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Cruel to be Kind

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“This feels so much better than your cock,” Jackie said as she worked the ridges of the glass dildo against the folds of her glistening pussy.

Ben was kneeling in front of her on the bed, right between her silky smooth thighs, his face still noticeably wet with her juices from where he’d been licking her just a few moments before.

“Lick your fingers clean,” she ordered.

Ben lifted his hand up to his mouth, eagerly licking the juices from his digits, the sweet liquid from her dripping pussy and the slight musky taste of her asshole. Ben adored both, but it was the taste of her ass that really made his cock ache, that and the denial.

It had been over three months since Ben had been allowed a proper orgasm, in that time he had been teased and denied repeatedly, occasionally even ‘promised’ an orgasm, only for his wife to let go seconds before he started to cum. It drove him crazy, the endless frustration and longing for release, but the thing that really pushed his buttons was the way Jackie was enjoying it now. Jackie was hesitant at first, reluctant to abuse her ‘power’ the way Ben wanted her to, but now… now things were different. Seeing the effect it had on him slowly changed her mindset, and she eventually realised that being ‘cruel’ really was the best way to be ‘kind’ to a man who craves to submit.

In those same three months Ben had licked his wife’s pussy more times than he could remember. Again, since she had really embraced her position of power she had become more and more demanding, to the point that she sometimes required him to service her pussy two or three times in a day. Not that Ben was complaining, he loved nothing more than to feel his wife writhing beneath his eager tongue time and time again.

There was no doubt that Jackie was more satisfied than she’d ever been in her life and Ben fed off her satisfaction and was blissfully happy. This in turn allowed Jackie to relax more and more and to become gradually more and more dominant with her husband.

“I balıkesir escort really love it when you lick my pussy you know… I don’t think I’ve ever cum harder than when your tongue is on my clit, my pussy is stuffed with this dildo and your fingers are teasing my beautiful ass.”

“Thank you Mistress, I love that you love it…”

“You do think my ass is beautiful don’t you?” she asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear him say it anyway.

“Of course Mistress, you know I adore it…”

Jackie smiled, “Well don’t worry I’m sure you’ll get a chance to taste it soon, I know you’re dying to be allowed to lick it again aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, please… may I?”

“Not today slave, although I might allow you a taste…”

Jackie locked her eyes on Ben’s and pulled the glass dildo out of her pussy for a second. She shifted forward slightly and then lay back, pushing the slippery glass cock down between her cheeks. She let out a breath as she felt the rounded head push at her tight hole and force its way inside her.

Jackie groaned loudly. “Stroke your cock for me, I want you to cum soon.”

Ben’s fingers circled his cock and he began to stroke as instructed, mesmerized by the sight of his gorgeous wife fucking herself in the ass with her beloved glass cock.

“Mmmpfh, this feels soooo good,” she moaned.

Ben’s stroking speeded up, but he was careful not to edge too soon.

“Do you want to taste it?” Jackie asked lasciviously.

Ben was trembling as he answered, “Yes Mistress, please…”

“Really? You really want to taste my beautiful ass?”

“Oh yeah…”

“I wonder how badly you want it? Would you give up your orgasm for it? I was going to let you cum today…”

Ben hesitated for a second, then forced the words out that he knew she wanted to hear

“If it pleases you Mistress, I would give up my orgasm.”

Jackie sighed with pleasure as she twisted the dildo inside her asshole. It was only bartın escort an inch or two inside her, but it was enough to feel amazing.

“That makes me very happy, but I really want to see you cum for me today…”

Ben’s face was a mixture of relief, pleasure and disappointment, something which amused Jackie greatly.

“Poor baby, you don’t even know what to think anymore do you… well, seeing as you’ve been so good to me these last few months, and I’ve been so very cruel to you, I think perhaps just this once I might allow you to have your cake and eat it.”

Jackie let out a little grunt as she pulled the bulbous head of the dildo out of her tight asshole and stretched out her arm to present her gift.

“Suck it,” she said firmly.

Ben took the glass cock into his mouth, savouring the taste he adored so much. His cock throbbed as he leaned further forward, wanting more of her delicious musk.

“Oh you love that don’t you, you fucking adore my asshole, that’s it stroke that fucking cock for me while you think about tonguing my gorgeous ass.”

Ben moaned loudly around the glass cock, his eyes never leaving his wife’s.

“That’s enough.”

Ben opened his mouth and allowed his wife to pull the dildo away, careful not to bash his teeth with the hard material.

“And it’s time for you to cum for me.”

Jackie relaxed back onto the bed and idly rubbed the dildo lengthways against her lips, the glass ridges teasing her still sodden lips and clit.

“I was going to let you cum on my sexy feet, I know you worship them almost as much as my pussy and ass… but, now that I’ve let you have one treat today I think I should save that for another time.”

Ben groaned his disappointment and Jackie bit her lip as she registered the effect her words had on him.

“So instead, I want you… to stroke hard and fast, go on… get close to the edge for me.”

Ben’s hand speeded up and gripped tighter as he worked himself nearer to the point batıkent escort of no return.

“You’re going to cum now, you’re going to cum for me so hard… but you’re not going to cum on my pretty feet, no… you’re going to cum into your other hand. Go on, do it, cum for me. Do it. Do it NOW!”

Ben tensed and felt himself bucking as he lifted his left palm under the head of his cock, the first spurt flew over his hand and landed on Jackie’s thigh, dripping slowly down as he continued to pump the rest of his load out into his hand.

“That’s it, don’t stop until those balls are totally drained for me,” Jackie growled.

Ben kept pumping and squeezing until every last drop of cum was expelled. It was a huge load and he knew she was going to make him swallow it.

“You know what you have to do now don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” he murmured breathlessly. It was always a lot harder to eat his cum when he had been allowed to cum properly and the intense horniness that he’d been carrying around for weeks had been allowed to dissipate.

“Mmm,” she said, “but I don’t want you to just slurp it up in one quick gulp like you did last time…”

Ben looked at her nervously.

“I think you should savour it. So I want you to press your other hand on top and make sure both of them are nicely coated.”

Ben placed his right hand on top of the left and pressed them together, he could feel his thick cream spreading out and coating both palms and oozing out between his fingers.

“Oh, and don’t forget this bit,” she laughed, reaching out and wiping the stray rope of cum from her thigh with her finger and offering it to his lips.

“I bet you thought I was going to let you lick that off my thigh afterwards didn’t you?”

Ben could only gently nod as he sucked his wife’s finger clean.

“Good boy, now lick your hands clean, slowly… savour the taste of your cum. You never know how long you’ll have to wait to taste that again.”

Ben lifted his right hand up to his face and slowly began the task of cleaning his sticky mess from his hand as instructed.

“But don’t take too long baby,” she said pushing the dildo back inside her dripping cunt. “I need your tongue, watching you do that has made me so fucking horny…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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