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Confessions of a Panty Thief

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Lauren Phillips

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

I remember the first time I came in a pair of panties. I was nineteen and in college. They were my roommates, it was a co-ed dorm. I loathed her, she was a pig of a housekeeper, never did her laundry. While I found her unattractive that wasn’t the case for her dirty bloomers. The smell lured me in, pungent and slightly sour, but with that woman’s musk, it went right to my hind-brain. She never found out, or if she did she never said anything.

My sex life started out normal, like everyone else’s I’m sure. I love women, I like to fuck them but I love Love LOVE their panties. Somewhere along the way they hooked my mind like a trout. Even more than the mysteries they contain behind the thinnest of fabrics.

Once I recognized my… preference, shall we say, it wasn’t long before it was all consuming. I visited my sister’s place recently, stole a pair of her plain cottons, they’re beside me on the desk as I write this. Lacey edges, pink and white stripes with a cartoon bear on the butt, a well worn pair. The cotton gusset in the crotch is stained, there are a few curly hairs trapped abidinpaşa escort in the lace. I don’t care if they’re my sister’s panties, although it does add a certain naughtiness. It’s the fact that they are there at all that makes me so excited. What I’m going to do with them.

I’m getting distracted. Let’s see, I’m now in my forties, not unattractive, I still have all my hair. I work out but I still have that Dad-bod. And I have between forty and fifty pairs of ladies undies in ziplock bags in my closet.

I keep stealing them because once I’ve used them up, I need more. I’m very lucky I live in a big city, lots of laundromats. They’re my usual hunting ground. Moms are my favorite. While the kids distract them for me, zip, into my pocket. And they usually have the more pungent aroma.

Apartment buildings can be good places too if you time things right. Thursdays, when people are thinking about going out for the weekend, I’ve gotten many a pair on a Thursday. I’m expert enough now that I can discern panties from other laundry in a basket and wiggle it out through the side holes. One thing; like a fisherman, if it’s aktepe escort too small I throw them back, girls panties do nothing for me.

One time when the hunting was thin I paid an escort to wear a pair all day and give them to me after we were done fucking. They were especially pungent, I think I came harder in her panties than her pussy.

When I get a new, dirty pair I try to get them sealed as soon as possible, I want that aroma, that moisture, that funk. Then, when I can have time for a really good jack off session, I’ll take a pair out of the closet, put the baggie under my armpit to gently warm them to body temperature. As they warm I set up my space; some R bare or fuzzy, neat or messy, in the end it doesn’t matter, it’s the panties that matter.

Sometimes I’ll just lay back on the bed and hold them up to my nose, toying with my cock, teasing myself as I smell and feel. All panties have smoothness of different degrees and I like them all. Cotton is warm, silk (if you can find it) is cool. I love the roughness of the lace too, scraping against my cock as I run them over myself.

Other times after a sniff or akyurt escort three I’ll try them on. Oddly this makes me feel incredibly male. Looking at myself in the mirror I see my dick captured up against my belly and crotch, it looks bigger to me, especially with the head of my cock peeking out the top of the waistband. I squeeze myself hard, the fabric always feels so good against my prick.

Yes, I’ll wear them on my head, the panty’s crotch over my nose, it’s best when I’m also stroking my cock with another pair. I’ll wrap one around my shaft and slide that silky softness over my sensitive head, focusing on the sensations running through me, my pulsing hardness against the fabric’s smooth warmth.

Once my arousal is near total and I’m about to cum I’ll suck the fabric into my mouth for a taste, this always makes me cum incredibly hard; feeling myself throb, seeing my hot cum stain the panties dark, watching it pool and sink into the fabric, running the cummy fabric over my sensitive head again until the pleasure’s too intense, my head swims, sensations alone rule me as I spoil one of my treasures.

Once I’ve cum into a pair, I’m done with them. I’ll be on the hunt again. I’d been saving these panties here for a special occasion, my sister’s. Almost done writing this, I’ve been hard most of the time, thinking about the subject at hand. Gonna smell them, wear them, taste them, use them up…

And be on the hunt for more.

The End

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