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Conquest of Elysium

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A warning to readers.

This story features the themes of sexual slavery, bestiality, among with others that are not always liked by many individuals. This could include a possible snuff scene in a later chapter but I haven’t decided yet. If these are not things you wish to read about leave now so your not offended by the above mentioned contents of this story do not continue reading. Farther more don’t fill up the comments section with ones like “bestiality sucks” or ” your sick” and so on.

Also absolutely no character engaging in any sexual act is to be considered under eighteen years of age. With a story of this nature I will not be able to list the ages of every character or make specific notations regarding ages of groups. Please do not read something into the story that wasn’t intended by the author.

Chapter One

The world was once called Elysium when our people first found themselves there. That was before the goddesses betrayed and overthrew the the Allfather and imprisoned his son deep within the planet. Since then the darkness of their rule has covered the world leaving the people to suffer as their surfs and slaves to their priestesses and dark queens.

In the millenia since that dark day they had quashed all resistance as countless kingdoms came under their control untill only a few dared to defy the will of the Goddesses. As generations passed the followers of the goddesses eradicated all knowledge of anything that challenged their beliefs. Until even the name of Elysium was even forgotten along with the memory of the planet from which our people originated.

The few that did know was the High Priestesses of the goddesses. Their temples had been built on top of the the ruins of those of the Allfather and a few had access to the catacombs beneath them. These catacombs held the only written history of our world. Unfortunately even amongst the priestesses and nobles few knew how to read the language the were written in so like the history they told of they were mostly ignored and forgotten.

My father had been a soldier that was killed in battle shortly before I was born. My mother had then been left destitute turning to prostitution to get by. When I was five she turned me over to one of the temples to be trained as a guardian. They were soldiers that protected the temples and the priestesses. Growing up in the temple was when I first learned of the catacombs. From a early age we had been told it was forbidden to go into the catacombs.

However something had seemed to draw me to the labrith of tunnels beneath the temple when I was eighteen . Even though to enter the tunnels wasn’t allowed a few of the others had secretly explored them as children. I wasn’t one of those children. The beatings those children got had been motivation enough not to venture into the catacombs. Ironically it was to look for a child hiding from the Masters was what finally sent me into the catacombs that day.

I had been an apprentice for several years when one of the younger students had disappeared. Now with each age group there was at least one student that tried to run away. So when this child turned up missing it was quickly assumed that he had run away or was hiding somewhere. While the masters began searching the city the apprentices were ordered to search the temple grounds. Now none of us had had any luck when I saw one of the doors that lead to the catacombs was open.

Now I wasn’t sure why I decided to go down there but with no one looking I headed through the door. The moment I passed the door I immediately saw that the floor was covered in dust with no foot prints. Seeing this I started to turn around when a strange glow caught my attention. From the onset of our training we had been taught not to question the temple’s teachings. Yet as I pasted deeper into the dusty tunnel I saw images that ran contrary to those teachings.

These showed what could only be a man creating a glowing portal as people flead a burning city. Even as the city burned a giant wave was approaching from the sea. In the background of of the mural was a massive tower of smoke and fire that was raining down upon the city. Now the next mural was what really confused me.

It had the glowing man standing on top of a massive temple holding a baby towards the sky. The Goddess Junos was standing behind him. Now the teachings of the temple said the Goddess Junos was the mother of all of the goddesses of the world. Yet the baby in the mural was a male so something wasn’t right.

In fact it wasn’t until the next mural that any of the goddesses I knew were even depicted. Even then they were always depicted either kneeling behind the glowing man or behind what was obviously his son. The one thing that was most notable was how the world around the glowing man was depicted. Trees were everywhere with rivers flowing throughout the landscape. Even the animals seamed different with several species that were now feared living amongst the populous.

The depiction of the valley within the mural was what bothered me most. I was able to easily recognize it as the the Forbidden Basin. Yet the depiction I had previously seen showed the basin as waste land with vicious animals that devoured people whole and toxic pools poisoning everything around them. Yet the mountains were definitely the same. Especially the depiction of the sacred summit of Mt Olympia from which the Supreme Goddess Arisia protected the world from the evils within the basin. Even it was depicted as paradise compared to the what I’ve knew.

Those who had previously entered these passages had never said anything about seeing anything like this. Granted that for strange reasons they all seamed to suffer fatal training accidents shortly after they ventured into the tunnels. We had always believed this was punishment for their trespass. Yet now I wasn’t sure of anything other than no one could know I had been here.

While I was highly dedicated to my duties to the temple and the goddess the others were way more dedicated. Once more we all were taught to always be on guard for the slightest sign of betrayal. I was already suspect do to my mother being a prostitute. That was something that the goddesses forbid. In fact my mother had been burned at the stake shortly after turning me over to the temple. For this reason alone I made the decision to leave the catacombs immediately before I was discovered.

As everything I’ve been told and believed now in question I panicked. As I turned to escape the blasphemous imagery and avoid the punishment for heresy. Little did I know that fate had a different destiny planned for me. For once I turned the floor gave way beneath my feet. Plummeting into darkness i hit my head and lost consciousness. When I came to I was in a chamber with no doors and a stone pedestal in the center. A quick look around and I could see the only way out was the hole I fell through.

With no way to escape apparent I began to examine the room in the hope of a hidden passage. This proved fruitless for the walls were completely smooth. In fact the only thing that seamed of any importance within the room was what looked like a scepter with a glowing jewel on top of it that was embedded in the center of the pedestal. Thinking I could use the jewel as a light source to climb out I reached for the scepter.

When I touched the jewel I was brought to my knees by a stabbing pain within my head. A vision of the glowing man from the murals soon accompanied the pain within my head. It showed a mountain exploding in smoke and fire as people watched in horror from a city. It quickly moved to fire raining down upon the people and setting the city on fire. Even as panic spread throughout the city the glowing man appeared and lead an email of the people from the burning city. I watched as most of the men abandoned the women and children the flee in the opposite direction. The women and children on the other hand followed the glowing man he made a doorway of swirling light for them to escape the imminent destruction that was fast approaching in the form of a massive wall of water.

As the last of the people pass through the doorway the wall of water reaches the city destroying everything in its path. Buildings and people are swept away in an instant as the last of the people pass through the doorway. It closes after the last person jumps through the portal and the wave passes over the spot. I see images of a terblent sea completely covering a sinking island as the vision shifts.

This one shows a besieged city barely surviving against a massive army. As the army swarmed the walls carrying a flags showing a horse the glowing man appears again. The men once again abandon the women and children kneeling before the glowing man. As the army approaches the glowing man then summons the doorway of light. The women and children are then allowed to escape while the army chases after the fleeing men. As the doorway closes after the last person passes through the army could be seen burning the city as they slaughtered the cowardly men. The vision then ends with the army marching away from the smoldering remains of the city with wagons full of plunder and the women that didn’t follow the glowing man in chains.

Yet another vision followed of two glowing doorways opening side by side. The moment they opened the fleeing people from the cities could be seen running out into a lush and beautiful valley. As the people are brought to the safety of the valley all of the women could heard swearing their allegiance to the glowing man who they call the God Jupis or the Allfather. They swear them and their offspring with serve him for all of eternity however he wished. As he accepted the oaths of the people packs of wolves could be seen emerging from the trees within the valley. As the people started to panic the Allfather signaled for calm. He waved his arms and the wolves sifted forms first into large dogs then into men. The men who had accompanied the women through the portals under went a similar transformation shifting forms to large dogs then back to men. Even the Allfather could be seen undergoing the same transformation.

The women then we’re seen kneeling before the men as collars were placed around their necks. Once all of the women had collars a extremely beautiful one knelt in front of the Allfather. I immediately recognized her as Junos as she removed her clothing and got into all fours. Before I knew it every other woman was also on their hands and knees as the Allfather along with all of the men shifted forms into dogs and wolves. They then climbed into the backs of the women and claimed them as their bitches.

As the all of the women were fucked by what could only be described as their canine masters a green glow covered the valley. Wherever the glow touched plant life spranged up. Until each woman could be seen knotted with their master. Junus was the last one and once she was finally tied ass ass with the Allfather the glow shot forth from the valley covering miles in each direction in lush vegetation. I watched as the the women were then repeatedly fucked and each time life spread farther and farther from the valley.

A new wave of pain struck me as a vision of a temple in the center of the valley came into being. On the very top sat a large green jem stone. I immediately recognized the temple from the murals I could see priests leading priestesses on leashes into a massive alter. Once the priestesses were kneeling on all fours on top of the alter the priests shifted forms. I could see people worshipping in the temple doing the same thing. All the women were on their hands and knees as all the men transformed into dogs and wolves. As the priestesses were taken the worshipers soon fallowed as the jem stone above them all started to glow.

As the glow spread I watched as crops in the fields began to grow and flowers bloomed. The highlight of the scene was of the Allfather presenting his son to the people from on top of his temple. This ritual was repeated over years as the people began spreading out from the valley. As they moved they built cities around new temples and I began to see representations of the goddesses I knew knelling before canine masters of their own.

I could even recognize my own city coming into existence as the vision progressed. Though this was when things changed for the worse. It began with the goddess Arisia and her priestesses rebelling. She was soon followed by all of the other goddesses except for Junus. She was the only one that didn’t turn on their masters and seal them in stone. Junus was sealed within the massive jem stone from the first temple. The jem stone was then buried deep under the temple the goddess Arisia had built on top of Mount Olympia. Even as the the temples to the Allfather were looted and burned the goddesses then burned the sacred valley As they built their own temples on top of the destroyed temples of the Allfather.

As they began to establish their own religious practices the fertility of the world began to deplensh around them. Until finally the only fertile areas were those surrounding their temples and those few on the other side of the word that still worshiped the Allfather. The final images I saw were of the goddesses casting their shadow over a lifeless world flashed into my head. As soon as that vision passed I was shown one that amounted to a choice. The first showed a lifeless world with the vacant and abandoned temples of the goddesses filled with the skeletons of worshippers. It then expanded to the cities and farms showing them full of skeletons. Even the few few forests were completely lifeless full of the bodies of animals.

The second was of me leading an army from the remains of the Sacred Valley. The army marched on the temples of the goddesses. As each temple fell and the goddess and her followers were enslaved life would return to the surrounding area. Until finally the temple in the Sacred Valley was restored and with it life to the entire planet. I knew deep down I really had no choice as the visions finally faded and I found myself in a strange cave. I couldn’t let the world die so I was going to have to overthrow the goddesses.

Now came the problems I would have to face from raising the army to the fact I was only a Apprentice Temple Guardian and not a general, king, or even a priest. So how was I going to win a war and restore a religion when I knew vary little about either. Little did I know that was taken care of as suddenly the ground began shaking as staff rose from the floor of the cave. At the same moment a wall of the cave seamed to disappear revealing a statue of what I recognized as the Allfather’s son from the visions. The way the statue seamed to be staring at the staff I knew what was he wanted me to do.

Once I grasped the staff my mind was suddenly transported to a different plain of existence. I was felt like I was floating over the world and I could see the damage the goddesses were causing. I could also see the Sacred Valley wasn’t as lifeless as I had believed. The farthest section from Mount Olympia had a large forest still with what looked like a castle on the very edge. I could even see fields with crops growing. Their were people within the fields tending to the crops. I then was shown a dark box canyon near the opposite edge of the forest. Within the canyon I saw another castle carved into the canyon walls. I was then shown within this castle and saw a single woman.

Something about her drew me towards her. She was a little over five foot tall with perportional breasts and a well rounded ass. Her slanted eyes were different from the women I had seen in the past. Yet she had the same extremely long straight white hair like I’d seen on the the Goddess Junus. Upon farther reflection I realized that she was almost a mirror image of the goddess from the visions. While I still didn’t understand why I had been shown her yet I also knew she was important to my destiny. I wasn’t able to question the meaning of what I saw as the world beneath me faded and I found myself deep underground in front of the Allfather’s son.

The next thing I knew his aura merged with my own. As only a fraction of his power and knowledge cursed through my vary being I suddenly understood everything I had just seen. Yet more importantly I knew exactly what he wanted and how I was going to do it as I found myself back within my body. It was a while until I could move as I adjusted to what had happened. I also knew once I had adjusted that a would need to train myself to use the abilities the God Apollon had bestowed upon me.

Nearly a year later I emerged from a tunnel beneath the ruin of the Central Temple of Female Subjection. I paused shortly to pull the hood of my robes over my head. I hadn’t been able to complete my training but circumstances had dictated I act now. I didn’t have much time to waste as I began to chant in the sacred tongue. A glowing ball of light surrounded my body as I was suddenly transported to the cliffs above the Castle of Wolf Witch.

After chanting in the sacred tongue again I vanished from view. Now that I was invisible I walked into the entrance to the cave system that criss crossed the canyon. I had been studying this system of tunnels and caves for a month but I knew I would still need help navigating it. A quick chant solved that problem and gave me the exact location of the Wolf Witch as well as her followers. Unfortunately it also alerted her to my presence.

At the next intersection I found myself surrounded by ragged men wearing animal pelts over their armor. I knew they could not see me but they could still since where I was. I had prepared for this possibility when I started planning for this. As I chanted in the sacred tongue I tossed several crystal spheres torwords the soldiers around me. As they jumped away from the spheres a green glow sprang up as the soldiers started transforming into wolves. I had finished the chant by the time the transformation was completed and they charged me.

As they struck the shield I’d placed around myself the crystal spheres started to emit a gas that sapped the wolves strength. Anther chant caused the wolves to transform back into men as I calmly walked around them. Even as they collapsed the spheres gave off a different gas. This one spread throughout the tunnels blocking me from the the acute senses of the soldiers. With myself now truly hidden I began to rush though the tunnels for now time was of the essence.

Half way to the throne room I encountered a barricade blocking my way. The spell I had cast to enhance my senses had been blocked the same as the soldiers but I knew there was a trap waiting on the other side. I had two options open at this moment. Well technically three but I wouldn’t be able to use one due to the fact I needed the soldiers alive when I reached the throne room. Another of the options was also unavailable at this moment due to the fact if I used it to soon the Wolf Witch could possibly counter the spell when I used it on her.

This left a spell I hadn’t truly mastered fully and could only partially control. As the sacred tongue passed from my lips I focused the mystical energy I was summoning into the floor of the tunnel. As I felt more soldiers approaching from behind me chunks of rock a dirt started to fly out of a hole forming in the tunnel floor. The view of the tunnel behind me was soon blocked by a thick cloud of dust as the rocks started to pile up. Stepping into the gradually slopping hole I had created I focused more energy to the spell until the new tunnel was ten foot long. I then murmured another spell that caused the debris to seal the tunnel entrance behind me. With the threat from behind gone I was able to focus my complete attention on carving a passage around the soldiers and the barricades.

I still needed to practice caution for the slightest lapse in concentration could cause the tunnel I was or the surrounding tunnels to collapse. I also needed to control my breathing until I breached the surface beyond the barricade. As I emerged I could hear the soldiers rushing to intercept me from both in front and behind me. I quickly put up another shield as I pulled out two more crystal spheres. Before the soldiers could reach me I tossed both spheres in each direction and cast the spell to release the gas. I next summoned wind to send the gas on ahead of me as I started running down the tunnel.

Even as a passed the unconscious soldiers I didn’t slow for I could feel the Wolf Witch summoning the remaining soldiers to her. As I finally reached the throne room I was surrounded by soldiers just as I had expected. My shield was holding them at Bay as I slowly approached the woman standing in front of the throne. I had to admit the Wolf Witch was quite a attractive bitch as I got my first real look at her.

She was a slim brunette with long black hair and curves in all the right places. That seamed to only be enhanced by the long form fitting black dress she wore. It showed a tantalizing amount of cleavage. While slits up each side left her long legs and hips exposed. While I was looking forward to what was coming my attention was focused on two other directions. The first was her slave that I had seen during my vision from Apollon. I knew once I was finished with the Wolf Witch i would be claiming her as my personal bitch.

The second thing I was focused on was the man being held at knife point next to the thrown. He had been the reason for the urgency in me getting here in time. I knew his survival was crucial to my lords plans. So before I could do anything else I had to ensure his safety. As the teachings of Apollon flashed through my mind a plan began to form.

I quickly released the gas from the last three crystal spheres to temporarily incapacitate the soldiers around me and him. Next I threw a charm at the captive prince while everyone else was distracted by the gas. After the charm had struck him and vanished I then summoned my staff as I prepared to face the Wolf Witch. Even as she began chanting a spell to counteract the gas I watched as her soldiers began to drop including the one holding the young man. Now he also was effected and lost consciousness shortly after the guard holding him. Though the effects of the Wolf Witch’s spell started to take effect shortly afterwards. I knew this could be problematic later. Though my immediate concern was her magic as I pulled a small crystal statue of a wolf from my robes. even as the incapacitated soldiers began to recover I tossed the statue at her.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the soldiers around me struggling to stand as she threw a ball of magical energy at the statue. Smiling as she did exactly what I wanted her to. I patiently waited for what would happen next as the statue shattered and her magical attack activated the charm hidden inside of the statue. I knew she wouldn’t be able to feel the power that was being transferred to the crystal shards that now was surrounding her as the glowing charm landed between her legs. I wasn’t disappointed when she began to rant about me thinking I could defeat her.

” You are a fool if you think you can challenge me with such a pathetic trinket. My power is so great not even the goddesses wouldn’t dare oppose me. So what did one weak as you hope to accomplish except suffering a horrific death.”

My laughter about her arrogance wasn’t part of the plan but it helped to stoke her rage. Which kept her attention focused on me and not the charm steadily drawing energy from her. To farther distract her and to over inflate her ego I sent a weak blast of energy from my staff at her. I knew it was to weak to do her any harm but it would get her to underestimate me. So when she easily deflected it I wasn’t concerned in the least. My concentration was shifting back a forth between her, the charm, and the soldiers slowly recovering from the effects of the gas as she began to summon energy.

Even with my staff boosting my own power I needed some more time to spring the trap without her countering it. Thankfully while she was summoning an insane amount of energy to herself she didn’t realize that a portion of that energy wasn’t actually reaching her. So much of the energy necessary for my plan was being transferred to the charm beneath her by the power she was channeling. As I felt her reach her peak power level I had to casino şirketleri act quickly. So as she cast a massive ball of energy at me I activated the charm as I dove out of the way of the blast.

As the shockwave tossed me across the room I saw bolts of energy spring from the shards of crystal towards her legs and body temporarily immobilizing her. Even as I was tumbling across the floor I began to summon the energy I would need. I could only pray it was enough. Quickly rising to my knees I pointed my staff at her and released all the energy I could spare. Her screams rose up as she was helplessly showered in bolts of energy.

I could feel the charm was working as I ceased the flow of energy from my staff and started chanting in the sacred tongue. Even as I was chanting I pulled another object from my robes. As the chant reached it’s conclusion I threw the second half of the charm at her. As it flew towards her the shower of energy reached out to it and created a glowing sphere around her. As I struggled to stand I started to chant again as I summoned whatever energy I could.

While I was chanting the sphere around her suddenly collapsed in on itself. The Wolf Witch fell to her knees as the power from the charms that were now within her blocked her ability to chanel magical energy. I knew that even without her powers she was still a threat thanks to the amulet hanging between her breasts. This was what she used to control the soldiers and as long as it was available she wasn’t beaten yet. While I had a way to counter this still I needed time to summon the necessary power.

I could only hope that I still had the time as she attempted to stand on shaking legs. Out of desperation I tapped into my life force to give the last boost of power I would need as she gave the command for the soldiers to kill me. As the soldiers transformed into wolves I pulled the final item I had been hiding out. Ignoring the advancing wolves I released the energy I had summoned into the green jewel with a tiny wolf figurine within it I was holding and chanted the activation spell.

The wolves we almost on me when the chant was done and the idol was glowing. As my strength gave out I collapsed to my knees. Even as I was struggling to remain kneeling I pointed the idol at the wolves. I could feel their breath as they slowly backed away from me. The Wolf Witch was screaming for them to rip me apart as I gave my own cammand.

” Put the bitch on her knees where she belongs.”

As my strength began to return I slowly rose to my feet as the wolves turned on their former mistress. As they began to surround her she screamed for them to stop. Using my staff for support I watched as the wolves pulled the Wolf Witch’s legs from under her. I had suspected her soldiers had been wanting to do this for a while as one grabbed a hold of the back of her neck the moment she tried to get into her hands and knees. I also suspected the gravity of her situation hadn’t truly hit her yet as they held her in position by each of her limbs. However her situation was become plainly apparent as I gave my next command.

” The bitch doesn’t need all those clothes rip them off.”


As the wolves grabbed a hold of her dress with their jaws I began chanting a regeneration spell to restore my strength for what was coming. Her screams turned to whimpering as her dress was torn off of her body. Since the spell had restored enough of my strength to move around I approached my first offering to Apollon I chanted a new spell. I felt Lord Apollon’s power joining with my own as I cast the spell. Cammanding the wolves to release her arms and legs I watched as the spell took effect.

A stream of liquid metal burst from the ground next to each of her limbs. The metal soon wrapped around each of her ankles and wrists forming glowing shackles. Once they were formed I ordered the wolf holding her by the neck to release her. Once free the Wolf Witch attempted to crawl away but was unable to move her arms and legs thanks to the shackles. The God Apollos had came up with these shackles for when it came time to deal with his treacherous sisters. Yet from what I saw they worked excellent for controlling problematic mortals as well as deities. Deciding to see how effective they truly were I gave the Wolf Witch a command.

” Kneel before your superiors bitch with your hands behind your head.”

I could see that she was trying to fight the shackles as they began to position her body as I ordered. As I watched her getting in position I noticed that the shackles even controlled her hands and fingers. This gave me an idea about how to humiliate her some but first I needed to deal with the amulet. Without me or the idol she could still use it to control her soldiers. I also knew it was enchanted so only she could remove it from her body. Unfortunately for her she wasn’t in control of her body anymore and when I gave the next command this would be clear to her.

“Take that amulet off and hand it to me.”

The look of confusion on her face as her hands grasped the cord of amulet was priceless. It quickly turned into terror as the amulet was lifted over head and one of her arms held it out to me. As the amulet dropped into my outstretched hand I believed she finally understood that she had been beaten. This was made absolutely curtain when she began pleading for mercy

The fact that someone with the arrogance to say she was more powerful than a god was now on her knees begging for mercy was a source of great amusement. Though that wasn’t what was important at the moment. With her last hope of escaping her destiny removed it was almost time to put her in her place. I just had one more task to complete first. Recasting the spell that created her shackles I watched as a collar began to form in front of her.

The collar deferred from her shackles thanks to the green jem stone in the vary front. This would be necessary for the ritual but first the collar needed to be on her neck. Now I could of placed it around her neck myself but that didn’t feel right. Given her earlier arrogance it was only fitting if I let her handle this task herself. Looking at her sternly I gave her the desired commands.

“Pick up the collar and put it around your neck bitch.”

As her arms began to reach for the collar her face took on a look of shame and humiliation. It was now obvious that I intended to enslave her. Though I was certain she was still ignorant to the true extent of what was planned for her. She was certainly trying to figure someway to prevent it from happening to her. However once she held the collar to her throat it permanently molded itself around her neck. She didn’t know it but once the collar was in place her fate had been sealed.

The magical energies that Apollon had infused into the collar would give complete control over her mind, body, and soul and no one except Apollon himself could remove it. Now Apollon and me had only instituted a small portion of these controls in her case. For instance he had allowed her to keep partial control over her conscious mind. Mostly so she would be aware of what was happening to her and not a mindless atomaton. Yet it still wouldn’t let her disobey any order given to her save for taking her own life. Only Apollon and me could give that order and neither one of us were going to give her that merciful of a fate.

Now that she was under my complete control I decided to test the effectiveness of the collar and humiliate her some in the process. First I sent a silent command throughout her body to stoke her arousel. Next I gave a verbal order for her to finger her pussy while fondeling her breasts. I could only chuckle to myself at her reaction to the order. She looked at me incredulously that I would even expect her to obey such a order. This look turned to one of astonishment when dispite her mind’s refusal to comply her fingers began to glide over her body. Finally it turned into humiliation as her fingers reached her pubic mound and spread her pussy lips.

Deciding to add to her humiliation I ordered her to look me in the eye while she masturbated. While this meant that I wouldn’t be able to see what she was doing but my objective was her her subgection. For that I needed to demonstrate how she now belonged to me to use how I wished. Besides i was getting probably more enjoyment out of watching her tear filled eyes and whimpering then the sight of her fingers penetrating her pussy.

Granted while my primary source of enjoyment was her humiliation that didn’t mean that I wasn’t getting any sexual pleasure out of this. From her initially subtle moaning. To the sounds of her fingers as they explored her wet vaginal passage. As her moaning soon ceased to be to be subtle and started to overwhelm the sounds of her whimpering I decided to end this torment and present my first offering to Apollon.

She almost seamed disappointed when I ordered her to stop. Now as she licked her fingers clean per my orders her disgust and humiliation was still present on her face. However I saw her fear and dread of what I had planned next was lurking just beneath the surface. I figured she was well aware that her violation was imminent. Yet she could have no idea about the ultimate nature of what was about to happen as I gave her a new series of cammands.

” You are to get back on your hands and knees bitch. You will have your arms stretched out in front of you with your forearms and elbows resting on the ground. Your legs are to be widely spread with your ass raised.”

As she moved into the position I had ordered I embedded my staff in the ground in front of her. After I walked around her once while examining her body and positioning. I began to chant the necessary spells for the coming ritual. Only once the spells were in place did I move behind her and remove my robes. I could see her looking at my fully erect cock in fear. However when I started to transform into the huge dog was when that fear turned to absolute terror.

Before she had chance to register the implications I was on top of her. My canine forelegs quickly grabbed a hold of her hips holding her in place. My thrusting cock emerged from it’s sheath as I sought out the entrance of her wet pussy. She was wheeping as my cock glided over her pubic mound several times but as I found my mark she let out a blood curtailing scream. Her screams would only intensify as my cock began violently thrusting within her.

With each thrust I could feel the bitch’s body moving forward. As I let out a menacing growl I tightened my hold on her. At the same time I intensified the force of my thrusts as the bitch began pleading for me to stop. Another menacing growl directly into her ear silenced her pleading. Her being reduced to to a sobbing and whimpering slave bitch only seamed to send thrill through me as I felt our life energy swelling and merging as we passed it on to Apollon. This energy then charged the Apollon’s own life giving powers as the two of us began to glow. We both could feel this excess power being transferred to our surroundings.

I couldn’t see it but I felt trees began to spring up throughout the canyon outside of the castle. At the same time my own stamina was also strengthened allowing me to fuck the bitch even harder. Thous setting me in a cycle that continuously refreshed Apollon, me, and the surrounding area. Now the Wolf Witch wasn’t as fortunate. While she was getting the regenerative energy her collar limited what she received to healing her body and not the effects of fully restoring her stamina like with me. Basically it would only provide her enough energy to keep her going throughout the ritual. While she wouldn’t be permanently damaged physically the ordeal would leave her lethargic.

Not that any of that mattered to her at the moment. Her current concerns were my rapidly swelling knot and her impending climax. Since the violation had started she had desperately fought against the pleasure she had been receiving. Until she finally reached her braking point as my knot was shoved into her pussy locking us together. As I knotted with her the orgasm hit causing her to shake violently as she screamed in orgasmic bliss. Her orgasm then both amplified and intensified the energy being circulated by the ritual. Yet again that really wasn’t much of a concern for either her or me at the moment. For as her upper body collapsed to the floor in exhaustion my own orgasm hit.

As the waves of pleasure coursed through me my balls released a massive flood of sperm directly into her womb. As torrent of semen inundated her fertile womb I could hear her began to weep in shame. Her shame would soon be overshadowed by agony as her womb began to rapidly expand thanks to the ritual’s regenerative effects on my body’s sperm production in this form. While I may of been in the form of a dog with this side effect I produced as much semen as a horse. Only thanks to my knot sealing her pussy it had no way to escape as her stomach swelled nearly to the point of bursting.

With the breeding of the bitch now concluded I stepped over her limp body and turned ass to ass with her. As I waited for my knot to shrink the glow surrounding us began to fade. The Wolf Witch on the other hand was in abject misery from the her overly expanded womb. Since she was powerless to do anything but loudly weep as she impatiently waited for my knot to shrink and allow some of the pressure to be released. For around twenty agonizing minutes she suffered until my knot shrunk enough to allow me to pull out of her pussy.

Almost as soon as my cock was pulled from her pussy a steady stream of semen began to spray out. This small bit of relief was soon forgotten when I walked in front of her. My sudden growl was quickly understood as I felt her tongue began to lick my cock clean. I was certain this was do to the control of the collar then any willingness on her part. While having been brought down to this level she was still no where near a willing participant. She still had a long ways to go before she was truly broken.

Not that it really mattered to me at the moment. She could serve her purpose just as satisfactory without her consent then with it as far as I was concerned. Besides since I had my way with her she no longer held any interest to me sexually. My interest in the moment was forming an alliance with the prince. This bitch was now just a sperm receptical and breeding stock until it came time to sacrifice her. Anyway I already had another bitch waiting so this one served very little purpose for me now.

Performing the ritual was only a small part of the reason for me being here. The true purpose was to create an army to carry the banner of Apollon throughout the world. Both the horny wolves eagerly waiting for their turn and the prince still laying unconscious was what I needed to worry about as I transformed back onto my human form. Granted I still left my staff and the spells in place as the wolves began to take their turn with the Wolf Witch. After all it didn’t need to be me fucking the bitch for the ritual to take place. So even though I personally was finished with her that didn’t mean that the ritual was over for her.

While the Wolf Witch was put to work servicing her former soldiers. I picked up my discarded robes and redressed. As I was doing that I caught sight of a terrified maid looking through a doorway. The slave collar around her neck told me everything I needed to know about her. Even as she attempted to run away I was chanting a spell. As soon as I finished not only had she returned but she was soon followed by half a dozen other slaves. A quick gesture had all of them removing their clothing as they knelt in front of me.

Just as I was about to end the compulsion spell I was surprised as a nobel lady walked into the room. As I recognized her I decided on a different fate for her then the others. While I stopped her from undressing I still kept her under the compulsion spell for the time being. The others quickly had their slave collars enchanted similarly to their former mistress’s. Then with the exception of the bitch from my vision they we’re ordered into position around my staff with the Wolf Witch. Each of them were then mounted just as the compulsion spell was lifted.

Now the noble lady was to serve a different purpose as I looked at her fiance still laying unconscious from the charm I had used earlier. A drop of my blood on the charm was all that was necessary to revive the prince. As he was coming around I cast a honesty spell to on the noble lady and sent a similar command to the collar of the Wolf Witch. Then over the next hour both confessed their part in the prince’s stepmother’s plan to have him abducted and murdered. This was so she could have her daughter take his place as heir to the throne.

They also detailed the involvement of the Temple of Arisia in particular her head priestess in the plot. They next told of a separate part of the plan to have the king killed shortly after the stepdaughter became his heir. This would then place a devoted follower of the Goddess Arisia on the throne. Now the honesty compulsion on the fiance hadn’t truly been necessary since the prince had seen her betrayal before my arrival. However me being able to provide the answer to his question of why went a long way to bringing him over to my side. Though it was the extent of the involvement of the followers of Arisia in the conspiracy that was the part he didn’t believe.

While most the people of his kingdom weren’t as fanatical of followers of the goddesses as where I was from. They were still quite devoted to the treacherous bitches. Thankfully there was also a quite a bit of tension between his kingdom and the temple. So he didn’t reject this basic truth about the goddesses right away as blasphemy like I had when I saw those murals. Still there was only one way to convince him of the truth about the goddesses.

While he had already seen the canyon before I had preformed the ritual breeding of the Wolf Witch. He needed to then see it’s current state. So grabbing ahold of both my new personal bitch and his former fiance I lead him outside. Once outside the change was so drastic even I had difficulties believing. The tops of the cliffs were covered in trees. While all along each side of the canyon we could actually see new trees and plants sprouting from the ground as we watched in awe.

As I told him this alone was the effect of enslaving and breeding nine bitches with the majority of it from the violation of the Wolf Witch. So by enslaving and breeding every available bitch on the planet the world would be turned into a fertile bastion of life described in the scriptures. All it would take was him and his people to follow the teachings of the Allfather and Apollon to transform this world into the paradise it was meant to be. As pushed his former fiance towards him I decided to sweeten the deal.

“That treacherous bitch along with the others had conspired to have you and your father killed so they could steel your land and property. This could only be done with the blessings of the goddesses. While they were stopped this time they will try again. The only way your people will ever be free from their treachery is to deal with them once and for all now.”

“The only way to do this is through restoring Apollon to power. Neither a army or priests like me can do this alone. Us Priests can counter the mystical threat of the goddesses and their priestesses but can’t deal with the army of the enemy. While your army can deal with the enemy army but will be helpless against the mystical threat. So the only chance either of us has is together. Remember while they acted in secret this time it doesn’t mean that next time they won’t act openly.”

I saw him thinking about what I said as he looked around the canyon. Then there was the angry looks he was giving his former fiance. As he looked at her I could see her shivering in terror as her fate was decided.while it was actually only a few minutes it seemed like an eternity before he made his decision.

“I will except that the followers of the goddesses are behind this. I also except that your offer is appealing especially the part about what this bitch’s fate would be. However while I’m willing to ally myself with you the true decision is ultimately up to my father. I will present an offering to Apollon in the form of my former fiance.”

During the whole discussion she had been starring at me with murder in her eyes. Yet her face took on a look between sorrow and pleading as her former fiance was deciding her fate. However once he had decided then that expression changed to absolute terror. Even as she started pleading for the prince not to do this he shoved her back towards me. I had already summoned the shackles and collar after she had confessed to her involvement in the plot but she hadn’t truly realized yet the control they held over her.

So even as she was pleading for forgiveness my silent command for her to undress took effect. She was so engrossed in her pleading that she was just wearing her undergarments by the time she actually noticed she was stripping. Even as those joined her other clothing on it didn’t stop her from begging both of us not to rape her. Granted neither one of us was really willing to silence her during this.

At least until she was dropping to her hands and knees following another silent command. Effectively shut up she could only weep uncontrollably as she began to position herself for her impending rape. Once she was positioned correctly for her violation she looked up at me with the same look of desperation she had been giving the prince.

I was certain this was her final attempt at convincing me not to rape her. However it wasn’t technically me she had to convince for I had a different plan up my sleeve. While she was trimbling in fear as she waited for the ritual to began I pulled the prince aside to discuss my plan. While I will admit I was concerned he wouldn’t go along with it but before I knew it he was agreeing.

Her face took on a expression of relief as the prince walked towards her without me. While her attention was focused on him I began chanting a special spell. As I finished he was just kneeling down to explain what was about to happen to her.

“It seems my new friend has made an interesting proposition. Basically since it was me that you betrayed then I should also have the opportunity to be the first one to receive the satisfaction from your body. Now don’t worry I would never do something like that to the wonderful woman that I took on the picnic this morning. Unfortunately that woman never existed so once I finish with you I’m going to throw you in with the other bitches.”

Once the prince finished talking he quickly shed his clothing just before I triggered the transformation spell. While I had taken quite a bit of satisfaction from the look of horror on the face of the Wolf Witch it didn’t compare to the expression on this bitch’s face. Granted just I discovered earlier myself once you took your first bitch you couldn’t wait to have your way with the next one. I was certain that once he had experienced this benefit the cooperation of the prince was now guaranteed.

The prince didn’t waste any time once the transformation was completed. As soon as he was in his canine form he had mounted her. Even as his fore paws gripped her by the hips he was thrusting his cock in search for her virgin pussy. Just to hear her scream I gave her back the ability to speak a fraction of a second before the prince’s cock was violently shoved into her pussy. Her scream as her hymen was mercilessly shredded was indescribable.

Though this was only the beginning of her agony as the prince began to pound away at her newly deflowered pussy. As the glow surrounded them I couldn’t take just watching them any longer. Grabbing my bitch I quickly had her in the proper position her first breeding as I ripped her scantily clothing from her body. She wasn’t going to be needing them from now on any way I thought as I let my own robes slip from my body.

While I could hear her crying as I shifted forms but I felt sympathy for her plight. Since my consciousness had merged with that of Apollon’s I had known her true casino firmaları heritage. As such she was now subject to my ingrained hatred for the priestesses of the goddesses. None of which deserved this fate then those of the Goddess Junus. When I had found out about their betrayal of their goddess had had sworn an oath of vengeance against their descendants.

So as I took her it was as brutally painful as I could possibly make it. With each thrust of my hips her petite body was lifted off the ground. Gripping her neck in my jaws I gave no thought to her comfort of pleasure. No my only concern was to brutally pound this bitch into submission. As far as I was concerned this bitch was just the beginning of my crusade the others would soon share her fate. Just as the Goddess Junus had done before the ancestors of her priestesses would be made into examples of how a proper bitch serviced her masters.

My anger was so great I never even noticed my knot tying us together or her passing out from the pain she was enduring. Even as I knotted her I kept ruthlessly pounding away at her unconscious body. Finally as my sperm began to fill her womb I calmed enough to become aware of the bitch hanging limply from my mouth. Releasing my grip on her neck and hips I let the bitch’s body drop to the ground beneath me as I turned around to wait for my knot to shrink.

As my rage filled lust faded I remembered the prince and his bitch. A quick look showed them tied ass to ass too. While he had a satisfied look on his face she was laying with her face in the ground bawling like a baby over her violation. I also saw several of the wolves from the castle had come to investigate the screams from the bitches. While I wasn’t planning on sharing mine with them. I did suspect that the prince’s bitch was in for a long arduous night.

The next morning the two of us along with the former Captain of the Wolf Witch’s soldiers were discussing how we were going to proceed with the overthrow of the goddesses and their followers. We each had one of the slaves kneeling between our legs sucking our cocks. While I had my personal slave hard at work on my dick the Wolf Witch lips were working overtime on the prince’s cock. At the same time his former fiance was desperately attempting to pleasure her new owner. All three of the bitches had just had their ass holes violated and now were making a vain effort to avoid us raping them in our canine forms. While we all were looking forward to taking the bitches again we still had important matters to discuss.

The first was getting Prince Daniel back to his kingdom to expose the plot of his stepmother and stepsister. Next was to bring his father into the fold. Once we had his father with us then we could start the preparations for the campaign against the goddesses. With this business taken care of we pulled out cocks from the mouths of the bitches. All three of them started to weep as they timidly got into position as we began to transform. Shortly afterwards their screams filled the corridors of the castle as we brutally violated them again.

Once we finished with them we then made the three of them bathe us as we prepared for the journey to Prince Daniel’s castle. While this wasn’t as big of a humiliation to my bitch as it was to the others they were all devastated to have been brought down to this level. Not only were they reduced to fuck toys but now they were also reduced to lowly servents preforming the most menial tasks. Little did the two of them realize this was only the beginning.

An hour later the three of us were standing on the cliffs overlooking the Sacred Valley with our three bitches kneeling at our feet. As we looked out upon the valley we could see the effects of the ritual as plain as day. From the ruins of the Central Temple of Female Subjection to the very edge of Prince Daniel’s kingdom was a lush forest. Even within the kingdom the effects could be seen since the crops in the fields along the very edge of the kingdom were now ready for harvest. As we grabbed a hold to the chains hanging from the collars of the bitches I began chanting in the sacred tongue.

The ball of light surrounded us as we were transported into Prince Daniel’s bedroom. Wishing to avoid interference from those loyal to his stepmother I quickly cast a invisibility spell over all of us. Prince Daniel was soon leading us through the hallways of the castle towards his father’s throne room. As we neared our destination we could hear the king yelling at anyone and everyone to find his son.

I had instructed Prince Daniel to wait to make his presence known. At least until I had cast the honesty compulsion spell into his stepmother. The Captain on the other hand would position himself to stop any of the stepmother’s followers from acting once her treachery was revealed. I would remain hidden with the bitches until I was needed to assist either of the others. This was mostly do to Prince Daniel’s desire to face his stepmother himself.

Entering the room we could see the king arguing with one of his soldiers about whether Prince Daniel and his fiance were still alive. I had to stop Prince Daniel from acting rashly when we heard his stepmother tell his father he needed to prepare himself for the worst. Since no one has survived the demon wolves of the First Valley before. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold Prince Daniel back much longer I quickly took the bitches’ chains from the others as we spit up.

While the Captain positioned himself between the king and the Queen’s Bodyguards I began to silently chant the desired spell. Just as the queen suggested they seek assistance from the Temple of Arisia for help just as both the spell took effect and Prince Daniel appeared without anyone noticing. Not even a second later he was marching towards his stepmother with a look of pure rage on his face.

A loud gasp escaped the queen’s mouth as she saw him alive. At the same time the color drained from her face as she correctly guess the reason for his angry expression. Yet I was certain she still felt that Prince Daniel suspected her involvement but wouldn’t dare make any actuations without any proof. However if she was counting on him show discretion in this matter then that ended once he began to speak.

“I can’t believe you are arrogant enough to even suggest seeking help the very people you conspired with to have me killed. Don’t even try and deny it both the Witch you hired to kill me and my so called fiance told me all the dirty little details of you and the temple’s plan. From me being killed to that bitch daughter of your’s becoming the heir just in time for you to have my father killed as well. Go ahead and deny it I dare you.”

I had to fight from laughing when the queen suddenly covered her mouth in shock after loudly admitting it was all true. While me and Prince Daniel were extremely happy things were going according to plan. His father was furious enough? with his wife to kill her. As he rose from his throne to face his treacherous spouse her bodyguards moved on both the king and Prince Daniel.

Before the first one had a chance to pull his sword the Captain suddenly appeared and severed the bodyguard’s head from his shoulders. The second bodyguard’s sword had just cleared it’s scabbard when the Captain wasn’t his sword while spinning to face him. His aim was true as the Captain’s blade clever the bodyguard’s arm below the elbow. Even as the bodyguard was screaming while looking at his severed arm lying on the floor the Captain’s sword was driven into his chest.

As the Captain finished of the second bodyguard the third and final one was attempting to pull the queen from the room. As I was moving to stop them the Captain threw his dagger into the bodyguard’s chest. As he fell to his knees I swung my staff striking him in the head. My blow struck the bodyguard so his head twisted to the side followed by a loud crack as his neck snapped. As the final bodyguard’s body fell to the floor I was reaching for the queen.

Taking a handful of her long blonde hair I yanked her off of her feet. Even as I was dragging the screaming queen back to the king by her scalp I saw movement from behind her throne. As her handmaiden ran towards the door I was pointing my staff. A blast of mystical electricity sent the handmaiden’s unconscious body sprawling to the floor. I was soon joined by Prince Daniel as he took my place dragging his stepmother back to his father. I had expected him to grab her by an arm and pull her to her feet but he instead grabbed a handful of her hair and proceeded to drag her along the floor behind him.

While I left Prince Daniel to began the task of converting his father I decided to check on the handmaiden. As I approached her the effects of the spell were still plainly visible as her body was still twitching. As I looked over the bitch I began to realize she wasn’t what she appeared. Now this was more of a feeling than anything but something about this woman seamed familiar to me. Suddenly realizing why I quickly put her under a compulsion spell before I revived her.

As the handmaiden timidly followed me back to the others I began to consider the implications of her presence here. More importantly I needed to think of a way of using this to my advantage. It’s was one thing to find one the priestesses of Arisia here but to capture the High Priestess of Vestus left me with more questions than answers. While her priestesses were known to have the ability to influence the emotions in men and as such their decisions. So if she was here influencing the king then something was going on.

While the probably it was more in likely an alliance between the two temples in the overthrow of the king was the most obvious answer. Yet from what I knew personally of the the followers of Vestus that seamed unlikely. The two goddesses and their temples were bitter rivals. So for them to be working together on this scheme was a source of concern. I was going to need to get some answers before the crusade could began and I was going to have to keep these concerns to myself for the time being.

As I was walking towards Prince Daniel and his father I decided to interrogate the High Priestess later once I was alone. I then would decide when and what information I should share. In the meantime I had other matters to deal with and my questions could be wait. My priority needed to be to convince the king to side with Apollon. I was hopeful now that I had Prince Daniel on my side this would be easy.

The next day I was marveling about how well it had gone. Like his son before him once King Edward had transformed and taken his first bitch he had become a devoted follower of Apollon. Granted the queen didn’t share the same enthusiasm for this development since she was the bitch in question. Neither did the princess when she was taken as Prince Daniel’s personal bitch. Now while I believe she didn’t enjoy this development it was a better fate then the queen received. For once King Edward finished with the queen she was given to his guards.

Even now I could hear the combination of her moaning and weeping as she was being raped. Though even those sounds had been drowned out by those of all the bitches both inside and outside of the castle being taken. Now they were still looking for a few of the queen’s supporters and the few bitches that had gone into hiding in the vain attempt to save of the inevitable but things were going well. Now there had been some reluctance on the part of the people to take part in the ritual but the side effects had proven to much for the most stubborn amongst them and they all were soon taking part.

I had to admit even I didn’t believe Apollon when he had explained the effect the ritual would have on the people that took part of were around when it was preformed. Though thinking back to when Prince Daniel had taken his former fiance I had been affected myself so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

As I was told the ritual had numerous affects on those taken part and exposed to the energy given off. The most obvious was the blocks the goddesses had placed on males to prevent them from transforming were removed. The second was the unbelievable desire fore males to breed a bitch. Now not just males are affected mind you for the bitches also fall under the sway of the energy. Though the affects for them are not immediately noticeable like with the males.

For example the more often they get taken the more they desire it. Then it seems to permanently negate their will to physically resist to a certain extent. Most can only whimper and cry as they are stripped then thrown to the ground. Many bitches also end up constantly horny with the desire to be frequently taken. Though there are exceptions based on the bitch’s individual circumstances. The difference between my two bitches is a fine example of this.

My first bitch Kita is so terrified by the brutality and the painful nature of me taking her that she can resist the desire she feels to be taken. Yet this same fear doesn’t seem to affect how horny she is. For I’ve started catching her playing with herself and the other bitches. Two hours ago I came back from meditating to find both of my bitches licking each other’s pussies. Now Kita’s behavior is similar to all the other bitches when it comes to their submissiveness after talking part in the ritual a few times. For example the collar is barely necessary to control her anymore. Though I do need to acknowledge that she was a slave already. So her submission can’t be completely contributed to the ritual.

Now High Priestess Kathleen was more defiant but like all bitches the effects of the ritual were starting to take affect on her. While Kita trimbed in fear whenever I took her Kathleen just stoically seamed to except her impending violation. Though she did seam to be getting pleasure from being taken. She even had a orgasm the first time I had my way with her. It even didn’t matter which form I was in or which of her orifaces I used for her to have a orgasm. Kita on the other hand only had orgasms when I used her in human form and never in canine form. Again I wasn’t certain the difference between the two of them was due to their previous lives of just how their personalities differed.

Now they both had been affected by another little surprise Junos left behind. Apparently once a bitch has tasted the sperm of a male in his canine form they were addicted for life. Now if they sampled a particular males sperm enough times then they would then be bound to that particular male. Now the sperm of any male would still somewhat notify the cravings but to truly satisfy the cravings they must be given sperm from the male they were bound to. This had nothing to do with the ritual but a evolutionary trait that Junos placed in all the bitches on the world including the goddesses.

Ironically I actually learned this from Kathleen and not my training with Apollon. Apparently this was the reasoning behind some of the rituals and offerings in the temples of the goddesses. Human, canine, and even male horses would be literally milked. All to obtain the necessary semen to clinch the uncontrollable thirst the goddesses had for the substance. Apparently this thirst also had been only increasing since the rebellion and they had been looking for something to supplement the semen that they bathed the statues of the goddesses in.

Now I had learned a lot more from Kathleen since I’d made her my bitch. This covered a cast rage of topics including why she was here in the first place. That turned out to be due to the rivalry between the two goddesses and not about them working together as I had first feared. She was here to keep the Temple of Arisia and the queen from succeeding in their plot and in the process getting her own temple a foot hold in the kingdom.

Now once I learned this I had seriously considered not enslaving her yet. Unfortunately she also knew to much about who I was, who I served, and what our ultimate goals were. So the only ways I could ensure her silence was to either kill her or make her my bitch sooner then planned. Thankfully her enslavement was the only unforeseen development so far and that had actually turned out to really be a blessing in disguise.

Mind you a blessing that would actually save us a lot of time and trouble later on during the campaign. Unfortunately to protect a valuable new asset I can’t talk about it yet. So instead I’ll tell how the king’s conversion came about. The confrontation with the queen and her bodyguards had been yesterday morning. While King Edward was both relieved and grateful that Prince Daniel was safe he still justifiably leary of both me and the Captain.

Now at least I understood this though the Captain wasn’t as understanding but both Prince Daniel and I was able to keep him from doing anything rash. Now the biggest issue we actually had was keeping King Edward from having the queen and princess executed on the spot. While the similarities between father and son were helpful to the plan. It also made convincing men as stubborn as them to change their minds problematic.

It eventually took both getting the identities of the queen’s supporters and to promise the queen’s fate would be a long unpleasant life as an overused whore in a brothel. That was of course after the king and his soldiers had their way with her first. Now the princess’s life was easier to save. All it took was Prince Daniel request to personally handle her degradation. Of course the sight of both Prince Daniel’s former fiance and the Wolf Witch as the broken bitches they now were also helped.

The blowjob the king got from the Wolf Witch also went a long ways to convince him. Though it only got him to spare their lives. Getting him to convert took more convincing. Plus watching Prince Daniel taking the princess during the ritual a couple of hours after the confrontation. Between being exposed to the energies given off during the ritual. Along with seeing for himself the effect it had on the land made King Edward agree to take part in the ritual himself.

Now the queen wasn’t the king’s first bitch. That honor went to one of her handmaidens he had taken a liking to. Unfortunately for all of the others with exception of Kathleen they were given to the Royal Guards after the king had experienced the ritual for himself. A similar fate fell all of the other females servents within the castle with the exception of the few that were to young or were married.

The married servents were still be enslaved but any decision regarding their fate belonged to their husbands. While the few not old enough were declared off limits until they reached adulthood. A similar decree was made for the rest of the children within the kingdom. While Apollon required the enslavement of all females there were still limits on what he allowed.

Now once King Edward had experienced the ritual he eagerly wanted to subject the queen to her first breeding. Though we were able to convince him to wait for that evening. This way he could summon all of his subjects to both hear of her treason and bare witness to her punishment.

While the princess had already been taken once she would also undergo a public breeding as part of the festivities. Now just before they were violated before the people they would publicly confess to the plot. This would also include the naming of their fellow female conspirators including all of the women within the kingdom.

The king would then pass sentence on them and the followers of the goddesses involved. This would be their immediate enslavement on sight by any male within the kingdom. Now Apollon would not be mentioned during this but would say the ritual was proof that devotion to the goddesses were not necessary for the land to prosper. To farther convince the people this will also be confirmed by the queen as the reason for the attempted coup. She will cry out how the whole scheme was to keep this knowledge from the people.

Now once we are ready to start the military campaign the truth about the Allfather and Apollon will be told to them but until we were ready that would need to remain a secret. Otherwise we run the risk of the goddesses uniting against us. For the crusade to be successful we must convert new followers as we overthrow the temples one at a time. As each temple falls we can add their forces to our own before moving on to the next one.

Now that evening the citizens were gathered in the courtyard of the castle. As King Edward addressed them from the balcony overlooking them the crowd watched as both the queen and princess were brought out in chains. The crowd was silent as the king told of their crimes but their anger was evident once they both admitted their guilt then begged for forgiveness. When the involvement of the temples and the reason for the coup was told the people were both shocked and angered.

Now instead of mentioning me the king told of how a priestess of Junus was the one to expose how the goddesses had abandoned the people in favor of their own selfish desires. He then told them how this same priestess told them of the betrayal of Junus by her daughters so they wouldn’t have to serve the people any more. This Priestess told of how women were suppose to be subjugated by the superior males of the world.

Finally the king told of the ritual and how it was the true salvation of the people and not the worship of the goddesses. In fact the only way the goddesses were meant to be worshiped was as symbols of subjugation for the women. Finally he told them he would demonstrate the ritual for the people using the queen as his bitch. With that said the queen had her clothing ripped from her body. Then she was forced into her hands and knees at the very edge of the balcony.

Even as the queen was being positioned the king was transforming. To say that the people were shocked would be an understatement but the quietly watched as the king mounted the whimpering queen. Now during the day the king had taken the handmaiden multiple times. So when the queen’s turn came he was experienced enough in his canine form to quickly find her pussy. Unfortunately for the queen it also meant he would last longer as he released all of his pent up anger.

The queen screaming throughout the assault was almost unbearable and began to effect the gathered crowd. The women were in a panic while the males were starting to become aroused. Soon new screams joined the queen’s as men in the audience began tearing the clothes of of the women. Many attempted to flee but we’re stopped by the royal guards at the gate. To their horror the king and queen began to glow.

Soon as the glow spread over the crowd it began to effect all of them. Both genders were beset with the uncontrollable urge to appropriate. In under a minute most of the women were naked on their hands and knees waiting to bred while the men began to transform. They could only trimble in fear as they began to be selected as bitches. While the effects of the ritual made the womens’ bodies submit on their own to the urges they had been feeling.

However their minds weren’t as willing of a participants in the ordeal but they seamed to have no control over their bodies. Yet as they began to get mounted one after another they were powerless to physically resist their impending violations. A chorus of screams, pleas, and sobbing soon began to echo those of the queen.

The king was doing everything in his power to ensure her violation was as brutally unpleasant of a experience as he could make it. So no mercy was shown to her as he pounded away on her pussy as hard as he could. As painful of an experience as it was a new torment was soon added.

When the queen looked next to her she was horrified by the sight of her daughter on all fours. She couldn’t look away as the princess was brutally taken by Prince Daniel in his canine form. The queen now truly began understood the depths of despair as they both were violated side by side. Not that she had truly suffered the worst of it yet as she felt the knot shoved into her pussy. As the king knotted her the queen knew she was now only a slave bitch and collapsed into a sobbing heap beneath him.

With his bitch now laying broken beneath him King Edward let out a triumphant howl as his sperm began to flood the queen’s wumb. His howl was güvenilir casino some answered by others as bitches in the crowd started to be knotted. I myself was barely fighting the urges within me created by the ritual. While I really wanted to breed the two terrified bitches kneeling at my feet I instead was chanting in the sacred tongue.

As I transferred energy into the spell I began to feel Apollon’s joining with my own strengthening the spell. With a final gesture towards the crowd the spell was completed. Letting out a breath I watched as collars started to appear on the necks of every bitch in the crowd. Now these collars didn’t grant the level of control as those I placed on the other bitches but they would still make the bitches compliant enough. Though once they had been bred enough times it should quash the few issues the collars couldn’t handle.

With my part in this evening’s events over with I lead my own bitches back to my room. They both needed to be bred. Plus I needed to get some answers from one of them. Once I got to the room I sat down in a chair as the two knelt in front of me. Even as I sat looking at the two of them I was deciding the best way to handle the interrogation.

While I had already placed a collar on the priestess but I knew this could quite possibly it’s first real test of it’s control. Plus her training could still be and issue. After all I still hadn’t truly broken the other bitch yet and now I was going to work on probably one of the best trained individuals at controlling their emotions and desires. Even now I could see while she was obviously terrified she keeping rigid control over her fear as she looked for a means of escape.

As she moved throughout the castle or entered a room her eyes were constantly scanning everything. Even now I could see her attention shifting between me, the door, window, and for some reason I couldn’t explain the fireplace. Since I had taken her room for a certain reasons. I figured it was good opportunity to test the collar as I began to question her.

With each question I could see she tried to resist but the collar’s control prevailed. Slowly I began to pry the truth out of her from the reason for her presence. While I hadn’t touched her yet she was behaving as if I was raping her. As my questioning turned to her temple she began crying hysterically. As she told me the number of priestesses and guards then of secret entry ways and passage ways of the temple she became nearly frantic to stop the questioning.

Even going as far as to offer her body to halt the interrogation. While taking her was on my agenda for the night I had been trying to put it off for as long as possible. Though once she had made the offer I couldn’t help but to examine the bitch’s body. While I naturally had examined her body when I had stripped her naked following her capture but that had been just a cursory glance more than anything else. This was mostly do to having to much else to worry about at the time. Now she had very little to distract my attention as my eyes roamed her body.

Like most of the priestesses she bared a almost perfect resemblance to the goddess she served. I had learned this was do to their bloodline actually being descended from the goddesses. Millenia ago the goddesses were bred with mortals producing mortal children. These children then grew to be the first priestesses of the goddesses. Then as the generations passed the daughters of the priestesses’ would then inherit their mother’s calling and positions within the temples.

Now the fact they had only female children was considered a blessing. Since their current position in the temple required that they be kept separate from males unless they were trying to reproduce. That way they didn’t have to abandon the child. However I knew the original reason it had been considered a blessing. In those days a male children got to demonstrate their ability to properly dominate a bitch when he reached adulthood by using his own mother. Since priestesses were probably the most brutally dominated of all the bitches any such demonstrations guaranteed their debasement either matched or excited those they were normally accustomed to.

Now the history of her lineage wasn’t what I was interested in at the moment. I was focused on things like her extremely long strawberry blonde hair that stretched to her ankles. Her perfectly defined cheekbones and the cute button nose between them. As I said she had the looks of a goddess and not just her face. While I wasn’t that into breasts I had to admit she did have a nice set. They were perfectly shaped while not the largest they couldn’t be called small either. Them and her light pink nipples almost begged to be squeezed and played with.

While her breasts were definitely works of art I was going to have a set of rings placed on her nipples. Probably magically endowed to shock her whenever I needed to or wanted to punish her. Now whichever was necessary would be dependent on her behavior or the my mood. Though I was looking forward to the opportunity to punish her just to satisfy my desire to see her suffering. However I knew I’d more than likely get the opportunity to punish her for the second reason to satisfy my sadistic side.

Now while I wasn’t a breast man I was definitely an ass man and hers was definitely to my liking. Just looking at it made me want to mount her on the spot. Throw in how it combined with her hips giving her the ideal hourglass figure made her a prized bitch for anyone lucky enough to possess her. Beyond that she had a shapely pair of legs and a toned stomach. This told me she was an ideal bitch for breeding and should produce several healthy litters during her lifetime.

About the only issue I could see is how hairy her snatch was. I was definitely going to have to do something about that. While I didn’t mind a little bit of hair on a bitch’s pussy pubic mound I preferred the area directly around their pussies completely hairless. A quickly muttered spell would take care of that leaving a small triangular patch of trimed hair on her pubic mound. At the same time I went ahead and added the enchanted rings on each nipple along with a third on her clitoris.

As this bitch began screaming as her rings began to painfully shock her I gave the other bitch the same treatment only stopping once both of them were writhing on the floor in agony. Once I was certain they now understood the power I now held over them I ceased the torture. At least momentarily until they had a chance to catch their breath then it started again. I kept this torment up for almost an hour until I felt a different sort of entertainment was in order.

They both were whimpering messes when the torture ended. Infact they were actually promising me anything I wanted so long as I didn’t shock them anymore. Whole I did desire to take them both I had a different idea for the two of them. Now they just looked at me funny when I told them to lick each other’s pussies but after I snapped my fingers and their rings shocked them again they were moving into position.

Since Kita was the smaller one she climbed on top of Kathleen once she later on her back. Once on top of her Kita lowered her semen coated pussy to Kathleen’s face. Kathleen sobbed as her tongue began to work on pleasuring her follow bitch. Though Kits was quick to return the favor as her own tongue was also put to work. With them now pleasuring each other like there was no tomorrow I have a final order. They were not to stop until I told them to or they passed out which ever came first.

While I watched the two pleasuring each other I stripped out of my robes. As I sat back down I began to stroke my cock. While I could have used there collars to speed things up I instead chose to let things progress without interference. This was mostly due to my interest in seeing how the bitches responded as they received sexual pleasure. In particular I wanted to be able to tell when their orgasms were real since a bitch having orgasms during breeding only strengthened the effects of the ritual.

Plus I was thoroughly enjoying the sight of two of them doing this so much that I decided to let them lick each other to several orgasms. Given Kita’s history I wasn’t surprised by her efficiency at giving pleasure to other bitches. Yet it turned out for every climax Kathleen received she easily responded in kind. While I wasn’t sure about how many orgasms each of them had I was certain they both enjoyed each and everyone of them. In fact I think they enjoyed themselves so much they actually forgot for the moment their new found status in life.

Granted they wouldn’t be able to forget for long for once I snapped my fingers as I ordered them to stop they were shocked back to reality. They quickly moved back into kneeling positions the moment I gave the command. This compliance had nothing to do with control of the collars. Since I had put the rings on them the only control the collars were exerting were a few precautionary measures. So both of them were now obeying my orders on their own. Granted they were still obeying out of fear of torture but they were still obeying without the collars so I didn’t care much.

My true concern at that moment was my nearly uncontrollable desire to breed the two bitches. I knew which one was going be taken first and she had my complete attention. Her pussy was soaking wet and it’s scent was seriously effecting my self control. Looking up from her delightful smelling crouch I was hit by sense of satisfaction. While her face was thoroughly coated in pussy juices it was her expression that gave me the satisfaction.

Kathleen’s face was a mix of embarrassment and shame over what she had enjoyed doing in front of me. From her tear filled eyes to the obvious blush and the expression of shock on her face. I couldn’t wipe the smirk from my face as thought about the expression of defiance she had shown since I had enslaved her. Knowing that expression would return soon enough I made it a point to memorize what she looked like at this very moment. It would be now be my goal to see this expression on her as much as possible from now on.

Still she was past due for her first breeding and that was my opportunity to inflict more humiliation on her. Now I fully knew she had been mentally preparing herself for the her inevitable violation. After all she had already watched as numerous bitches including Kita had been bred. So when looked her in the eyes and ordered her into position she knew what was coming.

Though instead on being able to endure her violation with dignity of her faith she was reduced to just another horny bitch. She would later tell me she had been so unnerved by the shame and humiliation from her earlier lesbian performance she let her passion get the better of her. As she positioned herself on her hands and knees she made no effort to resist what so ever. While a part of her desperately wanted to resist it was nearly overwhelmed by her rising passion.

While I had been looking forward to forcing myself on her unwilling body. However the sight of such a proud bitch reduced to a willing participant in her own violation even if just temporarily was just as appealing to me. I was suddenly torn as how to proceed. Part of me wanted to just fuck her as brutally as possible. Yet another part wanted to seek a different route as I claimed her. I don’t know why I chose the way I did but looking back I realized that I made the correct decision. Looking at my newest bitch I began to speak.

“You should feel no shame for your actions tonight. Your order lost it’s way a long time ago. So all you are doing is taking the first steps back into the correct path. While you may not understand at first destiny has sent you here for a purpose. That is to help your sisters discover how your goddesses was supposed to serve the people before her true message was corrupted by the traitors amongst them.”

Her body was trimbling as my form began shift. I suspected she was expecting to be taken immediately. However something else had attracted my interest in this form. Something about the aroma of her pussy seamed to draw my snout to her crotch. Feeling an uncontrollable urge to taste her my tongue was sweeping over her glistening pussy. She gasped as my tongue began to flick over the lips of her pussy.

As quickly as I lapped up her juices more seamed to flow from within her. Seeking the source of this delicious nectar my tongue slipped inside of her pussy. The deeper I probed her pussy with my tongue the louder her moaning got. As her moaning began to turn to screams my tongue encountered a barrier to it’s expiration of her depths. Even as my progress was halted by her hymen she cried out from a powerful orgasm. Her body was rocked by the most intense climax sending a tidal of her fluids spraying from her pussy. Even as she flooded my face with her exquisite tasting orgasmic fluids her upper body collapsed to the floor.

Even though she was climaxing I didn’t stop licking. In fact I intensified my efforts. At first I believed this prolonged her orgasm but it turned out it was subsequent series of mini orgasms that built up to one final immensely powerful climax. This climax was so powerful it left her so weak she was barely able to remain upright and only partially conscious. Even as the effects of the orgasm were at the strongest my tongue didn’t stop it’s assault.

In fact I showed a desperation of my own as I sought out every last drop of her vaginal secretions. Slowly I began to hear her weak pleas for me to stop. This was a surprise for since even when I had tortured her earlier or the threat of violation she had been under since her capture and subsequent enslavement she hadn’t pleaded for mercy. Yet here in this moment her proud dignified veneer had been stripped away as she promised anything so long as I stopped licking her pussy.

Even as she called me her master it was more genuine sounding then earlier when the collar had forced her to used the title. Strangely she didn’t even show any shame as she pleaded with me. Though I received the ultimate shock when she pleaded for me to take her as my bitch. Even so her voice was still hardly audible as she pleaded with me. As my tongue made a few last swipes over her pussy she seemed to find her voice again and practically shouted.

” Master please stop! Fuck me! Torture me! Do anything you want to me! Just please master don’t lick my pussy anymore!

I let out an angry growl at the last part of her plea. She was my bitch I made the demands not her. Dispite how pleased I was of her progress she still didn’t understand that she was now my property. She was mine to use as I saw fit. If I wanted to lick her pussy I would and I would only stop when I wanted to not because my bitch pleaded for me to stop.

Now amongst the collar’s powers it translated the growls and barks of those in canine form so the bitch could understand any orders or other demands made of them. Not that it was truly necessary for the bitch to understand that something she said angered me. Though the collar’s translation powers soon kicked in so the bitch understood what she had said that angered me. Before she had the chance to spit out a fearful apology she was crying out in terror as my fore paws wrapped around her hips. While my anger had been held in check earlier now there was nothing holding back as I began to violently thrust my cock towards her pussy.

She was desperately pleading for forgiveness when my cock was forced fully into her pussy. In a second her virginity was brutally ripped way as she cried out in agony. Any capacity she had to speak disappeared once her hymen torn from her. She could only cry hysterically and scream as she was given no respite. I would show her no mercy as I made her my bitch. With each violent thrust my cock her screams conveyed the agony I was inflicting upon her.

Still both her earlier lesbian activities along with my own oral attention to her pussy did grant her some mercy. Even with violently painful nature of her deflowering she had began to feel some pleasure. So even with the way I was fucking her the bitch’s moaning soon could be heard along side my growling. Besides her moaning I noticed that she had started to thrust her own hips back to meet my own thrusts.

I was certain she wasn’t fully aware of her actions but I was going to Inform her of what this meant for her. A series of growls sent her into a sobbing fit at the exact moment I shoved my knot into her pussy. With my bitch now tied I let out another growl as my sperm flooded her wumb. I howled in satisfaction as she acknowledged her subjectgation amongst her sobbing.

“SOB!! Thank SOB!! You SOB!! Master SOB!! For SOB!! Brutally SOB!!!!! Breeding SOB!! This SOB!! Bitch SOB!!!!! Your SOB!! Bitch SOB!! Will SOB!! Strive SOB!! To SOB!! To SOB!! Satisfy SOB!!!! It’s SOB!!!!! Owner’s SOB!! Desires SOB!!!!! For SOB!! The SOB!! Remainder SOB!! Of SOB!! It’s SOB!! Pathetic SOB!! Existence SOB!!”

Once my knot shrunk enough to free myself I then made her lick my cock clean. Once she had completed that task I shifted back to my human form. From that point on I started to remind her of the rules I had explained earlier she would now live by. She would always refer to herself as this bitch or it and nothing else. She was never to make demands of me for I owned her and would do whatever I wished with her body.

My lecture went over several subjects including sharing her body with whoever I choosed. To things like how she would present herself at all times. For instance if she wasn’t performing a task, being bred, or sleeping, she would always be kneeling at my feet with her arms behind her back or head. Then there was the fact that until she earned the privilege of walking she would crawl on all fours like a proper bitch. About the only thing I didn’t tell her about was my plans for her and Kita in the morning. That was something that I was saving as a surprise and I didn’t want to ruin it.

Of I ended up taking a few brakes to breed her and Kita throughout the night. By the time I let the two bitches finally curl up in each other’s arms at the foot of my bed I had taken them both multiple times. I fucked Kita twice in my canine form and Cathleen once more. Kathleen was also subjected to her ass hole’s first fucking while I was in human form that night. Each of their fuckings were fallowed by each of of them licking whatever orifice I had just used on the other one clean.

The next morning after they bathed me I lead them back to the courtyard of the castle for their surprise. I was certain they wouldn’t see it that way once they saw what it was. Granted the other bitches kneeling throughout the courtyard probably shared the same sentiment. Though for the moment none of the assembled bitches were truly aware of the reason for this gathering. They only thing they did know was something about the special stand set up in the center of the courtyard was to be the focus of this spectacle they were taking part in.

It was just a horizontal post held at waist height by a pair of vertical posts embedded in the ground. Now while the reason for the gathering first appeared to be to further publicly humiliate the queen. Since she was currently bent over the stand with one man fucking her from behind. While a second seamed to be getting his cock sucked by her. Yet appearances could be deceiving and the queen’s current predicament wasn’t what the bitches kneeling throughout the courtyard needed to be concerned about.

No what they should of been focused on was the fire burning next to the stand and the handles protruding from the flames. Yet not one of the bitches had shown the slightest concern to the fire at least until the men fucking the queen finished and King Edward stepped forward. Now once he started speaking the reason for the gathering, the stand, the fire was apparent as every bitch present started sobbing.

Granted if I was a bitch I would be sobbing too as the king decreed that every bitch be branded. While mix of cheers from the men and pleading along with some other hysterics from the bitches in the crowd. My two had panicked expressions with tear filled eyes but for the most part they remained fairly calm giving the circumstances. Though I wasn’t sure if problems would arise when the other bitches started being branded in mass.

While thinking of my bitches I realized their particular circumstances could be helpful yet I also needed to be mindful of my plans for Kathleen. For that end I decided to use the truth about Kita’s heritage. Looking Kita in the eyes I gave her a series of cammands. Strangely I think Kita seamed to present herself differently after I gave her the cammands. Whispering quietly to the king we watched as Kita stood and walked to the stand. As she faxed the gathered people she began to speak.

” People I am a decendent of the priestesses’ of Junus. For millenia my ancestors have served as slaves within the temples of the other goddesses do to a betrayal of the lessons of Junus by her own daughters. These traitors wished to abandon their duty to the people on this world for their own selfish desires.”

“Today I have the opportunity to resurrect the purpose of my order and spread the teachings of Junus. To that end I will be performing the most valuable of the duties of The Sisterhood of Junus. That is as an example of how a proper bitch submits to her superior male masters. For this reason I will be the first bitch branded today.”

With her announcement complete Kita bent over the stand and proudly waited to receive her brands. As the branding iron was pressed against her left ass cheek she screamed out in agony but she made no attempt to move. Even as the second brand was applied to her right ass cheek she screamed but didn’t move from the stand. In fact it wasn’t until a leash was attached to her collar and she was paraded before the crowd so that they could see the brands did she move.

While the pain she had just endured was evident on her face she still proudly displayed the dedication of a Priestess of Junus. She stood straight A’s she was marched back and forth and displayed the permanent markings of her servitude she now wore. On the left side of her ass was a simple letter “S” followed by the letter “B”. Though her brand on the side of her right ass cheek was more complicated. It was an outline of a woman on her hands and knees tied ass to ass with a dog. Once her part in this spectacle was concluded she dropped to her hands and knees. Holding the handle of her leash in her mouth Kita then crawled back to me.

Kathleen was the next to be branded. While she didn’t speak she still displayed the dignity and obedience of her fellow bitch. Now the queen and her fellow conspirators were a different story. They all had had to be forcibly dragged to the stand. They then were held down while they pleaded not to be branded. Though the Wolf Witch didn’t seam to struggle as much as the others and didn’t pleas. She only cried as she was bent over the stand though all of them did scream louder then either of the priestesses had especially the princess.

Now after their brandings were completed the bitches in the crowd got their turns on the stand. I was almost expecting another orgy to start with the newly marked bitches. However I had other things to handle so I wouldn’t be able to participate should one happen anyway. Taking the leashes of my bitches I headed towards my room to start packing. I would be returning to the temple to complete more of my training in preparation for the coming campaign. Plus I needed to deal with a few remaining issues regarding my capture of Kathleen.

Now an hour later as I walked out the gate of the castle I was surprised to see the fields being harvested. Apparently after Kita’s little speech the king was able to convince his subjects of the importance of overthrowing the goddesses. So all throughout the kingdom the preparations had begun. Even as I saw the fields being harvested weapons were being fabricated and new volunteers to the army were being called for. Now with both King Edward and Prince Daniel’s parts taken care of I needed to handle my own part of the plan. With the importance of what awaited me in mind I started chanting the teleportation spell.

To be continued.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote if you liked the story. Fans of Sisters in Slavery don’t worry I’m still working on it I’ve just needed to take a brake that’s all.

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