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Clean Brother Muddy Sister

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Gabriel was in the shower during the warm evening just letting the warm water spray over his body, taking the soap and ran it all over his five foot eleven muscular body, when he the heard the door open. He poked his head out of the shower curtain and looked around and saw his sister. She was standing there dirty and well she looked like a mess. “Hey, Gabriel hurry up in there!” She looked straight in my eyes and then my wet short black hair.

God she’s hot even all dirty and muddy. He always loved his now eighteen year old sister, but his love for her was unlike any other girlfriend or anyone for that fact that he loved before. To him she was what love in his life meant. But he knew they were siblings and they cannot have that type of relationship. It was forbidden and taboo in every way. He just spent his nights masturbating about her. “I just got in Zoey.” He snapped back.

“Ugh, well hurry up! Look at me I’m all dirty.” She said, her clothes sticking to her, outlining her sexy petite body under the mud cover. Her strawberry red hair was even dirty and face a little muddy too. What the hell did she do, he thought to himself.

Gabriel’s head disappeared behind the curtain shower and he continued cleaning. He was almost finished but he figure he would make her stand around dirty for a bit longer. Zoey was getting very impatient and she closed the bathroom door. “Fine if you won’t get out, I am coming in.” She said sharply, pulling her heavy mud shirt off of her. Her pale stomach contrasted with the rest of her dark brown covered body. It was flat and well sculpted, she undone her blue bra slowly pulling it off. Her breasts rose as she started to peel it off of her and her huge breasts just bounced as they became free.

Gabriel was thinking she couldn’t be serious about this and he decided to look out and call out his sister’s bluff. “Yeah I am su-,” He was shocked, there she was topless with her lovely 36D breasts out in plain view. Almost shining along with her torso against the rest of her darken body. “What are you doing?”

“Oh relax it isn’t like these are the first pair you ever seen.” She said bending over taking her socks off, her breasts swinging as she pulls them off. She slid her athletic shorts off, bit of mud dropping on the marble bathroom floor. Her hips and pelvic region pale just like her upper body contrasting a lot with the mud.

“Yeah but you’re getting in the shower with me still in here?” He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t really mind, but he didn’t want to come off as a pervert and get all giddy about his sister joining him in the shower.

“Oh come on now Gabriel we used to take baths all the time together as little kids.” She lightly kicked her clothes near the hamper.

“Yeah but that was a long time ago this is now.” His mind racing looking at his younger sister’s sweet body examining it in all of her glory. She walked towards the shower her high huge breasts slightly jiggling with each step, her flat stomach so pale and beautiful leading down to her little red haired covered pussy. She kept it trim and neat he could make out her lips as her legs slightly jiggled every time she stepped.

She heard nothing of what he was saying she opened the curtain and hopped on in embracing the warm water cleaning her dirty body. “So how the hell did you get dirty like this anyways?”

“ATV, I was riding it in the fields and it started to rain a bit so I figure it would be fun to ride all over the mud and into creek.” She said scooting her brother off to the side letting all the water to spray on her. Gabriel looked at her back side and the mud slowly running off her arms and her legs. He also paid attention to her butt it was round and firm looking. Small yet so big at the same time.

He started to feel his dick get hard as he stared at his sister’s body. He tried to take his mind off of it and he turned around. Zoey slowly turned her head and noticed he had turned away from her, she looked at his ass as well. Mmm muscular and tanned like the rest of his body, she thought.

“Hey Gabriel can you wash my back?” She lightly said putting shampoo in her hand and rubbing it in her lovely strawberry red hair.

“Uh yeah…sure.” He stammered not believing this awesome encounter but yet still trying to maintain his cool.

“Thanks.” She put her head right underneath the showerhead to rinse out the shampoo. He turned around and as he did his hard cock hit right into her side.

“Oh my God!” He half yelled and half faintly said. “I am so sorry Zoey, Oh my god!”

“I-it’s,” She giggled and looked at his worried expression she found it güvenilir bahis hilarious and slightly arousing too. “It’s ok.”

“Yeah but, oh my god.” He couldn’t believe this he was aroused even more now, but he was still thinking of what his sister now thought of him. And thinking why she is giggling about it too.

“It’s ok Gabriel,” She turned her head back to the showerhead and rinsed out the rest of her shampoo. “I know it is natural for guys to get like this when they see a naked girl. Now get cleaning on my back please.” The water cascading over her wet body pretty much all of the mud is rinsed off of her and her whole beautiful body is in clear view.

Gabriel started to soap her back up and cleaning her, his dick sometimes hitting into her butt or sides. He secretly enjoying this once a lift time moment. He slowly rubbed soapy washcloth over her small beautiful back. He kept staring at her round rump noticing how close his cock is to it. He was thinking what she felt like on the inside. Pussy and ass. He figure he should stop before she might get suspicious on his long wash over her small back. “Ok all done.”

“Thank you.” She turned around to let the water rinse her back and smiled at him. She continued washing her breasts with her bare soapy hands. She kneaded them as she washed them and than lift one up and washed under there then the other. Her hand snaked down her stomach and she soaped that up with her bare hands and started rubbing in circles getting the soap all over. She turned around again and let the water rinse her front upper body off. Gabriel just standing there shocked and so turned on by what is happening, he looked at her butt again and wanted to feel its softness again.

He leaned in to grab the bottle of soap and his cock hit against her ass again. He could have sworn he felt her push back but figured it was just her movement as she cleaned herself. He picked the bottle up and slid his cock slowly from her ass crack up to her lower back as he stood straight again and ceased the contact again. Zoey was standing there still enjoying that contact of his huge thick nine inch dick rubbing against her ass and lightly on her lower back. She noticed her soapy hand was doing more than just cleaning her pussy. She was rubbing her small little round clit and her nipples began to rise and point out. She couldn’t let him see her aroused he might think her as bad and dirty. But yet she wanted to find out what he felt and if he wanted her as badly as she always wanted him.

She always thought of her brother more than just a brother she wanted him as a lover. It all started when she was a teenager and she would masturbate over her brother in her fantasies. She even turned guys down because they were not like her brother. Looks or personality. She was really in love with him sometimes she would cry over it because she knew they were siblings. And it was wrong for them to have the type of relationship she wanted to have with him. Still though she wanted to find out if he felt the same for her. She never expected to be in the shower with her brother or have him even get hard when she decided to get in the shower. Maybe he is hard because he feels the same, she thought.

“Here Gabriel let me wash your back.” She said turning around facing him.

“Sure ok.” He said glancing at her body nonchalantly acting like he is looking down to look at his body. He looked up to find his sister taking quick glances at his huge manhood. Maybe she likes me too he thought.

Zoey started to rub the washcloth over her brothers tan back she admired his muscles that sculpted his back. She looked down to his ass and just wanted to squeeze them right then and there. She used her free hand to lightly rub her pussy how trying to not let her brother notice her other hand’s whereabouts. She felt his muscles under the washcloth. Gabriel was in heaven right now feeling his sisters hand rubbing all over his back. Zoey accidentally dropped the washcloth while switching hands. “Crap.”

“It’s ok just continue washing my back sis.” He was hoping she might take this as a hint.

“Um, ok.” Oh damn, she thought, did I sound to wanting for that. She thought also if he might have sent out a hint but figured not and just continued to clean his back but with her bare hands now. Oh it felt great she thought to herself her bare hands rubbing all over his muscles.

Gabriel felt her hands touch his back bare and a sudden surge of electricity went through him and his hand went straight to his now throbbing cock. He started stroking slowly over his wet nine inch thick dick. Zoey moved down to his lower back türkçe bahis still staring at his tan butt she noticed a movement. She looked to the side of his broad frame and saw his hand stroking his huge dick.

“Gabriel!” She stared at his hand stroking his dick, “Are you turned on by me touching you?”


“Uh I’m sorry Zoey, I didn’t think you, I didn’t I, I don’t know.” He stumbled over his words. His face turned red and he turned around to face his sister. He didn’t want her mad at him he loved her if she stopped loving him because of a moment of lost sanity he didn’t know what to do. Even if it isn’t the love he wanted just that mutual love was good enough for him. “I am so sorry Zoey, it is just you are beautiful and naked and showering with me. I just- I don’t know, I lost control and next thing I know my hand was on my cock and-” He was interrupted.

“Gabriel it’s ok.” She said feeling tears almost well up in her eyes. HE DID WANT ME, she screamed in her mind at thousand miles per hour. “I think you’re good looking too and I am feeling the same way now as well. In fact I found myself rubbing my little clit and my nipples getting pointy. I figure if you caught me and was mad I would just say the water was getting cold.” She had a smile ear to ear knowing her brother that she loved more than anything wanted her just like she wants him.

“Really?” He asked her not even thinking about her naked body in front of him but looking in her eyes. Her small doe like silver blue eyes, looking back at his. “I couldn’t control myself I just- I,” He was afraid to say what is next not knowing if his sister felt the same or just in heat of the moment with opposite sexes in the same small hot shower.

“What Gabriel?” She felt the water hitting her back it feels like it is heating up again from this moment of truth.

“I love you Zoey.” He quickly said and then it was like everything came to a stop he stared at her.


“I love you too Gabriel!” She chirped and then flew right into his muscular body hugging him his thick dick smashed flatly between his stomach and hers pointing straight up. “I have since I was a teenager!” She excitedly told him, after all these years she now knows how he feels about her.

They both kissed each other with great passion, Zoey sliding her tongue inside of his mouth and flipping it around his tongue. Gabriel felt his dick up against his sister’s stomach, his balls resting against her bush and her big breasts smashing up against his chest. Zoey broke the kiss and stepped back.

“Well brother, it looks like I can take care of that problem for you now.” She smirked and finally got to look at his huge dick. She licked her lips. He smiled back admiring Zoey’s body all over, her little petite five six body. Her legs milky white with thighs that just screamed grab me and feel my soft flesh.

“Uh huh, looks like it.” He looked at her big breasts so wet and shiny.

Zoey went down on her knees the water now spraying the back of her head she looked at his dick eye level, it looked bigger staring straight at it so close. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed it taking it all inside her mouth to the back of her throat. She slightly gagged but got use to the thick dick pushing against her throat. Her tongue slowly moving on the underside of his dick, she reached up and started cupping his balls in her hand feeling them lay in her palm as she lightly squeezed them.

“Oh my god Zoey!” Gabriel didn’t expect her to do that, he didn’t know she could do that. Not even choking at all on his thick meat. He felt his balls tighten and looked her in her eyes as she was looking up at him, her hair matted to her head from the water spraying on her. “I’m ’bout to cum Zoey!”

She pulled back a few inches his dickhead resting on her tongue that is now twirling over his fat dickhead. He busted the biggest load ever inside her mouth causing her to pull back another inch, her hands pinching her nipples at this moment she has always dreamed of. She closed her eyes as she felt his loads bust in her mouth she swallowed what she could the rest oozing out the side of her mouth. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiled starring up at her brother.

“You taste so great brother.” She stood up.

Gabriel reached over bumping against her body and turned the water off. She looked at him and he grabbed her hand. He pulled the shower curtain and stepped out.

“What you doing Gabriel?” She said wondering if he didn’t like her performance in her blowjob.

He smiled at her then laid towels down in front of the tub. “Bend over the tub güvenilir bahis siteleri sis.”

She thought immediately, this is it! He is going to fuck me just like in my dreams and fantasies. “Ok brother.” She obeyed.

Zoey got down on her knees and then bent over the tub placing her hands inside the wet tub, her ass spread cheeks spread and legs wide open. Exposing her sweet little pussy folds with a hint of pink lips pushing out. Gabriel admired his sister’s beauty as she kneeled there ready to receive him. He looked at her long strawberry red hair, still wet and matted to her back or hanging on the sides by her arms. Her huge 36D breasts hanging and slightly swinging back and forth and then her small back running down connecting to her little yet big rump. That is open wide showing her cute little pink tushy hole and her sweet little pussy that was openly viewed due to her long pale luscious legs spread wide open. He smiled in love, lust and adoration of his sister’s beauty.

He grabbed her hips and placed his nine inch dick up to her pussy feeling the moist heat emanating from her insides. She looked back smiling and saying with her eyes, ram it inside and let me feel you in me brother. He did just that and she shrieked with joy as his thick dick spread open her small little wet pussy hole. He felt his dickhead push away the walls of her pink wet silky insides, it was like time slowed down again for him to let him enjoy his love making to her. His dick sliding so gently yet rough deep inside of her he feels her pussy walls close in on his dick. Pushing against his penetrating dick as he keeps plunging deeper and deeper inside her. Gabriel started breathing hard feeling his sister’s once untouched pussy being filled up by the person he loved more than anything in the world.

She felt his nine inches sliding inside of her, spreading her tight little hole apart, she could feel his dickhead pushing aside the wet pink velvet pussy walls followed by his long thick shaft rubbing against her now open wet pillow soft sides. She was breathing hard and fast her breasts swinging from the penetration her hips rocking back and forth. His dick she could feel fill her up and she felt his balls slap up against her she knew he was all the way in. She felt his huge thick cock deep inside of her feeling it opening her up wide. Zoey focused on this most of all wanting to always remember her first time being with her brother the person she loved more than anything in this world.

Gabriel began to pull back his dick sliding against the soft wet silky walls. Zoey breathing as she feels him pulling away from her, her eyes closed and hands firmly against the tub floor. Her mouth slightly open letting out short sharp heavy breaths. Her pussy starting to close and close back together as her brother slid away from her, his dickhead sliding against all sides of her extremely wet pussy his shaft rubbing still against her insides.

“I love you Zoey.” He said with a heavy breath from this excitement. His chest heaving and muscles flexing from reflexes.

“I love you too Gabriel.” She said feeling her body being filled up and her breathing fast and heavy. Her breasts hanging below her swinging and her body heaving and rocking due to a nine inch dick inside of her.

Gabriel pushed back in faster, spreading open her pussy once more and Zoey let out a moan and a coo. She loved every moment of this feeling her brother fill her up inside. He kept a firm grip on her hips bringing her back against him every time he would thrust inside of her, his balls slap against her. He felt his balls tighten up and he knew he was close to cumming.

“Zoey I need to cum.” He said while still thrusting in and out of her sweet little pussy.

“Cum inside me brother, cum inside your little sister!” She told him and felt his dick plunge deep inside her and she felt her pussy close tighter around him. “Oh my god I’m cumming too!”

Gabriel felt his sister’s pussy walls close in around him tightly squeezing around his thick shaft and dickhead. He bust a load of cum deep inside of her how she cummed against his probing dick. He felt her cum and his cum seeping between his dick and her soft tight pussy walls. He pulled out of her wet pussy after shooting his last load inside her and left her pussy slightly gaped.

Her pussy shot out some of her and his cum and the rest just slowly leaked out of her little open pussy hole. He fell back on the towel and Zoey collapsed next to him and wrapped the towel around the both of them and cuddled up closer to him.

“Good thing mum and dad are gone. They sure as hell would have heard us no matter how big this house is.” Gabriel said catching his breath after the best fuck he has ever had in his life. Zoey snuggled closer to him.

“And we have the whole weekend to ourselves.” She kissed him.

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