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Collette in Islamorada Pt. 01

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As we went down a long hall, motion lighting and music came on. “Time bomb” slowly beat onto speakers I knew I’d never see. Sebastian turned left before the end of the hall, set me to my feet in the middle of the room, then bid his guests to sit on the oversized black leather corner sofa. They had plenty of room. The ends of the sofa were maybe ten feet away, and it was angled so Sebastian’s work area was the center of attention. The lighting was warmer than the surroundings. The wooden floor was bright red, the exposed beams were black, but the walls were the same cream as the rest of the place. There were no windows. A variety of furniture and equipment was neatly organized about the room. “Hands up, Girl.”

“Make me.”

“You really are here to play, aren’t you, Girl.” It wasn’t a question. He paced around me in a circle. “How much attire did you bring with you for the weekend?”

“Ask Mia.”

Sebastian swatted my ass in response.

“She packed for me.”

“Very well then. Mia?”

She grinned, “Pet has enough clothes to replace what she’s wearing.”

“Excellent.” He snatched my left wrist and latched it into a shackle that dangled overhead before I realized what had happened. The man moved like a fucking cat. “Girl, would you like to give me your other hand, or do you need to know what happens if I must take it from you?” I held my hand behind my back in defiance. “Excellent.” He crouched behind me at my feet, then ran his fingertips up the inside of my thighs.

It tickled badly, I squealed and laughed, “Oh my GOD!” As I tried to dance away from him, he shot up and stole my wrist into the shackles. Fucker. I was stuck facing our audience.

“You are wearing too many clothes.” Sebastian reached around to the front of my tank top, and ripped it from me. My breath sped up as he unhooked my strapless bra. Then he reached into the front of my shorts and played with my clit. I quietly moaned as he toyed with me. His fingers unbuttoned my shorts, then pulled them from me. “This piece is lovely, Girl. I do not wish to obliterate them.” Sebastian had a strong lingerie fetish. His fingers twisted the panties from my body, then pulled them down carefully. “I adore you in blue, Beauty, but more so when you’re in nothing.” He sighed in my ear.

I was nude in front of my friends and my boyfriend, shackled, helpless. Again. I smiled at my predicament.

So did Neal. Sebastian’s very large hands gently caressed my tits till I moaned from the pleasure of it. He walked to the table of tools behind me. I turned to see what he was up to, but a bell rang overhead and told on me. Neal grinned, and I assumed the bell was his idea. The Dom behind me asked, “Did I say watch me or did I leave you how I wanted you?”

“I wanted to see.”

He laughed, “Then, we’ll start with something extra special for your impudence. Spread your feet open, Girl.” I did, because anytime he asked me to do so, I was happy with the results. Until this. The leather strapping was cold and rough, and I wanted to see what the hell he’d put on me but couldn’t. “Feet together.” The thong-style chastity belt he fitted me with didn’t even have an internal dildo on it, and left most of my ass available for torment. Dammit.

Sebastian kept something hidden in his hands until it was attached to me. I groaned at the hard pinch of the clamps on the device, and the thing had a pad that sat on my sternum. Then, Sebastian turned the crank in the middle of it. The clamps pulled my nipples tight and I moaned much louder. “Do I have your attention, Girl?”

I panted, “Yes.”

“Good. Now we begin.” He disappeared from my vision once more, and I saw he had the audience’s full attention, as well. Birgitta’s exquisite features shifted from horny to curious; she tried to see around me, as he grabbed a new tool. Then she grinned when she saw it, and I knew I was in trouble. Just before he got started, I figured out my hands were asleep.

He tapped my left ass cheek with an e-stim wand. I inhaled hard; it was on a strong setting, but I could handle it. He zapped all over my ass, my nipples ached, and the audience watched my reactions. The sensation was like a prickle, and with each touch, it intensified. I adjusted each time, until he switched to a comb. The feeling from the wand was painful, but it had only been on a square centimeter of skin. The comb was ten centimeters long, give or take, and I gasped with each touch. Then, he ran it up the outside of my hips in long, slow strokes. I shook hard, which caused the bell to quietly jingle.

Simon was pleased, but still waiting for his order to be filled. Sky sat on his lap, with his hand up her shirt. Birgitta sat with her head on her hands, elbows poker oyna on her knees. Neal fingered Mia under her skirt, as they enjoyed my torture. Jeremy stared at my face, and relished my reactions.

“Is that candy cunt of yours wet, Beauty?”

I gasped, “Very.”

A sinister smile took Sebastian’s lips, and he stepped behind me again. A key unlocked the chastity belt, and off it came. I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short-lived. “Jeremy, Simon, I know you’ve both worked intense scenes with Beauty. Are you confident you’d be able to read her face to know whether things went too far, if her voice was taken from her?”

Simon said, “I am, but sometimes she needs a scene pulled early.”

Jeremy only nodded.

“Good.” I heard the zip of leather against leather, and Sky slowly grinded on Simon’s lap. He must have gotten hard. “Open your mouth, Girl.” I did, and he buckled the wet strap around the back of my head. I tasted my own sweetness as he murmured, “I envy your tongue.” Sebastian used the waist strap to beat me.

I groaned at the first few hits; they weren’t too serious, but I was lit from all the e-stim. He slowly came around the front of me, and smacked my thighs and stomach with the strap. The nipple torture device obstructed his use of my body, so he tightened it one more turn before he removed the thing. I grunted at the extra turn, then groaned as my tits ached from the lack of it. My nipples swelled and itched without the pressure. He used the end of the strap to hit them, and I nearly screamed. Sebastian vanished behind me once more.

Each member of the audience smiled widely as something large rolled nearby. A leather horse appeared before me. He pressed it to my hips, then my wrists were released, and I tumbled over it. I was bent in half over the thing. The feeling came back to my hands as he pulled a leather strap over my waist to keep me in place. His hands ran down my legs. “Girl, are you comfortable?”

I grunted. And then the flogging began. My skin was on fire and every tap turned the heat up. I sweated head to toe as he worked me over. Sounds flowed from my throat and around the strap in my mouth. He stopped abruptly to ask, “Do any of you believe that was a scream?”

“No,” Simon said. “We know her screams. That was not her scream.”

He switched to a flogger with a harder thud, and my brain floated in my body. He worked in batches of ten and struck on the meat of my ass cheek. My breath was slow and steady, and I kept my glutes relaxed by flexing my quads. Suddenly, the flogger stopped, and the cane began.

Sebastian struck repeatedly, as the scream built in me. From my toes, through my legs, up my spine, and out my mouth, it erupted sometime after the 20th hit. He stopped and growled, “There she is. But, the leather muffled things. I need to hear it again.” He unbuckled the strap from my head. Then, Sebastian ran his hands up my back toward my ass, slapped me there with both hands. I gasped, then he fingered me, and I gasped harder.

“Mm fuck!”

“Not yet, Beauty.” He walked to the back of me, and smacked my ass again and again. He didn’t let up, my brain dug in, and I shrieked. “Fuck yes,” he fingered my pussy and spanked the right side of my ass, and a screech found a temporary home in my mouth. He released the strap from my waist, scooped my body up from behind with his left arm, then turned the leather horse 90 degrees. He deposited me onto it lengthwise to give me more support, and locked my wrists onto the legs. The head rest was a padded donut, like a massage table. “Master Simon, have I filled your order?”

“Yes, I believe you have,” he said from in front of me. I didn’t know he’d left the couch.

“Then, I believe it is Mia’s turn to spin the bottle.”

“Thank you, Sebastian.” Then, the horse spun with me on it. Hands lightly spanked my ass. I didn’t know if it was Mia or not. She prompted, “Neal?”

He spun me next, then someone with thick digits fingered me.

He asked, “Jeremy?”

From behind me, he said, “I don’t know if I should. I’m shy.”

Everyone laughed, I giggled, then he shoved his cock into me, and I screamed in my relief, “Oh FUCK YES!” Their hands stroked my skin, while he stroked my insides. He gripped my sore ass for traction. “FUUUUCK!” the first orgasm of the night hit me.

“Cum on my cock, C, fuck yes!” my boyfriend slapped my ass.

Birgitta pulled my hair tight and growled, “Again!” and I came again, while Jeremy fucked me hard. The shockwave traveled up my spine and zapped my brain. I knew I screamed, but I didn’t feel it. I came back to myself, my mouth needed to be busy.

I kicked Jeremy as lightly as I could with my heel. He shoved into canlı poker oyna me, hands left my back and my tits as he leaned down on me. He panted, “You okay?”

“Let me up,” I told him.

“Get her wrists,” he pulled out, and two people unlatched me.

I tried to get up, but I’d been stretched for too long. I fell from the horse, but Sebastian caught me. “I’ve got you, Beauty,” he carried me in his arms to the custom oversized bed in the corner. Jeremy followed us there, and I saw Sky strapped to the horse just before Neal fucked her while Mia flogged her.

I looked up at Sebastian, as Jeremy crawled across the bed to me. Just before my boyfriend mounted me again, I said, “Sebastian, I need you in my mouth.”

He showed considerable restraint, “Master Jeremy, has she earned a reward?”

He pounded into me a couple of times, then stopped and grunted, “Master Sebastian, she has been awfully accommodating.” Then, he resumed.

“Indeed, she has been,” Sebastian lost his clothes, condomed up, and fed me his very pretty dick. I was on my back, and had to time my breaths between their thrusts.

“Hang on,” Jeremy said. They both pulled out, he put me on all fours, popped my ass with his hand, then glided back into my pussy.

Sebastian gathered my hair in his left fist, and gave me his cock again. The man behind me leaned forward, as did the man in front of me, and they kissed. I heard them murmur into each other’s mouths, became frustrated I couldn’t watch them kiss. I screamed on Sebastian’s hardness, and he broke their kiss to growl, “Cum for us.”

I choked on him when they made me cum. He dipped the head of his cock further into my throat. My spine squeezed my ribs, and all my breath came out in a rush around his meat, while my body shook violently between them. Sebastian wisely pulled from between my teeth before it got worse, and Jeremy slipped from me. Something in my torso cracked, but I wasn’t concerned. My skin sizzled and their voices became whispers as my senses went on hiatus. The meat of me curled away from them, as I fell deep into the subspace of my mind. I was feathery and joyful there. Bliss engulfed my parts.

When I came back, it was at the urging of a small hand on my ankle. “She is alright?” Birgitta sounded worried.

Simon knew me well enough to know, “She’s alright, Birgitta.”

Her astounded voice said, “Wow.” I opened my eyes, and found myself stretched out on the bed, with a nude Birgitta still touching my ankle. Naked Simon stood next to her at the foot of the bed. Neal had Mia over the horse while she made out with Sky. I held my hand out for Birgitta, and she wasn’t sure. She looked to Simon, he nodded, and she crawled up my body. “I don’t want to hurt you, Sotis, you are alright?”

I pulled the former Swedish bikini model to my mouth and kissed her passionately. My mouth needed contact with something beautiful. She grunted into my mouth as Simon mounted her from behind. I wrapped my legs around her as best I could with him in my way, and her fingers found my wetness. I clamored for more, she understood, and her small hand stretched into my pussy. I rode her delicate wrist to another one. My back arched under the weight of them, my fists and hips slammed into the mattress. I squirted onto her hand as she tried to pull it out of me. “Simon, stop,” she gasped. Then, she jumped down my body, and tasted me. I yipped at her because I was lit, and she looked up at me in surprise. She quickly rambled something in Swedish that I didn’t understand, then pushed my legs apart on the bed, and dove onto me with her mouth. High-pitched things exploded from my throat as she set to work on me.

She motioned for Simon to join her again, this time face down in my pussy, ass up. When he thrust into her, she growled and went slightly harder. He pressed her face against me while he stared into my eyes. She found my favorite bit, and stayed on me there. He nodded, and I came. I struggled to breathe and awful sounds echoed in the room. My legs tried to kick, but Jeremy and Sebastian grabbed my thighs to help keep the nice people between them safe. I vibrated under her wide, sweeping motions, as she went after every bit of sweetness that flowed from me. I rolled my pelvis up at her, she growled into me, and Simon reached around for her clit. She sucked my soft bits as she came, too. Birgitta screamed from deep in her throat and into me.

The vibrations of her vocalizations made me cum again. I drove my cunt onto her face. I wanted to make her stop breathing, and her screams became even more impassioned. I held her like that till her body stopped shaking. Her fuck buddy pulled out, as Birgitta fell to the side and Sebastian caught her. internet casino Simon’s dark eyes had been locked to me the whole time.

I nodded and he leapt into me. He pumped into me twice, then said excitedly, “Pretty Girl, you’re still cumming?”

I gasped, “Think so.”

“God, yes,” he arched back slightly to dig his cock into my dancing G spot. Then, got close to my face, and carefully put his hand on my throat. “Say it!”

“Master, please chok-

He cut off my breath, and growled, “Fuck yes, Bitch, cum!” My body complied, and my vision went black. Simon’s roar kept my brain working and awake, but my pussy twisted as I writhed under him. My fingernails planted into his shoulders and streaked down his back to his ass. I held on there and dug him into me. “Jesus!” he snarled, as his body shook. He tried to pull away, but I was locked onto him. Two people pulled my hands from him, Simon kneeled to pull out, and came in his condom. He planked over me, instead of falling directly onto me. He kissed me hard, then cautiously got off the bed.

For a brief moment, I was able to look around the room. Birgitta sat on Sebastian’s lap and sucked Jeremy’s cock. His hand was on the back of her head, but his eyes were on me. Then, Neal climbed up the bed. He stroked my cheek, and said, “Sweetheart, I need to fuck the mouth that makes those sounds.”

I smiled, because I loved his sounds, too. I rolled onto my side and took his freshly re-condomed cock into my lips. He pressed the back of my head in time with his thrusts.

Someone swatted my tender ass, and I growled. “Fuck yes, Mia, again,” he ordered. She slapped my ass five times fast and my body shuddered as I got close.

“MORE!” She beat me harder and faster, and didn’t let up. Each smack made the best of me vibrate. She kept up with my sounds, and as they subsided, she fingered my pussy. I writhed against her, then she pulled from there and slipped her wet finger up my ass. I opened my mouth wide to let the scream out, and he backed out. Safety first, I supposed. Mia rolled me onto my stomach, then worked a lubed-up strap-on into my backside. I quaked under her. She pulled me onto my hands and knees, then Neal worked his way under me, and slide his cock into my wettest hole. He grasped me to him, and I laid onto his body, while he fast-fucked my pussy and his girlfriend slow-fucked my ass.

I had only one thing on my mind. “Sky! Here!” She appeared in my vision, slightly confused and entirely nude. God, the body on her. Tan, a hint of freckles, built like an hourglass that did gymnastics. “Give me your pussy, Girl,” I ordered. She sat on the pillows over Neal’s head, and I propped on my hands by his head, then spread her open with my tongue. Her adorable cunt was full near her clit, then flower-like near her glistening hole. She had a wisp of hair down the middle, dyed cherry red like her head hair. I twirled my tongue around her delights, and she tasted like almonds.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she chanted while her body shook. Neal’s animal growls came more rapidly the faster Mia worked my ass. I heard her keening whines and figured the strap-on had a happy toy for her, too.

Mia bellowed a howl as she dug the toy into my ass deep. Once there, she shook as her orgasm fluttered through her. She panted loudly, then carefully removed herself from me. Neal snarled, “FUUUCK!” as his hips bucked him up into me. He pulled out as I heard him bark. He wormed out from under me, with help from someone back there.

I pulled Sky deeper into the pillows, then wrapped my arms around her hips to hold her open. She held onto the headboard with her arms out. Someone fingered me, then pushed a cock into me. By his size, I knew it was Sebastian. He held my face against her and she writhed under me. “Mistress, may I?”

I looked up at her, shiny-faced, and snapped, “NO!” then went back to her deliciousness. She whined without words while Sebastian pushed me down again. I felt her body pulse on my tongue, then slid my right arm from around her so I could find her G spot. It was pronounced and right near her entrance. I used my fingers to run on it and she tried to hard not to cum. She took long slow breaths and tried to get somewhere else in her mind. I couldn’t let that happen. When I moved my head, Sebastian let go. “NOW!”

“THANK YOU, MISTRESS!” she shouted at the top of her lungs and gushed down the front of me. A lot. Her fists hit the headboard as her body thumped under my mouth.

Sebastian flipped me over, licked her wetness from my chest, and mounted me that way.

“FUCK, yes!” he gasped. He held my hands to the bed while he pumped away. Sky was rolled from us. It didn’t take much after all that; I came and my body rode his in waves like thunder rolls in the sky. He pulled out, tossed his condom, and came on my thigh. Then, he flung himself off to my right, and the exhaustion hit me harder than my orgasms, and I fell the fuck asleep.

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