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Chris Came to Visit

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I had text him after the incident in the pub. He had been my long standing Text Friend but we hadn’t spoken in a while. He knew I was a virgin and he instantly text back to let me know that the thought of me at the pub had made him hard.

He text back about an hour later and asked what I was up to the next week.. He was in London, I was in the North of Scotland so I never anticipated that we would meet… but he told me he had some time off and wanted to come and fuck me. There were no niceties, we had long since passed those. He wanted me to enjoy it, and made sure I wanted it, but made sure I knew he wanted to fuck me.

The days passed so slowly I never thought it would come, then it was suddenly there… I called him as he neared, because the roads are awkward. As he got close to places I knew, I got excited, and felt my body twitch, and we were still on the phone when I saw him turn into my road. I waited, sat on my garden wall, as he pulled up and got out, grinning.

I melted a little as he strolled over, put his arm round me, and kissed me softly, he was everything that I found attractive in a man, and I couldn’t wait. We got into the house and sat on the couch having a cigarette, making small talk and he pretended to sulk at the fact that I hadn’t pinned him down as soon as he walked in. He shifted in the corner of the couch, moving to face me and un-doing his jeans, asking me if I wanted to see his cock, but whipping it out without waiting for an answer. I stared at it as he bahis firmaları pushed his jeans down a little and it started to harden ever so slightly as I watched.

My fingers trembled a little as I reached out to touch it, but he caught my hand before I reached and instead, using his other hand he cupped my face and pressed his thumb against my lips, pushing in. I moan a little as he pushed it further, making me suck it as he watched, our eyes locked even as he started to move, gently thrusting his thumb in and out of my mouth.

I pulled away and curled slightly in the couch, leaning down and quickly taking his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head before pushing my lips down, so desperate to please, letting his thrust into my throat. He groaned when I help him there, managing not to gag, before moving faster, his hips bucking up against my lips as my fingers went to his balls. Pulling gently on them, I looked up at him with his cock buried between my lips and he groaned again, remembering this was the first time I had sucked… He leaned over slightly and pulled my skirt up, almost roughly, pushing my thong aside and searching for my clit with his thick fingers. Making my body shiver, I didn’t stopped moving my tongue over him until with a grunt he spilled his delicious hot come into my mouth, stroking my head as he watched me swallow it, and lap at his cock and spent balls, cleaning him.

He pulled me to him for a moment, recovering, before his hand found my crotch kaçak iddaa and lazily stroked over my lips, making me open my legs, all but begging for more.

I chuckled and asked whether or not he was allowed in my bedroom, making me smile and point the way. Being led by the wrist into my own bedroom, I watched as he moved with purpose, turning to me at the last minute, and pushing me gently to the bed, stroking his hands over my body as he undressed me swiftly. My skin tingled as his fingers brushed against me before he climbed onto the bed kneeling at the bottom before he spread my legs wide and leaned in. He looked at my shaven pussy for a moment before pushing his tongue between the wet folds, finding my clit instantly, making me yelp. Replacing his tongue with his finger, he slid his tongue down to my opening, teasing and gently fucking, wiggling it inside me, making me squirm. My head rolled back as I panted, asking for his cock… so unlike the me I presented to the rest of the world.

Grinning, as if he’d won (and he probably had), he moved up and quickly picked my ankles up onto his shoulders, rubbing his swollen head against my clit, then slapping my cunt gently with his shaft. I shifted my hips toward him, my body begging, but he made me wait, held his cock right against my pussy until I moaned fuck me. As he stared down, lust pouring down, he pushed heavily, opening me up. My eyes went wide as he slid in, rolling back slightly as he fit all the way in, waiting for me to adjust – kaçak bahis he knew I had played with toys before, but I’d had nothing as big inside me, and it felt like nothing else. My breath caught until he pulled back and started to thrust hard into me, shunting my body up the bed. I moaned, begged for more, faster, harder, anything, I’d never felt so sexual in all my life and I wanted it.

We’d spoken about anal before, and he knew that I had played with myself and he looked down, still thrusting hard, and told me he wanted my ass. In that state, he could have asked for anything and I would have said yes, but this was particularly excited as he told me to turn over and spread my legs. He spilled lube all over his cock and pushed a slippery thumb past my opening. My body tightened, but my clit was throbbing, overpowering. He moved his thumb slowly in my ass, mumbling about how tight I was, and slid one finger into my slippery cunt, moving them both at the same time, almost pinching my body between them. My hips thrust back to him as he demanded that I play with my clit. I heard him rubbing his cock behind me and closed my eyes, thinking that I would never be quite so turned on as I was now… My breath quicken and moans grew in volume as my body tightened, gripping his finger and thumb, and as he moaned at me, telling me to come, telling me how hot it was… only a few seconds and my body was thrashing on the bed, his fingers buried knuckle deep in my body and in the final waves I heard him groan and felt his come coat my ass.

He held his fingers deep in me for a few minutes as we recovered, before we lay naked together, his arm ’round me, as we recovered, sharing a fag and he told me he was glad he took it from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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