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Chelsea’s 18th Birthday Ch. 03

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If you have not read Chelsea’s 18th Birthday Ch 1 and 2, I highly suggest you read those before attempting to read this story. The characters are developed in the earlier chapters.

This is quite possibly the last installment of Chelsea’s 18th Birthday. If you have any suggestions for a 4th Chapter, I’d be glad to hear them. I’m sure that I’ll be writing more in the future.

As always, I would like to thank my wonderful editor alwaysupforu2004.


After trying the door knob, Brent rapped lightly on Chelsea’s door with his knuckle. No response. “Come on, Chelsea, you knew I was coming back for my key tonight,” he whispered to himself. Slightly frustrated, he headed down to Clay’s apartment to get his spare that he gave him. It was almost midnight, way later than he had anticipated getting home. His two hour trip home turned into a four hour trip when a head-on collision on the interstate took east bound traffic’s four lanes down to one very slow moving lane. Damned rubber-neckers made it 10 times worse than it had to be.

Brent knocked on Clay’s door impatiently. “Hey, dude. Thought you were gonna be home by 10.”

“So did I. Chelsea’s apparently asleep and she has my key so I need yours to get into my apartment.”

“Actually, when you weren’t here by about 10:45, Chelsea dropped off her key with me.”

“Why? Why didn’t she just give you my key?”

“I guess she still wanted you to get it from her yourself,” Clay said.

A mischievous smile crossed Brent’s face as he got an idea. “I see.” That sneaky little girl.

“We talked,” Clay said interrupting his thoughts.


“Hello! Chelsea and I talked. I apologized for giving her a hard time. I just didn’t see you two going anywhere with this and I turned out to be wrong.”

“Well I appreciate you doing that. Maybe you two can actually be friends one day.”

“Yeah,” Clay said stepping into the kitchen. “Actually, I asked if she wanted to watch The Godfather with me. Dude, it’s one of her favorite movies. She’s the coolest chic you’ve ever dated by far.” He poured himself some milk and flopped down on the couch.

“What did you just say? You hung out with my girlfriend today?”

“Yeah, she’s pretty decent at poker, too. I still kicked her butt, but she had me on my toes.”

“You played cards and watched a movie with Chelsea.”

“What’s the matter? I thought you wanted us to be friends, dude.”

“Yeah, I do, but that is just really weird.”

“Dude,” Clay said bluntly. “She loves The Godfather.”

“I know, man, that’s fuckin’ awesome,” Brent said enthusiastically.

“Yeah, so we’re cool. Don’t worry. Oh, and before I forget, guess who else came to see me today?”


“The Ms. Angela Pumley herself. She asked me out.”

“Bull shit.”

“Yeah, but she did ask me to feed her cat and water her plants while she went out of town for a funeral.”

“Wonder why she didn’t ask me.”

“Duh, dipshit. You were gone,” Clay said setting his empty glass down on the coffee table.

“Well, have fun with that. Don’t steal any of her panties,” Brent said as he walked back towards the door.

“Dude, I didn’t even think about that. Thanks!”

“Fuckin’ perv. See you tomorrow.”


Brent got more and more excited with every step. He was so happy that his best friend and his girlfriend were finally getting along. And quite well as it turned out. And it was a turn on that she was into things like The Godfather and poker. She was just about the perfect girl.

Brent inserted the key into her lock and slowly turned. He quietly entered and shut the door behind him. Through the dark, he made his way into her bedroom where he heard her breathing softly. Definitely asleep. The moonlight shone through the window across the room bathing her in a majestic haze. He looked around briefly for his key thinking it might be laying around for him to find but it was nowhere to be seen. She wants me to wake her up. Otherwise, she would have made it easy to find the key.

Chelsea was laying on her back with her comforter pulled all the way up to her chin. Brent grabbed the edge of the blanket and lifted it away from her unconscious body slowly. Once the moonlight was gracing her body, he could see that she was wearing a silky black and hot pink nightie. It was a lacy camisole top with a split up the middle with matching boyshorts. No one wears this without expecting to be seen in it. Especially shy girls like his Chelsea.

Brent took a deep breath. She was doing it again. She knew that he’d find her like this. She knew what it would do to him. Flashbacks of their previous sexual trists played in his mind and he felt his member growing. What do you want me to do now, you naughty little girl?

Brent took off his clothes down to his boxers and climbed into her bed on her right side. He held his breath when she stirred but she didn’t wake up. Eventually, he was laying right next bahis firmaları to her warm tempting body. Her dark locks lay around her head like a frame and her pink lips remained slightly parted. Her breath almost unnoticeable because it was so shallow and light. She was sleeping deeply, he noted.

Brent decided to have a little fun before he woke her. He very gently placed his hand on her face and kissed her lips. His hand slid down her neck and to her chest, down her tummy, and under her chemise. Her skin was so soft and she smelled so fresh and clean. His heart was pumping a little faster as he aroused himself with her beautiful body. He traced patterns around her midsection, delighting in the involuntary responses that her muscles had under his fingers.

Chelsea’s head shifted on her pillow. Again Brent leaned over and kissed her lips as he held tightly to her left hip with his right hand. As she arose from her sleep, his lips felt her inhale, filling her lungs. Then he felt her lips kissing his. As they kissed, he moved his hand over her tummy and sides under her sheer top.

When they broke their kiss, Brent leaned back and looked upon her still sleepy face. Her green eyes sparkled through her squinted eyelids.

“You’re late,” she said teasingly.

“And you’re a cock tease.” They both laughed lightly. “Where’s my key? You made me go on a wild goose chase to get where I am now.”

“Well I was hoping you wouldn’t need your key tonight,” she said with a coy smile.

“What a coincidence. After seeing you in this, that is precisely what I was also hoping.” He ran his fingers under the waistband of her boyshorts. “Did you miss me?”

“Clay kept me company.”

He furrowed his brow. “Oh, is that right? Well, as long as you’re not hanging out wearing things like this then I guess I don’t mind.”

“He’s gonna feed Ms. Pumley’s cat this week. He’s really excited. It’s kinda sad,” she said giggling.

“I know. But that’s enough about him. I want to know more about this little number you’ve got on.”

“You like it?” she asked with a raised eye brow.

“Give me a freakin’ break, you knew I’d like it. That’s why you wore it. You had this all planned out.”

“Did I?” she said in a mock-innocent voice.

A more serious look crossed Brent’s face. “What else did you have in mind, Chelsea?” He slipped his hand underneath her shorts and found her mound, freshly shaven and it made him hard instantly. “Chelsea,” he started and bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes. He knew he was going to take full advantage of this pleasant surprise. “Roll over,” he requested.

After a questioning look from her, Chelsea obeyed and turned on her stomach. He stripped her panties from her and threw them to the ground. He began to massage her thighs and butt drawing soft moans from her as she clung tightly to her pillow. He pulled her legs apart an continued his massage deeper between her legs.

“Pull your knees under you.”

Chelsea looked back at him quizzically.

“Keep your head on the bed and stick your ass in the air,” he clarified bluntly but patiently. Chelsea nervously complied. She pushed herself up on her knees, keeping them together. “Spread your legs out far. I want to see all of you.” Again she timidly complied.

Brent sat on the bed behind her and admired her ripe behind and soft smooth pussy. He placed his hands on her and began massaging like before. He could tell she was a bit tense from being so candidly exposed so he tried to get her to relax and enjoy his touch.

“You’re not as sweet and innocent as I thought, my Chelsea,” Brent said under his breath before he kissed her on her ass making her shiver just a little. “You’re a naughty little girl. I know you are.” He touch her smooth pussy lips teasingly and she shivered again except more noticeably. “You do naughty things with me. Have you even done naughty things by yourself?”

Chelsea nodded her head reluctantly.

Brent smiled. He eased one finger into her tight little hole. “I want you to show me what you do, baby.”

“You want me to…” Chelsea couldn’t finish and hoped he didn’t mean what she thought he meant. She’d only done it a few times and would never think of doing it in front of another person.

“Yeah. Pleasure yourself for me. Put your hand between your legs. Show me what you like.” Brent rubbed her thighs and back trying to encourage her. Finally, her hand snaked through the sheets beneath her and covered her sex. After a private pep talk with herself, she found the courage to masturbate in front of her new boyfriend.

Chelsea rubbed her pussy with her two first fingers, sliding them from front to back. She sunk her finger inside of her to get it wet and continued to pleasure herself for Brent. When she finally put her focus on her task instead of worrying about what she looked like masturbating, she began to lose herself in it. She moaned softly as she rubbed and prodded herself.

Brent’s hands on her ass brought her back her full sense kaçak iddaa of awareness. She felt him spread apart her cheeks and squeeze them. Over and over he did this as he watched her. Then she felt a finger enter her pussy and pumped it slowly. She groaned into her pillow. After he pulled out she felt it against one hand holding onto her hip then the same wet finger pressed against her anus.

“What are you doing?” Chelsea jerked away from him.

“It’s okay, Chelse. Just relax. You’ll enjoy it. And if you really hate it I’ll stop.”

“I don’t know, Brent.”

“Listen,” he said softly. “Just relax and it won’t hurt you, I promise.” He heard her sigh. “You trust me don’t you?” A moment later, he saw her head nod slightly against her pillow.

Again he wet his finger in her pussy and rubbed it across her pucker. He repeated this a few times to get her used to the idea before he gently pushed his finger in to the first knuckle. She gripped tightly around him adjusting to this new sensation.

“Now, relax.” Chelsea let out a deep sigh and let her muscles loosen. “Keep touching yourself.”

She resumed and shortly after he began to prod his finger deeper into her ass with short slow thrusts. Once his second knuckle breached her anus she began moaning again. Her head was beaded with tiny pearls of sweat that seeped into her hair causing it to cling to her forehead. Eventually, Brent had one finger all the way into her ass and one pumping her pussy as she rubbed her clit at a growing pace, whining and moaning. She couldn’t believe she was actually enjoying this.

Brent was getting immense pleasure out of watching this shy girl being so open and free with him.

Brent slowly stuck a second finger inside her pussy and pumped a little faster. He watched as her fingers moved faster and more precisely. Her moaning became louder and more frequent.

Suddenly Brent pulled completely out of her and said, “Stop. I’m gonna finish this.” Chelsea removed her hand and stuck out her ass as far as she could. She was so close to cumming. And she would have soon if he hadn’t stopped her.

Brent spread her lips wide apart and dipped his head down. He licked and sucked at her hole until she was begging for release.

“Brent, I need to cum. Please.” Her breath was irregular and her words airy.

Brent was more than happy to oblige. He moved immediately to her little swollen clit with precise and deliberate action. Soon after, Chelsea threw her head back and surrendered to her orgasm.

The clock on the nightstand read 1 AM and Brent knew this night had to be cut short. But he was satisfied with the ground he had broken.

Chelsea eased her hips back down to the bed and Brent joined her at her side. She was exhausted and was nestled up under the sheets and drifting off into sleep in no time.

“Good night,” he whispered.


Now, that’s an ass, Clay thought to himself as Ms. Pumley pulled her carry-on bag from the bottom of her bedroom closet. She was wearing a cute little pink fitted jogging outfit. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

“I will be home late Friday night,” she said, trying to collect all the last minute item she felt like she’d need. “If you have any questions, Brent should be able to answer.” Clay nodded. “Thanks for agreeing to help me on such short notice. And thanks for taking the time to spend with Rumple.” Rumple was apparently short for Rumpelstiltskin. Why she named a cat after that fairytale antihero, no one will ever know. “He starts tearing up everything in the house if he doesn’t get adequate attention.”

“It’s no problem, Ms. Pumley,” Clay responded politely.

“I’m only 27, Clay. You can call me Angela.”

Oh, but I love calling you Ms. Pumley. Besides, the second ‘a’ is useless anyway.

She collected her two bags and Clay walked her to the door. “Here is my spare. Give Rumple one can in the morning and one in the evening. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen, the television, computer, I don’t care.”

“Thanks, Ms. Angela Pumley,” He replied with the tiniest smirk in the corner or his mouth.

Angela glanced back at him before exiting the apartment. She gave him a little smile showing she knew what he was doing and thought it was cute.

“Goodbye, Mr. Clay Wheeler.”

Clay watched Angela slink away before closing the door to her apartment and heading straight to the window to watch her get into her cab and ride away.

“Mr. Clay Wheeler,” he repeated. Was she flirting with me? “Mrs. Angela Wheeler.” Clay laughed out loud and ran into her bedroom to look through her drawers.

Clay opened the top drawer of her bureau and found an assortment of plain-jane, run of the mill cotton briefs. He found himself quite disappointed. Then something caught his eye and he pulled the drawer out a bit farther. Apparently, Mrs. Angela Pumley was organized all the way down to her skivvies. In the back of the drawer were at least three dozen more panties. But these were really really kaçak bahis hot. He pulled out a black thong that looked like it couldn’t possibly be underwear. You don’t wear these every day. You wear these for someone. He placed them back in the drawer with a big grin on his face and decided he’d leave and come back that evening to feed the cat.


Later that evening, Brent received a knock on his apartment door.

“What’s up? How’s your first time kitty-sitting?”

“Terrible,” Clay responded, walking past him without waiting for an invitation.

Brent closed the door and followed him into the living room.

“The bastard scratched the leg up on that end table by the couch!”

“How often are you going to see him? Did she tell you he gets pissy when he’s ignored?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think he’d actually do anything!” Clay plopped down on the couch and grabbed a pillow.

“You gotta spend time with that cat, dude. He’s like a little kid. He can’t be left alone like that. How long did you leave him?”

“Since, like, nine when she left.”

“You’re an idiot. She’s gonna kill you.”

“I know, bro. This is gonna ruin whatever chances I had with her.”

“Oh, come on!” Brent exclaimed. “You don’t still think you’ve got a shot, do you?”

“Whatever, dude. Where’s Chelsea?”

“At work. She’ll be home in about 30 minutes.”

“You guys have plans?”

Brent bit his bottom lip and smiled mischievously.

“Dude, ask her if she’s got any cute friends. You, know. In case Ms. Pumley doesn’t work out. I gotta use all these tricks I read about on somebody.”

Brent picked up a throw pillow from the couch next to Clay and threw it at him. “Seriously, man, the only pussy of hers that you need to be stroking is the one eating her apartment. Get back down there and play with the damned thing before it does any more damage.”


Again a knock came on Brent’s door. This time he hoped it was a shorter, prettier person. He smiled big when he saw that it was. Chelsea smiled back and walked in the apartment.

“Couldn’t wait ’til after you changed clothes?” She was dressed in her work clothes; baggy and unattractive. He, however, was dressed very sexy. He had a fitted designer t-shirt and jeans on. No shoes, but he had on clean white socks. That seemed really hot to her. He always looked so clean. She blushed as she realized how desperate she must have seemed to have come to his house before her own.

He stepped toward her and gave her a welcoming hug. “You stink,” he said bluntly.

“That is so rude,” she scoffed, pushing him away. “I smell like the seed store! I can’t help it!”

“No, it’s fine. It just mean that you need to take your clothes off and maybe… take a bubble bath?”

A smile crept on her face. She wanted to be mad about that comment he made but she knew he was only teasing.

“That actually sounds nice. Are you going to join me?”

“Nope.” A look of confusion quickly replaced her smile. “I will be the administering bubble bath technician.”


“Just go sit on the bed ’til I get your bath ready.” He walked into the bathroom and turned right back around and walked back out. “On second thought, come in here with me.”

She followed him into the bathroom and he shut the door. He had a devilish grin as he turned on the hot water in the tub.

“Take off your clothes for me. I wanna see my woman.”

Chelsea laughed nervously. The light in the bathroom was bright and was just getting used to being exposed in the darkness. Knowing she wasn’t going to win an argument about it, she complied with his request.

Chelsea stood before him naked once again. Brent sat on the edge of the tub as the water filled it, admiring her healthy, ripe body. He reached out his arms beckoning her. She now stood between his knees while he ran his cool hands over her warm flesh. Her arms and legs got goosebumps at his touch. Inches from his face was her smooth mound. He ran his fingers across it periodically, causing her arousal to climb. He grabbed her ass and began to knead it with his fingers remembering the night before when he had done the same thing except from behind. Then he kissed a trail across her tummy.

Brent stood up and eased her against the wall of the bathroom. His fully clothed body pressed against her naked one. Chelsea looked into Brent’s steel blue eyes. “I missed you,” he said lovingly and he took her mouth with his.

Their kiss began softly but grew steadily into a more eager one. Finally, Brent broke the kiss. “I guess you missed me, too?” He chuckled and walked over to the tub and added the bubble bath.

“Why do you have bubble bath?” she said half teasing, the other half genuinely curious.

“Well, I like juniper. I saw it and I got it. Don’t judge me,” he snipped making Chelsea laugh. “Get in, it’s ready.”

Chelsea climbed slowly into the hot bathwater. “This is so nice, thank you.”

“Thank you for being obsessed with me so much that you’d rather come and see me before going home after a long day’s work.” Brent took a handful of water and poured it over Chelsea’s shoulders. She closed her eyes an moaned at how good it felt.

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