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I was 19 years old and on my own for the first time. My apartment was on E. 10th Street, a couple blocks away from my friend Jody’s place. We became friends through a girl I had oral sex with occasionally. Jody’s old man was in the joint but she was loyal to him. The story I am about to tell you is about me and her mother, Corinne.

A typical bachelor, I often let my laundry pile up. Jody would come over to my place and clean for me and always yelled about my dirty clothes. Finally, I had a Saturday off and she took me to her mom’s house to do some laundry. We had just separated my white and dark clothes when Corinne came into the kitchen and smiled. “Who’s the handsome young man you brought here?” she asked her daughter, shaking my hand. Her skin felt very warm to my touch and I couldn’t help get lost in those liquid green eyes of hers. Her hair was pulled back into a stylish ponytail and she wore a simple black cotton t-shirt and running shorts that clung to her behind like a second skin. I could tell by looking that her breasts were large but firm with just a hint of sag to them.

I said “My name is John and I am a friend of Jody’s. I work at the packing house and I guess my laundry skills suck!”

Jody suddenly looked at her watch. “Shit, I have to go visit Rodney casino siteleri in prison, and I have to pick up a few things at the store. Can John stay here with you and do his laundry until I get back?” she asked as she headed for the door.

Corinne nodded. “Sure! Go on, we’ll keep ourselves amused!” she called out as Jody ran to her car. A roar of the engine and Jody was gone. Corinne turned to face me and smiled. “It’s not often a handsome young man comes here.” Corinne looked at me with smoldering eyes.

“I haven’t seen very many mothers who look as good as you do, ma’am.” I said, trying to be nice.

“Honey, you need to call me ‘Corinne’. Come sit with me in the living room.” Corinne led me into her small living room and sat down in the love seat, motioning for me to sit next to her. She picked up a remote and pushed a button and the screen came alive with the love scene from Road House. “I was watching this when you kids came here. I like this scene, I get to see Patrick Swayze’s ass!”

I watched the two actors make love on the screen, unaware that my boner of 7 inches was rising. Corinne watched the TV as well but kept sliding her hand up and down my leg. Finally, she grasped my erection with her right hand and pulled my head over to güvenilir casino her. “I am a woman who is plainspoken and I want to fuck you silly until my daughter gets back.” With that she slid my shorts off and began to massage my cock, kissing me on the mouth and letting her tongue duel with mine. Her left hand placed my hands on her breasts over her shirt then under it. Never in my life had I felt so turned on. But my youthful inexperience caught up with me and I came all over her hand.

Rather than scream at me in disappointment, Corrine simple shrugged off her shirt and peeled off her shorts then slid down and licked every drop of my cum from my dick, then took my shaft in her warm mouth. Her lips sucked at the head then slid down my pole. I gasped in delight as this wonderful woman slurped and sucked me pleasurably. Several times her eyes locked onto mine as she sucked me deeper into her mouth. In no time at all my balls roiled and boiled again, filling with semen. “I’m gonna cum!” I gasped. Corinne simple went faster and I moaned as I erupted in her warm mouth. Her hand pumped me gently as she sucked all my semen into her mouth, swallowing with a gasp of pleasure.

When I finished cumming, Corinne led me into her bedroom nearby and stripped me naked, canlı casino then stroked me to hardness again. I kissed her lips as she laid me on my back, then mounted me and lowered her wet pussy onto my hard cock. She moaned in pleasure as she slowly rode up and down, my cock completely buried in her tight hole. My hands squeezed her breasts and tweaked her nipples and my lips sucked each nipple in turn and kissed her as well.

“God, you fuck good!” she gasped as her body suddenly went rigid and shook. She let out a steady cry of pleasure, then dismounted me and got on all fours spreading her ass cheeks. “Come fuck my ass, please, baby!” she begged. I knelt behind her and let her talented hands guide my cock into her puckered asshole and it was just as tight as her pussy. She began to thrust hard against my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

“Come in my mouth, baby!” she begged as her ass slapped against my pelvis. She slid my cock out of her ass and into her wonderful mouth where she began sucking me in earnest, her hand pumping my shaft while her lips sucked my cockhead. Again, I felt my cum rush out of my cock and into her waiting mouth where she again swallowed my load.

Corinne’s naked sweaty body came up next to mine, molding to my side. “That was wonderful baby. You will have to come see me more often!” She kissed me passionately as we both drifted off to sleep.

You can imagine Jody’s surprise when she came back and caught us in bed kissing and playing with each other. But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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