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Clean Fun Can Be Dirty

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He took his time gently washed me as we sat together in the tub. The warm water felt so good, as he slowly soaped my body. Since he paid extra attention to my crotch. It felt so good when he started rubbing my clit very softy. But I stopped him, this was just the pre-show. And it was time for the main event.

I think that I was as excited as he was as I stood up and raised one leg to rest it on the edge of the tub. I asked him to hand me the bar of soap. He eyes were glued to my dripping triangle of hair as I applied the soap to my outer lips, slowly and sensually. It felt like wet velvet- my clit twitched in anticipation. I rubbed the soap tenderly around my entire crotch till it was all sudsy. I bent my knees a little to give him a better access to my bush.

First. He shaved he started a the top of my public hair working his way down. For several minutes he worked to remove the hair. It came away easily. He stopped a the top of my slit. Then he work from the outside edge of side to my pussy lips as the razor removed my hair, a tingle run up my spine. He took his time remove my hair slowly and carefully. His fingers touched my pussy lips to move them to allow better access to shave me, I almost climaxed.

Once he had removed all my hair, I squatted with my knees spread apart. My lips were red and full and very tingly. It felt great let the water wash over them. ankara escort As my lover stood his manhood hard, jet out toward me. I licked my lips, it took a lot of willpower not to engulf the beautiful cock in my mouth. Instead I waited and watched as he soaped his crotch and balls, then he handed me the razor. It was my turn to be the barber. Slowly I shaved the hair from the base of his cock outward and away. I felt his manhood throbbing in my hand as I lifted it to shave his swollen ball sac. Once his cock was bare I instructed him to sit down. Once his beautiful cock was hidden beneath the water.

I turn on the shower and took the handle off the wall. I let the shower rain down over my hard nipple and tickle down between my breasts into my hungry slit between my thighs. I squatted slightly, jutted my pussy forward towards my lover’s face. The smile that was there told me he was enjoying my show. With two fingers, I spread my lips wide apart. The force of the shower streaming over my clit caused an instant orgasm. I climaxed over and over, and shaking from the waves of excitement set off by the look on my lover’s face.

My lover stood to hold me as my climax had made my knees weak. He returned the shower handle to the wall. The water rain down on both of us now. I felt his throbbing, rock-hard erection as pushed up against me. With a hand in my hair, ankara genç escort he positioned me as he needed to kiss my shoulders and neck. His breath was hot in my ear as his other hand traveled over my body. I could tell that his need was great. For several moment he held tightly exploring my body with his mouth and hands. Then he began moving down my body his mouth trailing kisses over my hard nipples and my belly. He knelt down, his fingers move to the entrance of my love canal. Then when the tip of one finger parted my aching lips, he thrust upward ramming two fingers deep into me. I gasped and held onto the shower curtain rod for support as his thumb made contact with my clit. I was closing in on a what was a gigantic orgasm.

I beg for more and he asked be adding a third finger to my aching cunt hole. He was stretching my hole with the girth of his fingers setting my crotch on fire. The water running down did nothing to cool the heat of my need. I began shaking as he sensed my need and added a fourth finger to my stretched cunt hole. I reached down and push his thumb away from my clit and down between his lips to join my lover’s other fingers. I grabbed his wrist and held it and pushed downward. Slowly my cunt hole stretched open, wide around the fattest part of his hand. Then I felt a pop, he was inside me, his whole hand was inside. antalya escort We gasped together. I grabbed his head and buried it against me. I held on to him for support as I felt him pull downward my cunt open again stretching wide, then he pushed up again. Again and again he thrust his hand up and down. Again and again a micro-climax shot up my spine. Finally I begged him to stop, but when he stop thrust and began slowly removing his hand I scream as one powerful orgasm hit me. I collapsed into my lover arms, I was crying, as I murmured into his ear over and over “so powerful, so powerful.”

It took me several long minutes to recover from my climax. I was painful aware of my lover throbbing erection. He hadn’t gotten off yet. He stood his cock swollen, his balls so full, then crown such a deep purple. I told him the I couldn’t take anymore, my orgasm had been to much I need to calm down before he could touch me again.

The look disappointment disappeared from his face when I told what I could do. I knelt in front of him as he turn off the shower, I open my mouth and stuck out my tongue I was the picture perfect cum queen waiting for her facial. I took my lover’s throbbing cock in hand and slowly jerked. His needs was so great, he didn’t last a dozen strokes. Then he let go and had a huge climax of his own, he groan that he was cumming, as he began spurting, for a full minute spurt after spurt shoot out of his beautiful cock. Most of the hot white sticky goo found it way on my breasts and my face and even my hair. The feeling of my lovers cum coating me triggered a micro-orgasm. We both laugh when he said that it looked as if I need a shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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