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The cabin was warm and cozy as the fireplace sent waves of heated air circulating around the dimly lit room as I walked into the study.

There he was lying on his stomach on the sofa with an open book perched on the cushion before him. His head was tilted in the direction of the dancing flames. I knew he was not reading.

Silently I walked up behind him not making a sound. He was so mesmerized by the flickering light and breathing ambers he hadn’t noticed my arrival.

Inching down onto the floor beside him my hands gently came to rest upon his raised buttocks startling him.

“I didn’t hear you come in.” He choked out jerking his hand out from beneath his groin.

I was smiling inside. So, that was why his ass was turned up. He was masturbating.

“Hi Honey.” I whispered walking my fingers up his back as he arched into the sofa with embarrassment.

Stuttering he turned his head back to me trying to see my expression.

“I, I didn’t expect you until after ten.” He stammered.

I lowered my face to his back breathing my hot breath into him as I spoke.

“I just missed you baby and decided to come over early. That’s all right isn’t it?” I whispered releasing hot gusts of air through his shirt.

I could see his body jerk and quiver even before I began pulling his shirt up to expose his muscular back.

“Uh yeah.” He yelped as the tip of my tongue made contact with his flesh.

While my tongue traveled up his spine my hands were easing his shirt up and over his head.

“Baby, what’s gotten into you tonight?” His gasp was muffled as I gently but firmly bit his shoulder.

He moaned beylikdüzü escort a bit as I snapped the shirt up, over and off his head.

He looked so sexy laying there with his arms still extended. It made me wonder what it would be like if I had some rope about now and was able to tie his hands there! The thought of him being ‘at my mercy’ was arousing the hell out of me!

“Can’t a girl just want her guy?” I finally answered looking over his shoulder to see what he had been reading.

“You slide your hand down my shorts and play with me briefly as I move down out of reach as I kiss my way down your stomach moving to your panties slowly pulling them off kissing my way down your legs as I pull them off of each leg.”

No wonder he was masturbating. I had no idea Sean read erotica when I was not around.

“Sure you can. Anytime, anywhere baby!” Sean sighed bringing his hands back to his body, trying to close his book.

I continued to nibble on him… his collar bone… hi neck… his earlobe… before poking my tongue inside his ear.

“Oh Jenn.” He screamed out, “You know how much that turns me on!”

Sean was a muscular, well built guy and could have heaved me off of him by now but he loved my adventurous nature this evening and so did I!

“I know.” I whispered pulling my tongue from his ear nibbling around to his cheek, then lips.

He turned so quickly beneath me, before I realized it, I was on top of him. His arms were wrapped around me and his mouth was sealed over mine.

Never had Sean kissed me so passionately before!

I felt the tip of his beylikdüzü eve gelen escort tongue at the entrance to my throat. His hands moved up the back of my head, parting through my long blonde hair as he raped my mouth with his tongue while exhaling into me before drawing my breath out… I felt light headed but conscious of his hard cock squirming and writhing for release from between our clenched groins.

I thrusted my tongue inside his mouth as my hands squeezed between us trying to free his gorgeous organ. The struggle made the reward all that much better.

Sean gasped as I freed his massive organ from his jeans.

“AAAhhhh baby!’ He sighed gently rolling us over onto the floor.

I sat up on him as he lovingly peeled my sweater up and off of me.

His eyes got as big as saucers when my ample breasts bounced free.

I laughed.

“Thought I’d surprise you and go undie free tonight Hun.” I whispered leaning forward, dangling my nipples back and forth across his lips without actually letting them touch.

My short skirt was already conveniently bunched up around my waist exposing my very wet pussy.

Sean’s legs were scissoring back and forth, bouncing me up and down as he worked his pants down his legs.

“Gee baby. Nice action there.” I giggled before grasping his cock as it pierced its way up inside of me. ” Uhhh Sean… yes oh yes..”

I had been using my kegelcisor for weeks now and Sean was going to reap the rewards of my labor as I squeezed his cock with only my pussy muscles.

“Gezzuzzz Jenn!” Sean screamed out as I beylikdüzü masöz escort bore down on him. “It feels like a vice inside of you.”

“Are you complaining baby?” I teased while tightening and releasing my pussy muscles.

“Hell no!” He panted heaving his hips up, off the floor to get deeper inside of my grasping little cunt.

Sean was gently bucking and rocking as I displayed the variety of rhythms I had learned to control.

“Jenn.” He moaned. “This feels so incredible but it’s going to make me cum to soon!” He screamed out.

I loved the taste of Sean’s cum especially when it was mixed with my own pussy juices so I did the unthinkable… I withdrew from his beautiful rod and impaled my mouth on him instead. I thought I was so clever. But before I knew what was happening Sean had my pussy spun around and planted against his mouth! He was gnawing on my clit as I sucked his gorgeous cock. It wasn’t long before his sweet cream was streaming inside my clenched mouth. I was swallowing and sucking when Sean made me explode myself! My clit was quivering and jumping as he continued to nibble and suck on me.

With a mouth full of spent cock I screamed out. “Enough!”

Sean just kept right on nibbling and sucking holding onto my ass cheeks with his strong hands so I could not get away from his delicious torture.

I had to let his limp cock slip from my mouth for fear of biting him his pussy eating was so intense. Every fibre of my body was quivering and shaking screaming out for him to stop while at the same time wishing he never would, it felt so incredible!

The dwindling fire was crackling and bursting just as we had a few moments ago…

After what felt like an eternity Sean released his grip on my clit and my ass. I felt like a wet noodle as Sean repositioned me beside him, wrapping his arms around me before drawing me near to kiss my mouth.

“I love you Jenn.” He whispered before kissing me lightly.

“I love you too, Sean.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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