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College Life Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: The Hot Tub

My second noteworthy sexual escapade began just as benignly as the first. A semester and two more lesbian orgies after being tricked into Naomi’s sorority house and losing my virginity I received an e-mail regarding an internship with an engineering and company. As a jobless double-E major this was the exact thing I had been hoping to find. I eagerly opened the email and read through it. The company’s owner, Nichole was personally inviting me to an interview and tour of her company. The email did not specify what exactly they designed, but it did highlight a need for an electrical engineer to design and implement small systems for them. The company was just on the other side of the state line, about two hours away. Given the morning interview, they even offered me a hotel room nearby. It was a perfect opportunity. I readily agreed to arrive in four days’ time.

The night before my interview I arrived at the four start hotel around 8pm. I had been provided a small but comfortable suite and even had a ticket for a free breakfast. This deal was getting better all the time! The one downside was that I was sore from my drive, and belatedly realized I neglected to bring my swimsuit to use the hotel’s outdoor hot tubs.

Soon, however a plan entered my mind. My room had a small balcony for use as a fire escape, and a large pipe attacked by bars to the hotel’s outer wall at regular intervals. I could easily wait until the pool area closed, and use the pipe as a ladder to climb down. Then, with no one around, I could slip into one of the several hot tubs in only my boxers, or even naked. The pool deck closed at 10pm, but I waited until around eleven thirty to be sure that no cleaning staff would find me.

Quietly, I slipped out onto the balcony and climbed easily down the pipe’s supports. I cautiously made my way across the dark pool area to the third and farthest tub, situated in a small circle of pine trees on the hotel’s green. Reaching the tub, I stopped dead. The tub was already running, and there was already someone in it. Without the hotel’s outdoor lights turned on, I couldn’t see them clearly, but I was sure that they had already noticed me, and were now shifting in the water to face me.

“Uhm, sorry.” I stammered, “I know the pool deck is closed. I just didn’t bring a suit you see, so…” I trailed off sheepishly. “I’ll just head back to my room.” I turned to go.

“No, it’s alright.” The person in the pool said. It was a woman’s voice. “I don’t work for the hotel, and actually wouldn’t mind the company.” bahis firmaları

“Uhh, well,” I started again after a pause, “As I mentioned, I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“Neither do I.” The woman in the tub reached over and hit a switch on the water’s edge. The soft underwater lights clicked on, and my eyes widened. The woman was in her late twenties, a few years older than me with long dark hair, and was almost completely NAKED. She wore only a pair of small black panties, leaving the rest of her curvy, tanned body bare beneath the surface of the water. Even with the distortion from the moving water, her large, D sized breasts were very visible. My cock instantly hardened.

I glanced away automatically, and the woman laughed. “Don’t you want to join me?”

“I uhh,” I began, lost for words, “I’ve already got a girl and…”

“That doesn’t matter.” The girl said, “She wants you to have fun doesn’t she? And I never said I wanted to anything sexual with you.” She smiled up at me, swimming over to my side of the pool, “But now that you mention it, you ARE kind of cute.”

I forced a grin. This girl was right, after all. Though Naomi was my girlfriend, and I slept with her often, she did take me to orgies and watch me have sex with a large number of other girls, and was completely fine with it. After a moment’s contemplation, I shrugged, and pulled off my shirt and pants, leaving me standing there in just my boxers. I was relieved I was currently wearing Naomi’s thong she had given me at our first orgy. I still wore it often and actually had it in my suitcase.

“Good!” the woman said, pushing off the wall to leave me room to climb in. “Come on in!”

I complied, the warm water relaxing my muscles tensed by the long drive. I closed my eyes and sighed audibly, enjoying the moment. I opened my eyes when I felt something brush against my legs. The woman in the tub had come over to me, and was beginning to straddle my legs. DAMN this woman was fast. She threw her arms around my neck and leaned in close, smiling, her massive breasts an inch from my chest.

“So, sexy,” she said with a quieter, lust tone, “Want to have some fun?” Her panties touched down over the lump in my boxers, and i twitched against her cunt. She giggled. “I’ll take THAT as a yes.”

I knew this woman wouldn’t take no for an answer. I grinned, deciding to go with it. This day couldn’t have been much better. “Alright. You’ve got me. But just this once, mind you. I DO have a girl back home that I’m committed to.”

“Of course.” She said, brushing off the comment. kaçak iddaa “First things first. Let’s gets get out of this uncomfortable swimwear.” She let go of my neck, turned around, and bent over. Her tight ass framed her little black thong as it rose in front of my face. “Can you help me?” she cooed in an innocent voice.

I reached forward and gripped her smooth, sexy ass, rubbing it around with one hand on each cheek. Sliding one hand under each of the thong’s straps, I slid it down her ass, kissing to top of her crack as I did so. The woman groaned quietly, enjoying my touch. “That’s it baby. Touch me!”

I slid the thong down her legs and she stepped out of it before pulling it from the water and throwing it outside of the tub. I played with her round, perfect ass for a moment longer, then gave her a gentle shove forward and turned around myself, leaning on the edge of the tub. Her hand’s gripped the edge of my boxers, and gently pulled down. Once they were off my legs, she ran a finger down my crack, pausing to massage my anus before reaching forward to cup my balls in the palm of her hand.

“You have an exquisite body.” She whispered, feeling up every inch of my groin and ass. “Your girl is incredibly lucky to have a man this sexy.”

I laughed softly, muttering thanks. With her hands, she gently rolled me over, and straddles me again. This time my penis throbbed against her bare pussy. We grinned at each other.

“Shall we?” She asked after a pause. Placing a hand behind me head she kissed me full on the lips, her breasts pressing into my chest. I kissed her back, out tongues dancing. She rubbed the lips of her pussy up and down my cock’s shaft, her clit tracing a sensual line along me, as water slashed against the side of the tub. After what had to have been several minutes of hard kissing she pulled away, gasping for breath.

“How’s your endurance?” she asked bluntly.

“Well,” I said, blushing, “Longer than average, but I’m no pornstar.”

“Good enough!” She crooned, lifting herself off me. Without further discussion, she used her right hand to position my hard cock, and rammed herself down upon it. Her cunt swallowed me whole. I groaned along with her, the ecstasy of intercourse washing over us. She bounced on me now, the waves of her humping crashing loudly over the edge of the tub. The lips of her vagina were so soft and her pussy so tight that if not for the uncomfortableness of sex underwater, I would have cum quickly. She rocked on me for minutes, groaning so loudly that I was afraid we draw the attention of hotel security.

As kaçak bahis I approached climax, I leaned forward and touched her shoulder. “I’m at my limit, baby.”

The woman stopped her brutal fucking, relaxing down onto my cock and putting her arms back around my neck. “How was that?” She asked with a grin.

“Exquisite.” I said honestly, smiling back.

“Excelent. You’re not a bad partner. Say, how do you stand on anal sex?”

I though back to Naomi’s orgies and the many times I had given and received that particular taboo. “I’m completely alright with it. I said with a lustful grin.”

“Good” the woman replied “I wasn’t going to give you the option anyway.” She pulled off of my, and re adjusted her position, leaning over the edge of the tub, her breasts and hair dripping water. “But it is much more fun when I don’t have to force it.”

I nodded, grinning, and positioned myself behind her ass that was just below the surface of the water as she kneeled on the tub’s seat.

“Fuck me baby!” she demanded. I complied, and placed my cock against her anus and pressed. She relaxed with practiced ease, and I slid deep into her ass. I moaned as the tight hole and soft walls caressed my dick. I pulled backwards and thrust in again, slowly at first, then building speed. Water once more slapped the side of the tub. We both moaned and groaned with pleasure.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass baby! OOOOH, YES! OHH, GOD!”

I placed my hands on her hips as I ravaged her ass, savoring every thrust. I was approaching climax again.

“Cum inside my ass baby! Fill me ass with your hot juices!”

“I’m cumming baby!” I cried aloud as I could no longer control the pleasure in my loins. In a long series of spasms my orgasm deposited my cum deep into her ass. I relaxed my body forward across her back, running my hand along her side.

“Thank you.” I whispered in her ear, “that was excellent.” I pulled out of her ass, a puff of white cum and her anal juices dispersing in the clear water.

She rolled over and stared up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Reaching up to touch my cheek she said “No, thank you, sexy. That was exactly what I wanted tonight.” She slowly climbed out of the tub, her naked body dripping water onto the ground. “See you around!” she said with finality in her voice. I nodded in response, knowing I’d probably never see this particular woman again, much less have sex again with her.

She turned and picked up my boxers from where they lay, slipped them up her legs and over her rump, and walked off, leaving me in the tub swirling with the combined juices of our pleasure, and with another pair of panties to keep along with the memory. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain this one to Naomi, but I expected shed find the story funny.

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