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Cocksucker Dream Arrest and Line Up

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Adam realized too late that he stepped into the wrong room at the end of the hall when he couldn’t find the light switch. He was trying to get to the restroom before going back to the hotel. He heard a noise and looked up just in time to see the silhouette of a naked man standing in front of him. Having had a long day at the clothing optional beach and night club, Adam didn’t react too strongly. He was pushed and stumbled back onto a bench.

“That’s it, sit right there!” said a strong voice.

Adam realized where he was sitting made his face at waist level. Now he was looking straight at a man’s naked crotch. It was dark but he could make out dark pubic hair nesting a set of balls, and a soft cock.

“Open your mouth!” The man with the voice grabbed his head by the hair. “Keep your arms down!”

Adam realized he might be in serious trouble. He was thin and frail compared to others and almost limp from fatigue. There was no point in resisting so he submitted. His head was pulled into the crotch and the soft cock was short and thick but totally filled his mouth. The cock folded into his mouth, and Adam had to hold his mouth wide open. He tasted urine on the skin, and as he moved his tongue around to accommodate he could taste a salty, slick drop becoming aware the tip of his tongue was snuggling the head of the cock.

“Do what comes natural,” the voice said.

To his utter horror the cock started to harden. The tip was trying to squeeze into his throat, and the man started pumping lightly.

“Suck it!” The man was gentle sounding at this point. But the hand on his head felt insistent.

Adam had never sucked a cock before, and just sucked it like hard candy without motion.

“I’m going to pull it out for a minute and you better kiss and lick the tip of it like you love it, kiss and lick down the shaft kiss and suck my balls with love, and then suck my cock like your mouth is a virgin pussy.”

Adam accepted the rhythm of the pumping cock. It touched his teeth and Adam received a sharp slap on the face. He felt humiliated.

“Memorize the taste of my shaft with your tongue.” Adam’s head was manipulated to give just the right angles.

Adam could feel the dense pubic hair and balls warmly rubbing his chin.

“Hold your lips in a tighter circle. I want to feel the pressure of your tongue on the cum vein.”

Adam could feel the throbbing of the cock with his lips and tongue. The skin was slick and warm. It tasted of pubic skin, and he began to smell crotch on his own breath. As the man humped and clinched Adam began to feel the cockhead stretching his throat opening. On one of the thrusts he felt and tasted a salty slick trail on his tongue that noisily splashed with the cock head in a salty pool of drips, ready to coat his throat. Then he felt and tasted gushes of cum in his mouth and throat. This created warmth and flexing of his throat and was slick enough for the head of the cock to lodge in his throat. Then the shaft firmly pushed in.

Adam gagged slightly and managed to catch a breath of air. He realized his lips were as wide as they could go at the base of his cock, and firmly planted in the man’s pubic hair. The cock had grown full length as it had slid down his throat. Adam gripped the cock with his throat and twisted a little to see if it was stuck. This motion caused another spurt of cum in his throat. He felt the pulse of cum as it started sliding down his throat. It was a feeling like maple syrup, coating his throat.

When the man slowly pulled out, Adam fully tasted the cock shaft, cum vein, and rim of the head as it trailed a thick drip of cum on his tongue. Adam had the experience of tasting cum and cock skin at the same time. The cum seemed to have a combination of flavors like salty, bleachy, and sweet at the same time. The cock head was soft and tasted good with the cum and still had a hint of urine.

“Lick my nut sack real good, all over and underneath it. That tongue of yours better reach all the way back.”

Adam didn’t know how far back he meant but he hunched down and made the point of his tongue reach all the way back until it seemed to dip into the ass hole. He felt and tasted the radiating wrinkles until the tip of his tongue was licking both sides of his ass crack.

“Ok buddy, see you around, you better not tell anyone.”

Adam amsterdam shemale made his way back to the Acapulco hotel and crawled into bed next to his wife, Connie.

The next morning Adam awoke thinking about his experience. It wasn’t that bad, and in fact it was interesting that for the first time in his life he had sucked another man’s dick. Also it was the first time he had deep throated a cock. He reveled at the experience in wonder that it actually happened.

As he lay there Adam remembered the events of the night before. He remembered the surprise of when the cock was first put in his mouth, how it tasted and how it felt. He remembered how he explored it with his tongue. Surprise was still fresh on his mind on the revelation of how the cockhead pushed on the back of his throat, and how it felt when the head of it squeezed and started to slip into the opening of his throat. He remembered the shock of when the cockhead actually entered his throat followed by the shaft all the while with cum spewing out. He remembered the pulsing and throbbing of the cock and how the cum felt hitting the inside of his throat, coating it, and gradually sliding down.

Connie woke up reached over and gave a side hug, she felt his cock. It was already hard. She kissed him, and laughed, “you are ready for me aren’t you. You better brush your teeth though. You smell like dick breath.”

He took a shower. They made love and went to get breakfast.

During breakfast he got up to use the restroom saying, “I have to go down the hall for a minute. I’ll be right back.” Adam went to the restroom. It was small with two half clean urinals, and a stall. As Adam entered another man came in behind him discreetly locking the door.

The man pulled out a large pocket knife and spoke broken English, “Amigo keep it quiet and go into that stall, and sit down, M…F…r.”

Adam glanced down at the knife and without hesitation went into the stall.

“Pull down your pants and sit down,” came the next command.

Submissively Adam followed instructions.

“Open your mouth,” were the next words Adam heard. He didn’t want to make a commotion in the restaurant, and didn’t want to cause a scene that would embarrass his wife.

As soon as Adam opened his mouth a cock was waved in front of his face, and the man wiped his cock and balls across his face and lips. The man trailed a line of pre-cum around Adam’s lips, and pushed the head in. “Lick it good, and suck it.”

Adam used the tip of his tongue to rim the man’s pee hole. He tasted pre-cum and piss. His crotch didn’t smell too bad, just musky.

He didn’t think it was possible, but this man managed to gently massage his cock into Adam’s throat. Soon again, Adam could feel jets of cum splashing into his throat passage, and again a trail of cum pooled on his tongue. He savored the taste of his cum, and sucked the cock dry. Now for the second time in his life he had deep throated a cock and swallowed cum.

“Suck my balls bitch, and then lick my ass.”

Adam noticed a difference in taste of this man’s balls, and a lumpy vein at the very bottom of his nut sack, and an under skin knot at the rim of his asshole.

Adam finished using the bathroom, and the man was gone.

Rejoining his wife at the table, she asked, “What took so long?”

“I’ll have to tell you after breakfast.”

After breakfast they went out to the beach and sat on some lounge chairs to talk privately. Adam ordered drinks, and he confessed to Connie what happened the night before.

Connie declared, “You were orally raped!”

“Yes,” Adam said, not really wanting to go into all the details.

Connie took him to the hotel desk, “We want to report a rape!”

The manager asked, “Are you okay?”

Connie said, “It wasn’t me, it was my husband! He was orally raped.”

There was laughter in the room behind the manager.

The manager Roberto replied, “You mean he was skull fucked? Everyone does it. What goes on here stays here. No one back at your home will ever know.”

Connie’s eyes grew big as apples in surprise. “Where is the police station?”

They walked down to the police station. There a large American man had issues with the captain. It was obvious he had been assaulted as he was bleeding from the mouth. He spoke rotterdam shemale with a lisp made more pronounced because his dental plate had been knocked out of his mouth.

The captain, Armando asked, “You mean you were beat up, had your teeth knocked out, and fucked in the mouth?”


He was looking at the name on the passport, “Did you like it Kenneth?”

“Nooo!” Kenneth pointed to his ass.

“You had anal sex?” asked Armando.

“Nmphth, rrape!”

“Oh you were raped in the mouth and the ass?”

A few feet away a police captain by the name of Duran came up and said, “Next!”

Connie stepped up and said, “I would like to report a rape!”

“Well after all, you are very pretty.” Duran slowly looked up and down her figure, staring at her crotch, and then her boobs.

“Not me, my husband!” Connie sounded a little flustered.

“He’s not too bad either,” he responded.

Laughter came from a room behind him.

“Where did this happen?”

“In the mouth,” Connie said as a matter of fact.

“You mean he was orally raped?” Duran needed the details.

“Yes.” Connie felt like they were getting somewhere.

“Are you sure he didn’t consent?” Duran asked in a neutral voice.

As if the thought never occurred to her she looked at Adam to confirm. Adam shook his head, “no.”

There were many men in the room and they all stopped to look at Adam who admitted to being orally raped, or so he said.

Duran said, “Let’s go into this room so I can take a statement.”

The room was not private. Instead of glass windows, there were blinds half open and one could hear talk from room to room.

Duran took a form from a drawer, and started to take notes. “Now tell me from the beginning what happened and how you were raped in the mouth. I will need to know all the details like the description of his penis, the shape, length, what you felt, saw, smelled, and anything else that might help you identify him. Let’s start with where it happened and what clothes he was wearing.”

Connie sat up and listened. Adam was turning beet red from embarrassment.

“Well it was late and I had to use the bathroom before going back to the hotel room. It was dark and I stepped into the wrong room thinking it was the bathroom. Before I knew it I realized anther man was in there and he was naked.”

Connie sat forward.

Adam was thinking how he would tell about the second occurrence, as he had not told Connie yet. He could still taste breakfast and cum in his mouth.

Adam continued, “He made me sit down and open my mouth.”

Duran asked, “He made you, or did you voluntarily open your mouth when you saw his cock? Just asking, are you queer?”

Adam was the color of sun burn red from embarrassment, but continued to tell the story. It totally sounded like he voluntarily sucked the cock.

“What did you notice about his body, and his cock?”

“It was limp at first, but big around. It filled my mouth entirely. I tasted urine on it.”

“So you know what urine tastes like?” asked Duran.

Adam continued, “I felt his pulse from his cock as it throbbed in my mouth. I thought his cockhead was too big to go in my throat, but the pre-cum made it slick, and somehow it went in, and I could feel his cum vein pulse as lumps of cum shot through. His nut sack tasted exotic, and my tongue felt a large wrinkle at his anus.”

Duran asked, “You mean you also sucked his balls, licked and rimmed his asshole?’

Adam looked at Connie and then down, “Yes.” He was so embarrassed he wanted to shrink away in the chair.

Duran asked, “So you tasted his cock, balls, and cum right?”

“Yes,” Adam confessed meekly.

Duran continued, “Would you recognize the taste of his cock and balls again, his cum, and would your tongue recognize the wrinkle at his asshole again?”

“Yes, I think so,” Adam admitted, thinking they were nearly done.

Duran seemed optimistic, “Okay we are going to have a suspect line up and see if you can recognize the man. We will have 10 men line up naked, and you will check them out blind folded one at a time. There are plenty of college men around here on Spring Break.”

Adam was aghast.

Connie was wide eyed, and curious.

Duran looked at Connie, “You can sit blog shemale behind a one way glass window to watch.”

It began to dawn on Adam that Connie would watch him suck off 10 men, cock and balls, and rim their assholes.

After tasting 10 cum shots, cocks and balls, and rimming their assholes, some of them two or three times when he wasn’t sure, Adam couldn’t definitely tell which suspect it might have been. Connie had to ask, “Was this hazing?” Connie had taken video of it all. She loved watching their asses clinch when they were cumming. She was fascinated watching the moment each cock went into Adam’s mouth. The men all stayed respectfully quiet and watched as each one was treated to deep throat blow jobs while getting their cocks and balls sucked.

Adam realized he was developing skill at rimming, and deep throating. He became a connoisseur of cum and the taste balls. It was almost surreal when his face was in their crotch, rubbing their balls while licking and rimming their asshole. By the end of the sessions Adam was very fatigued and forgot where his clothes were. The lights had already been dimmed, and he just collapsed face down over the back of a chair and a table.

Connie noticed the 10 men seemed to enjoy watching Adam suck cock and balls. They paid particular attention to his naked ass.

The investigators concluded that the oral sex had been consensual.

Connie was about to leave the viewing room when she saw a movement in the dimmed lights of the line up room. She saw Adam lying over the table top face down looking like he was going to sleep. There was one of the suspects who came back into the room. He fondled Adam’s ass, and it seemed to have a massaging effect on Adam who was almost asleep snoring. The suspect asked, “Do you want it?”

Unsuspecting, Adam sleepily said, “Uh huh.” Some lube was squirted down Adams ass crack. A finger pushed it into his asshole lovingly. Soon the suspect’s cock was firmly pushing in, and the motion was like a lullaby to Adam. The suspect enjoyed the firm clamping of Adam’s asshole, and soon he was bucking with his stomach spanking Adam’s ass. It didn’t take long and soon volleys of cum shot into Adam’s rectum.

By the time Connie worked around to the line up room, the suspect had already left, and Adam was snoring blissfully. It had been his first time anal, and he slept through it.

Armando, the captain came into the dimmed room. He asked Connie, “All that cock sucking must have made you hot.” It was more of a question than a statement.

Connie confessed to him, “Yes it did.”

His hand was caressing her side and she was about to object when his hand brushed the side of her boob, ending with a twist of her nipple through her top.

“Your husband was going to be charged for lewd acts, but I think we can make a deal. I know you have a plane to catch first thing.”

Connie looked at her naked husband lying face down over the top of the table.

“Let’s talk about it,” he said as his hand slipped over her shoulder and expertly slid her straps down, slipped her top down, and unfastened her bra. As he started fondling her boobs and kissing her neck, he also found the fastener of her loose shorts, and soon her shorts had dropped to the floor with her panties.

He cupped and fondled her pussy and found that it was already wet. He pushed her onto the table top on her back and with her legs draped over the side, he knelt down and ate her pussy until his lips were dripping from her essence. He leaned over her now as his pants dropped to the floor. His cock slid into her like a well worn holster.

Connie was shocked at what was happening, but she clamped her pussy on his cock and humped and twisted on his cock like screwing a cap on a bottle. His groin was spanking her pussy, and her juices were wetting the table. Soon her legs wrapped around him, and she held him in a hug with her finger nails digging in his back and butt. He crawled on top and slid his cock in her mouth with all the delicious juices. She sucked it clean like a hunger fetish for cum. His cum filled her mouth and gave her a lasting taste.

Video was still running in the room.

After they returned from their trip, Connie noticed that Adam was getting more and more popular with his friends and always seemed to be out with the guys. She didn’t know he was showing them the cock sucking videos. Adam didn’t tell her the video collection was growing. He always seemed to have dick breath.


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