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Coming Home Ch. 01

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Paul pulled his car into the driveway and brought it to a halt. Stepping out of the car and slamming the door, he made his way to the front door and rang the bell. There was a pause. He could hear movement from within. Someone was coming. The door opened and there was his mother. She looked in good health, and she smiled, obviously pleased to see him. After all, it had been several months. She reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Lovely to see you Paul. Come in. I have a visitor.”

She led the way in through the hall and to the living room. As they entered, her guest stood up. He was tall, slim, well built and clean-shaven, perhaps in his late 40s.

“This is John,” said his mother.

“So this is your son,” said John. “He’s a fine looking man, ready to go. How do you do.”

They shook hands. Paul glanced up at John’s smiling face. He smiled back, to be polite. He felt the strength of John’s handshake as they finished their pleasantries.

“John lives a few minutes away,” said his mother. “He’s been so kind recently, dropping by to see how I am and if I need anything at all. He’s been a good friend.”

“Actually I was just leaving,” said John, getting up. “I’ll see myself out. See you both again soon.” With that, John strode for the front door and made his exit.

Paul took a seat. His mother did too.

“Glad to see you’re settling in here,” he said. “With Dad not being around any more, and you moving to a totally new area, I was worried that you might be lonely.”

Paul’s mother gave him a slightly sad look.

“Well, it has been lonely. Both the days and the nights, I still feel an emptiness inside.”

Paul had been lonely too, though he decided not to mention it. He was 25, and had just split from his girlfriend. He missed the companionship, and the sex. He managed to keep fit though and was in good shape, at 6’1, slim and toned. Still, here he was, visiting his mother, and he was here to help.

He had to admit that his mother looked good for her age. She was 45, about 5’7, with long dark hair and a shapely figure. She didn’t work out, but obviously she didn’t need to. There were few wrinkles on her face and her stomach was beautifully flat. A pair of long, curvy legs completed the picture. But she didn’t dress to show it all off, just modestly. She clearly wasn’t trying to attract any new men into the picture.

After a quick bite to eat, Paul settled in. He had come to stay for a long weekend, and his mother showed him the spare room, so he could unpack. Then he set to work around the house, attending to any things that needed fixing, while his mother started to prepare the evening meal in the kitchen. He decided to hang a few pictures and went to the garage to find a hammer.

Now it had been some time since Paul had had sex, and a few days since he had jerked himself off. As it was, he was feeling quite horny and even while he made his way downstairs to get the tools he needed, he could feel his priorities shifting. He clearly wasn’t going to find much sex in this sleepy village his mother lived in, so he thought about where he could go for some privacy. He could feel his cock and balls beginning to heat up under his trousers.

The garage seemed far enough away from the kitchen and his mother had left him to it, so he felt pretty safe. Shutting the door, he fumbled for his belt and quickly undid it. The buttons and zip followed, and he let his trousers slide down his legs to the floor. His underwear came next, releasing his now hardening cock to be exposed to the cool air. With one hand, he began to stroke his tool back and forth. It continued to harden, until it was standing, a fully erect 7 inches. He quickened his pace.

“Mmmm,” he groaned, as he felt the pleasure building in his groin, and his balls begin to tingle.

Then he stopped stroking for a minute, and looked around. He needed something more to add to the pleasure. Spotting the handle of a hammer, long, smooth, and not too thick, he grabbed the tool from the shelf above his head. He knew to be careful, but he thought that what he had in mind would be pretty safe. Paul brought his other hand to his mouth and spat a thick gob of saliva onto his fingers. He reached down and around behind his back until his slimy fingers found his puckered asshole. Rubbing them gently around, he groaned again, continuing to lube himself up. Then he gently slid one finger inside himself. It felt good. He slid it out again. Then in and out, a few more times. A second finger went in the next time, and he noticed his anus loosening a touch. Two of his fingers explored around inside his rectum, gently stretching his hole. Then he pushed a third finger in. This felt tighter, but there was still no pain. He held the three fingers inside for a little while, getting used to the sensation. Then with a slight pop, he pulled them out. Feeling around his loosened hole, he could tell that he was ready.

Grasping the shaft of the hammer, he brought the end to casino şirketleri his enlarged asshole, and pushed it slowly inside, relaxing his butt as much as he could. There was still no pain. He had prepared himself well. It went in so far, and then he felt it go no further. That was ok. He pulled it slowly out again, until the tip rested against his butthole. He pushed back in.

“Oh yeaaaah.”

Paul closed his eyes as the sensations of fucking himself in the asshole began to get to him. He continued in a slow, steady rhythm, sliding the smooth shaft in and out of his backside. With his free hand, he reached around and grabbed his rock-hard shaft, and continued where he had left off.

“Unnngh. Ohhh. Yesss.”

He thought he needed to try and get more of the shaft inside him. After all, he knew what he was doing. He bent forward, so that his butt was sticking out behind him. Easing it slowly once more, he took the shaft deeper inside him, then back out again. In and out, over and over, at just the right pace and rhythm.

All of a sudden, he felt the shaft stop. Someone had grabbed it further up. Who was it? He had heard no-one come in. He had played it so safe.

“You dirty boy.”

Paul froze with shock. It was his mother’s voice. His knees felt weak, and he grabbed a shelf next to him, almost falling. His until now hard cock began to shrivel.

What happened next shocked him even more. The shaft, which was about half way out of him, slid back in, until it could go no further.

“You want to be ass-fucked?”

He didn’t have time to answer. His mother pulled the shaft quickly out, then slid it back in again. It was clear that she wasn’t expecting an answer. She increased the rhythm, but she wasn’t rough with it. Out and in, out and in.

Paul’s thoughts were confused and racing. But his body wasn’t arguing with the fucking he was receiving. His cock began to harden again, and he felt that familiar tingle in his balls.

“My little boy loves it, don’t you?” she cried as she continued sliding that long shaft in and out of him.

He couldn’t help but groan.

“Unnngh, unngh, unnnngggh.”

“I bet you’d like something else.”

This was all so forbidden. His mind had got that far by now, in between responding to the bursts of pleasure that were pulsing from his anus, groin and cock, all throughout his body. My god, thought Paul, this is all so wrong.

“Noooo,” he whimpered. His conscience had to count for something. But the lust sweeping through him was far more powerful.

Holding the shaft still inside him for a moment, his mother swung round in front of him and kneeled on the floor. Grabbing the shaft of his stiff and throbbing cock in her free hand, she fed the bulging head into her mouth. Paul gasped.


Running her tongue around the tip of his shaft for a moment, she then paused and withdrew.

“It’s been so long since I had a delicious cockhead to taste,” she said, almost to herself, for she was by now almost lost to the pleasures of the situation.

She dived back in, this time engulfing several inches of his shaft with her hot, wet mouth. Moving her head back and forth, she began to give him the most divine blowjob.

Paul’s mother hadn’t forgotten her other duties however. With one hand still on the shaft of the hammer, she began to slide it back in and out of his tight asshole, even as her head bobbed up and down on his warm manmeat.

Paul was by now almost delirious. How could it be? His own mother giving him the most delicious pleasure, in the most dirty way. Her mouth felt so good on his cock, and the ass-fucking he was getting only added to the sensations. He was not going to hold on for much longer.

“Ohhhh, I think I’m going to…”

She sucked harder, sliding her head up and down his shaft even faster. Paul could hear the sound of the handle squelching in and out of his ass. His balls began to tighten.

“Ohhh, godddd. Fuck, yessss.”

Paul cried out in ecstasy as the cum started to burst up his cock. His mother kept her mouth firmly clamped around him, milking him with one hand as he climaxed hard. His warm juice spurted into her hungry mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She gulped it down eagerly as Paul’s groin continued to spasm. At the same time, his ass tightened rhythmically around the shaft that was penetrating it. Even as she was sucking all the cum from his tool, she was still working that shaft in and out of him, stimulating his prostate.

Slowly the last of the creamy spunk squeezed from him and Paul steadied himself with both hands. His mother slowly pulled the wooden shaft from his anus and dropped it on the floor. Then she continued to lick and suck his now shrinking cock, until it was completely clean. Sliding it out of her mouth, she stood up.

“Mmmm, you tasted so good,” she said.

Paul was still getting his breath back, and he couldn’t find the words to reply. Before he could summon casino firmaları any, his mother turned her back and walked back out the way she had obviously come in, leaving him alone in the garage once more.

As he pulled up his pants and trousers, Paul’s mind was a whirlpool of confusion. How had it happened? He simply hadn’t heard his mother come in to the room. There he had been, enjoying stroking himself off, and suddenly his mother had sucked him off, while buggering him. The pleasures he had enjoyed already outweighed the guilt and shame he was beginning to feel. Her mouth had been so hot; she had sucked him to completion, and swallowed every drop. She had pleasured him at both ends. His cock and his asshole were a little exhausted right now, but deliciously satisfied. He had never known a sexual side to his mother before. She and his father had always kept it to themselves. And rightly so, he thought. Now, how could he deal with this dramatic change in their relationship?

Paul grabbed the hammer, went to the sink and gave it a wash. About 6 inches of one end were all slippery from where it had been used to fuck him, and he needed it to put up those pictures. He went to work.


Supper came later that evening. Paul’s mother chatted away merrily, as if nothing had changed. There was no mention of sex. He was more awkward however, not saying much, and feeling rather embarrassed. He kept glancing at his mother’s mouth, remembering how hot it had felt sucking on his member earlier in the day. He tried to keep his mind on the good food and light conversation, but he could feel his semi-hard cock pressing against the confines of his pants for most of the meal. Afterwards, his mother offered to clear up and, feeling a little tired, Paul went to his bed to read.

An hour passed, and Paul thought about retiring. Just then, he heard footsteps on the stairs: his mother was coming to bed. But she didn’t even pop her head around the door to say goodnight to him and he heard her go to her room. It was almost a relief. He thought she might try something on, that maybe she would try and seduce him. He felt guilty once more for harbouring such thoughts, but he had to admit that the scenario excited him too. He felt a pulse race down to his groin and his cock twitched, beginning to harden. As it did so, he thought he heard some moaning from down the corridor; just faintly. It sounded sexual. The thought of his mother attending to herself excited him further, and his cock hardened a little more. Oh, the things he was thinking of now! The moaning didn’t stop, and Paul began to feel curious, as well as horny.

Wearing only his pyjamas, he stepped out into the corridor and ventured towards his mother’s room. He could see the door ajar, and the moaning was definitely coming from her room. Standing back a little, so as not to be seen, he peered in through the crack. What he saw made his dick harden completely. His mother was lying back on her bed naked, her legs wide open, with one hand fondly what looked like a soaking wet pussy, and the other tweaking one of her nipples. Paul hadn’t seen his mother naked since he was a boy. Now a fully grown man, there weren’t many things more arousing to him than a naked woman, in full bloom, pleasuring herself. Her breasts were large and firm looking, her open thighs soft and smooth. Her eyes were closed and she was clearly lost to the pleasures that were engulfing her. He began to stroke his hard cock through his pyjama bottoms. Looking down, he could see the stain of pre-cum on them, further proof of his state of mind.

“Why don’t you join me?”

Paul didn’t need to be asked twice. Forgoing all his inhibitions, he pushed open the door and went in. How could he resist? It was his own mother, who loved him more than anything, and loved to see him happy. He quickly stripped off his pyjamas to reveal his manhood, aching and rock hard. His mother gave him a lusty and wicked looking grin.

“Join me on the bed, my boy; my son. Join your mother.”

Paul did so. Crawling over her, he moved to kiss her soft mouth. As he did so, her tongue darted out to meet his. Their tongues twisted, writhed and thrust together, as their lips met and he lay down on top of her body, their groins, stomachs and chests meeting in love’s embrace. He hadn’t penetrated her yet, but he could scarcely hold back. He knew he needed to come soon, and so did she.

“You want to fuck your mother’s wet pussy? Then take me, my boy, take me as only a man can take a woman. And a son a mother. Who else knows how to pleasure her boy better than anyone?”

Paul reached down with one hand to guide his throbbing hard member into her succulent cunt. He slid in easily. God she was wet. And so hot.

“Unnnnnghhh,” he groaned, beginning to thrust his hips back and forth, his cock pushing in and pulling out of her.

“That’s it, take me in the place where I gave birth to you. Come back home, baby. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. güvenilir casino Fuck your mother’s hot cunt.”

Her language only drove him on. He began to thrust harder and harder, responding to her requests. The two of them, locked together in this forbidden domain of pleasure, embraced the taboo like it was the only thing that mattered to them. And at that moment, indeed it was.

Paul could sense that he was getting close.

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Yes that’s it, I want all of your cum in me, let it spray and spurt inside me.”

His mother reached down with one hand and began to rub her clitoris. She groaned again.

“Ooooooh, yessss, it feels so good.”

Paul kept thrusting as he felt the cum boiling at the base of his shaft, his balls tingling and tightening. Then suddenly it happened. His juices shot out of him, straight into his mother’s pussy. Again and again, he could feel the cum spurting out, his asshole contracting as it did so.

“Yesss, oh you lovely boy, fill me up completely with your hot juices.”

For sure, his mother knew how to talk dirty to him, and it drove Paul wild. Then his mother came too, her pussy contracting around his hard cock, her love juices leaking all around his shaft. She closed her eyes and threw her head back against the pillow.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Yesssss. Ohhhh yesss.”

And so they continued to orgasm violently together, mother and son; and now, debauched lovers.

As the pleasure began to subside, Paul’s cock slid out of his mother, and he rolled off her.

“Mmmm,” moaned his mother. “You fuck me just like your father did: nice and hard. And your cock is nice and big.”

Paul was a little uncomfortable with the comparison, but he was too exhausted to care. Since he had several more days with his mother to think about, he decided to have some sleep and returned to his room.


The next morning Paul awoke quite late, feeling refreshed. He washed before making his way to the kitchen for some breakfast. When he got there he found his mother sitting with John, the neighbour he had met yesterday. They were chatting. He prayed that his mother would be discreet about the events of the day before. There were no dirty looks when Paul greeted John, so he guessed that all was ok. They shook hands again and as they did so, John gave a little squeeze. Obviously he was being friendly, man to man.

The three of them chatted for a while, and then John got up to go to the bathroom. When he left the room, his mother shot Paul a glance, and smiled dirtily.

“Good morning, my son.”

With that she reached across and rubbed her hand across his crotch through his trousers. Paul’s cock twitched and immediately began to harden. He didn’t even try to stop her. Quickly, she kneeled on the floor by the breakfast table and undid his belt and trousers, pulling them to the floor. Licking her lips, she pulled down his underwear and released his stiffening member, before taking the head in her mouth, then sliding her lips down his hard shaft, all the way to the base, and back up again. This one would have to be fast, or John would catch them.

Paul’s mother bobbed up and down on his cock rapidly now, and he could feel the pleasure spreading from his balls and groin, to his belly and up to his thumping heart. But Paul had come twice the day before, and he wasn’t going to be shooting his load in any hurry. As he realized this, he began to worry. John would be back any minute. But his mother didn’t seem too concerned. She simply continued to suck him deeply, from the tip of his cockhead to the root of his thick shaft.

Suddenly Paul heard footsteps. As he looked up, he saw the kitchen door swing open, and in walked John. His mother’s neighbour stopped when he saw them, looking a little surprised.

“What’s this? A mother pleasuring her own son?”

Paul’s mother slid her wet mouth off his cock and looked up, a little startled herself. Her cheeks flushed and she clearly didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t worry,” said John. “Only a mother knows how to give her son the true enjoyment he deserves.”

And with that, John reached to undo his own belt, trousers, and underwear, sliding them down his legs and stepping out of them. To Paul and his mother’s surprise, John’s own cock was hardening quickly, nearly standing to full attention as he slid a hand around it and began to stroke himself.

Paul looked at John. Although he had no feelings of attraction towards men, he had to admire John’s muscular thighs, and large dick. It must have been 7 or 8 inches, slightly larger than him, and just as thick. As John massaged it up and down, the foreskin rolled back and forth, revealing the bulbous mushroom-shaped head, which was a dark red.

So now John was in on Paul and his mother’s little pleasures. They let him stroke himself, while Paul’s mother returned to her cock-sucking. Paul closed his eyes and threw his head back in enjoyment as she continued. Then for a moment, she slid her mouth off once more. She turned to John.

“You know what I caught the dirty boy doing yesterday.”

John’s ears pricked up and he stopped pumping himself. She continued:

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