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Charlie Goes to College Ch. 05

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I poured myself a brandy and poured the girls a glass of wine. As they sat sipping their drinks I stood up to speak to them.

“Now do either one of you want to tell me what just happened here?”

I looked at them while standing there naked, “lets hear the whole story and no holding back,” I said very seriously.

They both tried to explain, at the same time, how Christi found out about Charlie and I. All she could think about was how it would feel to have me inside her mouth and also inside her pussy.

It was then that the plan was hatched to let Christi experience for herself what Charlie has been experiencing with me. This was all done with Charlie’s help.

The only thing now, was the “promise of not fucking my daughter” was lifted.

The fact that Charlie let her daddy fuck her was one thing but now daddy has two beauties to fuck and suck him as much as they or he wanted.

Then Charlie hit me with the Bomb!

“Daddy,” she said quietly, “I am getting all the fucking and sucking that I can handle, now that I’m going steady with “Nate”.

So dad, please bare with me!” She continued.

“I want you and Christi to talk it out and see if you both can’t help each other”

“What are you saying?” I asked Charlie

“What I am saying is that the incest between you and I has to end!” she said as her lips quivered, and tears welled up in her eyes.

The words cut thru me like a knife but deep inside I knew she was right.

I had prepared myself, knowing that this day would come some day. She was a woman now, ready to make a life for herself and I have to admire her honesty in telling me this.

Now what she was proposing was either done out of consideration for my needs or out of guilt that she was ending our sexual relationship.

Now her tears were flowing freely, staining the make-up on her cheeks.

“I’m so mixed up,” she blurted “I’m trying to do what I think is the right thing.” as her voice shook.

I took her in my arms, as she buried her face into my chest and I felt her hot tears.

I said, “Easy does it my sweet baby. We’ll sort all of this out.” as I lifted her head and brushed away her tears and kissing her gently.

I looked over bahis firmaları to Christi and she had big tears in her eyes too. She was feeling Charlie’s pain. She felt like this was a bad time for her to be there cause this was a personal moment for Charlie and I. Something had to be done!

“What kind of fucking party is this?” I roared.

“You both would make lousy hookers with all those tears and long faces!” I said trying to act injured but smiling at he same time.

Charlie had stopped crying and she looked over at Christi. When they both saw each other they broke out laughing at my comments and the way they both looked with their mascara streaked down their faces like some kind of war paint.

“See isn’t he just about the most wonderful man you ever met” Charlie smiled to Christi as she realized that I had accepted her decision and was not angry with her about it.

I saw that our glasses were empty so I poured us all another drink.

“Now just what did you have in mind for Christi and I?” I said as I handed Charlie her drink.

“Well like I said you both are very loving people and also my two most specialist people on this earth. Just maybe you two could be help each other.” Charlie responded.

“What do you think Christi”? I said looking deeply into those green eyes.

“It’s see if we can work on it and see where it can go.” she said shyly, her eyes dropped down to avoid mine.

At that moment she looked so beautiful in her nakedness, her long hair falling over her shoulders and her breasts heaving slightly.

Charlie saw the look in my eyes as they wandered over Christi’s body and noticed that my cock was growing as I did so.

“Dad would it be alright if I take the car and run back to the dorm to get Christi and I excused from curfew tonight. They will do that if a parent is visiting.

Also Nathan might have left a message for me to call him. Dad he doesn’t’ know about you and I or about anything that went on today!

And he won’t,” she promised

I knew she wanted to give Christi and I some privacy and space to talk.

So I said, “Ok honey, but am very careful you have been drinking and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“I’m Ok to drive!” she assured me as I gave kaçak iddaa her the keys and gave her a big hug and kiss.

“Charlie bring back a change of clothes so we don’t have to wear these dresses out the door tomorrow” Christi called to her as Charlie exited the door.

The room became silent. To break the silence I put some music. I refilled Christi’s glass as well as mine and sat next to her on the bed.

“I understand that you have had some tough times in your relationships.” I started to say.

“I have never had a real relationship with a man,” she said almost in anger.

“I understand,” I said.

“You know that I have been kicked around in my life too

And if it had been this thing with Charlie I probably would have ended up as a drunk.” I laughed.

“And I understand how that can shake your trust in people and have you build a wall around yourself.”

I had her put her head on my shoulder.

I said, “Christi sometimes you have to trust in people not everyone is cruel and uncaring.”

As I tightened my arm around her I felt her tears start to fall.

She began to tell me how unattractive she felt compared to other girls her age and other than with Charlie she felt like an outcast.

“Good old Charlie she has been good for both of us,” I smiled as I gave her a squeeze.

“Christi, you have nothing to be ashamed of your physically appearance. From what Charlie tells me your inner beauty shines out, which I am finding out the longer we are together. What is on the inside means more to me than what is on the outside.”

I lifted her head and as we kissed her lips parted so our tongues can dance with each other.

My cock was growing and pressed against her leg as we lay down on the bed.

I buried my head into her soft pillow breasts and began to suckle her nipples causing them to become erect and hard.

Her hand snaked down to my cock. She wrapped her hand around my shaft as my pre-cum started wetting the head.

She felt the pre-cum and rubbed it on her finger. Brought her finger up to her mouth and sucked on it like it was a candy stick.

I reached down to find an equally wet pussy.

I ran my finger in and out of her cunt and flicking my thumb against her clit.

She kaçak bahis responded by squeezing her legs together trapping my hand from any escape. Not that I would let that happen.

She then pulled me on top of her while guiding my cock into her hot wet hole.

As I began to pump my cock in and out in slow strokes, I felt her cunt muscles tighten and relax like a milking machine milking my cum from deep inside of me.

She looked so happy and angelic and her face flushes with pleasure. Her movements quickened as did mine.

She bit her hand to keep from crying out.

As her body shook as she climaxed just as I erupted.

My cum was flowing deep in the recesses of her boiling hot wet cunt.

I fell against her no longer able to support my weight. Sweating and smiling I kissed her deeply.

Her face was now wet with sweat from our passion.

Christi then turned herself around and began toying with my softened cock.

She wanted to take pleasure in cleaning my softened cock. So she started to lick the head and along the shaft for any cum that spilled out of her cunt and onto my cock.

The feeling she gave me, so openly, just as Charlie had given herself to me made me realize that a bond was forming with this sweet young fragile girl.

I felt that the bond between Christi and I could be as strong as the one that Charlie and I had even though she was not my daughter.

Christi looked up at me while still playing with my cock, smiled and said, “I think Charlie accomplished her mission?”

“I agree,” I said as I ran my hand over her breasts and down over her soft pussy.

As we were lying there the phone rang. “It must be Charlie,” I said as I reached over to pick up the receiver.

“Daddy I am on my way back and will be there shortly.

Is everything Ok?” she asked nervously.

“Everything is just fine, in fact it’s great!” I responded.

“Now drive carefully and take your time.”

After I hung up the phone, Christi and I held each other in our arms and started to doze off.

In what seemed minutes we heard Charlie unlocking the door to my motel room.

As she entered she was greeted to the site of Christi and I still naked and locked in each other’s arms.

A broad grin crossed her face.

She ran over to the bed to give Christi and I a big kiss.

“I think this is going to work out well for all of us,” she said triumphantly and sat down on the bed with us.

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