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Cindy’s Night Out

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Work for the last few months had been tough on both of us. We were going through the motions of day to day living, seemingly consumed by our daily ritual. We needed some excitement as a break from the mundane life of work and household. It was time to stretch our horizons. I decided that a special night out could spice up life for us, including life in the bedroom.

Step 1 was to plan an evening out. Maybe a night on the town would loosen Cindy up and allow us to live on the edge long enough to forget about work, bills, family situations, and all of the other mundane priorities that weigh you down?

I reached out to some friends of ours to see if they would join us. Mike and Marilyn were good friends who I could depend on to bring some excitement to the party. We made plans to go to one of the trendy hot spots in town.

Step 2 was to add some excitement for Cindy. Cindy still has a hot body, but was never the one to dress to risque, or show off just to be the center of attention. But, she also enjoyed having a good time when the situation presented itself. It was time to make sure it did.

It was a friend of a friend of a friend sort of deal that brought me to Tito. I was told he was a massage therapist, but I was pretty sure he was a male dancer. Either way, he would work for my plan.

It was a simple plan. Give Cindy some much needed attention. The plan was to have a fun evening with friends and then head home for a night of romance. Tito was a tool to make that happen. I was certain that some male attention during the evening would not only help her relax, but free up some inhibitions and the effects of a stressful few months. It would all be innocent enough, right?

We met our friends at the bar around eight and ordered the first round of drinks and some food. The first round went down too quick, so we ordered a second round. Cindy was dressed in one of her favorite blouses and a mid-thigh skirt that was tight on her ass. When she walked across the room, more than a few men took notice. That is when I got the text from Tito.

I politely excused myself and wandered to the corner of the bar, just out of sight of our table. That is where I met Tito. He was every bit of the tall, dark and handsome type with a bronze tan, dark hair, and a body that could win a contest. Oh boy.

I explained what I wanted. Nothing more than some attention for Cindy to make her feel special. That was worth $50 now and $50 on our way out the door, and I would buy him a drink. We agreed and devised a quick plan for the chance encounter.

The night continued with another round of drinks, some more appetizers, and a shot of tequila. Cindy was sitting close to me, our thighs rubbing occasionally, generating some electricity between us. I was growing more horny by the minute, to the point where I wanted to abandon the plan. Cindy continued talking with Marilyn. Over walks Tito.

“Hey Tito, how have you been?” I greeted him as if I had not seen him in months. I introduced him to the group as an old work acquaintance from a job-site. He exchanged pleasantries with Mike and Marilyn, and then took Cindy’s hand with a special touch of admiration.

“Is this your lovely wife that you told me about?” he asked through his latino accent.

“Yes, this is Cindy.” I replied.

He looked deep into Cindy’s eyes and I could see her gaze back at him. She looked him in the eye and then drifted down to check out the rest of him. We started chatting among the five of us for a few minutes.

I ordered another round of drinks, this time including one for Tito. By now the band was playing and people were on the dance floor. I am not much of the dancing type. Tito gave me the look and I responded with a very subtle nod of approval. The next song was perfect and he asked Cindy if she danced.

She politely declined, but I nudged her.

“Go ahead, you love to dance. Have a little fun!”

With that she and Tito hit the dance floor for what turned out to be two songs. The band took a break and Tito led her by the hand back to the table. Perfect.

We continued our drinks with some more small talk, a lot of laughing and I could tell we were all having a good time, including Cindy. She looked stunning and Tito was turning on his flirtatious side. Every once in a while Tito would brush against her, and she would brush against him. There was a certain excitement in her face and I knew she was enjoying the drinks, as well as, the attention.

The music fired up again and Tito led Cindy back to the dance floor. Marilyn joined them and the three of them were grooving to the beat like school girls. Tito was enjoying the attention while Mike and I enjoyed the show. It was then that I noticed that Marilyn had excused herself to the ladies’ room. Tito and Cindy stayed on the floor.

I knew Cindy was having a good time, so the plan was working perfectly. I figured another round of drinks and then time to exit. That is when I saw things heat up. I noticed Cindy was dancing with güvenilir bahis her back to Tito. He was dancing with his body pressed against her, his arms wrapped around her midsection pulling her in tighter. They were moving as one with the beat. Cindy’s smile told me she was having fun. Tito’s hands told me there was more to come.

He slowly worked his hands up ever so slightly toward her chest. I noticed his thumbs were now working the underside of her tits as they continued to dance. Cindy’s eyes were closed, no doubt wondering what she should do. Does she stop this guy in his tracks, or is it innocent enough to let it go? The problem is that it felt so good, him gently caressing the underside of her tits through her blouse and bra. My eyes were glued to them. Was I jealous or excited? Or both?

They were lost in the song as they slowly turned away from me. I could not see what was going on, but I am sure Tito was pushing the envelope. As the music continued, they eventually rotated back into view. Tito was playing with Cindy, while she had her hands slightly behind her gripping his thighs swaying to the beat. It made my cock throb. By then Marilyn was back and I think Mike was pretending not to notice what was transpiring on the dance floor.

When Tito and Cindy got back to the table, Cindy excused herself to go to the ladies room. Marilyn joiner her for some girl talk. As Tito took a swig of his drink, I gave him a quick wink as if to say “nice, maybe one more dance and I will pay you the rest before you leave.” I am not sure Tito understood.

When Cindy and Marilyn came back from the ladies room, I noticed that something was different. It took me a minute to figure it out. Cindy had removed her bra and shoved it in her purse, and unbuttoned her blouse to show a little more cleavage. Wow. My cock throbbed again. As she sat down next to me I kissed her. She kissed me back as she said “this is so much fun, I am glad we did this tonight!”

She barely took 2 big sips from her drink before another great song came on. Tito grabbed Cindy and Marilyn and they headed back to the dance floor. Mike and I continued drinking while I stared at my wife’s tits bouncing under her blouse. By about the third song, I was starting to wonder, and I am sure Mike was too.

I could see Cindy and Tito dancing together. Her back to his stomach again grinding their way across the dance floor. His hands wrapped around her waist, this time with his thumbs brushing her tits. Her nipples poked through her blouse hard as a rock. I watched as his hands gently cupped her tits. Her head thrust back with the emotion of the moment, knowing she was crossing a line but unable to stop. Her mind was rambling. I am sure his cock was rock hard grinding into her ass. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom.

Cindy opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of me heading to the men’s room. I winked at her to say “it’s okay” giving her the ability to lose her guilt. Hopefully I did not go too far I thought to myself secretly wishing I was in Tito’s place right now.

As I came out of the men’s room, there was a slow song playing. Cindy was now facing Tito s they danced hand in hand. As the song finished, I saw her reach down and pull her hand across his cock. My dick throbbed again knowing she was now quite horny. Time to go.

We finished our drinks, and I slipped the final $50 to Tito expecting him to politely leave.

“Let’s have a night cap at our house” Cindy announced.

Mike and Marilyn were having fun, and our house happened to be on the way home. My first thought was “NO”, but Cindy was having none of that. They politely declined, but that was not an option. Tito did not know what to do, although I am pretty sure “no” was not his answer. He stood silently while Cindy persuaded everyone that one last drink would be fun.

When we got home, Cindy kissed me hard, and then grabbed my cock as if to say “one more drink and then let’s have some fun”.

When the doorbell rang, it was Mike, Marilyn, and there was Tito. I guess he followed them. We sat in the kitchen sharing stories. Less than an hour later, Mike and Marilyn decided to call it a night. I was certain Tito was leaving too, but Cindy had other thoughts.

“Tito, please stay for one more drink. Marilyn and I had great fun tonight and it is too early for you to leave”. He agreed as we all said goodbye to Mike and Marilyn.

I had to use the bathroom which left Cindy and Tito alone in the kitchen. I was so freaking horny I could hardly contain myself. I stood in the bathroom wondering what I had done, but excited about what might happen. Any jealousy had turned to anticipation and excitement. I was rock hard stroking myself in front of the mirror thinking about making love to Cindy.

I tiptoed across the hallway only to see them in the kitchen. Cindy was rubbing Tito’s cock through his pants, her blouse open yet another button. As I walked in, she turned to me. Flush, she met me as I walked toward them. She tried to play innocent türkçe bahis as she kissed me deeply.

“What a fun evening this has been!”

“Was this the end?” I thought to myself, thinking maybe that Tito would be leaving and we would go fuck our brains out. Not quite.

“Drink up” Cindy said, tipping her glass high to get to the last drop. With that, she grabbed both of us by the hand and led us out of the kitchen. She led us to the couch in the living room. I sat on her left. Tito was on her right.

She leaned over and kissed me, turning her back to Tito. As we embraced, my hand went instantly to her tits to show her how excited I was. I was still thinking this might be the time to get rid of Tito. She had other plans.

She looked me deep in the eyes and said “tonight was awesome and I could not have a better husband!”

We kissed again, deeply, tongues intertwined for what seemed like minutes. I was playing with her tits through her blouse, her nipples clearly excited again. What I did not realize is that Tito was enjoying himself too. Her back was too him as we sat on the couch making out. But he decided to join in.

As Cindy kissed me, he was rubbing her thigh, his hands working their way inside of her skirt. While Cindy was kissing me, she was slowly opening her legs daring Tito to push further. She was wet, her pussy soaking with anticipation.

As we finished our kiss, I glanced down. Tito pulled his hand away. Cindy leaned over to him and kissed him, putting her hand on his thigh. With her left hand, she grabbed my hand and pulled it to her leg. While she kissed Tito, I rubbed her thigh much as Tito had. I pushed my hand to the top of her thigh. That is when I discovered how wet her pussy was.

She paused. She gave me a quick glance and a wink. Then she started to kiss Tito again.

I let my fingers explore her pussy. She spread her legs even more. My thumb slowly moved her panties to the side and I slid a finger between her wet pussy lips. She moaned just enough to let me know she was ready.

She stood up and said “this couch won’t work” and then took me by the hand. She did not say another word but led me upstairs to the bedroom. Tito followed. We stood by the bed and Cindy turned to me and unzipped my pants. My dick sprung to life while I removed her blouse. Her skirt dropped to the floor and she pulled off her panties as we kissed in a passionate embrace. Naked, we moved to the bed. Tito was now naked as well standing at the other side of the bed. His dick was huge. We both paused to gawk at his eight inch cock. Cindy gasped ever so slightly.

Cindy climbed on top of me, kissing me passionately as if the night could never end. Tito was not sure what to do. Cindy whispered in my ear “I love you, hold on.” She motioned for Tito to lay next to me.

With that, she spun around and shoved her pussy in my face. She loved 69 and having her pussy licked. I enjoyed making her feel good. Her pussy was sopping wet and tasted great as my tongue split her lips.

I too loved 69 because Cindy knew how to suck my cock. She was magnificent at oral sex, and my cock longed for her tongue. I waited, but there was no sensation of her lips on the head of my cock.

I devoured her pussy shoving my tongue deep inside her, flicking her clit, and making her squirm. I soon realized that her lips were latched onto Tito’s massive cock. Cindy straddled my face, but she was sucking his cock taking it deeply. The next ten minutes were heaven.

With every stroke of her tongue on Tito’s cock, she got more excited. She ground her crotch into my face as I licked deeply into her pussy. She pushed harder. She moaned louder. She wanted more.

She grabbed my cock and started stroking me. The idea of playing with two cocks at once was pushing her to new heights. She could feel me throbbing. She paused from Tito just long enough to deep throat my rock hard dick as if to say “go ahead and cum.”

That sent me over the edge and I had my first orgasm. Cindy swallowed every drop. I don’t know how because I felt like a came for a full minute. Cindy never missed a beat and quickly moved her attention back to Tito. He moaned as her soft supple mouth embraced the head of his dick again. He was enjoying her talents, running his fingers through her hair while I still slurped at her pussy.

My cock was spent, so I could totally focus on her pleasure. She was thrusting her hips on my face, begging for me to tongue her deeply. With her mouth wrapped on Tito’s cock, all she could utter was “ummmmm!’ to tell me how good this felt.

Her breathing grew shallow and I could feel her muscles contract. She tensed up, squeezed, and then screamed “oh fuck yes!”

With that, a trembling orgasm rolled through her body as she came in my mouth. Her pussy pulled my tongue deep inside of her while her juices spewed onto my face. For the next minute her hips bucked as I flicked my tongue across her clit. It was exhilarating, but she clearly wanted more. While güvenilir bahis siteleri relieved with a huge orgasm, her pussy wanted another.

She spun around again, still on top of me but now facing me. She placed her hands above my head and kissed me deeply, tasting her own juices that were covering my face. She looked up at me “I love you so much!”

Tito was still laying on the bed with a huge erection. Cindy slowly slid down my body, kissing me along the way. She stopped to kiss my nipples (I loved that). Then my stomach. And finally her lips found my limp cock. It would not be limp for long.

As she slid down my body, she slowly pulled herself up onto her knees, showing Tito her amazing ass. With her ass now up in the air and her gaping pussy exposed, Tito shoved his cock in her pussy from behind. “Oh God!’

She was kissing my cock, licking from my balls to the tip of the shaft making it hard again. Tito was pushing his cock inside her burning pussy. “Oh yes!” she exclaimed.

She paused while he fully mounted her. Her eyes rolled back in her head with the excitement from his large cock. It took no time for them to find a rhythm where he was pounding her to a new level of pleasure.

By now my dick was rock hard again, and she had it full into her mouth. She wanted to please me, but it was obvious she could not concentrate. Tito’s large cock filled her in ways that I never could.

“Deeper” she begged as his rhythm increased. “Fuck me!”

As much as she wanted to focus on my cock, the feeling was overwhelming. He was a total stud pounding her harder, faster, and deeper. I could not blame her for ignoring my cock because I could see how crazy he was making her feel.

She came again collapsing onto me as Tito fucked her hard. He came at the same time, spewing his love juice deep inside of her hot pussy. She collapsed pausing to collect herself. I squeezed her tight, seemingly to remind her that she is my wife.

As she drifted back to reality, my cock was rock hard pressed between us. She sucked me deep into her mouth to get my dick good and moist. Then she sat up. She spun around and straddled me, her back to me. She inched her way down onto my cock. She thrust gently a few times taking my cock deep inside her pussy. I was covered with her juices and Tito’s cum. She pulled off.

Before I could consider what was next, she lowered herself onto me again. This time it felt different. She went slower. I realized I was not in her pussy, but in her ass. Cindy was never a huge fan of anal sex, but this time was different. I could feel her tense up as I went deeper inside her. She was very gentle as she tried to relax. In, then out. In, then out. She was working my cock inside of her tight little asshole.

By now Tito was hard again and ready to join the party. He was playing with her tits and her rock hard nipples. Cindy was loving the attention of two men. That is when she leaned back.

I could feel Tito’s fingers on Cindy’s pussy. He brushed across my cock which was still buried in her ass. She leaned back more, seemingly giving him full access. Then she lay down on me. She moaned with my dick inside her. I thrust a few times which made her feel good. She reached down and grabbed my hips, seemingly trying to hold on.

Tito climbed on top and slowly worked his big dick into her pussy. Cindy was losing her mind. I could feel his cock slipping in and out of her wet cunt. Nothing had ever felt like this.

I cupped her tits squeezing her nipples. My dick was deep inside her. I tried to thrust, but with Cindy pressing me into the bed it was pointless. Tito was another story.

Tito straddled both of us and was enjoying every inch of Cindy. She moaned with every thrust of his cock. His dick stretched her pussy, and with me in her ass she was lost with the feeling of being ravished by two dicks. She could feel every inch of Tito slamming inside her, jammed against my cock deep in her ass. He was relentless, pushing harder, and deeper, and faster. He would pull almost all of the way out, and them slam his dick deep inside of her. She begged him not to stop. She begged him for more.

I squeezed harder on her nipples pulling her tits to the side. It was electric and I knew we were driving her crazy. She was in another world.

“Oh god yes!”

“Please don’t stop!”

“Harder! Oh yes, that’s it!”

And then she tensed, her entire body embracing the moment as if time had stopped. It was the most intense orgasm she has ever had. She could not move. She could barely breathe. She lay still locked in a series of convulsions for about 30 seconds. I froze. Tito froze with his dick buried as deep as it could go. We let her enjoy the moment totally. And then she came to life.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god please don’t stop!”

Tito continued for the next five minutes pounding her pussy quickening his pace until he came deep inside her again. I could feel every throb of his cock as he shot another load into her. She screamed as he filled her with hot latino semen. Her fingernails dug into the side of my body. Before he pulled out, I came too. I shot my load deep into her ass. Cindy shook with another aftershock orgasm. We all collapsed spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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