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Chronicles of Naughtiness Ch. 02

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(Essential to Read Part I)

Having pulled her legs together, I rubbed and massaged them until I reached the waistband of her panties. When I had a secure grip, she lifted her hips ever so slightly, helping me to remove them. Of course, I went slowly, wanting to savour the experience of her allowing me to do so.

“What do you need to do now, Brenda?”

She lifted her head slightly from the bed, “You want me to open my legs again?”

“What do you need to do now, Brenda?”

“Open my legs”. (She rested comfortably on the bed before opening her legs.)

“Good girl!”

I stood up and looked into her eyes; willing her to look into mines. When she did, “Look how hard I am for you”. I looked at my hardness, visible through my slacks, then looked up to see if she was seeing what I wanted her to see; of course, she was; her eyes fixed on my hardness. “I could unzip and slide into you right now but, first, I have something else for you.”

I got back on my knees and leaned forward so my hands could reach her beautifully shaved pussy. “I just want you to enjoy yourself; relax and let yourself go. Nothing I do will bring you pain; well, not until I spank that lovely arse of yours. “

I started rubbing her inner thighs, her buttocks, back to her inner thighs and above her vagina, all the while telling her how beautiful she looks. I leaned forward and smelt her pussy and told how lovely she smelled. “Umm, I’m going to enjoy tasting you, but right now I’m going to jerk you off”.

I said this purposefully, knowing that she wouldn’t know what I was on about. I learned quite a few things in Europe and one thing in particular consisted of jerking bahis firmaları a woman off. “Remember, I’d never hurt you.” I rubbed along her labia, careful not to make contact with the hood of her clitoris. I combined this sensation with rubbing her bottom and inner thighs. I wanted the blood to rush to her vagina; soon I could tell my efforts were having the desired affect. Brenda was relaxing and her soft moans encouraged me, so I licked along her labia before using my left forefinger and thumb to squeeze the clitoris hood together. When Brenda moaned loudly, I started jerking her off with up and down movements of my hand. When I discovered the right jerking sensation for her, I used two fingers of my right hand and slowly inserted them into her pussy. Brenda responded by grinding herself on my fingers. With my two fingers inside her, I pressed downward, simulating fucking her whilst jerking her off.

“Oh, that feels so good, please don’t stop.”

“You don’t want me to stop, Brenda?”

“No, please, please keep doing what you’re doing”

“Oh, I’m just getting started, naughty girl. I have another way to jerk you off”

Because of the novelty of it, Brenda was quickly nearing an orgasm, but I wanted to extend her pleasure and mine; it’s so wonderful exploring a woman’s body and helping her to reach orgasm. I removed my fingers and released the pressure on the hood of her clitoris. I could tell from her gyrations that she didn’t want me to stop, but I had something more in stored for her.

I quickly leaned forward and gently took hold of her upper labia and hood of her clitoris. When I was comfortable, I started an up and down, jerking motion. Um, kaçak iddaa I could see her enlarged clitoris going in and out; Brenda started rocking up and down, matching my rhythm. I was jerking her off and she was getting close.

“Oh, that’s it, please don’t stop.”

Ah, yes, you like me jerking you off don’t you, Brenda?”

“Oh, fuck yes, I love it.”

“Will you give me what I want, Brenda?”

“Yes, of course … ah, oh yes, anything you want”

I deliberately slowed my jerking motion; this upset the rhythm we had going. “How can I be sure you’ll give me what I want, Brenda?”

“Oh, oh, please, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t stop, please.”

I resumed my action and she immediately started rocking her hips up and down. “What will you do for me, Brenda?”


“Like what, Brenda?”

She was so close now, “I’ll suck you off”. I slowed down just a little “Ah, no, you can fuck me, please, please don’t stop.”

“You know what I want don’t you? You remember what I like you to say don’t you?

“Yes, oh, yes, please, please fuck my ass!”

“Oh, yes, that’s my naughty girl”. I made an O shape with my mouth and put it over the hood of Brenda’s clitoris and sucked in and out until she exploded, her thighs squeezing the sides of my head.

When she finally released me, I stopped sucking and slide back to my knees; I waited for her nectar. When the white crème came into view, I moved forward so that I could capture it with my tongue with one long stroke. “Um, that tastes so delicious!” I straighten her legs and pulled her dress down before lying down next to her. I needed to let her recover before making kaçak bahis my next move.

“Oh, baby, that was so good.” She leaned into me and we kissed passionately. “What do you want me to do baby; I mean, do you want my ass?”

I smiled at her, “I do but not tonight. I what you to get on top of me and ride my cock, only I want a reverse ride; I want to see your lovely ass in action.”

She flashed a wicked smile, “I’d love to ride your cock!” She adjusted her skirt then slid over before pushing me onto my back, then climbed on top of me. Looking into my eyes, she leaned forward and kissed me passionately as she adjusted herself. “I know you want it the other way round, but can I have some this way?”

I smiled, giving her a side ways look, “For a little bit!”

She placed her hands on both side of my face and we kissed, whilst she teased my cock, letting it slide up and down her pussy and ass until finally she lifted up and went down on me, her pussy enveloping my hardness. She settled down, allowing us to adjust ourselves before breaking our kiss. She then placed her hands on my chest and leaned forward with a broad smile. “Can I?!

“By all means, do!”

“Don’t move; let me do all the work!”

“Absolutely, I don’t want it any other way.” Um, she rocked me until the brink of orgasm before taking hold of her skirt and spinning around with my cock still inside her.

We adjusted ourselves once again, my legs together and hers astride mine. She leaned forward for support and rocked me good and hard, her ass sliding up and down on my cock.

“Um, what a lovely sigh this is.” It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. “Ah, yeah, I’m ready now” My words just encouraged her.

She turned to face me, but didn’t stop sliding up and down. “Please cum inside me”

“Yes, right now; ah, yes, I’m cumming”.

“That’s good, baby; cum inside me.”

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