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College Fun

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I had just started my freshman year at a big university and am loving everything about it. I’m single and need to scope out all the boys on campus. What do I look like? Well, I’m Asian, 5’2″ 110 lbs, long wavy hair, 34C breast and a nice shaved pussy. I came to college with one goal, to have hot sex with as many boys as possible. To my first day to class, I wore my red tube top, short black miniskirt and black leather fuck boots. I decided to walk in late to get all the attention as possible. Many of the guys started hooting and the professor even dropped his chalk.

“Sorry I’m late Professor Jones.”

“Oh um that’s um alright, what’s your name?”

“Lizzie Lee, but all the guys call me Honey,” I said with a wink, I can tell he already had a hard on by the bulge in his pants.

“Well Honey, I mean Lizzie, see me after class and we’ll discuss your lateness then, now as I was saying.”

I could feel the lust in the room by all the guys and the hatred by all the girls, but I was concentrating on Professor Jones. He seemed young, roughly 6’2″, 170 lbs, athletic build, and a nice ass. I could feel my thong getting wet from my pussy. Yes, I thought, I’m going to fuck the professor. In what seemed like minutes the class was done. I took my time packing up my books and letting everyone else leave first, Professor Jones called out to me , “Uh, Lizzie can I speak to you please?”

“Sure Professor, just a second,” I replied and purposely dropped my pencil and watched it roll under my desk. I got on my knees giving the Professor a perfect view of my tight ass and my thong and took my time picking up the pencil. When I got back up and looked at the Professor he looked like he was panting with desire. I knew he wanted me.

The bahis firmaları professor came over and said “Lizzie, I just want you to know my policy for lateness, I will not tolerate it and there are no exceptions to this rule.”

“But Professor, can’t you forgive me just this once? There’s got to be something I can do…” I was touching his arm as I said this, massaging it. He liked it because he didn’t move away, in fact he moved closer.

“I don’t know Lizzie, I am a tough one to please, what do you have in mind?”

“Why don’t we finish this conversation in your office Professor?”

“Yes, that sounds like a good idea, follow me.”

Walking behind the professor gave me a great view of his tight ass. I wanted to be fucked my him so bad, I could feel my nipples pushing out of my tube top and thong was soaking already.

I love fucking, I’ve been fucking since I was in high school, especially with all the teachers there. I was imagining how the professor was kissing me and rubbing my tits when I was interrupted. “Lizzie, you can come in now and close the door behind you.”

“Oh yes Professor!” I said as I closed his office door and locked it without him noticing.

The professor sat on his desk and asked “Now what did you have in mind Lizzie?”

“You can call me Honey Professor,” I said as I sauntered over to him. Before he could say another word, I jumped into his lap and started kissing him. Immediately, he kissed back, tonguing me.

“No Honey, we can’t do this, this isn’t right”

“You know you want to fuck me Professor admit it” I challenged. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my tits. “You know you want to lick my tits and fuck them with your hard cock, don’t you?”

“Oh is kaçak iddaa this what you want little girl, well, you’re in for a treat”

With that the Professor picked me up and laid me on his desk and kissed me hard while grabbing my tits roughly. “You want me to fuck you? I’ll fuck you so hard you little cunt.”

I love it when I get fucked rough. I wanted his cock in me. I opened up my legs grinding my pussy into his hard cock.

He yanked my tube top down to free my big tits and started sucking on them. I started moaning “Oh yes yes”

He then pulled my thong down and unzipped my skirt and started at my cunt. “What a nice cunt you got there girl. Good enough to fuck”

With that, he shoved 2 fingers in my pussy driving me wild and sucked on my clit. He was watching me moan and whimper as he finger fucked my pussy. He shoved another finger in and stroked my G spot, I screamed that I was gonna cum, he sucked my clit harder tugging on it. He was a pro in oral. He stood up and stared at me. “You little slut, you think you’re going to cum in late to my class, we’ll see you little bitch, I’m gonna punish you for that.”

I knew he was loving playing the bad professor and I thought I’d play along too. I got up and jumped off the desk. “I’m not scared of you! Fucking asshole!”

That angered him and excited him. He quickly undid his pants. The biggest cock I have ever seen sprung out. It must have been 8 inches. “Get on your knees bitch!”

“Make me!” I challenged.

He grabbed me and forced me onto my knees. “Now suck my cock whore.”

He thrust his cock into my mouth and grabbed onto my head. I was squirming but he started fucking my face and moaning “Oh you little slut, yeah suck it.”

I was enjoying kaçak bahis this so much I reached down and started rubbing my clit. He noticed right away “Oh you’re starting to like this aren’t you bitch? I’ll show you.”

He pulled me up and threw me in a chair and grabbed my tits. “Such nice tits, you ever get fucked in your tits?”

He pushed my tits together and started fucking it with his cock. I licked the head as it popped thru and squeezed his balls. He was wild with desire calling me names like slut, cunt, bitch, whore. I felt his cock twitching and then with a loud scream he came right on my tits and face. He put his cock back in my mouth and made me clean it off. As I was sucking he was getting hard again, so I started deepthroating him. He was grunting and playing with my tits. He told me to stop and made me go to his desk. He turned me around roughly and pushed me so I could fall bending over on his desk.

“Bitch your pussy needs a good fucking” and he shoved all of his manhood into my pussy at once.

I screamed as he did this. He started fucking me then he fucked me faster and faster, each time, pulling back all the way and pushing it all back in. I came over and over and was rubbing my clit the whole time. He pulled out all the way teasing me. “Put it in my ass!” I screamed.

“You want it in your ass slut? I’ll give it to you bitch. Beg for it!”

“Please please fuck my ass. Fuck my tight ass!”

I felt his cock head at my ass and ground my ass into him. He shoved it all in and pumped my ass with that wonderful cock. “You tight little bitch!”

I was cumming again and again. He rammed his finders in my pussy as he fucked me ass while I was savaging my clit over and over.

“Cum in my ass!”

He pumped harder and faster and with a deep grunt, spurted his hot semen into my ass.

We fucked again and again that day and every day after class in his office and at his apartment. I love college.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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