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Chelsea’s Last Day Ch. 02

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-If this is your first time reading Chelsea’s Last Day, I would suggest starting at Ch. 1-

As Chelsea walked into school next to her brother, she noticed every boy’s eyes scanning up and down her body. She couldn’t help but get turned on as she walked, with every step she could feel her cum-covered pussy dripping down her inner thighs. Without any panties, she knew there was nothing to stop the cum from running all the way down her legs, and coupled with her juices, she knew that anyone with any brains would know that she had just got done cumming herself. She left her brother on the first floor and as she walked up the stairs to her locker on the second floor she could her the whispers of two boys behind her. They had noticed the streams of cum and cunt juice running down her legs, which led them to look straight up her skirt to her sopping pussy and the bottoms of her firm ass cheeks. She didn’t care what they saw. In fact, if they pulled their cocks out right now she would suck them both dry, letting them cum on her face and not wipe it off the rest of the day. This was her last day at the prestigious, over-18, college-prep Catholic school and she didn’t have a care in the world. All she wanted was to make the men in this school remember her forever. As she got to the top of the steps, she dropped a pencil and leaned over to pick it up, she could feel the cum dribble out of her pussy as she squeezed her legs together on the way down. The boys gasped and quickly walked around her. Chelsea laughed inside as she realized what these preppy Catholic boys had in store for them today.

“Good morning Miss Chelsea,” came a stern, masculine voice. Chelsea stood up to see professor Smith standing in front of her. She gave a cute smile and a small curtsy, getting low enough so she knew professor Smith had a perfect view down her shirt, with any luck, he could see through that sheer bra of hers and see how hard her nipples had become. Professor Smith always had this affect on her. From the first day she had class with him, she knew how badly she wanted him, and today was the day to go big or go home. Professor Smith had Chelsea for first period Geometry and they had a test today.

“Are you ready for the big test,” asked the professor.

“Oh of course I am, nothing is too big for me…” Chelsea said seductively, and at the same time pulling her shirt down and letting go, making her tits almost visible to the professor. She could tell he had lost focus from her comment and her almost exposed tits, but he gathered himself.

“Ahem, sounds good, I’ll see you in class,” and with that he quickly stepped down the stairs to hide the fact his cock was hardening by the second.

“Umm, professor?” Chelsea coyly asked as he reached the bottom of the steps. “I have some homework you need,” and as she said this she turned around and bent over to open her schoolbag. She could feel her skirt as it rose up above her ass cheeks. The feeling of exposing herself to her professor was dangerous but exciting. She could feel her cunt getting wetter as the professor walked back up the stairs to meet her. As he began stepping she crouched down into a squatting position so that her ass cheeks were pulled güvenilir bahis tight and her entire asshole was exposed. She could feel Ronny’s cum from the bus this morning mix with her own juices and run down her crack. The professor’s gaze was locked on the view he had in front of him. He knew it was wrong, but a student whom he thought was one of the prettiest in the class, not to mention the best body in school, was practically naked in front of him and he couldn’t turn away. As he got closer, he noticed a stream of juice running down her crack, it pooled up around her asshole and a drop of it fell onto the linoleum floor. He felt his cock twitch as Chelsea stood up slowly and turned around to hand him her homework.

“Here you go professor, I found this one to be really really hard,” Chelsea’s gaze was directly on professor Smith’s crotch when she said this, and he noticed his cock was almost bulging out of his pants.

“Mmmhmm, well let’s work on that after school,” replied the professor, “I will see you in class Miss Chelsea.” Again he quickly walked down the stairs to hide his obvious erection. But he didn’t miss sneaking another glance up the steps as Chelsea bent down to close her schoolbag. He couldn’t believe he had watched his own student’s pussy juice just drip on the floor. He gave a whistle and got ready for first period.

Chelsea was excited for first period because she had a couple surprises in her back pack for this specific situation. Her seat was exactly in front of professor Smith’s desk, in the front row, and with them having a test he would be required to sit directly in front of her for 45 minutes. She planned to use those 45 minutes to her advantage. If professor Smith wanted to meet after school, she was going to make him think about her dripping pussy every second until their meeting. As she stepped into the bathroom she realized she was so focused on teasing professor Smith that she walked right into the boy’s bathroom. She stepped in and saw two boys standing at the urinal, one being her brother and another a boy she had never seen before.

“What the fuck sis?!?” Shouted her brother quickly. As he stopped pissing he turned quickly and Chelsea caught a glance of her brother’s cock before he tucked it in his pants. She had to admit it was one of the bigger cocks she had ever seen, and he wasn’t even hard. The thought of her brother having such a large dick gave her a crazy idea, something that would make first period even more exciting. She still had 10 minutes until first period, just enough time. The other boy was dumbfounded and caught in the middle of taking a piss. Chelsea quickly moved behind the boy and grabbed his cock.

“Here let me help you big boy,” Chelsea said with a smile. It wasn’t one of the larger cocks she had felt and that was exactly what she wanted. Her brother couldn’t believe what she was doing and tried to get her out. The boy obviously didn’t mind and said Chelsea could hold his cock any time.

“You’ll want me to hold your cock every day after I get done with you,” Chelsea said seductively, stealing a glance at her brother, who was obviously annoyed by her actions, but taken aback by her words.

“How bout I clean türkçe bahis you up baby,” Chelsea said to the boy she had helped take a piss. With that, she turned her back to her brother and bent down to take the boy’s cock in her mouth. She knew exactly what her brother was seeing and she wanted him to see it. Chelsea then reached around with both hands, keeping the boy’s cock deep down her throat, and spread her ass cheeks wide. Being exposed to her brother and letting him see her suck another boy’s cock made her incredibly horny.

“God, I love sucking your cock, I just wish boys in this school had bigger cocks,” Chelsea said with a mouthful of the boy’s dick, “If only someone with a bigger cock were here, I would give him the time of his life.” Chelsea then turned around and looked at her brother. He knew what she meant with that comment and from his interaction with her this morning he was aching for another look at those tits of hers.

“What do you think bro, are there any big cocks around here?” Chelsea asked seductively, stepping towards her brother. She could see the bulge in his pants growing and she knew what he wanted to see. Chelsea grabbed her shirt and lifted it up over her head, her tits bouncing as they were released from the pull of the shirt. Chelsea took her bra off and squeezed her tits for her brother. She then turned around and dropped her skirt in front of her him, she couldn’t believe what she was doing, but it felt so good to finally expose all of herself to her brother, not to mention the boy in front of her.

“I’m such a slut when it comes to big cocks,” Chelsea said as she squatted down and took the boys cock in her mouth. She made a point of sticking her ass out so her brother could see everything. She started to rub her pussy and felt the juices running out onto her hand. It was so thrilling to be sucking someone’s cock and playing with herself in front of her brother. The show she was putting on had just the affect on her brother that she wanted. Chelsea’s brother simply couldn’t hold himself in any longer and dropped his pants behind his sister. Chelsea heard his belt being undone and without speaking, raised her ass in the air and straightened her legs. If her brother wanted her, here she was, sopping and ready for his big cock.

“So you’re a cock-slut are you, we’ll see how much of a slut you are after I fuck your ass dry,” Chelsea’s brother gruffly stated. All Chelsea could do was moan at the thought of her brother’s cock up her ass while she was sucking off a complete stranger. Without any more words, Chelsea’s brother took his cock and rubbed it all over her pussy to lube it up. As she reached around again and spread her ass for her brother, she began to feel an orgasm building. With her mouth full of cock, and her ass spread wide, she felt her brother’s head start to probe the entrance to her ass. All she wanted was to feel it deep inside, filling her whole ass, so instead of waiting for her brother to enter, she pushed her ass into her brother and his cock popped in her asshole. Chelsea gave a loud moan and started to pump her brother’s cock in and out just by moving her ass. At the same time, the boy in front of her was fucking her mouth through her movements. güvenilir bahis siteleri Neither boy moved, it was only Chelsea moving, her tits bouncing back and forth, her hands holding her ass wide open, and being fucked in the ass and the mouth simultaneously. It was the most incredible feeling to have such a large cock in her ass and she couldn’t hold back the orgasm that was building. As she pumped back and forth harder she started to cum. She moaned loudly and shook as she felt her sweet juices running down her thighs and pooling up around her feet. She was standing in her own liquid, fucking herself in the ass and mouth with a complete stranger and her brother’s cock.

As she pumped harder she heard the moans of her brother and knew he was about to cum. She wanted to taste it so bad but she knew that he would want to cum deep in her ass. As he came closer to cumming she heard the boy start to moan also. At the same time, she felt her brother ram his cock deep in her ass, surging streams of hot cum deep inside her, and the boy in front of her shoved his cock down her throat and shot at least a dozen streams of cum in her mouth. The feeling of having both ends of her body filled with cum caused her to come to a second orgasm, spilling even more of her sweet juices down her thighs. Her brother started to take his cock out but Chelsea gave a whining moan and he shoved it back in, she wanted to taste him before first period. As the boy in front of her finished spewing his load in her mouth, Chelsea pushed him back and opened her mouth, which was full of cum. She then slowly leaned forward and popped her brother’s cock out of her ass, squeezing her cheeks to keep the cum deep inside. She wanted to save that for first period.

With a mouthful of cum, she turned around and looked up at her brother, his cock was still semi-hard and dripping with her own juices and cum. She opened her mouth and started to suck his cock in her mouth. Chelsea’s mouth was overflowing with so much cock and cum that it started to dribble out of the side of her mouth and down to her tits. She didn’t care, in fact, she wasn’t going to clean it up when she was done. She wanted to fuck every boy in the school before she had to leave. The bathroom scene had revealed a part of her she never knew existed. She was a sex addict and she needed cum to subside her cravings. As she fucked her mouth with her brother’s cock, she opened her mouth and let the cum spill all over her body. She swallowed what was left and stood up slowly, making sure to keep her ass clenched so the cum would stay inside.

“I’m such a little slut,” thought Chelsea to herself, “I just fucked and sucked my brother and a complete stranger.” She loved saying the words to herself, and it only made her want sex more. The boy, speechless just like Ronny, walked out thinking about how he would remember this bathroom and that girl forever.

“Damn sis, you’re gonna tear this school apart before we leave town aren’t you?” Chelsea didn’t reply but simply wiped some cum off her tit with one finger and sucked it clean. Her brother stepped out of the bathroom looking forward to years to come with his sister at home. Chelsea simply stepped into a stall and opened her school bag looking for her first period toy. With her brother’s cum still inside her ass, not to mention her face and tits, professor Smith was in for a surprise when Chelsea sat down in first period Geometry.

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