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Christmas Eve Ch. 01

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Two years ago, December 24th, 2007.


I was slouching over the bar counter, staring straight down into my martini. Here I was Christmas Eve, drunkenly contemplating life, and why I was sitting here so alone.

So what if I was the successful vice president of my male-oriented company? So what if I lived in a high-rise apartment complex in downtown Manhattan? None of that meant anything without someone to share it with. And lately, work had consumed my life.

My last relationship ended the minute I left college and entered the real world in 2005. I couldn’t even remember what sex feels like. What happened to my life?

I was too consumed, and in all honesty, too drunk to notice someone slide into the bar stool next to me. When the person spoke up, I jumped and spilled my drink onto my designer business skirt.

As I started to dab a napkin onto my lap, I felt her hand reach down and start patting me. I looked up at her incredulously.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m sorry I scared you.” Drunk or sober, I had never seen such a beautiful girl- or person. She had long chestnut hair, that fell to her hips, mile-long legs that she showed off in a short skirt, large breast that filled her beautiful business blouse to the brim.

“Oh, no, it’s fine. I’m just too self-absorbed to notice my surroundings,” I said, adding a bashful ‘thank you’ for her help.

“Really, what’s the matter? Something another girl can help with?” she asked quizzically.

“Not really… I mean I’m alone on Christmas Eve for the second year in a row. How do you help that? Well, so are you, but God, you’re beautiful, why are you a-”

She cut me off mid-babble. “This isn’t about me. You are stunning. I can’t imagine why a girl like you would be alone. Please, do elaborate.”

She was perfect. Her emerald eyes seared right through me, as if piercing my soul, searching for an answer.

“I.. well, I can’t find time for a man, and even if I could- men just seem to run when they find out I am more successful than they probably ever will be. I know how cocky I seem, but it’s the truth. No man will even hit on me at my office, because they are too embarrassed that I outrank them.”

Her eyes lit up. “Interesting. So you’re going crazy sexually?”

“Well, yes,” I admitted. “

“I’m Grace Micelli, what is your name?”

“Adrienne Troy.”

“Pleased to meet you Adrienne. I live in the hotel above, would you like to casino oyna come up and continue our conversation where it’s quieter?”

I wondered where her boyfriend was. She must have one.

“Sure,” I said.

We made our way through the Christmas garland-clad bar, to the shimmery gold elevator, and up to her beautiful suite that overlooked the city. She offered me another martini from her personal bar, to which I accepted.

“Adrienne, like I said, you are gorgeous. And you do not deserve to be alone on Christmas Eve. Please, get comfortable.” I looked around and saw many black and white photographs on the walls of various nude women.

I gulped and I obliged as I removed my coat. As she made my drink, I could not help but to stare at her beautiful curves and perfect face. My heart raced, and I felt myself becoming nervous despite my liquored-up state.

Grace walked over to me and sat right next to me on the white leather couch. There were three other couches and yet she still chose to sit so close that I could see straight down into her shirt. Her breasts were perfectly sitting in the cups.

I leaned back into the plush couch, and as she began to speak, I again felt her hand on my lap. I instantly felt even more nervous.

“Please, don’t be nervous. I’m just another girl. Did you know that I am a photographer?

“I had noticed a few photographs around, did you take those?”

“Yes, I am a professional nude photographer for a magazine here in the city. Do you like any?”

“I do. That one over there with the woman laying in the silk sheets is beautiful,” I said.

“Well, Adrienne, that was taken here in my apartment. But you know what, I think you are so beautiful that I would love to photograph you. It would be strictly professional”

I was shaken up. I was dunk, and I was getting worse. My body was numb, my heart was racing, and yet I nodded a yes. She was mesmerizing. It was like I couldn’t say no.

She grinned. “That’s amazing. I’ll get the consent forms tomorrow for you, but right now, let’s do this.”

Grace pulled me up off the couch, and even though the walls were entirely glass, she started to undress me. I didn’t stop her.

First came my collared button down shirt, then my skirt and my pantyhose. I was standing in her living room in just my black bra, black lacy panties, and black high heels.

“Wow,” she gasped.

She grabbed her camera from the bar slot oyna counter and began to snap pictures of me. I had no idea what I was doing; yet, she seemed to like it. The encouragement just rolled on in.

I put my hands on my hips, hands behind my head, laid seductively on the couch, the works. My inhibition was disappearing.

From behind the camera she said, “why don’t you take off that bra for me?”

I didn’t care anymore. I unsnapped my bra and let my D-cup breasts fall. My nipples were instantly hard. I held them in various ways and more pictures ensued.

I took initiative and decided to take off my panties.

“Good!” she said.

My light brown pubic hair was closely trimmed, and I thanked God that I decided to shave. I bent over and let her take some pictures from behind of my smooth pussy lips.

Suddenly I felt her against me, no more clicking sounds from the camera, and I looked up to see her holding my hips, rubbing my bare skin.

My inhibition instantly came back. I stood up and pulled away, but she pulled closer.

“What are you doing?” I shrieked.

“Adrienne, calm down. You’re pictures are lacking ferocious sexuality. I need to get you turned on so that it will show in your pictures.”

I tried to pull away from her, but she continued to pull me into her body. She was so beautiful, but I wasn’t sure if I could do this.

I was stumbling and trying to pick my clothes up to get dressed, but she pulled me forcefully into her bedroom and pushed me down onto her king sized bed.

“Stop it,” she said, “Just stop.”

I tried to object but she pushed me down and began to struggle with me. I began to feel one limb at a time becoming restrained until I could no longer move.

“Oh my God!” I yelled, “What the hell are you doing?”

“I am just trying to calm you down. You’re overreacting. This is no big deal!”

I was scared. My body completely exposed and nothing I could do about it. The straps were so tight that there was no chance of getting out. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to. It was just that she came onto me so quickly that I got nervous.

She began undressing. Her body was excruciatingly perfect. Her breasts were large and perky; her vagina was completely shaved.

She crawled onto the bed, over my body, breasts hanging above my face. She let her hair sweep across my skin until I got shivers.

She must have sensed that I liked it, because canlı casino siteleri she began to suckle on my right nipple like she was a kitten feeding on its mother. She was licking, tugging, kissing, and nibbling gently. All the while she pressed her breast into me. I felt myself getting wet. She moved onto my other nipple.

I involuntarily began to moan softly as she kissed and licked the underside of my breasts and down to my stomach.

She rubbed and licked my inner thighs and this caused a slight tingle.

Suddenly her tongue was flatly licking my clit with full force and my legs pulled against the restraints. She pulled my clit into her mouth and sucked it relentlessly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door open and someone enter. I jolted but she flicked and sucked my clit nonstop.

A naked female walked over to me and I began to yell nonsense. I was confused, turned-on, and unable to move. My clit throbbed and swelled in her mouth and the new female didn’t hesitate to continue on my nipples where Grace left off. The new sensation caused me to moan louder and buck harder against the two. That’s why when a third and fourth female came in, I didn’t scream again. The third began to suck on my other nipple, and the fourth began to take pictures.

Both of my nipples were being sucked on as my clit was being flicked, and this combination began to make me shake uncontrollably. An orgasm welled up from inside of me and consumed my whole body. I screamed as my vagina squirted for the first time in my life onto Grace’s face. No one stopped sucking and licking but my body was too sensitive. I screamed and moaned for minutes as I had two more orgasms.

Suddenly my right nipple was vacated and the girl climbed onto me and pushed her vagina into my face. I tried to move my face, but I was locked in place by her legs. “Lick it!” she screamed.

I began to lick the outside of her soft lips and pushed my tongue between them. I felt her hard clit on my tongue and began to lick it gently. She began to rock her hips as my body was still being pleasured. My nipple still being suckled, my clit still being licked, and suddenly a finger being inserted into my wet hole. I really enjoyed giving and receiving simultaneously.

The finger thrusted and pressed against my G-spot. I licked and licked and felt her juices dripping onto my chin. I was greedy for her pussy and wanted to eat her out forever.

Suddenly she began to orgasm but I didn’t stop licking. I was so excited and felt so good that I kept going despite the fact that I was about to orgasm too. Her clit was wet and slippery on my tongue and the little bulb was getting bigger.

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