste cry out and moan, helpless beneath him, “I’m gonna fill you up,” he kissed him then, forcing his tongue into his mouth. He felt his brother’s hot channel clamp down on his dick and it radiated pleasure through his body. He ended the messy kiss and groaned, “you slutty brother of mine. You hear that?” He gave three strong thrusts, “The sounds your filthy cunt makes? You’re already flooding.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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