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Cousin’s Boyfriend and My Girlfriend

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This happened several years back when my then girlfriend and I had gotten an apartment together, and decided to invite my cousin and her boyfriend over for a house warming. Just a casual night of hanging out, shooting the shit, having dinner, and since my cousin didn’t know my girlfriend very well it gave them an opportunity to get to know one another. On the flip side, I had never met my cousin’s new boyfriend and was interested in what he was like, as I had heard virtually nothing from any other members of my family so I wanted to know what the big secret was.

So Friday night rolls around and we have dinner ready when they show up, but my cousin was dressed for work as she had just found out she was the on-call nurse for the night. She figured she would get through as much of the night as possible, and if she got called in she would’ve had dinner at least.

This is right around when I met Marcel, a tall, muscular, clean cut, dark skinned, Cape Verdean man, probably in his late 30’s. He introduced himself before my cousin had a chance, and right away I got the feeling this guy was a bit swarmy. I shook off the feeling and led them into the dining room to introduce them to my girlfriend, Stacey, who was setting the table.

Now at that time my girlfriend Stacey is a pretty hot 23 year old, but she isn’t like super skinny or artificial with the makeup and stuff, and she had this classic beauty about her, like a young Liz Taylor. Her Portuguese-Irish mixed heritage gave her dark curly hair (which she had straightened for tonight), a very cute face, and an overall great body.

She was at times very insecure, always complaining about the size of her ass and when her tummy wasn’t completely flat, but I always reassured her that she was a 10 out of 10 in my book, but that never seemed good enough. However, recently she had joined a gym and was seeing quick improvements, and guessing by how she was dressed, in some very tight jeans and black tank top showing off her very perky (think Katy Perry) 36C chest, it looked like she was putting that hard work on display.

I always felt I had scored way above my league, as I am a short 26 year old (at the time), not very muscular, and kind of a dork in a way, or at least that was the vibe people always said they got from me.

As Marcel and my cousin entered the dining room I made the introductions, and right away I started to see more of that arrogant, swarminess I detected from him earlier.

“Wow! How did YOU get THIS GIRL? Babe, you look fantastic! If I wasn’t with her I would totally take a shot at you!” he said to Stacey while looking her up and down, to which she just smiled and blushed while reverting to her shy-like state.

I just kind of stood there shocked at what he said (more about him calling her “babe” actually) and I looked at my cousin and hoped she could tell how uncomfortable I was. She indeed got the message and smacked Marcel playfully on the shoulder and told him to be polite, and then apologized to Stacey.

“I’m just kidding around with you. It is nice to meet you and you have a very lovely home.” Said Marcel with a grin while shaking Stacey’s hand.

“Uh yea, Thanks.” She replied, still looking a bit uncomfortable by his earlier remarks.

He really didn’t mean the apology though, because as Stacey was turning away he made a sneaky glance down at her cleavage, then caught me looking at him and gave a wink and nod like he approved.

Once the awkward introductions were over we sat and ate what turned out to be a pretty good meal. There was some interesting dinner conversation, but it mostly consisted of Marcel talking about how great he was, and trying to steal looks at Stacey’s tits.

At this point I was hoping they would leave after dinner, I mean I love my cousin but this guy was too much. I was also kind of put off on how casually Stacey was responding to him, and while it seemed at first she thought he was a pig, I was started to get the feeling that she might actually think this guy was cool or something.

As dinner finished up Stacey complained about the cold and went to our bedroom and put on a button up sweater. You could tell Marcel was disappointed when seeing her return to clear the table because he could no longer stare at her bakırköy üniversiteli escort cleavage. Suddenly my cousin’s cell phone went off and she was called into work, and asked if one of us would be able to give Marcel a ride home.

“I don’t think either one of us can drive right now after all that wine we drank. He can sleep on our couch tonight and one of us will bring him home in the morning.”

I looked at Stacey as she said that, staring daggers at her the entire time, but I knew she was at least partially right, but I would have called him a taxi. A couple of years ago I had gotten a DUI leaving a bar after a couple of beers, and did not want to chance that again. And after she offered the couch I didn’t feel right telling him he should take a cab home, so I went along with it under silent protest.

My cousin and I said our goodbyes, and then her and her boyfriend went to kiss, but it slowly turned into her pushing him off her because he was trying to grope her. And, like the ass he was, as she left Marcel smiled at Stacey with this big shit eating grin for some reason, like he was showing off or something.

The whole time I was thinking, “Maybe this is all in my head, and I’m just insecure. I mean, how can my cousin put up with this guy blatantly hitting on my girlfriend right in front of her? How can Stacey offer this asshole our couch after all he has put her through tonight?” I just had a bad feeling about this guy being around Stacey, and now without my cousin here I was expecting him to get much worse with the flirting.

We eventually settled down in the living room with Stacey and I next to each other on the couch, and Marcel seated in the recliner across from us, and we were still drinking a considerable amount when he suggested we should play some drinking games. So Stacey whipped out a pack of cards and we played one drinking game after another, having a pretty good time too as Marcel’s flirting seemed to cool down a bit.

I found out later that while I was out of the room getting another drink she told him to chill out and to stop hitting on her or she would make him sleep in the street. Thankfully it worked because he started acting almost like a normal person and not a horn dog.

A few more hours went by and we were all pretty wasted and ready to call it a night, and thankfully it went by without any further incident… until I got up to use the bathroom.

The way our apartment was setup is that it had the bathroom off of the side of the kitchen, but there was a bit of hallway so when exiting the bathroom you could see into the kitchen without anyone in there seeing you. It seemed Stacey had started to clean up and was in the kitchen when Marcel followed her in, which was right about the time I was coming out of the bathroom.

I don’t know why but when I saw them I just stopped and watched as he came up from behind her while she was washing some dishes. He then put his hand around her waist while pulling her into him and I expected her to turn around and slap him, but instead she continued to wash the dishes as he ground himself against her plump ass.

At one point she stopped what she was doing, leaned forward while pushing her ass back into him, and closed her eyes while this lustful little smile creeped up on her face. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! She actually liked this guy grinding his cock into her ass!

It was then I knew I had to break it up before it got out of hand. I didn’t get the chance though, because he started to move one of his hands closer to her tits and she must have realized what was going on and stopped him by turning around and pushing him away.

“I told you to stop being a bad boy or I’ll make you sleep outside!” She said to him sternly, but playfully with a smile on her face.

I finally worked up the nerve to walk in on them, and immediately Stacey looked very guilty.

“So uh, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Oh nothing! Marcel was just helping me clean up before we go to bed.”

“Yup, that’s right buddy! Your girlfriend and I are going to bed while you sleep on the couch!” laughed Marcel as I was shooting him dirty looks.

I decided to put what I had saw earlier bakırköy bdsm escort out of mind for the sake of getting some sleep, and figured I would just talk to my cousin later and tell her what a prick her boyfriend was, and that I caught him groping Stacey. Hopefully she would come to her senses and break up with the guy.

I was pretty drunk so as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light, with Stacey sound asleep next to me. It must have been a few hours later when I woke up because I had to take a piss when I noticed Stacey was gone. It took a second to sink in but I figured she had just gone to the bathroom as I intended to do.

I got up, walked out of the bedroom and down the hall towards the bathroom when I saw them in the kitchen from pretty much the same vantage point I had earlier. It was dark, but my eyes had adjusted and I could make them both out as I witnessed him push her against the wall. I could also hear them as they whispered to each other and heard her say,

“No, we can’t do this. I have a boyfriend and you’re with his cousin.”

“Does it matter?” I heard him whisper to her in reply. “I know you liked it every time I looked at you, it was written all over your face. You like me, don’t you?”

“Well I think you are hot if that is what you mean.”

He just smiled at her as he placed his hand on her stomach and pushed her a bit harder against the wall. While doing this I noticed he managed to work her legs apart and then move his hands under her thighs, lifting her up so she was being supported by him while up against the wall and causing her to wrap her arms around his neck.

“Please, you have to stop this.” She whispered again, but instead of stopping he proceeded to grind against her and I swear I heard her moan a little.

“Do you feel that?”

“Yes.” She replied breathlessly.

“Do you want this?” he asked her again while grinding into her pussy even harder.

She remained silent and bit her lower lip, and then they start to kiss passionately while rubbing against each other like two animals in heat.

They made out like this for what seemed like hours, even though it was probably only minutes. The entire time I was just standing there, watching this guy make out with my girlfriend while I was frozen in place and unable to stop them for some reason. Maybe I wanted to see this, but even to this day I am not even sure what I was thinking.

They broke their deep kiss and he set her down, grabbed her and pushed her against the table where she bent over as he took his position behind her. Then he started grinding against her ass again while his hands were roaming up her body, eventually settling on her nice perky tits.

He suddenly ripped off the button-up sweater she had been wearing, and pulled down the front of her tank top allowing her perky breasts to spill out as he groped them with joy. The entire time Stacey was moaning quietly, but obviously enjoying Marcel’s large hands caress her body, squeeze her tits, and pinching her nipples.

Honestly, I don’t think I had ever seen her that turned on before, but every time I looked at her she had this sexy, lusty face that was begging to be fucked. At this point I noticed she reached around behind her and grabbed his cock through his pants and started rubbing it. It was like time had slowed down as I watched my girlfriend jerk this guy off while he groped her from behind against my kitchen table.

He then began unbuttoning and pulling down his pants, took off his shirt, and even I have to admit this guy had a great body, at least one you’re not afraid to show off while naked. While still bent over the table Stacey turned her head around to get a quick look and I could see she was clearly impressed with his physique, not to mention his huge erect cock.

He got back behind her and proceeded to take her pants off along with her panties until all she was wearing was the torn down tank top with her tits popping out. He grabbed one of her tits with one hand, and then with the other I saw him take his cock and begin rubbing it along the entrance to her pussy from behind, and even in the limited light from the window I could see how wet she was from the glistening. bakırköy elit escort

Stacey began to moan, “Do it! Please fuck me!”

He then shoved his cock in, slowly but surely pushing it all the way past a point I never reached.

“UH, you’re fucking tight, babe.” Marcel groaned as he was stretching her pussy to the limit.

Stacey’s mouth was wide open with her eyes closed like she was experiencing pleasure completely new to her. Then he started to fuck her, slowly at first, but he quickened the pace to the point where they weren’t even being quiet about it anymore.

“Oh god, this feels so fucking good! OOOOOO! Keep fucking me!” Stacey moaned loudly.

“I knew I was going to fuck you from the first time I saw you tonight. UH, so fucking hot, and those tits…” he groaned as he was now fucking her like I had never done before.

“I shouldn’t be… ooooo… doing this but your cock just feels so good!”

“I knew you’d like it, and you’re gonna like it again and again because I don’t care! I’ll fuck you in front of your wimp boyfriend if I have to!”

“Oh god! I’m gonna fucking cum, I’m gonna fucking cum! Oh god, fuck me whenever you want! UHHHHHH!!”

As Stacey began to have her orgasm he continued to fuck her hard right through it. Her body twitched with pleasure and she moaned loud enough even for my neighbors to hear her rapture. He then pulled his cock out of her soaked pussy, spun her around and forced her down to her knees while he sat down on a chair.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck these tits all night!”

He then started rubbing his cock between her tits as she pushed them together while using them to jerk him off.

“I bet your boyfriend has never fucked these, huh? His dick is probably too small.”

She didn’t say anything, but her silent smile spoke volumes about something, at least when compared to this guy, I was failing at.

“Come on, I want to fuck you on the couch.”

He suddenly picked her up by the arm and pulled her over to the living room where he then sat down on the couch, with her straddling his lap. She then grabbed his cock, used it to rub herself a bit, and then began to ride him, taking her time and slowly grinding her pussy against him as she moaned uncontrollably.

“This is the…ooooo… ah fuck! Best sex I’ve ever had!”

“It gets better, babe.”

He quickly flipped her over onto her back, threw her legs over his shoulders, and started fucking her brains out. At this point it was just total loss of control as they were both screaming and moaning without a care in the world. And here I was, just standing here in the shadows watching my cousin’s boyfriend fuck the shit out of my girlfriend, too afraid to stop it and at this point I don’t think they would stop if I walked in anyway.

“Oh fuck, Oh god I’m going to cum again!”

“Fucking cum with me, babe. I’m gonna cum in you!”

Then he started fucking her so hard the entire apartment was shaking until his body went tense, and he let out a primal groan as he filled my girlfriend’s pussy with his cum. At the same time she was cumming too, and had dug her fingers into his back and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in closer as she had her second major orgasm of the night.

“Damn you’re a good fuck, babe. There’s no way your boyfriend didn’t hear that though.”

Marcel was laughing as Stacey sat up once her orgasm faded a bit, and looked like she was about to panic when she realized not only did I probably hear them, but she wasn’t on the pill and he didn’t wear a condom. At this point I managed to sneak back to bed and pretended I was asleep when she came in.

She must have showered because she smelled cleaned, and then I suddenly wondered if he fucked her in there too after I left. Once she was all tucked in I rolled over and said to her, “I can’t believe you fucked my cousin’s boyfriend without a condom.” And then I fell to sleep before hearing her response.

I broke up with her the next day, but we ended living together for another 3 months till I could get us out of our lease. I probably should of kicked her out right away and sucked up her half of the rent because I had to put up with her fucking random guys at all hours. I found out a few days after she moved out that she was pregnant and it was most likely Marcel’s kid. I’m not sure what happened to her after that, and to be honest I don’t really care, but at least she gave me something to write about.

As for Marcel himself, I told my cousin about what happened and she broke it off with him that day and we never heard from him again.

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