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Charlie and her Crazy Father

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Asian Bomb

Charlie and her Crazy Father

He meets the couple in the room next door.

Disclaimer: All characters are fictional and over 18 years old. There are scenes of bisexual acts. If you do not care for such, skip this tale.


Jeff got his first look at Charlie after checking into the motel. It wasn’t really a look, more of a glimpse. The kind of glance that makes a man jerk his head around to get a better view. It was instinctual. Naked flesh has that effect on men. When he did, she was gone. Undoubtedly she entered one of the rooms she’d been close to when he caught a glimpse of her.

He glanced down at the key in his hand, reminding himself of his room number. It was room 21, the one at the very end. He got in his car and parked it in the space nearest to the door. Getting his single suitcase, he noticed a gap appear in the curtains of the room window next to his. Two bright blue eyes stared out at him. Jeff raised his free hand to wave, but the gap was pulled closed. He felt foolish as he waved at nobody.

He noticed wet prints of delicate feet on the walkway in front of his door. Evidently, the slender girl had just finished swimming. If she wore a swimsuit, it escaped his notice. What stuck in his mind was a vision of pale, naked, youthful flesh.

The room was small and dominated by a queen-sized bed. The walls were hung with copies of the same pictures seen in other motel rooms. A flat-screen TV on a stand dominated the wall across from the bed. There were a sink and mirror in an alcove at the far end of the room. He assumed the bathroom was through the closed door. After he moved it into place under the window, a small round table would be his desk. A small dresser with three drawers somehow found room against one wall, with an unframed mirror above it.

The room was cave-like. Even with the curtains open and the flood of late afternoon sunlight coming through the window, this was true. Jeff slid open the window to let in some air. He unpacked his meager belongs, set up his laptop, and checked the free WiFi. It wasn’t fast, but it would do. He placed the only framed picture he’d taken from his house on the dresser. The room wasn’t much, but for the time being, it would be home.

He silently thanked the stranger at the bar for recommending this off-the-beaten-track destination. It would be the perfect getaway to ponder his future. He would be able to work and think in complete peace.

The sound of the shower next door filled Jeff’s room. The wall between the rooms was paper-thin. It seemed to be a long shower for these days of water rationing California was experiencing. But it was no concern of his. It was the motel manager’s problem if it was anybody’s.

Jeff took off his shoes and socks. He then lay on the bed and relaxed, deciding he’d done enough for the day. The white noise of the shower and the warm sunlight from the window caused him to doze off.

“Varoom … varoom …. varoom!”

Jeff was jolted awake by the thunderous racket of a revving motorcycle inside the room. At least, it sounded as if it was inside. He leaped from the bed and rushed to the window. A large man with a bushy red beard sat on a Harley playing with its throttle. Since the rider was wearing tinted goggles, Jeff couldn’t tell where the man was looking. Jeff edged to the side so the curtain would hide him. ‘Better to be safe than sorry,’ he thought.

A slender long-haired blonde girl skipped into view. She pranced up to the bearded rider, leaned towards him, and planted a kiss on his cheek. Afterward, she pulled on a full-coverage helmet and flipped down its visor. She valued her skull and appearance more than her boyfriend valued his. The man’s helmet was of the skid lid variety.

The girl nimbly hopped behind the rider, placing her small sandal-clad feet on the passenger pegs. She wrapped her beautiful bare arms around his waist and rested her head sideways against the back of his shoulders. The man backpedaled a few steps, easing the powerful bike out of the parking space. The girl’s brilliant blue eyes stared back at Jeff as the bike zoomed away. The girl’s naked thigh flashed into view as her short skirt floated up in the slipstream.

Jeff’s cock was swollen in his pants. He’d woken with an erection. His dream came back to him. The vision of a shower and the soap-slicked hot flesh of a young girl pressed against his body played at the edges of his memory.

‘Wow, all that from a glimpse of a girl,’ he thought. ‘It has been too long since I’ve gotten laid.’

Giving in to his restlessness, rather than any hunger, he decided to get dinner. He stowed the laptop under the bed, shut the window, drew the curtains, and turned on the light. He hung the Do-Not-Disturb sign on the exterior door handle and made sure it was locked. Only a couple of other cars were in the motel parking lot. There weren’t many guests staying here so far.

He returned after a fast-food dinner and an exploratory drive around the town. The same cars remained bahis şirketleri in the lot. The only addition was the big Harley in the space next to his. The glow coming from the two rooms next to each other stood in stark contrast to the rest of the darkened rooms. He found it strange that the No-Vacancy sign was showing.

The sound of splashing water came from the pool, which was a little ways past his room. He decided to check it out before going inside. He planned on getting some use out of it. After all, he was paying for it.

The pool shone with the turquoise of two white lights submerged in a bluish bath. Jeff recognized the couple in it immediately. They were the Harley rider and the slender girl. The lovers sat in the water on the pool steps, their arms around each other.

Jeff watched as the couple made out. The sight did nothing to squash his arousal. If he were invisible, he would stay for the show. Since he wasn’t, he would give them privacy. As he turned to leave, he heard a sweet girlish voice call out, “Hi, neighbor.”

Jeff swung around towards her voice and took a few steps closer to her. “Hi, I’m Jeff. It’s nice to meet you.” His natural friendliness came to the fore until the girl’s boyfriend rose to his feet. The floodlights which lighted the pool area cast the man’s face in shadow. He couldn’t see the big man’s face, but he imagined it glowering at the interruption. Jeff’s posture sagged, and his smile broadened as he tried to appear harmless.

The man strode up to Jeff, shoved a massive right hand out, and said, “Fucking pleased to meet you, fucking neighbor. The name’s Hank, and this is my daughter, Charlie.” He gestured with his left hand to the girl behind him.

“Oh, I thought she was your girlfri-,” Jeff began before realizing the comment might be out of place.

“Ha, ha. I get it. She is a fucking daddy’s girl, and she’s always been fucking affectionate,” Hank explained.

From what Jeff witnessed moments before, affection was an understatement. “Well, I just wanted to check out the pool. Sorry to bother you,” Jeff excused himself and turned to go.

Hank took him by the arm and said, “Come on now. I’ve got a fucking six-pack with our names on it. Let’s sit by the fucking pool and fucking shoot the shit.”

Hank led Jeff to a deck chair and handed him a tall Budweiser after popping the top. As Jeff lowered himself into the chair, he adjusted it to watch Charlie. He found himself being scrutinized by Hank. The bearded man had turned his own chair to face Jeff.

In the better lighting of their new location, Jeff got a clearer view of the other man. The bearded man wore only a speedo bathing suit. Jeff would never consider wearing such a suit, but Hank could pull off the look just fine. The big man’s arms and chest were muscular. His waist was narrow, so he looked a bit like a superhero, a hairy superhero to be sure, given his bushy beard and copious chest hair.

The same motif continued with Hank’s thighs, which bulged with muscles. A glance showed the superhero description applied to another bulge, this one where it really mattered. It looked huge, and it wasn’t hard yet.

Hank splayed himself and briefly grabbed his groin as if sensing Jeff’s glance. He did it without saying a word, but his eyes and smile seemed to say something.

Jeff took a few gulps of beer while trying to figure it out. He began talking to get rid of the awkwardness of the situation. Always good at small talk, Jeff tried to get to know his neighbor. For a while, Hank responded with short noncommittal answers and comments. The conversation soon languished for lack of genuine interest on Hank’s part.

Jeff’s unanswered questions included: How long had they been at this motel? Did they like it? What did Hank do for a living? Was Charlie going to college? Was Hank married? There were many more.

Hank just sat silently sipping from the can, smiling all the while. Jeff, too fell silent once he realized that his questions wouldn’t be answered.

Charlie came up behind her father and draped her arms over his broad shoulders. Her chin rested on his buzz-cut head. Jeff decided she looked cute rather than beautiful. She gazed into Jeff’s eyes and said softly, “Daddy, be nice to him. I have to get ready for my date.” Hank turned his face upward, and Charlie gave his forehead a chaste kiss.

As her footsteps retreated, Hank called to her, “Make sure to crack the curtain a little.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Jeff could have slapped himself for paying attention to Hank when he had the chance to look at Charlie. Now she was gone, and he was here with Hank, who was busy studying him.

“I have a fucking question for you, Jeff,” Hank said at last. “Do you want to fuck my daughter?”

“What?” Jeff couldn’t believe he heard correctly.

“You fucking heard me. Do you want to stick your fucking dick in her tight pussy?” Hank asked. This time he reached down to rub the bulge in his suit.

“Well …,” Jeff temporized. Until bahis firmaları Hank asked the question, Jeff hadn’t thought about having sex with Charlie. Now that the question came up, the thought of sex with the slender young woman loomed large in his mind.

“Don’t fuck with me, Jeff. My girl saw it in your fucking eyes,” said the bearded man. “Would you fucking ease it in her nice and gentle? Or would you fucking shove it in fast and hard?” The bulge in his suit showed signs of growing.

“She has beautiful blue eyes,” Jeff admitted.

“Wait until you see her fucking titties. You’ll fucking forget her eyes. That’s for fucking sure.” Hank shut his eyes as if seeing his daughter’s breasts in his mind.

This allowed Jeff to watch the man’s swollen cock appear from under the speedo without too much embarrassment. The crown flared so that its ridge overhung the long thick shaft. Brutish was the word that came to mind. He couldn’t take his eyes from the sight.

“She can fucking take it,” Hank said. “You wouldn’t think a tight cunt like Charlie could, but once she is fucking wet enough, she fucking can.”

“You mean …,” Jeff started to ask.

“Ah, fucking shit! I guess I let the fucking cat out of the fucking bag. Yeah, I fuck her. Every fucking day. She can’t get enough of this,” Hank said, taking hold of his hard monster prick.

Jeff looked up into the man’s face and saw the smile there. “Ha, ha, ha. You almost had me there,” Jeff laughed. He knocked back a giant slug of Bud before adding, “I get it though, if she was my daughter, I’d want to fuck her too.”

“Have you fucked your daughter yet, or do you just fucking fantasize about it?” Hank asked slyly.

This question blindsided Jeff. He didn’t mention her when he rambled on earlier. At least, he didn’t think so. Maybe when he asked if Charlie was going to college, he said something about Karen. That was precisely the sort of over-friendly thing, which made his ex-wife angry. ‘How do you know you can trust a total stranger with that information?’ he heard her often-repeated question screaming in his head.

“My daughter, Karen, is gorgeous … but how did you know I had one?” Jeff asked to get it straight in his mind.

“Call it a fucking lucky guess. Have you fucked her?”

“Of course not. That’s something only perverts do,” answered Jeff.

“Fuck. So, you beat off to fucking fantasies,” Hank sighed as he gave his hardon a few good stokes. “It is normal for a dad to get fucking turned on by their girl. If she wears a sexy outfit, a fucking bikini, or a fucking cheerleader uniform. Or when you see her in her fucking prom dress. Fuck, I remember Charlie in hers.”

“It showed more of Karen than I wanted the boys to see, that’s for sure.” Jeff reached down to adjust his swelling cock. The cleavage displayed by Karen’s prom dress remained indelibly imprinted in his memory. He envied Hank’s easy access outfit, not that he would look as good in a speedo as Hank.

“Hank!” came a shout from the edge of the patio.

“Over here, Ralph! Just getting to fucking know my new neighbor,” Hank called back.

To Jeff’s surprise, up walked the older man from the office who checked him in. The old man nodded a greeting to Jeff.

“I doubt it’ll take long tonight. She teased me all day, popping into the office in that damn bikini. She needs someone to keep her busy on weekdays. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just saying,” the man said. Jeff and Ralph watched Hank’s hand stroking up and down the length of hard cock.

“Give her your fucking best, and most of all, have a fucking fun date,” Hank told the old man.

The old man walked away, shaking his head, muttering, “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d say it wouldn’t fit.”

“That is Charlie’s hot date,” the bearded man said matter-of-factually when the old man was out of sight.

“What?!?” Jeff was flummoxed by the news. He’d expected a young hot college-aged stud, or maybe even a seductive nubile coed. The thought of an old geezer taking the splendid Charlie out made him ill.

“He is nimble for a fucking old fuck,” Hank explained. The hairy man stood up, towering above Jeff. “Let’s take this fucking party inside. Bring the fucking beer with you.” He turned and began walking away.

“You could say please,” Jeff whispered as he picked up the three unopened beers. As Hank disappeared around the corner, the question, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ ran through his mind.

Jeff rounded the corner of the building and didn’t see Hank anywhere. What he did see disturbed him much. A light came from the open door of his room. “What the hell?” he said aloud. The door should have been closed and locked. He didn’t unlock it before checking out the pool.

He hurried to the door and peered in. Nothing appeared to be missing, but that changed when he looked under the bed. The laptop, his livelihood, was gone. He gave a loud groan of despair.

The toilet was flushed in the bathroom. Thinking it might be kaçak bahis siteleri the burglar, Jeff rose to his feet to fight or flee.

“Ah, I fucking needed that,” sighed Hank as he came out of the bathroom. “Is there a fucking problem?” he asked.

“My laptop has been stolen. It has all my work files and all my links,” Jeff answered. “I have most of them backed up, but it will take time. I have deadlines to meet and -.”

Hank cut him off with a question, “Have you looked fucking everywhere?”

“I looked where I left it. Where else would it be?”

“Where I fucking put it, of course,” Hank replied with a shrug. The big man stepped across the alcove to the closet and reached up to the top shelf. As if by magic, he brought forth a laptop. “You hid it in the first fucking place thieves would fucking look. I did you a fucking favor by moving it.”

“Why? When? What the hell? Are you psycho?”

“I was fucking curious about my fucking neighbor, that’s all,” Hank replied.

Jeff noticed Hank was utterly naked. The hairy man’s cock remained erect but not as rock hard as before. Hank’s cleanly shaven groin area contrasted with the rest of his hairy body. Somehow it made the stiff rod and tightly nestled balls more erotic to Jeff.

“You like the fucking shaved look, don’t you? I do it for Charlie. Actually, she fucking does it for me.” Hank nonchalantly tossed the laptop onto the bed. He squeezed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other.

“How much do you fucking want to fuck my daughter?” asked the man with a lewd smile. The meaning of the expression was crystal clear.

“Are you nuts? Do you really expect me to suck you off?”

“I’ve seen your fucking browser history. I fucking know you fantasize about sucking cock.”

Anger and embarrassment rose inside Jeff in equal measure. The former for the privacy violation, and the latter for the truth of man’s statement. “What the hell? What gives you the right to go through my computer?” he asked angrily.

“Fuck, wouldn’t you make sure the fucking guy wanting to fuck your daughter was a fucking nice guy? Or at least not a fucking wacko?” He asked the questions as if the answer justified any and all methods.

“You are completely insane!”

“If it fucking makes you feel better, then okay, I’m fucking insane. But I fucking know you want her, and you’ll do fucking anything to fuck her.”

‘Bang, bang, bang… ‘

The noise came from the room next door. It was obviously the headboard knocking against the thin wall. The bangs repeated, but not in a steady rhythm. They came fast and frantic for a short interval, then slowed for a more extended period. Then the cycle began again.

“Ralph and Charlie are done with the fucking foreplay,” Hank observed.

“She’s having sex with him? I thought they were going on a date,” Jeff said.

“With Charlie, there’s no fucking difference.”

The lust Jeff felt for the slender girl remained alive, but barely. His misgivings about her crazy father outweighed any arousal. In fact, his cock had gone completely limp. Frankly, he feared for his safety. ‘Maybe it would be best to play along with him. If I can get through this, I can go someplace else,’ Jeff thought.

‘Bang, bang, bang, bang, … Slam!’

After the loud slam, silence fell over the room.

“Oh, grandpa!” a cheerful female voice called from the next room.

“No way!” exclaimed Jeff. “That can’t be for real.”

Hank just smiled. The hairy man sat on one of the chairs, spreading his muscular legs wide. He displayed his massive manhood proudly. The flared head looked like a rose-colored mushroom, beautiful in a strange way.

As Jeff knelt between the splayed legs, he told himself, ‘Humor him, and things will be fine.’

In his cock-sucking fantasies, Jeff always started by licking the tip of the head. After teasing it for a few minutes, he would run his tongue along the underside of the shaft. Only after slathering the balls until they glistened would he take the hot cock in his mouth.

The reality of his first experience of sucking cock turned out quite different. Instead of the coy teasing he envisioned, a big hand grabbed his head and forced his mouth onto the swollen knob. He managed to get a deep breath before the rod entered between his lips. It turned out to be a lucky thing because it was the last good breath he would get.

Hank didn’t give a damn for niceties like tongue teasing or even actual sucking. He forced Jeff’s head up and down on his hot prick as if it was a pumpkin with a hole in it. The head of the monster dong kept hitting the back of Jeff’s throat. Jeff was surprised he didn’t gag. However, his jaws ached within minutes, and he wished he could get some air.

That didn’t keep him from unzipping his pants to get at the boner trapped in there.

“How’s he doing?” The question came from Ralph standing at the open door.

Shame surged through Jeff to realize there was a witness to his ordeal.

“I’ve had fucking better and fucking worst. He’ll fucking learn,” Hank answered, giving a less than enthusiastic appraisal of Jeff’s cock-sucking abilities.

“She’s ready anytime you are. At least, I got her lubed up for you,” Hank stated.

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