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Coffee, Tea or Chastity

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Gif Hentai

She jostled the beverage cart down the isle of the aircraft. She moved with a slow deliberate purpose. Her first goal was to do her job and tend to the passengers. Her second served her own. This was the first flight of her new route and she needed someone at her destination.

She had a gift. One that she had honed to perfection since discovering it as a teenager. She knew what boys were after and she was savvy enough at a young age to see how far they’d go to get it. Her ability to read people was uncanny. Now, within a minute of talking to someone she could accurately define someones personality, which went a long way to getting what she wanted.

Being a flight attendant was a perfect line of work for her. A large, diverse group of people from across the country. Either passing through her fingers or falling into her grasp.

After serving the passengers she went back down the aisle to narrow down the six potential candidates. Using her subtle charms she settled in on the accountant in 9C. Over the course of the flight she spun her verbal web around him. Gently guiding the conversation, using innuendos and body language.

He was captivated by her. There was something about her. He way. Her mannerism. He was intrigued but more importantly, thanks to her, he was aroused. Aroused like never before. By the time they landed he asked her to get a bite to eat with him during her layover.

‘Gotcha!’ she thought as they made their way through the airport.

After a short nervous ride to the restaurant they settled in to a quiet spot the back. She let him fumble awkwardly through pleasant conversation, before guiding the conversation to her objective.

“So tell me. . . Now that you have me here. . . What do you look for in a woman?”

He nervously cleared his throat. “I guess. . .Um. . . A . . . Someone a bit like yourself.”

“How so?” she interrupted him.

“Confident, independent. Willing to take a risk.”

She knew he was referring to the fact he was trying to get her to go home with him, but now it was her turn. “I only take risks with men who are not afraid to live out their deepest fantasies, realize their darkest desires and accept them as their own. There’s nothing I detest more than a man who cowers from his true feelings.”

He swallowed hard and took a drink of his whiskey. “All day. Every day. People always asking what to do. Where to invest? Should I do this or that? It gets tiring. You know?”

“It must be frustrating for you. Telling people what to do with their money day in and day out. . . So much power.” She paused to gauge his reaction. Once she was sure she knew, she spoke again. “Don’t you ever wish you could give it all up? . . To let it go. . . The control.”

She put her fork down and sipped her wine. She watched as his shaking hand brought his whiskey to his lips and he finished his drink.

“Yes.” he whispered. His voice spoke volumes, like a weight had just been lifted off of his chest. “Yes, I do. It’s just. . .”

“But who do you trust.” She said seductively as she ran her finger over the rim of her glass. “How do you find someone who’ll understand what you truly want. . . What you need.” She paused, leaned in and lowered her voice. “What you crave to satisfy that gnawing hunger in your tortured soul.” Her eyes were locked on his, studying him.

He swallowed hard at her piercing gaze. It cut right through to his soul. It felt as if she were in his head with him. He simply nodded as she spoke. His heart was pounding. His mind a jumble of thoughts.

She took another sip of wine. He was hers for the taking and it was he who would commit to it. She waited until she could see he was almost writhing in his seat. Searching for the right words to say; so far outside of his comfort zone. Tracing her finger up and down her cleavage she broke the silence. “If you want we could take you on a journey you’ll never forget. If not you can take me back to the airport now.” She stood up. “I’m going to freshen up. Pay the bill and I guess I’ll know your answer by where your car ends up.”

She smiled to herself as the car drove off in the opposite direction of the airport. They rode in silence as his nervous energy filled the car. To him the fifteen minute ride seemed like forever, but before he knew it he was at his house.

He went to get out and she held his arm. “Give me the house key and get my bags.”

He nervously did as she asked and watched as she walked to his front door, turn the key, open the door and walk inside. Gathering up both of their bags he slowly walked to his front door. He stood frozen for a moment. Afraid to enter his own house, wondering what lay inside. However, his curiosity and his desire overrode his fear and apprehension.

He carried their bags into the house and found her seated in his living room. He stood there awkwardly starring at her. “Leave your bags here and take mine to your bedroom. While you’re in there change the linens on your bed and get completely undressed. There is an item on the bed that I’d like you to put on and then come stand right here when you’re finished.” She pointed to the floor ardahan escort right next to her. Her voice was calm and casual, as if she were explaining to him how to bake a cake.

He turned and walked away. She listened quietly as he did just as she asked. Moments later his bare feet on the wood floors sounded his return. He rounded there corner and walked to where she asked him to. Naked except for the cock harness that separated his balls from each other and his cock .

He found her there sipping a glass of wine. She reached out with her free hand and gently petted each of his balls with her fingertips and nails. His breathing picked up as his cock began to swell. He looked down at her as she continued, her eyes studying his genitals.

“Why didn’t you take me back to the airport?”

“Wha. .?” his mind was racing.

“What do you expect tonight?”

“I don’t. . .” he choked out as his cock continued to swell and now strain against the straps. “I’m not. . .”

She ran her nails up the underside of his rigid shaft. “Oh, yes.” Her head didn’t move but her eyes looked up. “But you do. You are. You’ve waited your whole life for this moment. For me.”

“It’s just that. . .” He knew she was right. He wanted this more than anything. The release of control. He wanted to give in to his secrets. She was like a dream come true. His eyes were locked on hers.

She turned her attention back to his shaft, which was, along with his balls, turning purplish-red and shiny. “Don’t tell me otherwise. It serves no purpose now. Your excuses. Now I need you to be absolutely honest with me.”

“OK.” He tried to think clearly, but it was all too much for him. He’d never seen his dick so hard, so big. The straps actually didn’t hurt, but rather excited him further. Her calm dominant disposition was intoxicating.

Her nails lightly raked over the tip of his dick. “Now when was the last time this cock has had sex?”

“About three weeks ago.”

“And when did you masturbate last?”

He blushed with embarrassment. “This morning.”

“Tsk, tsk and before that?”

“Yesterday.” His heart was pounding and his face felt hot and flush. “Twice.”

“My, my. That just wont do.” She slid her hand all the way down his shaft and back up very slowly. “Not if you’re going to be my new pleasure attendant. You do want to be my new pleasure attendant don’t you?”

“A what?” His eyes fluttered as her silky smooth hand caressed him.

“It’s like a flight attendant. . . For me!” She circled her thumb over his head, using a drop of his pre-cum as lube. “You want that; don’t you?”

“Yesss” he hissed.

“Mmm. Of course you do.” His dick strained as she stroked him more. “You will provide me with what I ask of you and in return you may be rewarded. . . First things first though. No cumming without my permission. OK?”


“Good. Now what I want is to ride this cock to a sweet orgasm. Can I do that without you cumming?” she stroked him faster and firmer, knowing he could not.

“No. I’m. . . It’s too. . . I. . .”

“Too bad. I’m very disappointed. I can help keep you from cumming. Would you like that?”

“Please. Keep me from cumming. I want to please you.”

“I’m sure you do, but you have give me possession of your cock and balls. Are you willing?”

“I am.”

“Tell me.” She pulled his cock faster and faster.

“Please. Yes. Take them. Oh! Possess them. My cock and balls, take them. Please. Please!”

She stopped and stood up suddenly. Her face right in front of his. “I’m going take you into the bedroom and have my way with you. Take you if you will. Tonight is to be a life changing event for you. Are you ready?”

She could see a mix of fear and curiosity in his eyes. She knew he couldn’t resist. This one was too easy, so ready.

“Take me.” He didn’t know what she meant. Nor did he care. He didn’t know why. He was the moth to her flame right now.

“Are you sure?”


“Follow me and be mine.”

He sheepishly followed her to his bedroom where she had him lay down on his bed and stretch out his arms. She opened her luggage and took out two restraints and secured his hands to the headboard.

She then, without a word, took out a pair of rubber gloves and a tube out of her bag. She worked clinically, as if he wasn’t even there. Squirting a bit of the cream on to his stiff rod and then rubbing it in with her hands. When she finished she flicked off the gloves, pulled a condom out of her bag and rolled it down his shaft.

She leaned in with one knee on the bed, her head just above his. Softly messaging his shiny reddish purple balls, which were pulled tight and separate by the harness, she smiled at him. “That should help keep you from cumming.”

He had no idea what she meant, but her teasing hand on his balls was driving him mad. “Please. . . Take me.”

“Shhh! Anticipation.” Her gaze was hypnotic. “When I’m done tonight you’ll think of me as the key to your pleasure. Now, how’s that feel.” An evil grin spread across her face as she turned her head towards his crotch.

He artvin escort lifted his head to she what she was looking at. Her hand slid up and down his sheathed shaft, yet he felt nothing. Their eyes met again. He now had a confused and pleading look in his.

She stood up and began to undress. Slowly and sensually. He thought it to be bordering on an erotic dance. “What is your function?” she asked in an alluring and sultry tone.

“Pleasure Attendant.” He felt his cum churning in his balls. His desire radiated though his torso and thighs.


“Yours.” He was fixated on her. His legs tingled and his body surged with an erotic heat.

“What of your pleasure?” She twirled away from him as she took off her blouse and flipped it over her back. The last thing he saw before it landed on his face was her thumbs reaching into the waistband of her panties.

He cleared his throat. “Your pleasure is my pleasure.”

“I’m glad you feel that way.” she purred as she rolled his nipple in her fingers. She chuckled to herself at how easy it was sometimes. He was all too willing to accept his fate. She watched with fascination as he lay there writhing on the sheets, moaning. His well numbed cock desperately searching for some friction.

She mounted the bed and straddled him. Her nails teasing his torso, causing his skin to goose bump. She then pushed his legs apart and knelt in between them. “This is where I take you.” she cooed.

He suddenly felt so very vulnerable, exposed as her hands continued push his legs apart. He tried to figure out what was happening, but he was short circuiting mentally.

She maneuvered herself on top of him and worked his numbed yet rock hard cock inside of her. “Do you like that? Being taken.” she whispered in his ear as her legs pushed his further apart and she began grinding herself into him. His cock buried inside of her. “Look at how willing you are to spread your legs for me. To give yourself to me. To have. . . To use. . . To possess.”

“Yes.” It felt so erotic to him. So good.

She was fucking him. Or was it the other way around. He didn’t know. His legs were spread wide and his feet in the air as she rocked herself back and forth on top of him. Pleasuring herself with his numbed cock. He was here and part of it, but without his dick he was detached from it all. Yet as odd as all of it seemed what was even stranger to him was that this felt so natural to him. Like an empty void in his life had now been filled.

“Yes. Take me. Fuck me.” he hissed as he wrapped his legs around her and matched her grinding movements.

It was surreal. Her paced quickened. It made him feel weak, feminine and submissive. However, it felt all so good.

She was grinding into him furiously as she felt her orgasm welling up inside of her.

“Oh yes. Fuck yes. Take it. Oh fuck yeah. Yes!! Yes!!! YES!!!!” she yelled as her body tensed and shook. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she was seized by her climax.

As her orgasm subsided, she slumped down on top of him and he unlocked his legs, also relaxing. Petting him gently she purred with contentment before rising up off of his still hard cock. “I’ll be right back.”

He listened as she left him there. Arms bound, head covered and his tethered cock and balls aching for release. She wasn’t gone long, but then again he wasn’t sure how long it actually was. She set a chair next to the bed and sat down.

“So what do you think so far? . . Is this everything you’ve dreamed of?” He voice was soft and inquisitive. She reached her hand in and gently stroked his stretched and separated balls.

He writhed in place as he tried to get some sensation for his cock. She would have none of it as she lightly and gingerly touched his balls, thighs, chest and belly. Everywhere but his swollen shaft. “What is it that you want? Your darkest desires. Your deepest fantasies. . . Tell me.”

His mind struggled for an answer. All of his thoughts jumbled in his head. Every fantasy that he ever wished for could come true. If only he could explain them to her. If only he could summon the courage to let go.

“Well I guess you need a little time to get back to me. How about I have my way with you again?” she cooed.

He felt her fondling his cock. A good sign the cream she applied was wearing off, but what he didn’t know was that she was now applying a second condom.

Once again she moved between his legs and spread them apart. She caressed him softly. “Yes, spread them for me. Give yourself to me. . . Again.” Her hands moved past his legs and up his body as she positioned herself over him.This time he spread his legs wider and lifted his hips to help get her inside of him. “Mm, yes. So willing. So eager to give yourself. . . Completely.” The last word rolled off of her tongue in a sultry hiss. As she impaled herself on his shaft.

He moaned, not in ecstasy, but in frustration. Her soft, warm body was rocking and shifted on top of him in the throws of passion. His legs forced apart, hands bound and face covered. Even though his cock was missing from this event his body still reacted. ataköy escort However his building sexual energy found no release.

He could only feel a fraction of the sensation on his mummified dick. She however felt it all as she used him for another orgasm. Another very vocal, very physical orgasm.

Once composed she once again left him there. Left him think. And think he did. His mind was whirling with a mix of excitement and fear. Although his cock had been left out of the nights events and he had jerked off three times in the last twenty four hours he was very horny. More so than he could ever remember.

It seemed as if time had stopped.

Suddenly, her blouse was pulled from his face and he watched as she plopped herself down on the chair next to the bed, wearing nothing but his thick terry cloth robe.

She crossed her legs and sipped on a glass of wine. A coy and sexy smile flashed across her face. “So tell me. Now that you’ve had so time to think. What is it you want?”

“I. . . Uh. . . I’m. . .”

“Please don’t tell me you’re now getting cold feet. Are your feelings repressed. . . No wait. Suppressed would be better. Are your feelings that suppressed that you can’t even tell the woman who has tied you up, had her way with you; in the most perverse manner mind you; and is now asking you what you want.” Her gaze cut right through him.

She wanted. . . No. She demanded an answer he thought. An honest answer. Anything else would invite something he was not prepared to deal with. He was sure of this.

“I want. . . My desire, fantasy is to be forced into embarrassing situations.” He was flush, hot and his breathing was a bit erratic.

“You’re talking about blackmail.” This was too easy she thought. Out of all she’d ever had she never once had one with a blackmail fantasy.

“No. . . It’s. . . I. . .”

“No that’s exactly what it is, but if that’s what your fantasy is then we’ll need something that I could use to do that. Am I right?” She paused and sipped her wine. “Perhaps a compromising photo? Maybe even a short video?”

“Yes. That would be good.” He wondered what he was doing, but it was his fantasy; sort of. Happening now. With this beautiful angel. His mind screamed no, but his desires had the last word.

“I know just the thing. I’ll be right back. ” She rose up, pulled off the two condoms and the harness from his now flaccid member before leaving the room.

After a few minutes she return with a piece of paper, which she put on his dresser. She then rummaged around in her bag, took out a small box and put it on the paper. He watched as she unlocked his wrists and sat back down with a tablet she took out of her bag.

“Follow the instructions on the paper and I’ll record your confession when your ready.” She talked without looking up. “Don’t worry as soon as we’re done I’ll give you the video.”

He stood up and read the paper silently, swallowing hard. He closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them he simply stated “Ready.”

She ran her fingers over the tablet and as she held it up to him she nodded. His naked image filled her screen.

“I am chronic masturbator. I masturbate everyday. When I am not masturbating I am thinking about masturbating. I’d rather masturbate than fuck. That’s why I decided to control my urges with this.” He picked up the box and took out a clear plastic chastity device. Working quickly to put it on before his now hardening shaft got too big he fit the tube into the pins and locked it in place. He held up the key and looked at her. “Now I need to lock this key away and deny myself long enough to take interest in women again.”

She hit the stop button and put the tablet down. “I’ll take that.”

He handed her the key and stood before her. Awkwardly. Naked. Save for the device that now caged his manhood. His cock was starting to swell inside its new confines.

“Well, it looks like somebody is enjoying its new home. Now to you. You’ve got some work to do. Errands if you will. Now listen carefully. . . You need to get dressed, no underwear though.”

She helped him pick out a pair of slacks and shirt.

“Your first stop is to a lingerie store . You will find a sales lady to help you pick out a matching bra, panties and stockings. Then you next trip is to an adult store. There you will buy two DVDs dealing with submissive sissy maids. Lastly you will buy a thank you card for me. After all I am the one who is helping you realize your darkest fantasy. Inside of it you will put a generic gift card and then seal the envelope.”

It all seemed very simple. Too simple, but his straining cock reminded him of how excited she was making him. “OK.” He turned and walked through the house to the front door. She followed right behind him and stopped him right as he was leaving.

“Oh! One last thing. When you buy the lingerie you will ask to use the dressing room so you can wear them out. Once inside you will video yourself as you put on your new undies. Then you will have somebody take a picture of you at the adult store holding the videos.” She held out a smart phone, but as he went to take it she still held it. “Now listen, I want to see your face in the picture and I want to see you face in the video; talking about how good it feels to be wearing something sexy. Put on a good show, don’t rush, enjoy it and you’ll be rewarded.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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