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Chelsea’s Coming Out

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Author’s note: This story is a take on a theme by beatingoffbob. and meets with his approval. My thanks to him.

Chapter 1.

I called Chelsea at home, from my office, to remind her to be ready for the party that night. She told me breathlessly she’d be ready to go, but that I couldn’t see her until we were actually ready to leave, please!

That intrigued me no end, and I looked forward to taking my lovely eighteen year-old niece to her first real social affair, a thing the company was putting on for our clients.

My mind ran back to when she had come to stay with me almost six months ago now, while her parents were over in London. Chelsea had insisted on her mom going with her dad, a year of separation was not good she said!

And Chelsea would get to stay with her favourite ‘Uncle Pete’, fun to be with, and at least thrice-removed, and not a real pain in the butt like most of the family. I had a house-keeper, and Chelsea’s parents knew she would be well looked after.

She had stayed with us often, when I was married, and she was a little punker, before my wife died in an airplane accident two years ago. Right now though, the house-keeper was away for a month, on her annual vacation, and Chelsea was lording it over everything, completely in her element as she played house with me!

I got home at six, took a shower, and shaved again… I hate that, twice in one day… and leisurely dressed up in my tux and stuff. All I had heard from Chelsea were squeals of protest, as I tried to see her to talk to, so I retired to the study, and had a stiff brandy.

Soon, seven-thirty rolled around, and the company Jaguar sighed up to the door, and Paul the chauffeur, rang the bell.

“Be right down!” Chelsea yelled.

I went to the lobby, opened the door and told Paul we would be right out. I left the door open, and stood looking up the winding stairway, anticipating a grand descent now, after all this build-up.

Since this affair was going to be Chelsea’s first foray into my social world, I had earlier asked my secretary, Wendy, to make herself available for Chelsea, if she so wanted. Chelsea had snapped at that bait like a striking salmon, and the two of them had been deep in girly things for the last three weeks.

Before I had left the office that night, Wendy had popped her head in my door, and said very mysteriously that I was due for a big surprise! I was thinking about all this, when finally I heard Chelsea come out of her room, and I looked up, and I knew right away that I was in deep trouble!

She was absolutely gorgeous, she looked to be about twenty-two, instead of the eighteen that I knew she was. Her lovely dress fitted her like a glove, her young body was a poem to pure sensuality, and when she had finally made her regal way to the bottom of the stairs, she twirled happily around for me.

It was only then, that I saw that the back of her dress plunged down almost to the crack of her ass, and her nicely sun-tanned skin was wonderfully bare. It was one of those outfits, that made a healthy, normally horny man like myself, hope that the dress might just fall off at any minute!

Then I saw the waist-band of her panties, just visible at the bottom of her exposed back.

“How do I look?” she said, blushing like a little girl, her eyes dancing, as she saw my obvious admiration.

I looked into her eyes, and said with feeling: “Darling, you will be the most beautiful woman at the party tonight… but there is just one small thing though….” I said smiling.

She blushed happily and twirled around again, and the dress settled down just a tad more, and her panties showed a tad more.

“Oh… and what is that, Uncle Pete?” she said, sticking her tongue out at me cheekily.

“Um… honey, you know that the dress is a little low in the back…” I said seriously.

“It’s supposed to be, silly!” she answered, smiling pityingly at me.. men!

“Maybe… but I sure like those black lace panties you’re wearing!” I said mildly.

She looked at me, her mouth sweetly open, then she blushed furiously as she realised what I was getting at, and she ran into the ground floor bathroom, saying she would be right back!

Paul was standing by the car, waiting patiently, and I said to give Chelsea another minute or two please. He smiled at me, he understood perfectly… he had two daughters of his own, a little younger than Chelsea.

We talked in a desultory way, then five minutes later, Chelsea rejoined me, all flushed, but smiling happily. Paul immediately opened the car door, waiting for us.

She turned her back to me: “Better now?” she asked, her eyes dancing, as I picked up her shawl, it was a warm night out, she wouldn’t need a coatt.

I looked at her, no more waist-band, but I could now see the distinctive beginning of the crack in her ass! And that damned cock of mine immediately showed it’s obvious appreciation, as I got an instant hard-on!

I put her shawl around bahis firmaları her shoulders, and she turned around and spotted my condition right away. She covered her smile with one tiny hand, and looked down at me obviously, then back up at me.

“I guess your dress just passed it’s first test!” I said a little uncomfortably, as I adjusted myself, at a loss for words.

She just giggled happily, and as I closed the front door, gurgled: “Is it going to be like that all night, Uncle Pete?” and she laughed deliciously.

I fell into her mood, and answered feelingly: “That’s going to be up to you, honey!” and she giggled again, as I handed her into the car.

I was okay again by the time we got to the party, but I didn’t miss her sidelong glance down at me as we walked in together, and I stuck my tongue out at her as she giggled once more.

Chapter 2.

That night, Chelsea came into her own, blossoming like a flower. It was a great party anyway, the best we had ever thrown. I told her to enjoy herself, it was her night, and to just save herself for me for the last half hour of dancing. I had to do my thing, and circulate.

Then Wendy had swept her into her arms, and carried her off to be the belle of the ball. I had told Wendy to try and keep Chelsea’s relationship to me quiet, so that people wouldn’t be scared off, and soon she was surrounded by every young single man there, vying for her favours.

I caught her eyes once, and she broke into the widest smile I had ever seen on her lovely face. Finally it was my turn to court her, and I swept Chelsea out onto the dance floor, and we did the classiest tango that everyone spoke about for days!

Of course, they didn’t know that we had been practicing together for weeks! Wendy stepped into the spotlight, and introduced Chelsea as my niece, and everyone applauded, they knew her parents too of course. Chelsea curtsied cutely to everyone, I was quite proud of her.

Towards the end of the evening the lights were lowered and the tempo slowed down. We were in a dark corner, and Chelsea nuzzled up to me as we swayed gently to the music. I couldn’t resist the lovely young body in my arms, and slipped my fingers down her back, under her dress and onto her gorgeous ass.

It was only then that I realised she hadn’t just adjusted her panties, she had taken them off!

Another instant erection! “Uncle Pete…. bad boy!” she murmured, as she felt my cock harden against her.

And she looked up at me cheekily, as she wriggled her ass in my hands, and pressed herself against my throbbing hard-on. I gulped and pulled my fingers out of her dress, but the memory of her lovely ass burned into my brain, as my cock throbbed against her soft tummy.

We moved slowly around for a minute or two, as I breathed in the scent of her, I could feel her heart beating against me, then she put her head back and looked up into my eyes, her tongue licking her mouth wetly.

“I’m tired, Uncle Pete,” she said quietly, “can we go home now, please?” and she gently pulled me to her one more time.

I looked around, but nobody was looking at us, so I gently clasped her ass again, and we pressed against each other until I reluctantly released her, and we made our way to the cloakroom to get her shawl. I was only half with it, as people said goodnight to us, I kept thinking about Chelsea.

She was obviously coming on to me, and I didn’t know how to handle it. My cock knew how to handle it I thought ruefully, but that was hardly a recommendation! I told her to wait for me at the door, and I went and picked up her shawl.

As I got to the door, I saw that Chelsea and Wendy were talking, their heads close, I stood and watched them for a few seconds. I saw Paul waiting for us, and his eyes were on them too, approving. I was glad they got on so well together.

Finally I went up to them, gave Chelsea her shawl and said goodnight to Wendy. She smiled brightly at me, then she leaned over and fondly kissed Chelsea goodnight.

Paul drove us home, Chelsea clutching my hand all the way, she was tired and happy. We said goodnight to Paul and he smiled, touching his cap to Chelsea, he obviously liked her.

Chapter 3.

We went into the study, and I shucked off my tux, and undid my tie, sat down and untied my shoes, and kicked them off. Chelsea in the meantime had gone to the liquor cabinet and poured us a couple of drinks, brandy for me, tonic water for her.

She came over with them, handed me mine and sat on the floor in front of me, she looked as cute as hell as she rested her chin on my knee, her big eyes glowing with happiness. I was feeling guilty about my obvious re-actions to her earlier, and I stroked her hair softly.

I began: “Chelsea, I want to apologize…”

She held up her hand, palm facing me: “Don’t say a word!” she said softly.

“But…” I stammered

“Not one word!” and she looked at me sternly!

She got up and went to the stereo in kaçak iddaa the bookcase and began fiddling with it. The sounds of soft dance music filled the room, and she came back to me, smiling happily.

She reached out for me: “Dance with me again,” she said, “one last dance… the perfect end to a perfect evening, with my favourite uncle!”

Surprised and relieved, I got up and took her in my arms again. We swayed together, and my hands were once again on her naked back. I couldn’t help myself as my hands went lower… under her dress again, my fingers finally clasping her lovely butt-cheeks, pulling her to me, onto my hardening cock!

Her own hands matched mine this time, ending up on my butt as she pulled herself against me. Time stood still, then she finally pushed me away.

She smiled tremulously up at me, and said shakily: “I’d better go get ready for bed.” and she kissed me chastely on my cheek, and went upstairs to her room.

I stood there in the study, finishing my drink, aching with need. There was no way I’d make it through the night, without a massive jerk-off! Jesus, she was one sweet piece of ass, I thought hornily to myself, and I didn’t know what to do about it!

I went upstairs, and was at my bedroom door about to go in, when Chelsea stuck her head around her own open door.

“Uncle Pete?” she said to me brightly.

“Yeah Honey?” I said.

“I won’t be long, then I’ll come and kiss you good night, okay?” and she ducked her head back into her room.

Now what was that all about, I wondered as I went in to my room. I stripped off, and slipped under the covers, I always slept in the nude. I bunched the bed-clothes up a little to conceal my hard-on, I hoped she wouldn’t be too long… I had to do my thing.

There was a knock at the door, and Chelsea walked in slowly. I looked at her, and I caught my breath. She was wearing baby-dolls, that were so sheer that they were almost transparent. Every detail of her beautiful body could be seen, her nipples thrust out against the soft material, the cleft of her pussy could be seen through the tiny panties.

I gulped as I stared at her, her lush golden hair hung down her back, the tips of it kissing her gorgeous ass. She was one spectacular erotic sight, and she smiled at my obvious pleasure.

She came close to the bed, and looked down at me: “Uncle Pete… do you think I’m beautiful? Am I grown-up enough for you… do I turn you on?” and she sat down on the edge of my bed, her little tongue licking at her lips.

I nodded dumbly, and told her that she was the most beautiful creature in the world, of course she was grown-up enough, and she must know by now she could turn me on! Unconsciously I stroked my rock-hard cock under the covers, and she caught the motion of my hand down there.

She smiled brilliantly at me, and took hold of the covers and pulled them off me, revealing my naked body and rampant cock to her appreciative gaze.

My cock wasn’t lying down on my tummy now, it was sticking straight up in the air, all seven circumcised inches of it, begging for attention. She reached down, and her fingers slid gently up over the gleaming head, then she put her hand around it, and gave it a couple of friendly strokes as I moaned softly.

“Hi there!” she said to it softly.

She looked me in the eyes, blushing: “I was afraid your thingy wouldn’t be hard any more… that you wouldn’t find me grown-up enough.” she said tremulously, in a little girl voice.

Then without hesitating, she stripped off her baby-dolls, and stood before me in all her naked wonder for a second or two, then climbed up onto the bed and straddled me. With her legs spread open, I could see her pussy mound thrusting sweetly, just bare, smooth hairless pussy, and it was the loveliest thing I had ever seen in my life.

Then my view was blocked by a pair of swollen nipples, sticking out on top of wonderfully puffy areoles, she was out of this world, beyond description.

“But you DO find me grown-up enough, don’t you Uncle Pete?” she said sexily, and fed one of those delicious nubbins into my lips as she added, “and I DO turn you on, don’t I!”

Naturally, I opened my mouth, and sucked on her, while she writhed around, moaning out how good it felt, and to never stop, please. A sense of pure lust suddenly consumed me, and somehow I suddenly found myself on top of my lovely naked niece, between her wide-spread legs, my rampant cock buried deep in her velvet pussy!

Her lovely breasts were rubbing all over me, her small soft hands were kneading and clutching my butt-cheeks to her, as she mewled in pleasure. All my senses were zeroed in to the feeling of hot, wet, young pussy wrapped around my driving cock, and the feeling of stroking into that priceless jewel, as she moaned out her delight.

Then, before I knew it, my driving naked prick was pulsing deep in her unprotected pussy. I was spurting thick white cum, deep into her clenching and spasming vagina, kaçak bahis over and over again, while my mind floated in a sea of cotton-wool.

I didn’t know it at the time, but in my wild mating with Chelsea, I had pounded more orgasms out of her than she could count. She had been quickly transformed from an inexperienced teenager, into an erotic expression of a gloriously-fucked young woman, completely satiated and wiped out, beautiful beyond any comparison, and supremely happy.

Chapter 4.

Chelsea woke up slowly, it was dark except for the soft glow of the moon that invaded one corner of the room. She felt wrung out, and there was an odour in the air she wasn’t familiar with. It was the blatant smell of sex, and it smelled good to her.

She sensed, more than felt my body in the bed next to her, fast asleep. Memories cascaded into her mind one after the other, and she gasped at all the delectable details.

She’d planned on something happening, on getting me to make love to her, but she hadn’t been prepared for the intensity of it all. There was an ache in her belly, a soreness of muscle, as if she’d done too many sit-ups or something.

She slid a hand down her naked stomach to where she’d shaved off all her pussy hair, only the other night. It was still nicely soft.. and wet and slippery with something… cum!

She smiled in the dark, as she remembered how I had been a mindless fucking machine, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, insatiable for her until I had finally spasmed, screaming out in pleasure as I blasted all my boiling cum into her.

Chelsea recalled how my thrusting cock had been deep inside her for hours it seemed. It had been transformed from the soft cuddly thing that she had caught sight of a few times, as I came out of the shower, forgetting that she was there in the house.

She shivered deliciously as she remembered how at the end, I’d given it just a little push, like I was trying to get it even deeper and it had seemed to swell somehow. Then… warmth… and wetness, spurts of liquid heat she could still feel in her core.

She had known instantly that it was my seed, flowing into her, filling her vagina, her cervix, and had rejoiced, clutching me tight to her as I screamed out my relief.

She hadn’t actually meant to lose her virginity, well, not this particular night, but events had overtaken her. There was no pain, her hymen was long gone during her gymnastic years, and once the amazing overpowering feeling in her belly had started, she was completely helpless, unable to stop.

She knew without a doubt that she loved this man who was filling her with his cum… his seed. And she had known right then, that she wanted this wonderful thing that was happening to her, to happen in her again and again!

And that was just before her sixth orgasm, the last one she could remember!

She smiled happily to herself, cuddled up to me, and went back to sleep.

When she woke again it was getting light outside. She had to pee, so she slipped out of bed without waking me. Then she took a quick shower and put on a robe. She was fixing up some waffles, sausage and eggs and stuff, when I finally stumbled into the kitchen, I felt uncomfortable and contrite.

I muttered: “Chelsea… I was so afraid you’d be gone.” and I collapsed into a chair, my head in my hands.

She folded her arms and looked at me lovingly, she knew guilt when she saw it. She didn’t feel guilty, and she didn’t want me feeling that way either.

“The only thing I need to go out for today is linguini. We don’t have enough for lunch.” she said.

I looked up, confused, and mumbled: “But after what I did last night…” and tailed off in despair.

Chelsea came over to me, pushed me against the back of the chair and swung a leg over my lap. In the process her robe opened, and my eyes took in her lovely young breasts, the puffy nipples. She sat down facing me, and started to squirm around on my already stiffening cock.

Then she kissed me, as my cock throbbed in my shorts, it wasn’t a long passionate tongue swapping kiss. It was the kiss of a young woman who loves a man and wants him to know it. When she finally took her mouth off me, I looked at her with renewed hope… I thought I had lost her.

I had finally admitted to myself that I was in love with this beautiful young niece of mine… I had no idea what to do about it, or what she thought of me. Her parents would be scandalised! And now I wanted her again, as my cock throbbed deliciously against her soft pussy mound!

She looked at me, and read my mind perfectly, as she smiled at me widely, her eyes were dancing.

She said: “Now, eat your breakfast before it gets cold. You’ll need your strength so you can get through the rest of the morning… I’ve got something special planned for us.”

She kissed me again, then slipped off my lap, giving my cock a little squeeze as she did so, and served my breakfast. She watched me happily for minute, then leaned over and kissed me lightly on my neck, and started for the doorway.

“I wont be long.” she said, “I have to fix my face and hair.”

“But you look fine to me…” I said as she disappeared.

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