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Alexandra Daddario

Ok it is time for the third instalment in my life with college students.
Recap, I am 53 years old man at present, but this happened 32 years ago, I live in a college town and Dave and I had some good sex, now for the next story.
I came into town one Friday about 10:00 AM, had dropped my semi trailer at the waewhouse that I delever, and was going to park my tractor, as I was going by the bar I saw Daves car, I stopped and went inside but no Dave insted I found Doug setting at the bar “Where is Dave I see his car parked outside?” I ask.
“He left it heer for me, he is up at our place with some chick, I dont expect to see him for 4 or 5 hrs.”
” To bad, I was looking for some fun, OK I will see you later.” I said
“Arent you going to have a beer?” he ask.
“I better not I have my big truck.” I said
He said “Just one wont hurt.” So I sat down and ordered a beer. I drank it and said “Guess I had better take that thing and park it. Give me about 45 min and I will be back.
“Did you say you have your big truck with you? he ask
“Yes.” I said
“Always wanted to ride in one of those big truckes.” He said
“Well lets go.” I said. He finished his beer and we went out side, I unlocked the passenger door so he could get in and went around and unlocked and climed inside my side to find Doug facing me in the seat, I looked and he had his cock out the leg of his shorts so I could not help but see. I took his cock in my hand like I was shaking hands and said “Glad to meet you.” As I drove I was playing with that cock.
” That is pretty handey for you guys.” I said
” What?” casino şirketleri he ask
” Having those shorts so you can get your cock out through the leg, makes it easy to have fun.” I said
He said ” We plan it that way, I belong to a secret club at school there are about 25 boys and girls in the club and that is how we let each other know what we are looking for .”
“What do you mean?” I ask
” The club I belong to is a gay lesbian and bi-sexual does not matter if you are a boy or girl, if you wear blue shorts means you are looking for a guy, red means looking for a girl and white means boy or girl. ” He said
” Pretty handey.” I said. Soon we got to the lot where I park my truck. After parking the truck I pulled down his shorts and took a look at his cock, smaller than Dave more the size of mine maby a little less but not much they almost look like twins as I looked at his cock I said. “I met you now it is time to get aquanted .” As I took ihis cock into my mouth.
I sucked his cock for a while and ask ” Want to go to my place for a while?”
” Sure but whart about your brother?” he ask It was only about 11:00 AM an I said “He works until 5″:00 PM he wont be home for hours.” I said
“Sure lets go.” He said so we got into my pick up and went to my place. When we got there I told Doug “Get a beer out of the fridge and have a seat I am going to take a shower, be back in a few minutes.” I took my shower and when I came into my bedroom he was lying on the bed only in his jockey shorts.
I went over and pulled down his shorts and took a mouth full of cock. Soon we were in a 69 and sucking each other, casino firmaları I tryed to get all of his cock into my mouth and had a gage reflex, I slowed down and thought I will have to relaxe if this is going to happen so I slowely took his cock in a little deeper each time and soon my nose was touching his balls, his cock went all the way in pretty easy. Soon I could feel him tence up and knew he was about cum so i let go and shot a load into his mouthas he filled my mouth with sweet cum, dam it was good.
We layed there for a while and I ask “Want wartch some porn.”
“Sure.” he said. So I turned on a movie, when the guys started sucking each other Doug cock got hard so I started sucking him, wasent long I was hard also, we were sucking and I thought “If I can swollow his cock maybe I can take it up my ass so I went to the bathrom and found some lotion an came back and had Doug loosen my asshole with his fingers, when I thought it was ready I got a rubber out of the night stand and put it on him and lubed his cock and my ass and guieded his cock into my ass, it hurt at first and I thought about stopping him but I said “Take it easy it hurts.” he would slide it out and then back in, Going a little deeper as he did, Pretty soon it was not so bad. After some time he had it in up to his balls and it felt pretty good. When he relized it did not hurt me anymore he gave me a good fucking. When he cum I took the rubber off his cock and cleaned his cock with my mouth.
“Want to fuck me.” He ask.
“Hell yes.” I said so on went the rubber and the lube and deep into his ass my cock is going, when I shot my load he took my cock into his güvenilir casino mouth and cleaned me up.
We lay in bed for some time it was about 2:00 PM I ask “Want to get into the hot tub and relax before we have to go.”
“Sure, lets grab som beer and go soak for a while.” so we did
After some time I grabbed his cock and started playing with it, wasent long his cock was hard again. “Dam, this guy must be a rabbit.” I thought. I played with him for a while and had him stand up and face me and I started sucking his cock again.
I was enjoying his cock so much that I did not hear the door open I heard my brother say “What the fuck is going on .” I looked and my brother was standing there in a towle I was so embarresed but what are you going to say when you are cought with a cock in your mouth. “Just a couple guys having some fun.” I said He stood and looked for a few seconds and dropped the towle and said. “Move over and let me have some of that fun.” I was so releaved. He sucked Doug cock and I could see him getting hard so I took his cock into my mouth. “Man I am sucking my own brothers cock.” I thought. Wasent long my brother shot his sweet love juce into my mouth. Soon Doug cum for the third time in less than three hours.
My brother said “I did not know that you were into this kinda of action. “
“I wasent until about a month ago didn’t know you were eather.” I said
“I have been doing this since high school.” he said
“How come I never knew about it.” I said.
“Didn’t know how you would take it if I had known I would have told you years ago.” he said
“Wish you had told me I loved sucking your cock.” I said
The three of us had a real fun weekend, Doug got sucked and fucked a lot I even fucked my brother and he fucked me.
Mor to cum stay tuned

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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