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Charlotte, my ex-girlfriend’s Mom

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About a year ago my girlfriend Marci and I broke up. It was too bad, really, she was a cutie and great in bed, but we both had too many other things going on in our lives, and, so… we parted ways. Marci was 33, divorced and was a good mom to her 2 young kids.

I had gotten to know Marci’s mom pretty well over the year or so that we dated. I liked her mom, Char, and appreciated that Char tried to intervene and keep Marci and I from making our break-up final. I got an occaisional call from Char over a period of several months.

She was just trying to keep the door open between Marci and me. Marci would call me occaisionally, but her calls were to apologize for her mom’s calls and to assure me that she didn’t put Char up to it.

Heck, there was no harm done and the various calls probably served to soften the impact of a sad break-up. I missed Marci, but not enough to go back with her.

I figured that Char certainly meant no harm by calling me. I admit that I even enjoyed her getting a little carried away with complimenting me for being such a great guy, a catch for any woman, and for being so nice with Marci’s kids.

After several months the calls from Char stopped and I figured that was that.

Then, a month ago, Char called me again, but with a very different agenda.

When I took that first call after an 8 month silence, she got right into having her say, maybe even reading from notes.

“Okay, I know you and Marci are not ever going to get back together, and I know you are a good guy. Listen, I’m not going to bug you any more about my daughter. I really don’t want her to know that I called you or that we are even in touch. Could you and I consider being friends?” she said rapidly, and sounding nervous.

“Char, I don’t at all mind talking to you and I would rather Marci not know that we are in touch, and I feel that we are and always will be friends,” I said, hoping to calm her nervousness.

“Good, I’m glad you agree that we should not let Marci know that we’re in touch again,” she said, sounding a bit stressed.

“Char, I’m really casino şirketleri glad to hear from you, but you sound a bit nervous, is everything okay?” I asked.

“I guess so, I’m just hoping that you think about what I have to say, and don’t laugh at me or, for crimminy’s sake, tell Marci I called you,” she kind of stammered.

“I am very interested to hear what you have to say, I would never laugh at you, and I absolutely promise that I will not tell Marci that we have talked,” I assured her.

“Good, thank god,” she responded.

I waited, she said nothing… so I prompted her, “Char, we’re friends and speaking confidentially here, why don’t you just tell me what you have on your mind.”

“Oh, my, I’m not sure…” she said weakly.

I tried to put her at ease by saying, “Just relax, Char, I would love to hear whatever you have to say to me.”

“Tom, you know I’m alone. I’m young enough that I still have… urges, let’s say. I also know from a very reliable source that you are…let me quote someone here… “amazing in bed”. No, Marci didn’t tell ME that, but I heard her talk about you to someone on the phone. I can’t help but think that you and I could make such a good quiet friendship. Nobody would ever have to know, oh crap, please don’t hang up on me,” she pleaded.

I was totally blind-sided by what I think I heard Char suggest. She was 60-ish, energetic enough, short, with rounded tits, hips, and ass. She was a woman who I had also considered as grand-motherly. Not so much the typical rocking chair type, but I suddenly realized that Char had been safely tucked inside that “other” group of women for whom I had never had sexual fantasies.

I think she had just propositioned me, or was working up the nerve to discuss the possibility. I needed an appropriate response and it needed to be made without delay.

“Char, are you saying that you would consider having me as your lover?” I asked delicately.

“Yes,” she said simply.

“Would you like us to secretly be lovers, sharing our special secret with no one else in the worls, no exceptions?” casino firmaları I further probed.

“Yes, that’s what I had hoped,” she responded.

“Could I take you as my lover tonight?” I asked.

“Tonight?” she asked.

“I have an idea, would you like to hear it?” I implored her.

Waiting, but not getting a response, I laid out my plan to her. “Tonight at 11:00 I’ll come to your unlocked side door. Leave only a soft minimal light on downstairs. I’ll lock your door and come up the darkened stairs and shed my clothes before I enter your room and slip under the sheets with you in total darkness. Will you be my lover this day, in your bed, before midnight strikes?”

“Yes,” she said quietly.

I hung up and noticed that a bone had appeared in my pants while the rest of me was planning the unexpected pleasure awaiting us later tonight.

I was half surprised and totally pleased when she did not call me back.. My relief was secured when, at eleven sharp, I opened and entered her side door. I locked it behind me and ignored the single lit lamp and quietly ascended the stairs. I proceeded to her bedroom doorway as I dropped all of my clothes to the floor. I took in a sweet smell and complete darkness as I slipped into Char’s bed.

Her heat and intoxicating fragrance welcomed me. I extended my arm all the way around her naked body and rolled partially on top of her and pressed a wet, hard kiss onto, then into her mouth. We were both breathing hard, which almost broke the silence.

She lay flat on her back and held both arms out to her sides and spread her legs. I accepted this silent invitation by mounting her with my fully erect cock snug against her moist, hairy twat. I intended to pause right there, but she wrapped her legs back around mine and dug her heels powerfully into the back of my thighs, urging me to sink my engorged manhood into her hot wetness.

Without a single spoken word my cock did its best to pulverize her cunt as I hammered her while squeasing down tight on her tits with my chest. The motion of her ample breasts swaying güvenilir casino in that tight, confined space between our bodies unexpectedly had my cock considering splashing her insides with its molten lotion. The feverish rhythm of our mating further encouraged my boiling balls to release the jets of love. Char somehow sensed my situation because she broke the night’s silence by saying, “Oh my god, Tom, let it go, fill me with it, give me your cum!”

It felt so satisfying to blast her insides with spurt after spurt of my hot juice, not being concerned at all about this being a quickie. Our first coupling was completed within a minute or two of our being together in her bed.

Together with the incredible surprise of Char’s invitation to be her lover, it felt natural to get that initial intense coupling out of the way so fast. Only a few minutes had passed since I entered her house and we were officially lovers. We accomplished it with no light, and practically no words.

Char’s body was so soft and hot and lickable. I probed her flesh with my tongue and fingers, I pushed her around into different positions with my palms and knees. Her heat, softness and odor put me in the mood to explore. That night I did a thorough exploration of her body without the benefit of light.

I probed her cunt from every possible angle. Without asking, I knew my cock was also free to invade her deriere, which I gratefully did fully with her lying under me on her stomach. I also plunged into her back entrance in the missionary position with me elevating her legs enough to bring her bottom hole in line with my lance. Both of the tunnels I used to invade her insides were amazingly silky, hot, and tight.

Despite never having taken my cock into her mouth all night, Char gave me a humorous compliment that I had never heard before when she said, “I’m probably going to be coughing up your spunk any minute now.”

Char is an incredibly desireable lover. I need lots of restraint to not bite into her fleshy softness. My cock feels so at home inside of her.

To think that I would have never imagined her to be a lover for anyone! I’m so lucky that she had the insight and courage to invite me to her bed. I cherish my Lady Charlotte and our secret passion.

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