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Christian Sexcapades Fighting Devil

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This was 2007-ish I was a CHRISTIAN at the time (sinful, naughty me I know) and saw a female walking home from work.

Preface : I’m an Atheist now btw

… but at the time, I was really young and fighting my urges for sex like crazy. Having a huge dick and knowing most women value size more than they’d like to admit (I’ve been with enough women now to know that SIZE does fucckin matter to the majority of them, they’ll even cheat to get with a more hung stud).

So enough digression, I lived in Topeka, Kansas at the time (now in SF, California) and saw this female walking home from Burger King but she was sexy asf, she was somewhat short (around 5’2) and 100 lbs soaking wet (small tits, which I had to overlook, since I’m a boob guy, but I could tell just by looking at her that she was a freak and I was right!). I also knew from experience even back then, when a chic had trouble handling big dicks (the thrill of seeing a b!tch squirm on my big cock because it’s too huge for them to handle is so fucckin fun).

Typically, the ethnicity that is the most amazed by my size and have a hard time handling it are Asians, but this chic was 100% Caucasian. 41 years old at the time and kids who didn’t live with her (she also had her tubes tied and couldn’t get pregnant). I had just got done playing basketball and was driving in my brand new Camaro all white. At the time when I was younger, I thought I was the shit in that car haha and apparently she thought so too, because I just randomly asked her if she wanted to jump in and she didn’t even hesitate, she said yeah, but I need to go cash this check can you take me there first? Of course I said yeah (I was trying my hardest to be a polite Christian even though I wanted to f*ck the sh!t out of her).

I took her to the bank and then to her house (which was a small one story brick house, which I think was paid government housing for lower income people). She casino şirketleri asked me if I had any cigarettes and I said nah I don’t smoke, but it was as if she also was waiting for me to make a move. I was battling my religious mindset and I just wished her well and said I hope to see her around again sometime. She smiled and said cool… yeah maybe…

She gets out and goes into her house and I made sure I remembered her spot. She lived only a half mile away from me. A day later (or night later I should say) I was like FUCC THIS I GOTTA GO SMASH THAT AZZ! I waited until the night time and I snuck up to her window because I saw she had a candle lit and heard some low music (since her window was open). I was thinking DAMN THIS MUST BE THE DEVIL OR SOMETHING (thinking that it was like she knew I would come over that night). I go up to the window (it’s about 10PM at night) and say PSST.. SAMANTHA, ARE YOU IN THERE? She got up real fast and said WHO THE FUCC IS IT? I told her it was the dude who drove her home the day before and to go open the door to let me in! She didn’t even hesitate she opened it.

All she had on was this light blue one piece dress that barely went down to her knees. She had such small tits that she didn’t wear a bra and wasn’t even wearing panties. I pick her up immediately knowing she’ll let me fucc her if I wanted to, and I bring her to her bed. You’ll never believe it, but she was actually masturbating with her small dildo before I came over and burning incense in her window. I said oh you were playing without me huh? And said I’m way bigger than that small little toy she’s got. She said oh that’s just my rabbit vibe I have a bigger dildo in my dresser drawer. She pulled out the dildo and it was like 6 inches and thin. I said I’m still way bigger than that too! She said she has a hard time with bigger because her cervix is short and sort of tilts upwards, but that she was casino firmaları a pain slut with the right guy (I had her pegged and seemingly knew she was a pain slut type when I saw her). She also had BDSM shit in her drawer like handcuffs, whip, etc..

She said that if my cock was bigger than the heels she wore, she’d be impressed because most guys boast about their size but never really measure up. I said, let’s make it a deal then, if you can’t even wrap your hand around my cock and touch pointer index finger to thumb, you have to let me fuck you any way I want and as hard as I want. She said there was never a guy or even dildo she tried where she couldn’t wrap her hand around it, so she said OK LET’S SEE IT!

I pulled my cock out and her eyes got huge. She said oh shit… you’re gonna have to warm me up, I haven’t had a dick or even toy that big since I was younger and tried to take it. She couldn’t even touch thumb to middle finger, let alone thumb to pointer (she was tiny everywhere like I said). I told her that we made a deal, so I pulled the ball-gag out of her drawer and said she was gonna need that because I was gonna ignore her SAFE WORD (which I never gave her) any dammn way. She said FUCC… THAT’S HOT THOUGH… YOU’RE GONNA DESTROY ME! BUT I DID LOSE DIDN’T I? (she winked).

I pull her flimsy dress off over her head and I could barely stick two fingers in her pussy and barely one finger in her ass. Put the Ball-gag in her mouth and she’s literally moaning like I’ve never heard any other b!tch moan. I fuccked her hard in the Ass first and said she would have to be a good girl and earn enough points for pussy pleasures. I had to keep lubing her up because it would barely go in halfway. I then tried to fuck her pussy and her pussy was literally tighter than her ass even though she was soaking wet! I kept spanking her and telling her she was my new fuck toy. She would whimper and güvenilir casino try to say FUCC IT HURTS as I pounded harder. And yes she did have a short cervix because as many times as we fuccked, I could never go in all the way.

I then busted a nut all over her face and she swallowed some of it. She said it hurt like a mutherfuccker when I was hitting it in doggystyle especially and she may have to take the next day off from work (and laughed but said she was serious). Me, being the prick I was (even back then in my Christian days) I purposely fucked her in doggystyle every time FIRST from that day forward knowing she couldn’t handle it. She said even though I was a prick she liked it and said most guys are too gentle and they stop when you start saying it hurts, but I’m more sadistic in bed. I knew she would like that shit from day 1.

Then she said that she’d probably never find another guy with a dick my size as well as being so hot as I was. So she never turned me down for over 2 years whenever I went to her place she’d let me fuck her and all those two years, she never got used to my size because of that cervix issue. She would even bleed sometimes because I smashed it so hard from the back, but she took it. She’d even make me dinner and breakfast (if I stayed the night haha).

I then moved to San Francisco around 2009. But I’ve noticed that there are certain types of women who have a similar look or vibe (typically MILFs or Cougars in their 30s, 40s and 50s who smoke, small tits, etc.. not sure if there is a science behind this, but just something I’ve picked up with experience of being with so many. She also said many times without me saying anything of my preference, that she wanted to get a boob job, so there may be an ‘INSECURITY’ factor in there) I immediately know that they’re exactly the same (and 90 to 95% of the time I’m right). Even if b!tches can’t take a huge cock like mine, they’d rather take them pain of it, than deal with a smaller dude. I recently contacted that Samantha chic from Topeka on FB and she’s still living there, but hasn’t found another guy with my size or the ability to turn her into a whiny lil pain slut like I was able to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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