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Christmas at the Shopping Mall

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Big Dick

Just Another Day?

It was a typical Saturday morning – up by seven, read the newspaper, drank some coffee, and dressed by eight. The moment we were dressed, Cindy got busy with her usual weekend chores, while I checked the mail and paid some bills on-line.

During one of her many trips into my home office, Cindy suggested that we should do a bit of Christmas shopping later this morning. She suggested we go to the Mall in the city, and afterward enjoy a leisurely lunch there. Which sounded good to me; as I had no previously plans today.

As I worked on the bills, I noticed that every time Cindy would walk by me, she’d wink, or lick her full lips, or sway those luscious inviting hips of hers. She was going out of her way to tease me a little this morning; not that I’d ever kick a fuss about that.

I’m no expert about women (nor will any man ever be) but I do know one thing for sure, it’s that most men are lost when it comes to understanding a woman’s moods, or why they do what they do. My philosophy – just smile and nod approvingly, and go with the flow. Most guys can’t differentiate between woman’s moods any more than they can separate laundry successfully.

The Ride To The Shopping Mall

In the car on our way to the Shopping Mall, I checked out my wife’s outfit. She wore a very short black shiny leather skirt, (which was much shorter than she usually wears) black silk stockings, with a sexy design stitched into them. A black waist length form fitting lambskin jacket, which didn’t cover much of her top half; especially in front when it was unzipped, as it now was. Underneath the jacket, she wore a white, low-cut, tight fitting, silky, see-through top, which couldn’t hide the sexy white lacy push up bra she was wearing beneath it.

It was difficult to keep my eyes off her ample cleavage, and concentrate on driving the car. On top of that, it looked like her puffy nipples were winking at me.

Cindy pretended like she didn’t notice me checking her out, as she causally adjusted her bottom in the car seat a little, which made her short skirt ride up even higher, as she was seated in the tiny bucket seat of our white Corvette. That was when I noticed that her stockings tops were now exposed; which had a fancy white design embroidered at the top of the elastic band which held them up, and a tiny white ruffled lace above the elastic band.

As she nonchalantly wiggled her bottom even more, pretending to get even more conformable in her seat, it caused her short skirt to ride up a bit more. Then, I caught a brief glimpse of her creamy white thigh flesh, and a few inviting curly hairs of her neatly trimmed light brown bush peeking out under her shiny black short skirt. I suddenly gasped at the fact that my innocent little wife was wearing no underwear.

What I would have given to stop the car right there at that moment, and run my tongue along those inviting lips, before plunging it into that delicious silky vagina of hers; but I didn’t – I tried my best to keep my composure, act as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and keep the damn car on the road and not in a ditch.

Our eyes briefly met, as she winked at me sexily & innocently, as she tugged down her short skirt a little. I groaned, and she girlishly giggled under her breath.

We didn’t speak again during the rest of the drive. Instead, we listened to a Christmas CD playing on the car’s stereo. My libido was working overtime as I keep thinking about my beautiful wife, with no underpants on. I’d asked her many times to go commando in public, but she always claimed that it just wasn’t sanitary.

The thought that I could finger her pussy anytime I wanted in that car, excited me. The front of my pants started to bulge, causing me to shift in my seat to get comfortable.

J.C. Penny’s

We parked in the Shopping Mall parking lot by JC Penny’s, and went inside. Cindy went immediately to the lingerie section. As she usually does, she looked over everything slowly and in complete detail, while I just awkwardly stood in the aisle, tapping my feet, or idly walking between aisles. Watching my wife shop for lingerie in a department store was about as awkward for me as getting a prostrate exam by my male doctor; but I knew enough not to say anything to her that might spoil her unusual, and completely unexpected, frisky mood.

At one point she held up a tiny (very skimpy, frilly & expensive) see thru white mesh thong to her waist, and said a little too loud (in her best sexy and girlish naughty voice), “What do you think, Hun? Or, do you think it’s ‘too much’?” Then, she slowly started to raise her short skirt up slightly, exposing the stocking tops which had a fancy white design embroidered at the top of the elastic band which held them up, and a tiny white ruffled lace above the elastic band, and a little peek of her creamy smooth white bare thigh flesh on top of it. I think I mumbled something to the fact that they were ‘too little’, and not ‘too much’.

Cindy casino şirketleri never wore Thongs. Never! She always said they made her feel like she had a Wedgie. Then she again said innocently and sexily, while holding the sexy thong to her waist, “Do you think they will look good on, Hun?” I nervously looked around and saw an elderly gray haired man looking our way. The old guy looked like a deer caught in my car’s headlights at night. He was transfixed. His old, extremely overweight wife was bending down, (which wasn’t a pretty site before lunch) checking out some washing machine sized white cotton underwear on a lower shelf. I said to Cindy, “Careful …people may be watching.” She innocently smiled, and winked naughtily at me.

I looked at my watch and started to pace a little more while Cindy continued to shop. I was happy when she finally said she was ready to checkout, because I was starting to get really hungry.


After I paid for the purchases Cindy made, we slowly walked down to the Food Court in the center of the Mall, to decide what food to eat for lunch. During the walk, she unzipped her black waist length lambskin jacket. I noticed a few of the men looking a bit too long at Cindy and at her short black shinny leather skirt and cleavage showing tight fitting white see-through top, (that one could clearly see through). Cindy never wore skirts that short before, and I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about it. On one hand I liked having Cindy looked at by the guys that way, but on the other hand I wasn’t totally sure I was completely comfortable with this different feeling either. I decided to relax a bit, and go with Cindy’s unusual frisky mood.

It was the holiday season and The Mall was terribly crowded, especially the food court. It was so crowded that people were shoulder to shoulder. On a few occasions, I noticed a few men rubbing up to Cindy, with their crotches to her ass, as we passed through large crowds of people. Some even brushed their hands across her ass quickly, and then apologized as if they had been bumped into her by the pressing holiday shoppers. Cindy, amazingly, and completely out of character, acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Every fast food joint had long lines, and the aroma of all the different foods mingling in the air was not pleasant. Kids, more kids, old people, wannabe’s, and grossly overweight people filled our vision. At one point Cindy said, “Doesn’t anybody dress up a little anymore?” I quickly replied, “Or bathe?” Our shoes felt sticky on the floor.

After not making any decisions on what to eat, we decided to walk a bit more. When we left the Food Court it wasn’t as crowded, and Cindy decided to take off her leather jacket because she said it was too warm & stuffy in here. Now, more so than before, Cindy was getting more stares, because of her short shinny black leather skirt and tight fitting low cut white silky top (that one could clearly see through). The little points of her puffy nipples were starting to pop through the thin material. Queerly, I wondered how they could be getting hard, if she was so warm, and not cold?

Victoria’s Secret

We (Cindy) decided to walk to Kaufman’s to check out the perfume samples, but not before she was sidetracked into Victoria’s Secret on the way to look at more lingerie. I didn’t mind the sidetrack. In fact, I always enjoyed going into Victoria’s Secret. It must be a prerequisite that all the sales-ladies hired there must be very hot looking? Most guys wouldn’t be caught dead in there ‘alone’ – I know I wouldn’t. Whenever I purchased lingerie for Cindy for Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, or her birthday, or any special occasion, I purchase them on-line. But, with your wife with you at Victoria’s Secret, it suddenly made it acceptable, and erotic.

While we were in there, Cindy bent over way many too many times, while checking out the all sexy undies. Today, she seemed to be most interested in everything on the lower shelves? She would occasionally look over at me and wink. What a sexy site, she was! One time, she bent over way too much, and everything was exposed for all to see, …and did they ever see! Embarrassed, I looked around, and everyone in there, women and men, were looking at Cindy. Cindy just acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Finally, after another lingerie set was selected, and some body lotion was picked out, we (me) purchased them. The attractive (beautifully dressed and smelling) mid thirties saleslady was overly polite to Cindy, while checking us out (ignoring me completely). She kept telling Cindy how lovely the purchases would look on her. As we left, the sales lady winked at her and said, “Here’s my card, if you ever have any questions about your purchases, or future purchases, please call me.”


After we left Victoria’s Secret, I teasingly mentioned to Cindy that I thought that the saleswoman wanted her. Of course, Cindy thought that was completely casino firmaları ridiculous, and said that the lady was just being friendly and doing her job. Not wanting to press the issue, and possibly spoil this unexpected rare mood of hers today, I let it slide.

As we walked to Kaufman’s we passed the rip-off Santa and his Elves. (Can you believe it costs fifteen bucks to have your kid’s picture taken with him? Then, they try to sell you more Santa stuff. I guess that’s what Christmas has become?)

Cindy smiled at all the kids, their parents, and Santa, taking in the whole Christmas spirit.

“How’s Ruby Tuesdays sound for lunch, Babe?”

“That sounds great, but let’s shop for some perfume first, okay, Hun? If I’m going to look sexy for you in all these new undies that we (we?) just bought, I need to smell sexy too! …Just imagine how nice I’ll look when you post the pictures we take of me in them on Adult Friend Finder?”

Feeling slightly castrated by my prior words about the sales lady comment I made after leaving Victoria’s Secret, and under the influence of a twinge in my shorts from looking & thinking about Cindy today, I obediently followed her, as my buddy in my pants was slowly starting to come alive again.

While we were in Kaufman’s, smelling all the sample smells, we noticed a nice, attractive, in-love looking couple, sampling all the perfumes also. They smiled at us and we smiled back at them. After awhile, when the women were preoccupied with sampling all the various scents, the guy said told me that he was starving, but his wife wanted to shop for perfume first. Pretty soon the ladies started chatting about their favorite perfumes and such, giggling about some of the names for them. Such as: Whips & Roses, Midnight Fantasy, Emotion Essence, Guilty, etc. All the while, I could see the other guy, trying his best to be nonchalant, checking my wife’s body out. I thought, “If he only knew that she didn’t have any Panties on.” Suddenly, I started to get another erection at the thought of my normally shy wife casually speaking to these people, while she had no underpants on. This was so totally out of character for her, and for me to be allowing it, and popping a rod in public thinking about it. This definitely wasn’t my normally shy and conservative wife, nor was my behavior & thoughts normal. The other guy’s wife was very attractive also, and I couldn’t not stare at her on a few occasions also. Nice curves, tight clothes, large breasts, perfect hips, a beautiful face, and very friendly! They seemed like a very nice couple down to earth couple, and not stuck on themselves at all.

Finally, Cindy announced her perfume decision to the attractive middle aged sales lady.

I told the guy, “Well, now maybe my wife will let me eat lunch?”

He laughed and replied, “Hopefully, mine will too.”

As Cindy was cashing out, As I handed her my American Express card, she accidentally, (or at least I think it was accidentally) dropped it on the floor by the cash register. It’s gold color shimmered under the florescent lighting. As everyone was looking a the credit card on the floor, Cindy bent down to pick it up, giving this couple, and the cute saleslady, and me, a fantastic, from the rear, bare ass pussy shot. Her silky vagina and curly light brown well trimmed pussy hairs were completely visable to all of us. Suddenly, and instantly, my cock sprang to attention (and so did the other guy’s).


As I embarrassingly walked out of Kaufman’s holding all of Cindy’s purchases, Cindy sexily winked at me. I felt very uncomfortable walking as my “big as it could be” dick was starting to get twisted up in my shorts & regular fit jeans. I again wondered what had come into my normally shy girl. But, I was having way too much fun with this at this point, to even think of uttering any word of protest.

As we walked by Santa and his Elves again, Cindy said, “Hun, I want to tell Santa what I want for Christmas, and have my picture taken with him.” She answered my obvious frown with a cute, sexy, irresistibly sexy look, so I reluctantly said “Okay.”

As we waited our turn in the long barely moving line, I felt completely foolish. Finally, when it was Cindy’s turn to pay, I paid the fifteen bucks to one of Santa’s cute, but bored looking, lady Elf’s. Cindy smiled & calmly waited her turn in line, as if in no hurry, while I grumbled under my breath and paced, holding all her purchases, feeling like a complete fool, noticing that she was the only adult in the line. When it was finally her turn to see Santa, she walked up to Santa and sat on his big lap. Her short shinny black leather skirt was hiked up too far and everyone, including Santa, got a great view of her long sleek stockinged legs, her stockings tops which had a fancy white design embroidered at the top of the elastic band which held them up, and the tiny white ruffled lace above the elastic band, and a little peek of her bare creamy silky white flesh güvenilir casino of her thighs above the stockings.

Santa said to Cindy, “Ho, Ho, Ho, young Lady …now, what would we (we?) like for Christmas this year?” Cindy, while sensuously wiggling around on his lap, whispered something in his ear. Santa immediately got redder in the face than usual, and just said, “…Ho, …Ho, …Ho!”

Just then, one of Santa’s lady elves snapped the picture of them. Then, Cindy got off Santa’s lap, kissed him on the cheek, and gave him a mischievous wink. When we received the picture from the lady elf, the lady elf gave us both a nasty look. Cindy seemed oblivious to the lady elf, and her nasty look.

Ruby Tuesday’s

We walked the short distance to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch. (Finally!) There was a long line of people waiting to be seated. We patiently waited our turn in line, as Cindy received looks from passing men. A few minutes later, that nice couple from Kaufman’s walked up to the line behind us and stood behind us. We said hello again, and so did they. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem shocked by Cindy’s earlier behavior in Kaufman’s, in fact, they seemed overly pleasant to us. The guy said, “Looks like there’s a little wait.” I said, “Yes, but hopefully not for too long.” During the wait we (mostly the women) all chatted about shopping and such. The women seemed to hit it off right away.

A few minutes later, we were told that there was a booth ready for us. As we were walking to our booth, we heard the person from the restaurant tell the nice couple we had been chatting with, that there would be a bit of a wait for another table for them. It was the Holiday Season and the Mall was unusually crowded, and so was the restaurant. After we were seated, Cindy asked me if I would mind if we asked that nice couple to join us at our booth, so they don’t have to wait so long. I replied, “Okay.” I didn’t care, just as long as I got something to eat soon. Cindy walked back to the nice couple that were still waiting in line by the door and asked them if they would like to join us at our booth, so they wouldn’t have to wait so long to eat. They thanked her, and said yes.

Soon we were all sitting at the same table. They introduced themselves as Debbie and Paul, and we introduced ourselves as Cindy and Bob. We ordered wine and a few appetizers, before deciding on what to have for lunch. Because the restaurant was so busy, after the wine arrived, we didn’t see our waiter again for a long time.

In the mean time, we chatted with these lovely down to earth and attractive people. We all enjoyed the carafe of wine in front of us. They seemed like a nice, average, down to earth, couple. Just like us. Not pretentious, or arrogant. Paul and I ate all the bread sticks in front of us.

After a while, the carafe of wine was empty. We flagged down a passing waitress, and asked if we had been forgotten by our waiter. She apologized for the unusually long wait, and said she would send him over with another, on the house, carafe of wine.

Soon, the wine and appetizers arrived to our table by our young, early twenties waiter, and we quickly ordered our lunches, before he got away. All the while, I noticed Paul taking quick peeks at Cindy’s ample cleavage, which was clearly noticeable through the white low cut tight fitting top she was wearing. Her lacy push up bra seemed even more noticeable through the thin top’s material, especially in the over the table Tiffany style lighting. Her cute puffy nipples were becoming evidently hard, again.

As Cindy was sitting at the table, because her skirt was so short, and because of the way her legs were crossed, the very edge of the embroidered elastic band of her stocking tops just barely showed below the hem of her skirt. Paul had noticed that fact too. I also observed that Debbie had noticed Paul taking quick peeks at Cindy’s short skirt, and the elastic band of her stocking tops, as well as her ample cleavage and puffy nipples pressing through her thin top. Debbie smiled at Paul, with a look showing she knew exactly what he was thinking. Instead of being upset, she seemed amused. Then, I thought that they were a pretty “together couple”. He’s checking out another woman, right in front of her, and she seems cool with it. They must be pretty tight emotionally, to do this without any jealousy or anger. I thought that they must have a pretty strong (and fun) relationship.

I’ll admit that I couldn’t help but take some passing, longer than usual glances at Debbie’s nicely shaped body also. Her clothes fit “just right”, in all the “right places”, and her personality was deliciously irresistible.

All the while, I kept thinking about Cindy not having any panties on. I knew Paul was looking at her upper stockings & crotch area, whenever he thought nobody was looking, and I knew if Cindy turned just right, he may just see “everything'” My cock couldn’t help but grow even harder in my pants, and soon it was twisting up in my Jockey underwear again. The pressure was starting to become too uncomfortable to bear. Not wanting to adjust my shorts in front of this couple, and relieve the pressure, I politely excused myself to go to the rest room and wash my hands, before eating.

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