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Chance Encounter Ch. 23

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A few weeks later Miguel was back in town, but for only one day as he had to work Friday night and all day Saturday. He didn’t arrive at his house until late Saturday evening. Jean had seen Leo throughout the week stopping by his apartment mid afternoon for an hour or more of lovemaking. Leo worked evenings and that week both Friday and Saturday. Miguel didn’t like making the long drive for what would not even be a one day visit but Jean stressed in her letters how important it was to her. She wanted him to start attending mass with her and to meet her family priest, Father G. To say Miguel was compliant was an understatement. Jean had him literally wrapped around her finger. He hadn’t masturbated in the weeks since he last saw Jean which was truly commendable especially in light of the very graphic letters Jean wrote describing she and Leo’s efforts to make her a baby. Her period had come and gone, but she remained hopeful they would conceive.

Miguel woke up early Sunday morning, ate breakfast with his family, packed up the car, hugged his mom, dad, and brothers goodbye, and drove to Jean’s house where he planned to spend the day. Jean’s family was very close and they normally spent Sundays together.

By the time he arrived Jean’s mom was in the midst of preparing lunch. Her dad was comfortably settled on the couch watching pre-game coverage of an NFL game. Her brothers would arrive closer to lunchtime. Jean’s parents and sister had already attended Mass so it was just Jean and he attending the 11:30 services. Jean met him at the door. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips before they departed for church. Jean liked to sit up front so they arrived early enough to ensure they were in one of the front pews.

Father G said Mass. He had a good speaking voice and his age, being under 30, made him popular among teenagers and young adults. His most distinguishing characteristics were his baby face and his curly hair. Even though he was Anglo, he wore his hair in a short Afro. His curls weren’t tight, but loose and invitingly soft. The best way to describe him was cute; his cheeks were rosy and plump just like a baby’s. Miguel doubted if he shaved more than once every two weeks. As for his build, he wasn’t overweight but chunky. As long as he kept his weight manageable one knew he would appear perpetually youthful. Jean enjoys attending Mass and she found Father G’s homilies inspiring. Miguel attended because he found Jean inspiring and enjoyed her company.

The Mass included a few baptisms. Jean held his hand as Father G baptized each infant. The ceremony touched her emotionally.

Squeezing his hand, she whispered to him, “That will be us one day. I can’t wait.”

He squeezed her hand back wondering if any of the sperm Leo or he had deposited inside of Jean had impregnated her. While Jean was dreaming it was she and he in front of the church having their child being baptized Miguel was dreaming about Leo fucking Jean.

He pictured Jean on her back, pleasure written all over her face, her face slightly sweaty. She wasn’t looking up at Leo but at Miguel. She smiled at Miguel wanting him to know how thankful she was for allowing Leo to give her the pleasure she needed. Her legs were open and Leo was between them and on top of her. Of Leo, all he could see were the back of his head and his muscular backside. He imagined his buttocks clenching as he drilled in and out of Jean’s soaking wet vagina. He could hear Jean’s voice begging for him to fuck her, to make her climax, telling Leo how good his cock was and how she wanted him to cum in her, and involuntarily moaning from the pleasure she was feeling. As she neared orgasm, she drew her legs up and wrapped them around Leo’s buttocks. She locked her feet together as she drove her heels into his buttocks spurring him to go faster. Each time Leo ejaculated he clenched his buttocks and thrust hard into Jean.

The baptisms were over and not a moment too soon. Miguel had a diamond cutter in his pants and was a hair width away from climaxing. Jean placed her hand on his thigh and reflected on how beautiful the baptisms were.

She turned to Miguel and whispered, “I’m so wet right now. I wish we could be alone right now. I want it so bad right now.”

Miguel put his hand on top of hers and pressed it against his leg letting her know he felt the same way. Her comments and her hand on his thigh only worsened his predicament. For the next five minutes his cock continued to throb. It was only after he concentrated on the Mass, willed himself to avoid thinking about Leo and Jean, and kept his hand on Jean’s to prevent her from caressing his thigh that his erection subsided.

Mass ended but they didn’t exit the church. Jean wanted to chat with Father G on their way out so they waited until every one else had left. Father G was at the entrance. He and Jean hugged hello and she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Jean then introduced Miguel to Father G as the boyfriend she had told him about. Father G’s eyes widened and aksaray escort his jaw literally dropped. How she introduced Miguel and his subsequent reaction made Miguel immediately sense Jean had confessed a great deal to him.

Father G looked Miguel down from head to toe. As his eyes scanned him, Miguel had the distinct impression his appraisal included a quick glance of his crotch. He shifted on his feet feeling embarrassed and completely exposed. He must have realized how awkward the moment was for he grabbed Miguel’s hand and shook it warmly.

His look of surprise vanished as he said, “So you’re the lucky man Jean’s told me about. Jean is quite a catch. You two make a very attractive couple.”

He felt myself blushing and told Father G., “I do feel lucky having Jean.”

Jean chimed in saying she too felt lucky having Miguel for a boyfriend.

Father G knew a lot about Miguel and he seemed genuinely interested in his well being. He asked about his running, school, job, and if he liked living on his own. He said it was good to see couples like them who were making their relationship work in spite of being apart. Father G was easy to warm up to. Miguel’s shame at him knowing intimate things about Jean and he vanished. He told him Jean had nothing but praise for him and he now understood why. He said he wanted to know Miguel more and invited him to see him if he needed to talk.

Miguel was about to give him an answer saying he would when Jean said, “How about next Saturday?”

Father G said that would be fine. Jean said she would call him and set up a time. Miguel felt trapped, but grateful she had pushed the two to meet. Deep down he knew he needed to confide in a third party.

They shook hands again, but this time he gave him a quick embrace. Miguel hugged him back. He felt him running his hand up his back. He commented on how skinny Miguel was and admonished Jean saying she needed to put some meat on his bones. She said she would make sure he ate well before leaving for school this evening.

Father G. chuckled and said, “I’m sure you will.”

She laughed back. He turned away from Miguel and the two of them hugged. It was a curious sight seeing a priest in his vestments hugging a woman, even weirder when that woman was Jean. He watched in amazement as he pursed his lips in anticipation of Jean’s goodbye kiss. Jean pursed her lips and kissed him. The kiss was short, but it wasn’t the same quick peck she greeted him with. Her lips lingered on his albeit ever so brief. She thanked him for being such a good listener and promised to call him later that week to set up a date for he and Miguel on Saturday. He told her to stop by if she needed to talk. He would make room on his calendar for her.

Jean and he walked away. She put her arm around him and he put his around her. She commented on how nice was the mass, especially the baptisms. She said she especially enjoyed listening to Father G’s homilies. He had such a nice voice and besides he was cute, having a baby face and curly hair. Miguel told her he also liked him and enjoyed his homily.

Jean opened the driver’s door and told Miguel to get in. He scooted over just enough to give her room. She closed the door, put the keys in the ignition, but didn’t start the engine. She turned and moved her face towards his. He was expecting a quick kiss, but she immediately thrust her tongue between his lips. He opened his mouth and her tongue literally filled his. Her kiss was wet, hot, and probing. She frenched him for what seemed forever. They kept their mouths glued to one another the entire time, breathing through their noses. It was erotic, but tiring. They finally separated both of them breathing hard.

Miguel’s first words were, “That was nice.”

Jean’s eyes were shiny. She said, “I love you so much right now.”

He told her he too loved her.

She continued, “I can’t wait to be alone with you. Watching those baptisms made me feel empty. I am so aroused right now. I need to be fucked.”

He told her he also wanted her, but he didn’t use the words fucked or even intercourse.

She knew what he meant when he said he wanted her.

They kissed some more, but not with the same intensity as the first kiss. She took his hand and guided it under her dress and between her legs. She pulled her underwear aside and told him to feel just how wet she was. She asked him not to pet her, but to just feel her. Her labia were already slick. He effortlessly plunged a finger into her vagina. Her vagina felt like a furnace. She squeezed her cunt muscles and asked if he felt her tighten around his finger. He said yes. She smiled and reminded him she had a cunt made for fucking. He pulled his finger out and she asked him to lick it clean. He did, but not before holding it up to her nose and then his.

She said, “Don’t I smell good?”

He said yes. As he licked her juices from his finger he said she tasted good also.

“I want you too Miguel. I alsancak escort need your head between my legs, but it’s too risky here.”

Jean still wasn’t ready to start the car. She reached down and gripped Miguel’s cock. She commented on how hard he was and asked if he had been this hard during the baptisms. Her observation caught him completely off guard as he didn’t think she noticed.

He muttered out a yes and with her hand still squeezing and caressing his erection she asked, “Did you really get excited because of the baptisms or were you thinking about Leo and I making a baby?”

She stared at him with an intensity that made him squirm. It was as though her eyes were drilling into his psyche, wanting him to share his innermost thoughts, no matter how embarrassing. He couldn’t hold her gaze and glanced down focusing on her hand which was rubbing and squeezing the lump in his pants.

He hesitated because part of him wanted to lie.

She caressed him harder, “The truth Miguel.”

He remembered how his heart started to pound. When he spoke it wasn’t even a whisper but closer to mouthing the words, “I was thinking about you and Leo.”

She asked him to repeat what he said, but louder.

He did.

She gripped his erection squeezing it for emphasis.

“And what were we doing?” she pressed.

He answered, “He was on top of you and the two of you were…”.

She finished his thought, “fucking. He was fucking me. And that excited you?”

He was torn. He hated admitting aloud his perversion but he did feeling both relieved and vulnerable, “Yes. Very much.”

She switched from gripping to energetically rubbing his penis.

“Miguel, look at me.”

He had been looking down watching her hand, but he lifted his head to meet her gaze.

“It’s okay Miguel. I accept you. Don’t be ashamed of your desires. I am not ashamed of you and I am not ashamed of mine.”

She rubbed harder, “Now cum.”

He answered, “It’s been three weeks. I might leak through if I do.”

Jean said, “It’s okay. You can change when you get to my house. Now cum.”

He closed his eyes and let himself release. She remarked how she could feel it spasm each time he discharged some sperm.

Once he was through she took her hand off of me and started the car. She then drove them to her house.

They exited the car and she looked down at his crotch and said, “You had better get a change of pants and underwear.”

He glanced down and saw she was right. He had a silver dollar sized wet spot on his pants. To say he was embarrassed would be an understatement. He went to his car, opened the hatchback, dug through his suitcase and pulled out a clean pair of pants and underwear. He held them in front of himself as they entered Jean’s house. In Jean’s house her dad and brothers didn’t look up from the game. Her mom was busy in the kitchen and her sister was on the phone. He hurriedly changed, rolling his cum-soaked underwear in his pants.

Clothes in hand he intended to take them back out to the car, but Jean’s mom who was now through in the kitchen and alerted to my “spilled drink” by Jean insisted he hand her his clothes so she could spray them with stain remover and wash them. He told her no, but she kept insisting. Jean wasn’t providing him any help. He must have truly looked miserable because Jean finally intervened saying, “Miguel knows how to use a washing machine. He’s living on his own now.”

Jean’s mom looked at him skeptically, but pointed him in the direction of the laundry room. Her sons had never done laundry even after they moved out of the house. Each weekend they would bring it home for their mom or sisters to do. Her mom insisted Jean accompany him as she didn’t believe he knew how to use a washing machine and dryer.

Jean and he hurried to the laundry room. He unrolled his pants and sprayed them.

Jean stretched out his underwear and remarked, “So, that’s three weeks worth? For being so little you certainly cum a lot.”

He had to admit she was right. The front of his underwear was soaked. He whispered he hadn’t noticed as he had never compared the amount he ejaculated with anyone else.

With a completely straight face Jean said, “I have. You cum almost as much Leo and he’s twice as big as you.”

He felt he had to correct her and said he didn’t think size correlated with quantity of ejaculate and Leo wasn’t twice as big; three inches longer than his inflated five.

Jean admitted he was right, but she finished saying, “He certainly feels and looks twice as big as you.”

He must have looked as wounded as he felt for she kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “You know how fond I am of “The Little Fellow”, don’t you?”

Miguel whispered back, “Yes. I know. But it still hurts.”

He started the washer. Jean hugged him and apologized, but assured him she hadn’t meant anything derogatory she was merely making an observation. amasya escort And besides, she loved him, not Leo. She said she couldn’t wait to be alone with him before he left and was really looking forward to his tongue. Her words soothed his wounded ego.

After lunch he helped Jean’s mom clean up the dirty dishes. She liked the way he helped and commented to the rest of her family how he would make a good husband.

She told Jean, “Miguel’s not afraid to do housework and he’s handsome too.”

Jean was watching the game, but her mom’s comments caused her to grin from ear to ear.

For the benefit of her dad, she loudly answered, “I intend to keep him if he’ll keep me.”

Her dad must have heard for he rolled his eyes, repositioned himself on the couch, and groaned before returning to watch the game.

Once the kitchen was done Miguel transferred his clothes to the dryer and returned to the living room. He reminded Jean he needed to study for a few hours. He went to the car and retrieved a few books. The living room was noisy with the game being on so Jean told him to study in her room. Jean’s mom had put coffee on. He poured himself a cup, went into Jean’s room, sat down and began to study.

He enjoyed Jean’s room. For one thing it was huge. Her parents lived on a corner lot. The entrance to the garage was on the side of the house. With four kids and only three bedrooms her parents had converted the two-car garage into a bedroom for Jean and her sister. Once her brothers moved out, Jean took over the room and her younger sister got her own room. Jean and he had done quite a bit of fooling around in her bedroom and that was another reason it held good memories. Instead of a desk she had a large round kitchen table to use. He took a break from studying, refilled his cup, and stretched his legs. Jean’s entire family was glued to the t.v. watching the game. He went back into her bedroom and closed the door. He looked at the table and remembered back to a day when she and he had the house to themselves.

He had arrived early to pick her up. She heard the doorbell, but was in the bathroom having just finished her bath. She opened the bathroom window and told him to wait a minute as she would be out. She came to the door a few minutes later. Her hair was still wet. She had bundled it in a towel and she had a terry cloth robe on. He came inside and she told him to wait in the living room while she dressed. He sat down to watch t.v. when she called out to him. He entered her bedroom and found her on her back on top of her desk. She still had her robe on but had untied the sash and pulled it open. Her legs were spread open. The bottom half of her legs hung over the edge of the table. Directly in front of her crotch was a chair.

She said, “Have a seat. I thought you might want to begin tonight with dessert or do you think of this as the main meal.”

He didn’t wait for a second invitation. He sat down in the chair and she scooted her bottom towards the edge. He leaned forward and ate her. He remembered how good her cunt tasted and how her body and pubic hair smelled of soap and shampoo. He had a hard on and made a mental note to repeat that scene at a future date. He sat down and resumed studying. The game ended and he heard Jean’s dad ask where he was.

Her mom said Miguel was studying and her dad said, “Jean, that’s what you should be doing.”

She joined him a few minutes later. She liked studying while laying on the floor. She grabbed a change of clothes and left the room to change. She returned a few minutes later with a pair of blue jean shorts and a t-shirt on.

Jean lay down on the floor in front of Miguel and began to study. She was on her belly and her back was to him offering him a splendid view of her buttocks, barely concealed by her shorts. Her legs were slightly spread. He imagined burying his head between them and eating her. They had never fucked doggy style but he had eaten her on more than one occasion doggy style. It was hard on his neck but incredibly erotic. If he put his hands between her legs he could manipulate her breasts as he ate her. His thoughts now shifted to Jean and Leo. He wondered if he had fucked her doggy style. He was certain he had. He forced himself to look away as this wasn’t helping his concentrate on studying.

He resumed looking at his quantitative analysis book and worked through a few scenarios. Much of his coursework involved cost benefit analysis and determining at what point is the cost too great for the benefit received. Years later he would find it ironic that what he learned in those classes he would later apply to his relationship with Jean. In his case, however, the cost was psychological and physical pain, humiliation for being inadequate. The benefit was obvious, sexual titillation beyond his wildest fantasy.

It was nearly four thirty when the phone rang. Jean picked up on the first ring. Her sister yelled asking who was on the other end and Jean yelled back saying she had it. Initially Jean kept her back to him and he could barely make out what she was saying. He heard her say she was doing fine and that she was studying. Jean rolled onto her back. She gave Miguel a warm smile, put a finger to her lip signaling him to be quiet, and then winked.

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