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Complex Relationship Ch. 11

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Thanks luvtaread for editing

Brandon awoke the following afternoon still a bit tired and noting the angle of the sun, felt it foolish to start out this late. So he decided to go the next day. As he readied and supplied the raft for his departure the next day he seriously considered going back to the cave, but he could not face it. He knew if he went back there was a good chance he would never be able to leave. He had decided that he would leave tomorrow as the previous day had worn him out more than expected.

He continued to go over the plan in his head and pulled out his map and compass and went over his planned route on it.

As he did a voice behind him said, “So, it’s true, you really were going to just slip away on us?” Brandon turned to see Mel standing behind him. Brandon looked at her then back at his map.

“Yeah, well, I tried to tell Ashley last night, but seeing how well that went…”

“You really are dumb aren’t you?”

“What?!” Brandon asked confused.

“Of course Ashley went ballistic,” Mel said rolling her eyes, “Not only did you lie to and deceive us, but like all the men she has ever loved in her life, you told her you were leaving her!”

“Yeah well I am sorry, but if I told you two what I was doing you would have stopped me.”

“What makes you so sure of that?” Another voice asked and Brandon turned to see Ashley standing there with her arms crossed, apparently still angry with him. “Do you think we didn’t think of this idea too? Because we did, the only difference is we wouldn’t go behind your back to do it.”

“Look, I’m sorry, okay? I was wrong not to tell you. The truth is…I felt so bad about not doing this earlier and acting like we had to stay here and wait, that I had to. I know I should have done this sooner, I know it, but back there is real life and I don’t want to face it okay? You want the reason? There it is.”

Ashley’s face softened and she said, “You think we do? You think I want to go back to my family that hates me or what’s left of my attempts to fulfill my dreams?”

Then Mel added, “And life for Katy and I isn’t going to be a walk in the park, you have no idea how great is has been to be accepted as a couple these past two months.”

“Or the fact that all my close family is most likely dead?” said a quiet voice and all three turned to see Katy emerge from the bushes.

Her eyes filled with tears and Mel moved towards her, but Katy said, “No, I have to say something first.” She said in an unsuccessful attempt to control her tears before continuing, “Don’t think I don’t know what probably happened to them, or that you were plotting behind my back.” She looked at Ashley and Mel and said, “I’m kinda glad Brandon did this, because now you two know how it feels.” She then glared through her tears at Brandon, “And you, how could you leave without even saying goodbye? There’s a chance we will never see you again.”

All three stood in shock and shame at Katy’s words. They had all been fooled and had all underestimated her. She was the fragile one and yet she had brought clarity to the matter. It was true no one had a bigger burden to face than Katy if they made it back.

She would face the death of her family, the squabbles over their money, and ridicule over her relationship with Mel. As they all apologized and Mel wrapped Katy in her arms as Brandon, more for something to do, went back to his map.

“So…Brandon, you going to share or not?” Katy said looking at him expectantly.

“Share what, what do you mean?” Brandon asked again confused

“When are you leaving? What’s the plan? Can we see your raft? Any last words of advice before you leave three women alone on an island for god knows how long? You know that kinda stuff.” Katy said.

“Oh, right that stuff well sure.” Since he had the map open he shared his launch plan and his proposed route to get help. To his surprise all three thought it was a good plan and even made a few valuable suggestions. He showed them the raft and they all deemed it suitable and commended him on it construction.

“So when do you leave?” Katy asked when he was done telling them about his plan.

“Tomorrow.” He replied.

Ashley looked at him and said, “You said that yesterday.”

“Ah, you are right I did say ataköy escort that, but I did not count on a night hike, or that Katy’s birthday would wear me out so much. So, now I leave first thing tomorrow.”

“Good then we’ll be spending the night out here with you.” Katy said, “So you can’t leave without saying goodbye tomorrow, isn’t that right ladies?” Both Ashley and Mel nodded. Unable to reply Brandon just nodded and using food they had brought the trio cooked them dinner that night.

After dinner Katy walked straight over to him with a hungry look in her eyes. She sat on his lap and kissed him deeply. Her hand shot down his shorts and massaged his stiffening cock. When it was hard she pushed him to the sand and removing his shorts guided his cock into her wet pussy and began bouncing up and down rapidly until a few minutes later both came. She then bent down and kissed him.

“Something to remember me by stud.” She whispered in his ear before getting up.

Brandon sat there amazed for a while after she had gotten up and joined Mel on the other side of the fire. Seeing Mel he realized one other thing he had forgotten. He stood up and walked over to her and requested a word with her.

When they were alone Mel said, “I am not fucking you if that’s what this is about.”

“It’s not, but it’s close.” He paused then looked her in the eyes and said, “Mel, I am going to ask you something and I need you to answer me truthfully. I need your word, okay.”

Mel looked at him weirdly and nodded before saying, “I swear.”

Brandon collected his thoughts and asked, “Mel, your father he raped you, didn’t he.”

It turned out more a statement than a question. Mel looked at him angrily then tried to look away but Brandon caught her chin and held her gaze to his. Tears streamed from her eyes as she nodded. He pulled her close as she sobbed a bit. It was very uncharacteristic for her, but then again so was admitting the abuse.

As Brandon held her there his mind went into overdrive. The small move of her head confirmed a lot of his worst fears about her background. To some extent he suspected it after first getting to know her. However, it was his brief encounter with Missy that had virtually assured him that she had been sexually abused at some point.

When Mel pulled away from him she asked, “How…how did you know?”

“Missy.” Brandon said and when Mel looked a mixture of scared and confused he added, “She spoke to me as you fell asleep that night we first…” he paused and she nodded and he continued, “I when I heard her call me ‘master’ I figured it had to be some sort of submissive persona of yours. Given your hatred of men it made sense. You enjoyed yourself that night too much to be a true lesbian.”

To his surprise she said, “Missy is the part of myself I am ashamed of, the part that needs men.” She began to walk away and said without turning, “I bury her to keep from becoming too attached to people like you, who abandon the people they love when they need them most.” Brandon stung by the remark stood there for second before he ran after her.

“You’re right, given the circumstances I am one to talk,” Brandon said as he caught up with her. Then grabbing her arm to keep her from walking away he added, “But that does not mean you shouldn’t tell someone about this, I doubt you’ve even told Katy.” She opened her mouth then stayed silent and he continued, “That’s what I thought. She at least needs to know. Maybe I am not the one to talk to, I get that, but tell someone, if not Katy then a professional. A wise woman once told me that ignoring something like this will get you if you let it. Besides, I have a hunch Missy was born from your father raping you. Is it really worth denying yourself something you want because of him?” He paused and let go of her and walked away saying, “All I’m saying is think about it, okay?”

When he got back he announced to the other two that he was headed to bed given the early hour he would be getting up the next morning. As he passed by her, Ashley told him to wait. He paused and she quickly rose and took his hand. She then led him over to where he had prepared his bed for the night.

Without saying anything she then kissed him and he kissed her back. They made out ataköy eve gelen escort standing there for a bit before they laid on the bed and continued kissing. The kissing gave way to caressing each other, and soon they began removing their clothes. When were both naked and Ashley was straddling him as they kissed. She then broke the kiss long enough to guide his cock into her dripping pussy.

Wordlessly she lifted herself up and down the hard shaft slowly. After a while, Brandon was not sure how long exactly, she lay against him and rocked her body up and down his as they lay together occasionally kissing. It was slow and beautiful, but he loved it. This was an act of love, not lust. As he looked up into Ashley’s beautiful blue eyes he knew that she felt what he did and in that moment his worries about her true feelings disappeared. He knew, without her saying it, that she loved him like he loved her.

The realization made the sensation building in his loins all the more powerful. An unknown time later he could hold back no more and he exploded into her and in that moment he felt as if a part of himself poured into her for a brief time. Her pussy convulsed around his cock when she came soon after and he felt the sensation in reverse.

The strange thing is he felt as if part of him was left behind in her and vice versa. They lay admiring that sensation for a while before Ashley kissed him and looking into his eyes.

“In case something happens while you’re out there darling I want you to know that…” She said softly.

“I know babe, I know, you don’t have to say it. I…” Brandon said interrupting her. Ashley kissed him shutting him up then after breaking it she put a finger to his lips.

“But, I want to darling. I love you Brandon.”

Then she took her finger off his lips and he smiled and said, “And I love you too Ashley.”

They kissed again and heard, “Awww, they just said they love each other for the first time, how romantic!” Katy said excitedly.

“Well it’s about damn time!” Mel said with a smile. Then she and Katy approached the pair and she added, “Now I hate to break up the love fest, but to ensure there is no funny business with you leaving early…”

“Or without saying goodbye!” Katy interjected.

Mel nodded in agreement before continuing, “You will be sleeping with Ashley on top and Katy and I on each side. If you make an unauthorized move Katy has been approved to fuck you dry, thus delaying your departure until you recover. So, do us a favor and stay put like a good boy.”

Katy smiled wickedly and said, “Although I would not mind in the least if you were to break the rules.”

With that Mel and Katy snuggled up to either side of the pair and he drifted off to sleep lying under his new love and between her two beautiful best friends.

After one of the best night sleeps he had ever had he woke to a strange sensation. Something was sucking the head on his cock while two tongues licked either side of his shaft. Curious he sat up on his elbows and found his dick was obscured by three heads and a mixture of red, brown, and blonde hair.

He enjoyed the feel of the triple blow job as he saw Ashley look up from her sucking looked into his open eyes briefly she tapped the other two on the shoulders to point out he was awake. They all gave him a quick smile then went back to the tasks. Ashley resumed sucking the head and Mel and Katy went back to licking either side of the hard shaft. The stimulation was too much and soon he shot his load straight into Ashley’s mouth.

She swallowed and said, “Good morning my love, hope you liked your wake up call.”

Brandon just nodded and followed them to breakfast. It was a quick but filling meal and before they knew it was time for Brandon to get dressed and ready the raft for the trip. He zipped on the PFD he had arrived in and with help from the other three he brought the raft out into the water.

It helped to have all the extra hands because although he could get the larger construction to the water himself it took a lot to do so. It was exceptionally sturdy and was slightly larger than the combined size of the two mattresses in the old hut. For added strength Brandon had added metal and fiberglass from the speed ataköy grup yapan escort boat anywhere he could. For added buoyancy he had added the foam life rings and Styrofoam from the coolers that had been caught on the reef under the raft.

With all this in mind, as they lugged the raft into water and waded it out past the reef, he was bothered by the weight. It still floated well, even loaded down as it was and when he got on he found it wasn’t low in the water. He could not help think something was rather wrong with the raft as it had not been this heavy when he used to fish the other day. He suspected something was up though when he looked at the gear and noticed Katy’s bag buried amongst the other supplies.

“Ah, Katy?”

“Yes, Brandon?” Was her reply as she was helped onto the raft by Mel.

“First off, why is your suitcase on the raft and second what are you doing on my raft?”

“Well,” she said as Ashley and Mel climbed aboard as well, “I’d think the answers to both should be fairly obvious. We’re all coming with you silly.”

Brandon stared at her and said, “Whoa absolutely not, no way. This craft is not big enough…”

“And yet here we all sit, quite comfortably I might add.” Mel said smiling

“Sturdy enough then!” he said.

“Try again it’s as strong as the shelter floor was, stronger actually, if you count the metal and fiberglass.” Ashley said

“Okay then what about supplies?”

“Between the remainder of what the cave had and the canned stuff we should be fine and we added some extra water too.”

Brandon still looking for reasons brought up safety, which the girls countered that they were better off together then separate. He brought up survival strategy, but they counter that splitting up was far dumber than going down together. Finally, Brandon looked down at the water and noting how low they rode in the water.

“Okay then were too heavy with all the extra weight we’ll never survive the big waves in the open water.” Brandon said sure he had won at last.

At this all three of the girls smiled and Ashley asked, “So if we can drop enough weight to get high enough in the water for you will you let us come with?”

“Sure, if you can do that I will let you come, no throwing over necessary supplies or gear, though.” Then as an after thought added, “or me.”

“Promise?” Katy asked ignoring his last statement. Brandon sighed not liking where the three smiling women were going with this and agreed.

No sooner had he done so then Ashley moved over to the make shift bed he had set up and revealed a large pile of rocks. Brandon looked at it in shock as she began tossing them off the raft saying,

“Give me a hand with these girls I think these qualify as unnecessary stuff.” As the three women began pushing the rocks off the raft the heaviness of the raft, compared with the other day, made sudden sense. Ashley stopped pushing rocks and went over to Brandon and kissed him.

“Face it darling, we’re coming with you.” She said as the last rock left the platform he glanced at their height in the water and found it more than satisfactory.

“Fine,” he said annoyed and the women celebrated, “But know this: we could be out there a while before we find anything, so we eat and drink only when we need to. We’ll rotate who’s on deck the rest of the time your undercover. We wear clothes at all times ladies. You move only when you have to, and we conserve energy. That means no sex Katy. Those are my terms if you have an issue with any of them, then you stay here, got it?!”

All three nodded in agreement and since Brandon insisted on the first shift while they got away from the island the ladies got in what had been the cloth outside of the bed in the cave. Brandon used a pair of oars he had made to propel it to the edge where the islands shelf ended and the open sea began.

As the craft neared open water Brandon stowed the oars and raised the sail and managed to catch the wind which punched them into open water. Once there he steered the raft using a rudder he had made. Progress was slow, but the sail pulled them steadily away from the island.

“Well we’re clear ladies,” He said as the island began to grow smaller on the horizon. “Give one last wave to the island because we are on the open water now, hopefully headed for rescue and home.”

Brandon heard them each say a quick goodbye to their home for the past two months. When he got a chance he turned a gave it a quick glance himself before shifting his eyes back to the open water ahead as he steered the craft that would hopefully take them to a way home.

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