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Crystal and Nicole Ch. 01

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Crystal’s head pounded as she slowly woke up. The room was swaying, but then she remembered that she was on the boat. She couldn’t decide how much of the movement was the boat and how much was in her mind. A few rays of sunlight streamed in from the overhead port. She felt a body next to her and gently turned her head to see Joey. They were naked on the master cabin queen bed, the sheets strewn around, half on the bed and half on the floor, attempting to tell the tale of the previous night. She slowly drank in the mess that was the cabin. The floor was strewn with discarded towels and clothing while the table at the other end of the cabin was nearly overflowing with beer bottles, a few alcohol bottles rising above them like towers. Thoughts flew through her head. Where did all that come from? How much did I drink? How are we going to be able to clean this up?

She sat up and, after stopping her head from spinning (or was it the room spinning), noticed that Nicole was face down on the other side of Joey. She, too, was naked, the gentle swell of her left breast squeezing out from under her. Her back was spotted with dried patches; Crystal had a pretty good guess as to what those were. She decided not to inspect her own naked body too closely. The bathroom door gently rocked open with the motion of the ship. On the back of the door, Crystal spied her pink robe hanging. She managed to make it over there, her feet sticking to the stained floor most of the way, and don her robe to cover her nakedness. On the way out of the cabin, up the main stairs, she spied the naked forms of Ashley and Roger on the bed in the second cabin on the lower deck. Their story was clearer; it looked as though they had fallen asleep with Roger still inside of her.

The second deck had much more natural light, and Crystal squinted fiercely into the bright world. She looked around the main deck. The galley was a mess; the blender was out and half full of margarita. She was almost tempted to pour herself a glass, but then thought better of it. The dining table was strewn with plastic cups and the TV had been left on, with Fast and Furious II paused in the middle of what appeared to be a thrilling race.

Looking around the main deck, the previous night started to come back to Crystal. She stepped out the sliding glass door to the rear deck. The cool ocean air hit her face with a refreshing blast. The breeze grabbed hold of her robe, which only came down to mid-thigh, briefly pulling open and reminding Crystal that she was very much naked under it. The damage didn’t look too extreme on the deck, just some stains on the deck chair cushions, which she really hoped came from beverages and not something else. Stepping over to the starboard rail, she saw a much smaller wakeboard boat moored to their bigger boat.

As her head began to clear, and the visual reminders started to bring the previous day back to her, Crystal wondered if her sore body was due to the hang over that was slowly getting worse or the events of last night.

Crystal’s sister, Nicole, sat opposite her at their matching vanities. Both girls were putting finishing touches on their makeup, which was truly finished at least 30 minutes ago. The twins were very excited and therefore were going to extra lengths to make sure their makeup was even more flawless than usual. Though, truthfully, they usually spent much longer than necessary in their “changing room”, as they called it, just enjoying sisterly company. The family had often been late to church and many a boy had been kept waiting, quite awkwardly, with Mr. Maretto downstairs thanks to this habit of the girls.

George Maretto owned a small, niche marketing agency, Maretto Messaging, which had enjoyed a good amount of success. The family was by no means rich, but many would consider them well off. Living well outside a major metropolis, they had a pretty big house with a good amount of land. George had to commute 45-60 min (depending on traffic) each way, but figured it was worth it for the house and to keep his kids out of the craziness of city life, in which he had grown up. The girls, and their older brother Joey, each had their own room. However, Crystal and Nicole had opted to share their rooms, using one room for sleeping and turning the other room, which was attached, into the changing room. They each had a vanity, on opposite sides of the room. There was a low couch under the window, which stretched nearly the length of one wall, and opposite the window was a mounted TV, which they had saved up for together thanks to their summer jobs as lifeguards.

Despite Mrs. Maretto’s best attempts to keep the twins separate so that they wouldn’t become socially dependent upon each other, they were as close as could be. They shared their rooms, a bathroom (Jack ‘n Jill style, between the bedroom and the changing room), classes, friends, clothes, and, on occasion, boys. Sharing a room meant that the girls had no secrets from each other, including their sex lives. They constantly compared notes and stories. They certainly weren’t shy about being casino şirketleri naked in front of each other, and it was no big deal to masturbate in bed while the other was still in the room. On occasion, they had showered with each other to save time, though it hadn’t ever been sexual in anyway.

There had also been times when they engaged in sexual activities in the others presence. While they had never taken this as far as having intercourse in front of each other, they had given blowjobs in front of each other once. On prom night, they had both taken their dates back to the family boat to continue the party. After having a few drinks on deck while the boat was docked, both girls had been coerced (without much trouble) in to giving their dates blowjobs out on the deck. They then proceeded to different sections of the boat to finish the evening off. On another occasion, they had been drinking at a friend’s house down the street when they stumbled home rather drunk. Their parents weren’t home that weekend, so they had the run of the house to themselves. They were a little two tipsy to go to sleep so made some popcorn and sat down in front of the TV. After stumbling upon some softcore, late night HBO porn, they ended up masturbating while sitting next to each other on the couch. While they hadn’t done that again since, they had talked about that instance openly, both clearly comfortable with it.

Today’s excitement was because Joey was finally coming home from studying abroad. He was 21, three years their senior, and studying at a rather exclusive university in England. He had attended the same prep school from which the girls had just graduated, and had developed a fascination for British history, particularly the Tudor era. That, combined with the prestige of the prep school and a sizable donation from his father’s company, had secured him a spot at Cambridge University. He had fully immersed himself in his studies, and was on an accelerated track to graduate, from which he would likely go straight into graduate school. Because of this, he hadn’t been able to take enough time off to justify traveling home to visit his family. His parents had been able to travel out to the UK to see him a couple of times; however Crystal and her sister had been too occupied with school and various sports to make the trip. So this would be the first time they had seen him in over three years.

The girls had traveled out there with Joey and their parents when he first moved in. But they had been very different back then. The twins that Joey had last seen at the Heathrow airport in London had been slightly gawky 15 year old girls, still in training bras and jeans that didn’t fit quite right. Crystal still had braces at that point and Nicole hadn’t quite figured out how to keep her hair from frizzing out. Now 18, both girls had grown into beautiful women. They were nearly identical, the only noticeable difference were their eyes. Crystal had deep grey eyes that had been described as stormy, while Nicole had bright green eyes. This was always a source of mystery, as both their parents had hazel eyes. They stayed active with both the swim team and soccer, contributing to their shapely bodies, particularly their legs. Their legs had led the charge in their growth spurt, which seemed to end at 5’7″. Their breasts had grown as well, filling out 36C bras. Another mystery, as their mother was short and petite. Nicole’s hair tended to be a little more naturally wavy, but both girls had light brown hair which they kept streaked with matching blond highlights. Their olive skin paid tribute to their Italian heritage and had cleared up nicely from their oily pre-teen days. They definitely turned many heads, particularly when they were together, and they were well aware of that fact. They looked forward to showing their big brother how much they had grown up.

Their mom, Janine, had gone to pick Joey up from the airport. George was very excited to show off his new boat to his son. They hadn’t had a boat when Joey went off to school, so he hadn’t yet seen it in person. George referred to it as his boat, but it was really a small yacht. It was just over 48′ long with three decks. The top deck featured a “flying cockpit” as well as bench seating with a table and a hot tub. The second deck was entirely enclosed and housed a second cockpit, a galley, dining table, two couches and a TV. There was a back deck that had some lounge chairs. There were also sunning platforms and an integrated couch on the bow of the ship. The sleeping quarters were on the bottom deck. There were 3 rooms, two with queen beds and one with two twin beds. The “head” was also on this level. A particularly prosperous year for his business, as well as a lucrative tax cut he had received for installing solar panels on the office building, had led to an unusual splurge for him. Crystal couldn’t be happier though. It was kept at a nearby marina, and the family took it out on the ocean as often as possible.

The girls had attired themselves in conservative two piece swimsuits for the excursions, as they typically casino firmaları did when going out with their parents. Enough fabric so that their mother wouldn’t sigh and shake her head and their father wouldn’t grimace and look away. Given that it was a fairly warm day in their small, Eastern sea board town, they wore simple, light cover-ups over their bathing suits. Finally dressed and with makeup deemed worthy, Crystal headed downstairs with her sister in tow.

“Girls!!” they heard their dad holler, when they were already on the stairs.

“What!?” Crystal yelled back, annoyed. “We’re on our way down!”

They were greeted by their dad sitting in his customary living room chair, his leg up on the footstool with a large ice pack balanced on his knee. Both girls rushed over to him, concerned.

“My knee is acting up again. I think I slept on it wrong, I’ve barely been able to move it since I got up.”

George had hurt his knee in a skiing accident a decade ago. After it healed, it continued to give him occasional problems like this. The doctors could never figure out what it was, but it would put him in excruciating pain if he tweaked it just right or slept on it in the wrong way.

“There is no way I’m going to be able to go out on the boat, it wouldn’t be safe. But I really want Joey to see it; would you girls be ok taking him out on it?”

Sometimes it seemed that George’s favorite part of his boat was being safe. Before every excursion he double checked the emergency supplies and reviewed the emergency procedures with all passengers. He has insisted that his wife and the two girls get their boating licenses so that they could drive the boat if they needed to. Crystal particularly enjoyed driving the boat, much more so than Nicole seemed to.

“Sure!” Crystal was excited that they would get to take the boat out by themselves. They had only been allowed to do it once before. That time, they had gone out with a couple of girlfriends. Four beautiful girls on that yacht had definitely turned some heads! Especially when they sunned themselves on the bow platform. Crystal made sure that their dad was ok while Nicole fetched him a fresh ice pack. Then they both went running back upstairs; Crystal knew that her twin was thinking the same thing she was. They weren’t exactly exhibitionists, but did like showing off their bodies a little. They had the conservative swimsuits for when they were around the parental units, but then some slightly less conservative suits for when they weren’t. Growing up, they had been equally comfortable being naked around Joey as they had each other, so there seemed to be no reason not to wear suits that they enjoyed more.

Crystal was already shedding her current swim suit by the time they got to their changing room. She went straight to the back of her closet where she kept all her suits, knowing exactly which one she wanted. It was baby blue, which she thought went really well with her grey eyes. The top was supported with underwire and the cups were pretty low cut, resulting in more cleavage than seemed possible. The bottoms were French cut style, almost a cross between a full back and a thong, with brass buckles holding it together. This was a favorite suite of Crystal’s, who thought it was sexy, but in an elegant way.

She emerged from the closet just as Nicole was doing the same from the closet on the other side of the room. Crystal saw that her twin had chosen her white triangle bikini. She had bought it when they were 16; just as they were starting to develop, but were far from finished. Therefore it was about one to two sizes too small which caused her breasts to peak out the bottom of the triangle tops. Other than the size, it appeared to be a normal bikini, though Crystal knew it wasn’t.

“You little skank! That thing gets see-through when you get wet!”

“Well, we aren’t going to go swimming, are we?” Nicole retorted. “And you are one to talk, your tits are practically exploding from that top!”

“Hey, I can’t help it if I have a great rack!” They both burst out in giggles at the joke, as Crystal was implying that they both had great racks. “We’d better get some different cover-ups.”

They both grabbed cover-ups that were more like dresses, hiding the suits that Crystal knew her father would consider scandalous. It turned out that Joey’s flight had been delayed by a couple of hours, so they sat down to wait it out with their dad. As lunch time rolled around, Nicole disappeared into the kitchen. She emerged 30 min later with sandwiches and a salad, so that George wouldn’t have to get up. The sandwiches were on baguettes and consisted of prosciutto, goat cheese, and arugula with just a little olive oil drizzled on the bread. The salad was a simple spinach and strawberry combination, with some pine nuts and a slightly sweet vinaigrette. Cooking was Nicole’s passion, and she was considering going to culinary school.

It wasn’t until just after 1:00 pm when they finally heard the tires on the gravel driveway alerting them to the arrival of their long lost güvenilir casino brother. Crystal led the charge, running out to greet him. As he got out of the car, he had a nanosecond to take her in before she had her arms around his neck, hugging him and peppering his cheek with kisses. For some reason, she was acutely aware of her breasts being smashed into his chest, which seemed firmer than she remembered. She wondered if he was aware of that as well. Nicole practically pulled her off so she could have a turn.

“Can you still tell us apart?” Nicole teased.

“Of course, stupid!” Joey grinned. “I’d know my sister, Crystal, anywhere!” That earned him a punch from both girls.

They dragged him in the house, abandoning his luggage in the car. Everyone had so much to catch up on, that the big grandfather clock was striking 3pm before they knew it.

“Oh shit,” George said, earning a scolding from his wife. “It’s getting late! You guys better get out on the boat while you still have some sunlight! In fact, why don’t you just anchor near Johnson Island and spend the night. That way, you can really enjoy the boat. Besides, I’m sure you have plenty to catch up on. Stop to get some dinner supplies along the way. You can use the card, just don’t spend too much.” He winked at them, knowing they likely would spend “too much”. Crystal was very respectful of the privilege of having a credit card that her father paid for, as was Nicole. But an occasion like this was special.

The three of them piled into the old Volvo wagon that the girls inherited when their mom upgraded to a sports car. Nicole was driving, and Crystal insisted that Joey sit shotgun. They chatted his ears off on the drive, wanting to know all about England. Nicole’s cover-up dress rode up a little as the brunette worked the clutch pedal; Crystal saw that she wasn’t the only one who noticed as she caught Joey stealing what he clearly though were subtle glances at her twin’s tanned thighs. She wondered what he thought of their new, womanly bodies.

The drive plus stopping at the supermarket for supplies, took just a little over an hour, and they parked at the marina at 4:25 pm. Crystal unloaded the back of the wagon. They each grabbed their overnight bags, and Joey got the groceries. Crystal and her sister had taken advantage of the fact that Joey was 21 and bought way more booze than they could hope to drink. The 18 year old girls had no trouble getting into bars and getting drinks at parties, but couldn’t get past the checkout clerk at most stores. Joey’s arms rippled as he hefted the cumbersome grocery bags. Crystal definitely didn’t remember him being that strong before. As they walked down the dock, Joey’s eyes lit up as he realized which boat they were heading to.

“Holy fuck! This isn’t a ‘boat’, it’s a damn yacht! When did dad start spending money like this?”

“I know, see what you miss when you leave the country for three years?” Crystal teased. She led the way on to the deck. Nicole stowed the groceries while Crystal gave Joey the grand tour. When they ended up back in the main cabin, Nicole had glasses of champagne ready to toast the voyage. Crystal took a drink while Nicole gulped nearly all of hers down. With champagne in hand, Crystal proceeded up the stairs to the upper cockpit, from which she would get a better vantage for maneuvering out of the marina. Nicole went over to the dock to untie the boat and cast it out. Glancing back, Crystal caught Joey watching her go up the stairs, knowing that he had a perfect view up her dress. She gave him an innocent smile.

Once clear of the marina and the “no wake zone”, Crystal took a deeper drink from her champagne, called down to her siblings to hold on, and really opened her up. The yacht had a top speed of 26 knots, but Crystal didn’t get anywhere close to that. For a boat that size, 20 knots felt plenty fast. She loved the sea wind tugging at her hair as it lightly stung her eyes. Looking down, she saw her two siblings had moved onto beer as they sat on the sheltered rear deck.

“Hey you two land lubbers, come enjoy the view!” Crystal yelled down to them. They both came up the ladder to join her and stood with the sea breeze in their faces. Crystal had to turn around the point and the movement caused Joey to stumble and fall into Nicole. Crystal saw his hand briefly fall on her left breast and was quickly removed. His cheeks were already red from the salty breeze, but she thought they got a little brighter.

“What’s the matter?” Nicole teased, breaking any tension. “Don’t have your sea legs yet?”

Once they finished their beers, Nicole and Joey headed back down to the rear deck. Crystal stayed up top, piloting the boat toward Johnson Island. The island used to be owned by a prosperous family, the Johnsons, around the turn of the century. But they hadn’t lived there for decades, and it was now a popular picnicking location. There was an unwritten law that it was ok to leave a boat at anchor overnight just off the beach. The trip was only about 1.5 hours and Crystal soon sighted the pine trees that populated the little island. She killed the two massive engines and the boat slowly drifted towards the shallows. She noted happily that there were no other boats. They could turn the speakers on, and really crank it if they wanted.

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