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Change of Plans

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All fictional characters in the story who are involved in sexual situations and incidents are over the age of eighteen.


Helena slowly opened her eyes and turned to look at the sleeping man next to her. Her face expressionless she simply pulled his arm and hand off her tit resting it gently back by his side. She sat up and turned stretching out her long legs crawling from the lush expensive hotel bed.

She picked up her black satin boy short style panties off the floor and silently went into the bathroom to clean her self up with a quick shower to wash any traces of the guy out and off her body. About ten minutes later she was back in the dark room looking at the red glow of the hotels alarm clock which read 4:04 AM.

She quickly got dried and dressed and gathered up her belongings placing them in her work satchel. lastly as quietly as possible trying not to disturb the man she unhand cuffed his right wrist from the bed frame. And removed the leather bindings and five foot length of rope holding his ankles to the bottom bed frame post’s.

Storing those safely away in her satchel she collected the rather large stack of cash off the elegant night stand and exited the room. In the stillness of the early morning Helena made her way out of the hotels entrance flipping open her cell phone to check for messages then called a cab company she kept on speed dial for the ride home.

On the ride home lost in thought, Helena mused about the client she had just serviced. He was a weird one. The bondage she understood perfectly but it was the being asked to roll play as the mans father and use a strap-on while slapping & anally abusing the guy without lube at his request. That left her shaking her head with a little chuckle.

Helena knew she had several according to most freaky fetishes so she decided not to be judge mental. But seriously why did he want a dirty feather duster stuffed in his mouth? It didn’t really work as a gag and just left her scratching her head at that one..

About forty minutes later, Helena entered her apartment setting her keys on a hall table and quietly made her way down the hall past her sons closed bedroom door. She stopped and slowly opened the door entering. As she stood by the bed gazing down upon him she bent over and gently kissed his lips in between one of his cute little light snores.

Her lips near his ear, She whispered softly to his dreams. “You don’t know just how much I love you baby.” then in the darkness faded from his room as quietly as she had entered closing the door behind her.

Bryce, rolled over onto his back eyes still closed. He smiled in his hazy sleep and whispered to the silence knowing she had left. “And you mother don’t know how much I’m in love with you…” five to ten minutes later Bryce was snoring again.


Helena set her work satchel on a chair in the corner knowing she would have to sort it later and buy more condoms and lube soon.

And definitely clean off her strap-on and other toys in the morning and walked over to her bed. She reached under and pulled out a shoe box setting it on top the comforter and opened it. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the hand full of bills.

The client having payed for dinner and the room, had still been very generous. After counting out 3,000 in cash she decided she would definitely see this client again.

She marked off a total notation on the inside of the box lid and put the cash inside closing it. Helena smiled to herself as she slide the almost full box back under the bed next to three others. And a dust covered metal base ball bat.

Helena started pealing out of her evening wear work close and headed towards the bathroom to change into a yellow sheer baby doll nighty and brush her teeth. She giggle out loud thinking “Damn I’ve been working to hard, gonna need another box soon.”


At 8:20 AM walking down the hallway Helena paused to pound on her sons door in her every day occurrence. And Yelled out “Hey sleepy head time for school!, Get that cute butt of yours out of bed… “

She continued on towards the kitchen and the ever life saving coffee pot. About thirty minutes later a still groggy Bryce finally wandered into the kitchen and plopped down on a kitchen stool. Then stood right back up again to raid the refrigerator for a tall container of apple cider and a glass from the cupboard.

Helena stood munching on a piece of toast with cinnamon sprinkled on it just longingly gazing at every lean muscle on his body and the impressive morning wood bulge in his light blue boxers.

She just sighed and turned away for another slice of toast before straightening her conservative dress blouse and jacket strolling past him and kissing him on his forehead with a light peck she said “Have a great day at school babe, and try not to break to many hearts.” She mussed his hair wildly and headed out the door to her primary job.

Bryce just groaned. Wild thoughts of the way her business suit hugged her large breasts and every perfect curve and bahis firmaları the sensual contact of her fingers gliding through his hair was making his raging hard on painful. He stood up and went right back to the bathroom for some relief. As he thought about the words she whispered to him in the night and his favorite mental image of her in lacy sheer all white baby doll lingerie he had seen in the wash one day about a year ago.

Bryce’s aim was anything but accurate. He missed the sink and four thick spurts blasted the mirror only to drip back down on his electric razor. After the muscles in his arms relaxed and his vision cleared he looked down at the new mess. Bryce laugh out loud. “Damn! Where’s a bulls eye and handy wipe when you need one!”

Some time later it occurred to him it was Saturday his mother must have forgotten there wasn’t any school today. Bryce went into his room and started up his desktop computer. Then headed into the kitchen for a bowel of oatmeal and a banana. Twenty minutes later deep in thought Bryce was sitting at his computer desk watching one of a hundred or so very specific porn videos stored on his hard drive. Other then loving his mother in every way possible, the second most passionate thing he cared about was playing out on his screen.

A decent looking blond porn star was laying on a table getting a very through full body massage. Every last muscle, tendon, and joint taking care of by masterful hands. Bryce didn’t much care for the small tits or the blond hair on her but that wasn’t the point. The video was an hour and a half long with in depth instructions and commentary.

Bryce wasn’t getting aroused he was making diagrams and taking notes. on everything from using grape seed oil, for antioxidants and giving the client that just had a large glass of great wine without having drank anything happy feeling. To pressure points. aroma therapy, and acupuncture.

About the time he was starting a second and third video playing in smaller window’s. Bryce wondered about how long it would take him to save up enough money for and expensive but quality table of his own, the proper training course’s and a Masseuse or Chiropractor license. His thoughts were interrupted by the on screen sound of screaming as the blond had a violent orgasm squirting pussy juice all over the instructors fingers, hand and the table.

Bryce just smiled smugly to himself, thinking about his mother again…


At 9:00 AM Sharp. Helena was back in her normal routine of saying hello to her coworkers. Getting her ass felt up by the sleazy branch manager, and then sitting down in her chair. Taking a sip from her ‘I HEART MY SON’ coffee mug and putting out the open window teller name plate.

Calling out “I can help the next person in line please.” she sighed from annoyance as she finally looked at who was actually next in line. After several other people got the old women’s attention and directed her to start moving. Helena faked and Oscar worthy smile and said “Good morning Mrs. Greeley, How can I help you today?” after waiting a minute or two of watching the old women digging in her purse, she reminded her that her glasses were not lost just on top her head like always.

Mrs. Greeley just laughed and then launched into a conversation for the next five minutes about how you should never grow old. talking about the weather and everything else that isn’t important.

Helena once again asked her how she could help her today getting the old women back on track. Mrs. Greeley after a long moments pause and scatter brained smile just stated “oh, I’m just depositing my SS check, and I’d like to transfer 50.00 to my grand sons college saving account.”… “Why schooling is just getting so darned expensive these days I can’t believe it.” then droned on for another several minutes about her grandsons athletic achievements.

As Helena filled out the women’s deposit slip. She remembered the boxes under her bed thinking her and the old lady actually had something they can agree on. And secondly looking at the clock and seeing she was only fourteen minutes into her work shift it was already promising to be a very long day.


Around five thirty after bank closing. Helena was sitting back in her car, disposable phone to her ear jotting down two address in a note book. After a few “umm hmm’s” and “Thanks Dee. Yeah I got it. Talk to you later.” She closed the phone and slipped it back into her clutch purse.

Unwrapping and taking a bite of a left over delivered turkey sandwich from lunch. Helena started up the car and turned on the radio to the sound of ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ playing a bit to loudly. So after adjusting the volume and pulling out of the parking lot. It occurred to her she still hadn’t even thought about or given her self time to shop for Bryce’s presents this year with Christmas only six days away.

Well she said out loud over the music as the stray though entered he mind. If I can’t find something for him last minute. Maybe I should just drop to my knees and kaçak iddaa give him the best fucking Blow Job of his life. I’m pretty sure that’s a present he wouldn’t want to return. Helena burst out laughing so hard her eye’s misted up and her ribs hurt.

By half way home her thoughts had changed course and although her ribs were no longer hurting. Thinking about doing all sorts of very wrong things to Bryce had her panties soaked. Helena pulled into the apartment complex’s parking lot and parked in her spot. Looking around and seeing no one. Helena loosened the buttons and zipper on her dress slacks and slid her hand down into her panties.

A few minutes and a lot of furious stroking to her clit with her thumb while two fingers grinned around in circles inside her spasming pussy. Helena’s back arched, head back eyes closed tight. She Screamed out Bryce’s name

She sat there for a long time calming her spent body and mind in the afterglow of the latest Bryce induced nirvana.

She thought “For all my clients I fake it but not for my son. Oh God how I love him so.”

After a minute to take her soaked panties off and mopping her pussy somewhat clean. She stuffed them in her purse put her pants back on and exited the car and heading on up the steps to home and him.


She entered the apartment and headed right for her room announcing loudly.

“Hey Baby I’m home!” before she even made it through her door. She heard Bryce call back at her. “I’m in the kitchen, I’ve gotten a bath and a glass of wine all set for you in there. By the time your done dinner will be ready.”

As her clothes came off and the panties from her purse all got tossed into the clothes hamper and with the greatest of sigh’s she slid into the hot apricot scented bubble bath.

Helena just groaned in uncontrollable pleasure, “Oh fuck baby your to good to momma..” she whispered in return. she reached out for the glass of chilled wine and took a sip as she relaxed with her head back. While deeply relaxing. she heard him ask from around the corner. “Mom we watching movies tonight?”

Without even thinking about it like normal she replied with. “Sorry Baby I can’t stay corporate has me scheduled for night audit. You know I won’t be home till late again.”


Around nine o’clock Bryce was scribbling notes while sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter, school history and science book’s spread out.

Helena stood leaning back against the counter in a corner by the coffee pot. “Hey baby, there’s only five and half days left and you haven’t listed anything on your Christmas Wish list this year?’

Bryce looked up and followed the look and nod of her head at the white board stuck to the refrigerator. For a long time he didn’t say anything. Then finally responded.

“Mother I’m to old for that now. And the only things I truly need Santa can’t fix.”

Bryce returned to his studies for a bit until he felt his mothers eyes fixed on him. He again looked up to see a questioning and puzzled look on her face.

Helena walked over and put a ‘Harvard’ mug of coffee in-front of him. A completely UN-subtle hint as to her designs for his future. He just starred at it for another long moment. Then realizing by the still questioning look on her face she wasn’t going to drop the conversation.

Bryce just sighed, stood up and picked up his books off the counter and headed for the door way he stopped at the fridge. Pulled out his wallet and did something she couldn’t quiet see. With back still to her he turned his head sideways and said. “What I need mom is for all the lies and secrets in this house to stop.” He looked back at the coffee mug and then walked away.”

Helena now totally confused walked over to the white board on the fridge. And stopped dead in her tracks. Her hand covered her mouth in shock. there pinned to the fridge with a little lady bug magnet was a black business card with platinum trim and lettering boldly stating.

-Exquisite Escorts- -HELENA, R- -For all your high end fantasy’s come true- -Full service+BDSM+Fetish+GFE+hourly rates -555-***-****

“Oh God!” she whispered, remembering that card was only one of the first 20 prototypes she had made up when she started. She had only used a few then switched over to a more elegant style. And there with fading and wallet crease marks was the knowledge that he had known about everything for at least the last four years or more.


Helena’s head was spinning out of control with questions. She was about to storm into his bedroom and have a major talk. But she looked at the clock with no time left to properly cancel. She just said to the closed door. “Baby I have to get ready, But I’m calling us both in sick tomorrow. And you and I are going to have a long talk.” with that she rushed to her bedroom and changed quickly into a curvy black one piece mini dress, combed and pinned her long red hair on top her head. put on a hint of light silver eye shadow. And grabbed her work satchel. cursing that she hadn’t restocked it yet. Damn kaçak bahis it, unlike most women Helena actually hated shopping..

Ten minutes later with a pair of four inch black pumps in one hand and her cell in the other, satchel over her shoulder calling a cab. She flew out the front door.


Hours later at a very large and wealthy estate, deep in the basement cellar. Helena wearing nothing but the black pumps and an ice cold facial expression.

Hanging by wrist binder’s and rope a foot off the ground naked was a short fat man in his mid sixty’s. being spanked by a wood ruler with his cock and balls all tied up in red string and turning a painful shade of purple.

Helena paused and walked over to a table full of toys and implements. She put the ruler down.

After a bit the hanging man quietly asked “Is everything ok Mistress H, something seems to be a bit off tonight?”

She turned to look at the man. “I don’t know, I’m sorry Ralph. My mind is on major family problems this evening. My teenage Son just informed me a couple hours ago. That he knows what I do and has known for years that I’ve been lying to him.”

“All I had basically asked him is what he wanted for Christmas, and everything went to shit.”

There was a long pause between both until Ralph finally spoke. “You haven’t told me much about him but I know one thing about kids for a fact having near a dozen grand kids myself.” “Tell me with out thinking about the answer. Do you feel even with this revelation and him being aware and mad. Which do you think he overall feels for you most Love or Hate?.”

Helena didn’t even pause. “Oh God I know he loves me so much it hurts.”

Ralph just chuckled out loud. “Then Mistress H you don’t even need to worry, you won’t lose him. You are with out a doubt one of the strongest people I have ever meet. As long as what ever you chose to do you do it with love, everything will work out just fine in the end.”

“Oh and by the way, I’d really like it if you picked up that flog and came over to show me some love…”

Helena just laughed. Picked up the cat tail whip in one hand and a three foot cain in the other instead. And as she approached watching poor helpless Ralph’s eyes and face light up with joy.

Ralph just whimpered “Oh, Oh.. fuck yeah, bring it you incredible MILF. Fucking bring it I dare you.!!”

Helena just growled at him reached back and picked up a couple of thick rubber bands for his feet and a six inch vibrating dildo for his ass and turned back to her prey to show him just why he’s paying out the big bucks.


The talk the next morning did not go as planned in fact it didn’t happen at all.

When Helena realized it was going on 10:30 am and Bryce still wasn’t up and about she found herself out side his bedroom door looking in at an empty bedroom. Everything nice neat and tidy like always. And there on the bed a piece of paper. She quickly crossed the room and began reading.


-Mother- You screaming at me or being preachy. Isn’t going to teach me any lesson or change anything. I’ve gone to stay at a friends house for a couple days until you calm down. Guess your going to have to learn how to order a pizza or something for a change…

Mother I don’t just love you, I’m in Love with you.

And before you think there’s something wrong with me. There isn’t, this is who I am and how I have always felt long before I found that card years ago. Really you taught me to do the laundry at age thirteen. Of course I check the pockets and that’s were I found it in case you were wondering.

Seriously you weren’t being very careful in the least little bit. Bankers don’t have a satchel full of whore’s tools. boxes of cash under their beds. Carrie a second disposable cell phone that when ringing has some Escort Madam on the other end of the line. Bank tellers don’t work night audit until 4am after banks closed nation wide at 5pm. And most importantly, most bank tellers don’t make their son’s wash other mens semen stains, fuck oils and God only knows what else I have had to deal with out of their closes 2-4 days a week for the past five plus years….

I could go on with other examples but I think you get the picture. You are absolutely right we need to talk. But you need to really think over what it is you want to talk about first.

P.S I don’t want and have never wanted anything to do with Harvard. That’s your dream it was never mine.

P.P.S Don’t go freaking out only once did I ever take twenty buck’s out of one of your boxes to buy school supply’s. I know how you hate shopping. And yes I put it back four days later. I’ll be home for Christmas Eve.

P.P.P.S if there is such a thing. (laugh) Sorry couldn’t resist.

Christ my head won’t stop thinking of things I’ve longed to say. You are probably wondering why this is happening now so.

It’s jealousy bordering on blinding rage. I know its not right but I can’t stand it anymore now that I’m eighteen. I think of all the men and probably women that don’t love you but get to have you. Then there’s me the one man on Earth that was born to do nothing but Love you in every way possible but can’t have you. For the past year while your out fucking. I’m home screaming and crying.

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