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Chance Meeting

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I was walking down the street one day on my way to the shopping mall. When I noticed this 18-year-old beauty bending over wearing this spandex-jogging suit. I Slowed to take in the full view her nice tight rounded firm ass. Her long beautiful legs as she stood up I noticed her firm 36c breasts she had a nice face red hair green eyes and a set of pout lips begging to be kissed. As I walked by I smiled at her and she smiled back I walked in front of her I bended over to pick up something I dropped so I could giver her this view and as I bended over my skirt raised giving her a view of my tight little thong hugging my ass and crotch. I looked back a little and she was stairing right between my legs, which I loved.

As I stood up she walked towards me and said hello my name is Karen. Hi I’m Chrissy. We exchanged pleasantries. And we decided to go get some coffee together. We sat there drinking coffee getting to know each other better. After a couple of hours I started to rub her leg with my foot that I slipped out of my sandal as we talked. She smiled at me shyly as I looked into her eyes. I said did you like the view earlier? Karen turned a deep red and said yes. I rubbed her leg more creeping up more towards her thigh till my foot rested between her legs toe very lightly teasing her pussy through the crotch of her spandex shorts. Karen faces turned even deeper red as I teased her with my toes. I looked at her and said would you like some more? She shyly said yes.

I removed my foot slipped my sandal back on and we got up and left and walked towards my place, which was only a few blocks away. As we walk I whispered dirty little thoughts in her ear. As we arrived at my place Karen was flush and red knowing that what I had said to her on the way over was starting to sink in I opened the door and closed it behind us. I lead her into my bedroom unzipped my skirt let it casino şirketleri fall to the floor and climbed into my bed. I laid down on my back spread my legs and started to softly rub the crotch of my panties feeling how wet I had become every touch was making me shiver. I watched Karen stair at me as I please myself I moved my panties aside and I slowly push 2 of my fingers deep inside myself. Mmmmmmm I moaned as Karen eyes were fixed on what I was doing.

Karen come onto the bed I finally said after cuming on my fingers. She climbed onto the bed next to me. And I placed my dripping wet fingers in her mouth and she started sucking on them like it was her last meal it drove me wild. After she let go of my fingers I kissed her passionately then removed her spandex shorts to see she had no panties on and her crotch was soaked I smiled and moved down between her legs. I spread her legs wide open admired her perfectly shaven pussy then slowly lower my tongue down to her dripping pussy and take a slow long lick savoring her sweetness. As I licked her pussy deep starting to flicker my tongue faster hearing her moan louder and louder I found her clit with my fingers and rubbed it in slow hard circles driving her over the edge making her wildly cum and buck her hips off the bed.

As she calmed I slowly climbed up the bed beside her and kissed her deeply again knowing she could taste herself on my lips. Tracing her pussy lips with my fingers making her shiver with pleasure. I slowly started circling her clit with my fingertip pushing my finger deep inside every couple of circler motions sinking in deep to her wetness. Faster and harder deep as I can till she finally explodes all over my fingers. I slowly removed my finger and sucked her juices off them mmmmm tasting so good licking my own fingers clean.

After I was finished I started to softly push her down between casino firmaları my legs she slowly moved down till she was just inches away from my dripping wet pussy lips. She slowly lowered her head down and started to softly suck my pussy lips into my mouth spreading my lips with her tongue pushing her tongue deep inside me well she sucks my pussy lips into her mouth god it felt so good. As she sucked hard the louder I started to moan felt so good with in minutes she had me cuming hard into her not letting she found my clit with her thumb and started to rub it in hard circles making me cum even harder spraying my juices all over her face bucking my hips wildly. As I calmed she smiled up at me my juices glistening on her I pulled her up and kissed her deeply tasting my own juices mmmmmmm cleaning her face with my tongue.

After we kissed we fell asleep in each other arms. I awake to a note that said. I’ve gone shopping call me if you want me to come back 555-6767. I smiled and went to take a shower made sure I shaved my pussy clean. When I got out I wrapped myself in a towel and walked to the phone and picked it up and dialed the number. Karen answered right away I said hello and asked her when she would be back and she told me right after she got out of the lingerie shop she was in. I smiled hung up the phone and got dressed in my tightest snug fitting thong and a tight lace nighty and sat down in the living room waiting for her.

When she arrived Karen walked right in and I called told her I was in the living room waiting. I sat there waiting in my most seductive pose. She said she would be right in after she changes. She went to bathroom and walked out into the living room wearing a see through body suit with the crotch removed. Karen saw me and noticed the wet spot in my panties right away. She right away kneeled down between my legs and started nibbling at güvenilir casino my crotch through my panties making me moan and squirm under her touch. Then she slowly removed my totally soaked through panties and tossed them aside and pulled me down onto my back and straddled my face. I saw her beautiful wet pussy inches away and reached up and started to lick her pussy deep well she leaned down and started to suck my pussy with her tongue berried deep inside me like the day before. Within minutes we had each other cumin wildly in each other mouths. We continued licking and sucking each other till we both cumed another 2 times.

She turned around and we kissed each other deeply tasting each licking each other face clean our juices mixing tasting so good mmmmmmm. I spread my legs and she started to rub our clits together. The pace quickened and we cummed hard our juices mixing once more we cummed so hard. We laid there cuddling to each other for what felt like minutes but turned out to be an hour. We looked at each other and deeply kissed. And moved to my bedroom.

We got onto my bed and started kissing passionately hands roaming all over. We got back into the sixty-nine position and started licking and sucking each other to many glorious cums. We switched and I was down between Karen legs licking her very deep with my finger pushing into her tight bud she started moaning even louder I had her Cumming in seconds she wildly started bucking her hips well my finger was berried deep in her sweet bud well my mouth tried to keep up with her spraying pussy. When she finally calmed I removed my finger and climbed up and kissed her deeply.

After we kissed I straddled her face and she leaned up and started to devour my pussy licking it deep sucking my clit switching back and forth between the two. I rotated my hips to her every move. My pace quickened as Karen started licking me faster and deeper till I cumed hard in her mouth grinding my pussy into her face harder knowing I’m spraying her face with my juices. When I finally calmed I laid down next to her kissed her deeply and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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