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This is my first story on this site, please let me know what you think, and if I should write another. This is an actual fantasy of mine about me and my crush. Enjoy~~~

I knew he didn’t like me the way I loved him. I had known that since the day I told him I liked him. He liked someone else. Someone better. And he had liked her for four years. I had no place to go out with him.

We texted often. Well, more like I texted him and he was kind enough to reply. I had often texted him strange things, just to see his reply. But one Friday afternoon, a lucky, random text message made my weekend the best thing to ever happen to me. To us.

I had been horny and even a little drunk, after finding my parents rum. I had a brilliant idea, and I got out my phone, and found his contact. “I really want to suck your cock right now” I texted.

I felt queasy as I waited for his response..

“What?” (Which was his usual response to the strange things I texted him.

“I want to suck your cock” I typed again.


“I was thinking about the time you texted me how big your cock was. And the time you told me that you were masturbating, and you told me when you had come. I got horny” (yeah, that had actually happened. We had a strange friendship)I replied My head started to hurt with worry, that he’d probably call the cops and tell them I was harassing him, and the effects of the small amount of alcohol had worn off. His reply made my heart flutter.

“My mom isn’t home” his reply said, which was a while after I had sent my text, as if he was contemplating hard about what to say. He basically lives alone, as his parents are divorced and his mom is always working.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’m actually horny too. It’d be nice to have a mouth around my cock” my pussy started to get my panties wet.

“Really? I thought you liked someone else”

“It’s not like were going out. And I have no way of getting her to do it, I barely know her”

“You’re just kidding right? You can just tell me no”

And then he gave me his address. It wasn’t even far from my house. I felt ecstatic.

“You mean it?” I asked

“Just get over here” My heart leapt and I was suddenly even gladder my parents were gone at a concert and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow night. I quickly got dressed (and changed my panties, which were starting to smell like pussy) and I started to walk to his neighborhood, which I knew well, since it’s next to an ice-cream shop. I stuck my hands in my coat pocket and walked as I tried to ignore my pussy juice slowly running into my pussy.


I checked my phone again, making sure I was at the right address, and then knocked on the door lightly. Almost immediately the door opened and he took my hand. I looked up at his adorable face, his dirty blonde hair, and his very blue eyes. I was screaming on the inside with arousal, anticipation, and fear. He led me, a bit forcefully, to his room. I was amazed at how goth he really was. A fake skull stood on a dresser, his walls were dark blue, his carpet was black, he had a skull with a hole in its head on his desk, that bahis firmaları had some pencils in it, which under normal situations I would find cute and humorous, and his bed sheets were also black. He took me next to his bed and as he started to pull down his pants, I thought I would explode. His pants were down his cock was out, and he sat on the edge of the bed. His cock was slightly hard, and hung from his waist in an arc. His cock was bigger than he had described; maybe he was just being modest? It was 7 inches long and 2 inches wide. How was I going to get that in my mouth? Although it looked delicious, I couldn’t help but have second thoughts. What if he was tricking me? Trying to humiliate me? What if there were cameras everywhere and he would post what we did all over the internet?

“I, uh, maybe this isn’t a good idea,” I said nervously as I stared at his cock.

“What? C’mon, don’t you want it?” he said, and then started to stroke it. Ohmygod, he’s masturbating right in front of me! I thought. My pussies mind pulled me toward his mesmerizing cock, and I knelt in front of him, grabbed his hips, and leaned forward, then licked the head of his cock slowly, and he moaned softly in response. His hand left his cock to go to the back of my neck, holding me there. My last shred on inhibition burned up, and I licked his cock’s smooth head more urgently, my mouth watering as the taste of him made my pussy even more impatient. I felt his hand on the back of my neck push me a bit, urging me to go further. I wrapped my lips around his cocks head, tonguing the small slit at the tip. I moaned softly, the sweet and salty taste of his cock driving me crazy. I felt his delicious cock harden in my mouth. I pushed on, getting more of his cock into my mouth, and I felt his hand move up to the back of my head, where he applied pressure and said “Mmm, yes, take it all, Rhi.” I had never heard him call me Rhi before. I let his hand guide my head further down, and as I got halfway through his cock, I felt its head tap the back of my throat, and I gagged onto his cock. His hand stroked my hair and he whispered “Shh, relax, Rhi, relax.” His voice melted me, and my throat muscles relaxed. He pushed my head down further, and he groaned out loud, his cock sliding down my throat. I was so wet, I had never done this before in my life, with anyone, and my pussy screamed for attention. I tried to ignore it as I made my crush happy.

Suddenly, his hand pushed my head down hard, and he forced his entire cock into my mouth. My throat was opened wide, and I grunted as his cock pushed its way down my throat.

I looked up at him. His head was tilted back, his eyes were closed and his mouth hung open as he groaned, breathing hard. He made a fist in my hair, and slowly pulled my head up, then pushed it back down. He repeated this many times, and I learned to take breathes in-between thrusts, after I realized I couldn’t breathe. He fucked my mouth until my throat felt raw. Then he pulled my head up just enough so his cock was out of my throat, but still in my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum. Can I cum down your throat?” He panted. I moaned approval and nodded, and then he started kaçak iddaa to fuck my mouth once again. After a few thrusts, he pushed my head all the way down until his balls were on my chin, and then I felt it: his hot, thick cum spraying down my throat. I could hear him breathing hard and moaning softly as he emptied his cock’s contents down my throat. He slowly pulled out, and his cock spurt one final blast of cum onto my tongue. I swirled the cum around on my tongue, savoring it before swallowing.

After he got his breath he said “Sorry about that last bit of cum. Didn’t mean for it to go in your mouth.”

I smiled and said “I don’t mind. I liked it. You’re tasty.” I smiled.

He smiled back “Do I get to taste you?”

I blushed, and said “It’s okay, you don’t have to.”

“But I want to. Come on, if I don’t return the favor then I’d have to pay you.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto his bed, then laid me down onto my back. He pulled down my pants and as he saw my panties he said “Mmm, you’re very wet.”

I blushed harder as I could smell my own wet pussy. He pulled off my shirt and undid my bra, tossing my clothes onto the floor. Last, he pulled down my panties, then, to my surprise, he brought then to his nose and inhaled deeply. Then he licked the juices from them as he looked into my eyes. I moaned softly, watching him lick my panties. He tossed them to the floor with my other clothes, then leaned down and took my right nipple into his mouth, and nibbled it gently, making me gasp. Without my permission, my hips started to slowly hump the air between us.

“You must have done this before,” I moan.

As he switched over to my other nipple, he breathed “Not once.” As he sucked and nibbled my nipple, he pinched and twisted my other, still wet with his saliva. I moaned softly, my pussy now probably getting his bed wet. His fingers left my nipple and he reached down and slid two fingers into my soaking wet cunt. I gasped and started to grind into his fingers, feeling them deep inside me. His thumb pressed into my clit and I moaned loudly “Oh yes, Chance, more!”

I felt him smile on my breast and he nibbled it one last time, then he crawled down my body to my pussy. His fingers slowly left my pussy and he brought them to his mouth, and licked my juices off of them. God, he was hot.

He kissed his way up my thighs and ended at my pussy lips. I could feel his breath on my pussy, and then his tongue found my clit. He circled around it with the tip of his tongue, and then closed his lips around it. I was speechless as he sucked on my sensitive little clit. He then moved his tongue down to my vagina. He circled his tongue around its little lips, and then slid his tongue inside. He sucked all the juice off my pussy, while fucking it with his tongue. I moaned deeply, but not as loud as I did when he started to rub my clit with his thumb again.

I had no idea what cumming was like. I had masturbated before, but never with any release. I had tried and tried but I could never orgasm. But now I knew I was close. Very close.

“I-I’m gonna cum! Chance, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned. He pressed my clit harder, kaçak bahis rubbing it fast, his tongue never breaking its rhythm. My pussy twitched harder and harder, until I felt all the tension explode and my pussy started to spasm wonderfully. I felt his fingers roll my nipples between his fingers as my body shook. I moaned loudly, never feeling anything like it before. As my pleasure settled down, his tongue and thumb started to slow. I laid there and panted as he crawled away from my pussy and lay next to me. I looked over to him and said “Oh my gosh, I got juice all over your face!” I said and I reached up to wipe it off. Before I could, he reached up and wiped it off himself, and then he licked it all off his fingers.

“You know, I had never came before tonight,” I said softly.

“Really? Never?”

I nodded, smiling.

He leaned towards me and nibbled my ear lobe “Would you like to again?” he asked “Because I’d really like to fuck your tight little pussy.”

His words made my mind buzz, and before I could think, I said “Yes please,” softly.

He got up and laid over me, an arm on either side of me to support his weight. Then he reached down and guided his cock to my pussy. He rubbed the head around my pussy lips, and then centered it on my tight hole. “You’re super tight. Just tell me if it ever hurts too much” at his last word he started to push his huge cock inside me. I started to moan loudly, which turned to screams as his cocks head popped inside my tight pussy. He kept pushing, his cock forcing its way further into me “Oh fuck, you are so tight.” He groaned.

“And ohmygod you are so big, it hurts!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please, keep going,” I moaned.

I could feel his cock travelling deep inside me, and as he pushed in the last inch he said “Fuck, you’re so tight I could cum right now.” He let me adjust to his thick cock stretching my pussy, he left his cock resting inside me and he leaned down and started to kiss me on the lips for the first time. The pain in my pussy started to fade until all that was left was pleasure as he kissed me deeply. I could taste my pussy still on his tongue as we kissed. He started to slowly pull out, then back in, and as he found it gave me little pain, he started to go faster and faster, until he was fucking my pussy so hard I was almost screaming with pleasure, as his cock pounded into my cervix over and over.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t stop Chance, don’t stop!” I screamed. He fucked me hard until just before I was about to cum, then he flicked my clit ever so lightly, and I exploded with bliss. My toes curled and I shivered and shook. Just before my orgasm ended, he groaned “Mmm, I’m gonna cum too,”

Then I realized something. “Chance, do you have a condom on?”

He ignored me.

“Chance! You can’t cum in me!” Then I remembered I had told him about my impregnation and pregnancy fetish. Before I could tell him no again, I felt his hot cum deep in my pussy, spraying past my cervix and into my womb. Once his cock had emptied its load into my pussy, he pulled out and lay down next to me again, rubbing my belly as he kissed my neck.

“I can’t believe you did that” I said.

“Cumming in you?”

I nodded.

“But you loved it, didn’t you?” He smiled.

I blushed and nodded.

He kissed my forehead and we soon fell asleep with me in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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