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Celias Education Pt 2 Birth Control

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I woke in a panic. What if Celia was pregnant? Not knowing what to do I called my cousin Anne and somewhat reluctantly explained the situation. Anne explained that if Celia took a large amount of birth control pills it would prevent a pregnancy from being able to occur, but I needed to act fast. I asked where I could get birth control pills quick. As it turned out she had some and as her best friends sister was a pharmacist could get more, she even said she would get some for Celia. She dropped them off and I went straight to Celia’s grandmothers’ house and asked if she wanted to walk somewhere with me. As soon as we were out of sight I explained the situation and Celia took the quantity of pills Anne had specified (I think it was 6).
We hiked and avoided sex although we did cuddle and kiss a lot. Later Anne met us and gave Celia two packages of birth control pills but explained to Celia that it would be at least a couple of weeks before they would be effective. After Anne was gone Celia immediately asked what we would do ‘til then. When I mentioned condoms she immediately asked if I had any. Unfortunately I did not, but I did have an idea or two. I led her to an old barn on my parent’s property. In the loft I kept a sleeping bag , and as I rolled it out I could already detect Celia’s breathing growing quicker. We locked lips and laid down on the sleeping bag. I swear I was falling in Love with this beautiful young girl and I was on fire. I quickly climbed out of my clothes. Celia took her shirt and bra of and I immediately began sucking at her pencil eraser like nipples, sometimes taking the whole breast in my mouth. Celia was moaning and even occasionally making small cries of pleasure. I kissed her belly button and removed her jeans and panties. Her pussy lips were already splayed open and glistening with her juices. I went up to kiss her and she grabbed my cock and pulled it into her. We can’t I said, just for a moment she replied. I couldn’t help myself, it was almost involuntary that I began moving in and out of her. She cried out a little casino şirketleri telling me it still hurt some from yesterday. Gaining some control, I pulled out against her protestations. But immediately began going down on her. Let me do you she said and I moved into 69. She sucked hard on my cock as I licked up and down her hot little slit. I used my tongue on her puckered little anus then placed my left index finger at the entrance as I continued to lick her hard little clit. To my suprise she let my finger invade her nether hole, and as it slowly went in up to the knuckle she began bucking her hips and sucking me even harder. I couldn’t hold out and my orgasm erupted into her mouth. She barely paused sucking at me until it seemed she was pulling my very insides out. She began to come, her sphincter muscles convulsing around my finger as she removed my cock from her mouth.
We lay together for a while and then put on our clothes. As we walked toward her Grandmothers house all I could think of was if I could put my dick in that sweet little bottom of hers. I think I should tell you some history here. When I was in high school I had dated this girl Sandy who had loved anal sex (she actually loved any kind of sex). I had lots of experience with it (actually Sandy and my relationship ended when I caught her being fucked in the ass by one of my best friend. I was tripping on three hits of blotter acid at the time. This really messed with me for quite a while, but that is another story.
As we stopped I looked into Celia’s eyes and asked her if she had liked my finger in her bottom. It felt sort of strange she said, but I guess I did like it. Would you like to try something a little bigger. Celia got my point immediately, and though she seemed a little uncertain said I guess we could try. Celia returned to Grandma and I went home dreaming of the next chance we would get to fool around. I don’t remember exact events but we ended up not seeing each other for several days. By the time our next opportunity came I was on fire.
I heard the knock at casino firmaları the door through the milky haze of sleep. Then my mother was saying Celia is here. I tried to act annoyed but inside I was thrilled I got up, got dressed and headed downstairs. Celia and I headed to a place I knew near the river, and in my backpack I had a blanket, a bottle of wine, and a tube of KY. This small grove of maple trees and pin oaks was the perfect environment for sitting and having wine and pleasant conversation. We lay on the blanket laughing and kissing and part of me wished we could stay there forever. Finally we started kissing tenderly and I rubbed her breast through her soft pink T-shirt. I slid my hand under the waistband of her shorts, softly pushing on the mound of her pussy. Our tongues were in an open wrestling match and her mouth tasted fresh and sweet. Finally I took off my clothes and Celia wasted no time in taking my dick in her mouth. She was already becoming a great cocksucker, but I stopped her before it was too much lest I come too quickly. I lifted her shirt over her head and sucked on her breast then took her shorts and panties off so I could lick her hot little pussy. This girl was impassioned as I sucked the sweet ambrosia from her slit. She was nearly on the verge of an orgasm when I stopped, asking her to roll onto her belly. All the blood seemed to have drained from my head at this point. But I managed to spread her ass cheeks apart and began licking her tight little butt hole. I made sure to get it it wet with my saliva. I even would put my tongue in so that it was wet inside too. Occasionally I flicked her clit with my finger or inserted my finger in her vagina. Then after wetting my middle finger with spit, I slowly slid it in her ass. Celia was moaning, crying out she even begged me to fuck her. She pushed me out, rolled over and pulled me to her guiding my cock into her pussy. My God, it was so perfect, I mad long deep thrust, rotating my hips at the end of each one. Celia would nearly come and I would stop. Finally I asked her to get güvenilir casino on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her and she pushed my dick once again into her pussy and though I did make a few strokes I quickly pulled out. I thought of the KY and began to move away but Celia quickly grabbed hold of me and said no. So using what I had at hand I once again licked her asshole slathering it with saliva. Then I spit into my hands and rubbed it on my penis. As I placed the head of my cock at her entrance and began to push, Celia began to pant and wince with pain. Relax I said and she seemed to heed my advice, even pushing back. Then I was in, Celia and I both gasped and stayed very still as her ass got used to being full. I reached down and began to rub her pussy and she started to moan. This was out there as many times as I did Sandy’s butt, it was nothing like this. I started to realize that what I thought was Love for Sandy was nothing more than lust and attachment. Celia suddenly said can we face each other? Yes I stammered, and pulled out to immediately go down and lick her asshole some more. This time I got to the KY, and I quickly coated my cock with it. Celia got on her back and I took hold of her beautiful little legs spreading and lifting them up. I applied lots of KY to her bottom then placed my cock once again at her little ass. I slid in easy this time and Celia and I locked lips. Then I slid my fingers onto her cunt and began playing with her clit. I truly felt so many emotions and so many sensations. I slipped my left middle finger into her pussy and raising up a little on my right arm I began to make soft thrusts while trying to push against her G-spot, while my thumb paled on her clit. We were staring into each other eyes when Celia began to come. Her sphincters grabbed at my penis and she actually screamed, and said my name. As all this was happening I began to pump what felt like endless amounts of come into her anal cavity in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. We lay there until my cock slipped out. Then we kissed for a long time. Finally we realized we needed to go, and walked back to my house. No one was there so we went up to my room and accidentally drifted off to sleep while sitting on my bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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