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“How is she doctor?”

“I don’t know, Sharon. She’s unresponsive. We’ll do a full neurological work up tomorrow, but for now there’s not much I can do. Can you see that she’s comfortable please? I need to check on Ms. Andrews in room 318.”

“Certainly doctor.”

The door closes and the doctor’s heavy footsteps disappear down the hall. You try to move, to open your eyes, but your muscles don’t respond. You hear Sharon’s footsteps as she wanders around the bed, fiddling with knobs and switches, her pen scratching the paper as she writes down numbers and figures. She places the chart over the end of the bed and checks the door. You can hear everything, every breath, every little sound. You can smell the recently washed floors, the stink of a thousand sick, bedridden people, the freshly cut scent of sunflowers on the bedside table. But you can’t move.

The nurse’s light footsteps become closer. A cool hand presses against your forehead for a moment, then runs down over your hair. You hear her bend over you, feel her warm breath on your skin, goosebumps forming as soft lips embrace yours. As they linger you find your fears melting away, the intrusion not as unwelcome as it was at first. The nurse moves away, cool air caressing your lips.

“Thank you,” her gentle voice sighed, “I needed that. I’m sorry, it was unprofessional I know. You’re just so beautiful. Do you remember me? I remember you. Our future would have been so bright if only you’d stayed with me. It’s strange that this is how I get you where I wanted you.” She giggled to herself, and her voice took on a more seductive tone, “They tell me that patients in a coma may still be aware. I hope so. I wouldn’t want my delicate sponge bath to be wasted. Don’t worry. If you’re in there, you’ll enjoy this. I think I might too.”

Slowly casino şirketleri the thin sheet that covers you is pulled down, and your gown removed down to your navel, exposing your nipples to the night air. A soft breeze from the window hardens them to buds. Sharon’s warm hand cups and strokes your breasts, your nipples softening from the attention. Her hands leave you.

You hear splashing. Suddenly warm drops of water fall onto your belly, running down your sides. A moist hand, warmed by the water, runs over your left breast, tweaking the nipple as it brushes past. A sponge, slightly scratchy, rubs against your neck, warm water flowing down behind your head. You feel like you’re floating, hands exploring your naked body, and you are powerless to stop them. Fingers trace along your stomach, sending lightning through your veins. You strain, your mind screaming, trying to move your muscles, any of them, to greet Sharon’s beautiful touch. Nothing gives, and your mind resigns itself to the pleasure.

“Now, the part I’ve been waiting for,” a note of excitement creeping into Sharon’s dusky voice.

You feel your gown being pulled further down. You feel a surge of adrenaline, and the machines beside you beep louder, more intense. You hear a giggle of enjoyment as the gown is pulled free, and you feel cold and vulnerable. As if to quell your fear, you feel a pair of large, soft, pillowy breasts warm your thighs. Sharon’s lips return, kissing up from your belly button, giving each breast attention in turn, and finally resting on your lips. You feel secure and calm as she lays her naked body on you. You hear the splash again, and the nurse’s body leaves you for a moment.

The sponge returns, resting on your stomach. With welcome delicacy, the sweet body returns, squeezing the sponge between your bodies. casino firmaları Lukewarm water flows down your sides as the body in top of you straddles your pelvis. Slowly, her pussy begins to grind against yours, and a tingle swirls deep inside you. You feel your juices beading at the entrance to your sex.

As if on cue, a finger traces around your pubic hair, sending a tickle that makes you smile inside. It skulks around your outer lips, landing on your clit. It circles and twirls, stimulating, igniting the tingle inside you to a raging fire.

“Mmm, I guess you are in there. Hello sweetheart.”

Her grinding quickens, and you feel the vibrations of her hand on her clit racing in circles flow into you. The finger on your button slides downward, coating itself in your juices. In the throes of pleasure, Sharon buries her finger in you to the knuckle, twitching it rapidly. Heat burns through you, your body lays still, but inside you turn and thrash in ecstasy. Every wet slap of her palm on your pussy brings you closer, your mind blinded by pleasure. Sharon’s thighs tighten around you and her rubbing becomes furious. You feel her orgasmic juices flow onto you, and her finger’s assault sends you over the edge. Silently you scream, you yell, you stretch and quiver in excitement.

But still you remain powerless.

Sharon’s motions slow, and she leans over you for a kiss, her lips passionately locking onto yours, her tongue hunting and exploring in your mouth. Pushing and pulling, dominating your tongue, licking your lips. Her hands stroke your face as she leaves you, sliding smoothly down your legs.

“Oh no. I’m not done with you yet. I know you’re in there, I can see how wet you are. I want to see how you taste.”

With that, her tongue thrusts itself inside your dripping snatch, swirling, güvenilir casino searching, tasting. You feel your juices flowing over your skin, drenching the sheets. Her arms slide under your knees, raising your legs as she pushes deeper into you, pushing you up the bed as she thoroughly explores every inch, every fold of your being.

You begin to slip away, to lose yourself in the sensation, waves of pleasure ebbing and flowing over you, like swimming in a turbulent ocean of passion. You roll with each wave, turning and turning. The waves get smaller, but you see the biggest wave of all heading towards you. Your nipples become harder than ever, goosebumps rising under every hair. The wave crashes over you and you surrender yourself to it, your mental body twitching and spasming, and you drown and are reborn with every stroke of the nurse’s tongue.

The waves calm themselves, and you feel your body glow with a pure warmth. Sharon’s tongue enjoys your offerings, and her ferocity subsides. Without leaving you, her tongue traces up your body, your chest, your neck, and enters your mouth once more. You taste sweet, and enjoy the wafting smell of sex permeating the room. Sharon moves, and whispers softly in your ear.

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. I feel I waited a lifetime for this moment. I’m glad I had the chance. Forgive me.”

Silently, wholeheartedly, you forgive her, and long for a second meeting.

“You’re so sweet, so soft. I hope you will not sleep long. I might not be able to help myself. For now though, I need to change your sheets. The sponge bath will come later.”

With great care, you are turned, the bed made beneath you. The gown is replaced over your naked body, much to your disappointment. As you feel sad at her leaving, you feel her hand run slowly up your thigh, and a finger slide inside you, covering itself in your juices. It leaves you, and you hear a gentle sucking sound.

“Mmm. Yep. I won’t be able to help myself. Sweet dreams sweetie.”

And sweet dreams you have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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