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Club Hopping

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I patiently wait in the growing line outside the club as I imagine what you’re wearing tonight. Are you feeling quiet and demure tonight or did you come to really let loose? I pay my cover charge as I enter the club and I start scanning the faces for the one that makes my eyes sparkle. It’s so crowded tonight that my progress through the club can better be described in inches rather than feet. 30 minutes pass and I’ve barely made it past the bar but no matter…..I’m not there to drink and this isn’t really my scene. I’m there for you. Always for you.

It takes another 10 minutes of slowly inching my way through the anonymous crowd of faces before I spot the one I want. My heart flutters as I take you in. You look as sexy and stunning as the day I first saw you so many years ago. Your hair is down and was probably impeccably done when you came in tonight but after hours of dance and sweat, it now reminds me fondly of how it has looked so often on my pillow. A tight undersized T-shirt leaves little to the imagination and emphasizes all of your luscious curves while the short skirt you’re wearing shows off your strong, fit legs. I ogle you for a few long minutes before I realize that you’re surrounded by seven or eight of your friends on the dance floor, all packed tightly and moving together as the music pounds with a primal beat.

A small smile creeps over my lips I begin to imagine taking you in such close proximity to your gals. I love the challenge of a stealth mission….but a good mission needs good planning. I assess the state of the group. The dance floor is dark…with just a few coloured strobes for effect. The crowd is thick….unusually thick….possibly illegally thick but I can use that to our advantage. I decide that a rear approach is most likely to work here….and I smile again at the look that thought would put bahis firmaları on your face. I begin to circle slowly around the room, never taking my eyes from you. Slowly…agonizingly slowly….I fight my way to the dance floor and inch my way closer to you. Hot, sweaty bodies press into me from all sides as I press forward toward your back.

10 feet away now….I lock my eyes on you and force my way closer….7 feet….I begin to drop my head to avoid being seen by your posse…..4 feet….I can sense your aura around me now…..I reach out a hand as I come within reach of you and touch your back. Your body stiffens for just a moment as though you recognize my touch among all the gyrating bodies around you. You fight a quick glance back over your shoulder and resume your dancing as I position myself behind you. Your gaggle of girls has begin to disperse a bit amid the hundreds of bodies on the floor and I use this opportunity to snake an arm around you and gently pull you back with me….seething bodies swarming in to fill the void we leave in the four or five feet of distance we’ve created.

I stop pulling you back now but you continue pushing back into me anyway, molding your body to mine. I wrap both arms around you now and snake my hands under your barely-there T-shirt and across your soft, smooth skin. You lift your arms up and back around my neck and you run your fingers through my hair as we being to move our bodies together in time with the thumping beat. You push that delicious ass back against me and grind it into my lap, knowing full well what effect that will have on me. I slide my hands under your bra and am rewarded with a double handful of your supple breasts. I roll your stiffening nipples between my thumb and forefinger as you grind your ass harder into me.

It takes an act of incredible will to pull one kaçak iddaa hand away from your exquisite breasts but I somehow manage to find the strength. I move that hand around your back and down to that heavenly ass as I slowly begin to raise the back of your skirt. It comes up inch by agonizing inch, revealing your perfectly heart-shaped ass to anyone…..if anyone had taken to notice….but this tightly-packed crowd is perfect camouflage and the delicious sight is mine alone. I move my hand between your thighs and feel the effect I’m having on you. So soft. So hot. So wet. I push aside your thong underwear and delicately slide a finger inside of you. You move your hips with the music as I slide my finger in and out. I feel your heat rising and I can smell your desire. I pull my hand away just long enough to taste you on my finger before moving it back to your wetness, finding your clit and rubbing it gently as your hips move faster now, obeying your own rhythm. I follow your lead and increase my pace, rubbing faster and harder as your movements become more erratic…..more frantic. I feel your knees almost give out as your orgasm hits and I steady you with my other arm. I take almost your full weight against me as you struggle to stay upright. I imagine your face right now, blissful, contented, eyes closed, mouth open, cheeks flushed.

I feel you start to get your feet under you again and I gently help you find your balance. I scan the crowd quickly to see if we’ve piqued anybody’s curiosity but the masses seem refreshingly oblivious to our dance. I reach between us and unzip my pants, freeing my cock. I slide my hand around your hip and pull you back onto me….my cock sliding through your wetness….across your delicious lips and bumping up against your swollen clit. You move your hips slowly back and forth so that my cock barely parts kaçak bahis your pussy on each stroke, never entering you but just enough to feel your silkiness. I moan softly in your ear and you somehow manage to hear me over the cacophony of sound. You take this as your cue and subtly change the angle of your hips to take me fully inside of you.

What magnificent delight. The world stops….all sound mutes….all motion ceases as there is only the feeling of me inside of you. A moment lasts a lifetime as your pussy adjusts to its eager suitor and you begin to pull yourself off of me, almost to the tip before guiding me back inside of you. Our hips move in harmony, both of us pushing against each other to force my cock deep inside of you. Push. Thrust. Push. Thrust. We follow the beat though the songs change, sweat now causing our clothes to cling damply to our writhing bodies. Your pace changes….I know you’re so close now….I want to feel you as you cum and you start to cum hard….your pussy clamping down on my cock as your orgasm rips into you. Your body seizes as you begin to lose control again so I push through your orgasm, knowing how much further I can take you. I thrust harder and faster into you, my cock swelling more than I thought possible as I near my own orgasm. You sense my impending climax just in time to start pushing back against my thrusts again as I start to explode, cumming deep inside you. Our motion all but stops but for the unyielding bumping and grinding of the crowd around us.

A hand darts out of the crowd and grabs onto yours as one of your gal pals wants to drag you to the bar for a round of shooters. My cock slides out of you as you begin to pull away and I manage to corral it back into my pants before drawing attention. I watch as you casually inch your skirt back down as you walk away….your unsteady gait concealed by the throng of bumping bodies. You glance back now, just for a moment and give me a quick wink before dissolving into the crowd.

I feel a twitch in my pants as I begin to plan out our next mission…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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