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College Guy’s Experiment

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*Note* This is a true story with certain details and the names of the characters altered for their protection. Everyone in this story is of age. Enjoy.

I had been curious about my sexuality for a couple of months, but never had the courage to act on it and try it out. Sure I’d visit to a video store every once in a while, and sometimes let a guy suck me off through a glory hole. But this was completely over the top from my norm.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a 19 year old college student at URI, about 6’2″ and somewhere around 185 lbs depending on my appetite. I had a slightly chubby build thanks to the “Freshmen 15” that I had been trying to work off, but still maintained a decent looking body, not to mention an ass I get complimented on from time to time. I lived in an apartment off campus, and since my roommate had graduated last year, had been living alone.

One day while surfing through the internet, I pulled up Craigslist to look through some car listing for kicks. But when I got to the page, I noticed a section called “Men seeking Men”. So I clicked on it and found many ads regarding guys looking for other guys to meet up with and fuck. I figured, “Why not?”, and posted an ad about myself and how I was new to all this but looking to give it a try. Within half an hour, I had approximately 5 different guys responding to my ad, but only one stood out. A guy from Connecticut said he would drive the half hour to help me out. We exchanged pictures and talked about what would happen, and 2 hours after posting my ad, he was on his way to my place.

Eager casino şirketleri in anticipation, I rushed to take a shower, and then began reading stories on random gay hook ups and such, to keep me excited and not allow myself to back out at the last minute. I changed into a pair of boxer briefs to show off my ass and package. I could barely contain myself when he knocked on my door. I let him in and locked the door, then led him to the living room, well aware that the guy was checking out my ass. As he started to undress, I dropped my boxers, sat down and began to stroke myself as the Thirty-Something year old undressed. He stood about the same height as me, with a stocky build of about 200 lbs, and an 8 inch semi-erect cock that even had me impressed. As he took off his pants, he walked over to me, put one leg on the couch next to me, and gently pulled my head towards his waiting member. That was all the invitation I needed. I began bobbing up and down on his cock, licking the shaft, stroking him mimicking how I enjoy getting sucked. He started breathing heavily as I began to feel his cock grow inside my mouth, making me want more and more of it. After a little while he took my head in his hands and held it still, and began to pump his now hard cock in and out of my mouth. I began stroking myself again at the thought of letting this complete stranger use me like a slut in a porno. The man then slid me off the cushion and onto the floor with my back against the couch. He brought his legs to my shoulders and continued pumping his cock now deeper in and out of my wet mouth and down casino firmaları my throat, almost causing me to gag.

After numerous times, he pulled out and told me to lie down on my back. I obediently followed his commands and quickly moved to the floor, where he straddled my face, bent over and began to sixty-nine me. I maliciously followed suit and began going back to work on his cock and balls dangling inches from my face. While we sucked, he spread my legs and began to rub my asshole in circles, occasionally sticking a finger in to loosen me up, causing me to moan around his cock. After a while he sat up and began stroking me while catching his breath, lowering his balls onto my face. I seized the opportunity and sucked both of them into my mouth and began sucking on them like they were hard candies, causing him to moan out loud in pleasure. When he had caught his breath he returned the favor by rapidly sucking all 7 inches of me into his mouth and playing with my balls at the same time. This drove me into a spiral of pleasure, not wanting him to stop.

After that, he climbed off me and rolled me over onto my stomach, lifted my hips up, and plunged face first into my waiting ass. He circled my waiting asshole with his tongue while continuing to stroke me, then licking my ass for its entirety, and sticking fingers in my ass, all sending me into a whole new world of pleasure, the likes of which no girl had ever brought me before. He started with one finger, then two, then three as I began moaning louder. He poured some lube onto his fingers and they seemed to slide right güvenilir casino into my now loosened ass.

He then stood up and pulled a condom from his jacket, tearing it open and sliding it on. He slid his cock between my cheeks while my asshole beckoned to be split apart by his big cock. He lined it up, slowly pushed in, and my insides felt on fire. He took his time making sure it doesn’t hurt too much and allowing me to get used to the pain. Once he bottomed out, he slowly began to pump in and out of my ass, going faster and faster as time went on. I began moaning loudly and breathing heavily. He asked me “Are you okay?” and I replied, “Yeah… “, mumbling something as the feeling of my ass being torn apart but at the same time the pleasure of getting fucked. When he asked me what I had said, he plunged his cock deep into my ass, causing me to scream, “OHH FUCK MY ASS!!!!” That was all the encouragement he needed, as he began to pound away at my formerly virgin ass. The feeling of pain was quickly washed away by the flood of pleasure as I began to rock back into him trying to get every inch of his cock into my ass.

After about 20 minutes, but what felt like an eternity, he pulled out and began stroking his cock and told me to turn around. Quickly I scampered over to him and sat on my knees stroking my cock thinking about how amazingly hard he had fucked me and how great it felt. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and groaned ad he unloaded two huge globs of cum on my face, followed by one on the chest and one on the nose. As the cum began to drip down into my mouth, I realized how much of a slut I must look like and instantly I came so hard I almost hit myself in the face with my own cum.

Afterwards, we got cleaned up and he got dressed and left, and I just sat there thinking about how amazing this day was.


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