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Cuckolding 101

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My wife Jennie and I live a very full, sexually active life. We began swinging and played in the bdsm realm and it eventually morphed into cuckolding. Our friends and family have no idea how depraved we are. We appear to be a loving couple who are crazy for each other. This is actually true. I became a cuckold when it was obvious that Jennie wasn’t quite getting enough from me to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite. I love her so much that it wasn’t hard for me to become her cuck and I have since seen just how much she appreciates my sacrifice as the most satisfying thing I have in life is the glow she has on her face after being properly fucked by a superior, virile black cock.

We live a double life. Our vanilla appearing normal life and then the depraved subservient life I live to give my bride what she truly deserves. This secret life involves a completely different group of friends who are all like minded. (See Super Blow Party story.) Jennie has a complete slutty wardrobe complete with hot wife accessories which she wears when she is on the hunt for her next bull. I too have another wardrobe which is full of plus sized women’s clothes, hose, panties, bras, wigs and even some fuck me pumps in size 12.

We have a couple who we’d consider to be our very best friends, Candy and Tom. Candy is super hot and Tom is a descent looking successful guy. We became friends as Candy and Jennie were strippers while in their twenties. As Jennie and I got together and Tom and Candy joined up it was a natural chemistry of two couples who hit it off and had several interests in common. We all love to go to see our sports teams. Go Wings! Concerts at the DTE theater in the summer. Weekends at our cottage. Many drunk weekends which eventually led to soft swinging and eventually full swaps. I truly love Jennie but making love to her best friend while she and Tom are fucking like rabbits in the next bed gave us a spice that enhanced our relationships like a good rub enhances a good steak. Swingers for years and since neither of us have had kids, yet, it’s easy to pull off this lifestyle with little concern or having to hide it. We hook up with our besties one or two weekends a month every summer and once a month or so during the cold winter months.

Jennie and I have been keeping a secret from Candy and Tom. .. at least from Tom as I’m sure Jennie and Candy have discussed our secret life in detail. Jennie and I have no secrets, at least I don’t think we do. One night at dinner she dropped a bomb, telling me that Candy wanted to turn Tom into a cuckold. She was envious of Jennie and wanted to become an actual Hot Wife.

“Wow,” was about all I could muster.

“I agreed to help her,” stated Jennie, matter of fact like “You WILL help,” she announced.

“What the hell can I do?” I asked, puzzled.

“I am going to develop a curriculum and you, being my star student, will be a major player in the teaching of novice cucks on how to be a proper cuck,” she lamented.

Per normal, my cock was at attention. That damn dick always gave me away. She knew I was in. I didn’t even have to be coerced. She assigned me the task of producing a couple of tutorials from videos we had made along with new tapes that we would create. These would be a combination of my testimonials on how I became a cuck as well as her giving CEI (cum eating instructions) as well as other propaganda aimed at mind fucking her potential cuckold students. Her curriculum would become known as Cuckolding 101. She has since shared this program with her cuckoldress friends who also were looking to ‘turn’ their husbands or the husbands of their vanilla friends. Her success rate is very good, not 100% but pretty high none the less. Now back to Candy and Tom.

We planned to meet them for dinner at a nice restaurant which we frequented. The ambiance was romantic, very dark, very private booths separated by walls, as if each table was its own little room. Great food, great drinks and a dance floor for after dinner enjoyment. It was always a good excuse to dress up and relive the good old days, think prom night. We often dined there on special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. This particular Friday night there was not a special occasion to celebrate.

Jennie and I were arriving separately due to work schedule. When I arrived Candy and Tom were already seated but Jennie had not yet arrived. They welcomed me and I sat down and ordered my standard Jack and diet.

I received a text from Jennie almost immediately upon my arrival saying she was running a bit late but would be there soon. No problem we agreed, drinks would be fine for now and an appetizer of calamari to start us off. When Jennie arrived she appeared to be just a bit out of sorts, her dress was a bit wrinkled, her hair not its usual perfect ‘not a hair out of place’ and her face was a bit flushed.

“Is everything OK darling?” I asked, concerned.

“Yes of course honey,” was her reply, “Just some last minute issue that needed my attention,” batman escort she continue.

“Hopefully everything worked out alright for you,” I said.

“Couldn’t be better” was her reply.

“Let’s order,” Candy piped up. “I’m starvin Marvin,” she said in her cute, sexy voice.

The waiter came and took our order and disappeared into the darkness, leaving us to chat and catch up on our lives. Jennie spoke of her recent promotion. Tom talked about the new houses he was building. Candy discussed her frustrations with real estate school and I added some small talk about my latest project at work. Then out of the blue Tom mentioned that we normally only eat here for special events and wondered what was special about today. Silence. The poop was about to hit the fan, I thought to myself.

“Actually, we have some news,” Jennie said. “I’m not quite sure how to say this,” she continued.

Both myself and Candy braced ourselves putting on our best poker faces and did our best Oscar worthy ‘acting surprised’ when Jennie tossed it out there.

“KD and I have a secret.” she said, leaving us all in suspense.

“Do tell,” said Tom, inquisitively.

“Hold on to your hats,” she said. Paused for what seemed like an hour and then blurted out. . . “KD and I are living a secret lifestyle that no one knows about,” she said, still leaving us all in suspense.

“You’re killing me,” said Candy in a most convincing way that I believed even knowing she was talking total crap.

“OK,” continued Jennie. “KD is my cuckold,” she blurted it out, squeezing my thigh as she did. “He has been my good little cuck for three years now,” she added.

I looked across the table at two jaws that would be resting on the table if they could have dropped that far. Candy continued her award winning performance.

“What the hell?” “How?” “Why” “So many questions,” coming rapid fire from Tom.

“It just happened,” I said, trying to act like it was no big deal. “I’m still me. I just have another dimension that no one else sees and most wouldn’t understand.”

“Damn right,” said Candy (I truly don’t know how she was doing it but it was fun to watch.)

“I truly love Jennie and I love to see the look on her face when she is properly fucked by one of her bulls. Her happiness is the most important thing in the world to me and my cucking for her enhances her being,” I said, trying to sound poetic.

“And I so do appreciate KD for his sacrifice as I know deep down he has to feel inferior and humiliated as I cuck him,” she explained.

“I love humiliation honey,” interrupting her, trying to justify my submissiveness. “It gets me off,” I added.

“Wow,” was all that Tom could muster. “Just wow. I’m fucking speechless,” he added.

“You’re our best friends,” Jennie interjected. “We thought you should know. Hell we share each other’s partners. You’ve been in all of my holes Tom and KD has fucked Candy in every position possible. It’s only right that you both know our ‘other’ life.”

“Truth be told I’ve always been bi-curious,” I offered. “This was a chance for me to realize my bi side as well as giving Jennie the ultimate gift of true submission.”

Our conversation was interrupted by the waiter as he delivered our main course. Steaks, a bottle of Zin and a cobb salad for me as I have been watching my weight.

“So how much do you want to know?” Jennie inquired.

“Tell us,” said Candy, “We want to know all about it,” she mused. Tom nodded in agreement.

“It all started one night when we were playing a bit rough and KD was forcing me to deep throat my ten inch black dildo. He mentioned off the cuff that he’d love to watch me sucking a big black cock I think he was watching too much porn,” she joked.

“Are you sure? I asked him, “Cuz they say once you go black you’ll never go back.”

“Yes I am sure honey, I want to see you go down on a black cock,” I assured her.

“That was all it took,” she interrupted. “That Friday night I went to the club looking like a slut and brought home not one but two big black bulls. I’ve always been a domme so it was natural for me to go into hot wife mode, instantly turning KD into my little cucky. We’ve progressed from there to where we are today.”

Jennie continue to paint a picture of a good cuckold porno, me as the faithful cuck, fluffing her lovers and cleaning them up afterward. I described to them in detail how I became a skilled cocksucker and what it was like the first time as I lay between her wide open thighs doing my best to gag down the sperm that was oozing from her well fucked pussy. My cock at full attention as her bulls had me clean their cocks off before leaving, high fives between the two of them, knowing they just fucked the hell out of some married white slut while her wimpy husband watched and then cleaned up. They would be back, often. She was in heaven and I was accepting my new role, gladly.

The look on Tom’s face was priceless and Candy bayburt escort continued her ruse acting just as dumbfounded.

Jennie explained that she loves me more than ever but the dynamic of our relationship had changed forever and she was about to prove that.

“Do you know why I was late?” she asked rhetorically. “Not due to work, due to a quickie with one of my co-workers. Lamont fucked me properly bending me over my desk. Everyone else had left so he gave it to me good, which he did quite often. Since KD couldn’t be there and I wasn’t able to face time him so he could watch, I instead brought him a doggy bag,'” she continued.

She took the bottle of Zinfadel and poured herself and our friends a glass. My glass was still empty since she knows I prefer the Jack n diet plus she had a special offering for me.

As she continued to explain her evening prior to her arrival she was multi-tasking as she held the wine glass under the table cloth, filling it with her golden nectar. . . a special treat for me. She produced the glass almost full and handed it to me telling me to drink up before it got cold. I did as instructed.

Tom and Candy just shook their heads. What the hell is happening (I could read their minds.)

Shock value was about to multiply as Jennie reached into her purse and pulled out a used condom that was tied off but was half full with what was obviously her lover’s seed. She proceeded to cut the knot with her steak knife and pour the contents all over my salad.

“Enjoy!” she demanded.

As I dug in I think I heard Tom throw up a bit, maybe it’s just my imagination. After dinner and some more small talk the girls headed off the powder room to freshen up and I’m sure gossip about what had just transpired. Leaving Tom and I alone as if things weren’t awkward enough.

“So how about those Lions?” my standard statement when things were uncomfortable.

Tom smiled and asked “What the fuck dude?”

“I’m still me,” I said. “Just now you know that I have a deep dark side that no one gets to see. I trust that you’ll be discreet about my secret Tom?” I asked, trying not to sound too desperate in my request.

“Of course,” he said adding “We’re good KD.”

“Thanks,” I offered. “So can I ask you a question?” again rhetorically asking permission for the bomb I was about to drop on him.

“Sure fire away,” he said.

“Do you think you’d ever consider cucking for Candy? I’m asking for a friend,” trying to lighten the moment.

“Dude I love Candy, I really do. . . but sucking cock for her? I don’t know man.”

“It’s the truest form of love man,” I tried to justify my fetish.

The girls returned both looking like the cat that got caught with their paws in the canaries cage. “Everything alright boys?” inquired Candy.

“Of course, why wouldn’t it be?” asked Tom.

“Never better,” I added.

“Good,” said Jennie. She said, “Now let’s dance,” jumping up she grabbed Tom by the hand and led him out to the dance floor.

“I guess it’s just us then,” I said sheepishly to Candy.

“Guess so,” she flirted back.

We headed out as well, seeing Tom and Jennie slow dancing, whispering back and forth in each other’s ears. Candy and I followed suit. I told her how proud I was of her being able to hold it together, not letting on that she knew I was Jennie’s cuck all along.

“So what do you think are the chances of me turning Tom?” she asked, getting serious. She pulled me in close and couldn’t not notice my hard on sticking into her rock hard abs. “Are you packing heat or just glad to see me?” she joked.

“Glad to see you love,” was my reply.

“Seriously though, you two had to have talked when we were in the bathroom. . . what are the chances that Tom would let me fuck some big black cock and clean us up when we were done?”

“I thinks he’s on the fence Candygirl,” trying to sound as optimistic as I could.

“Have you seen the new movie where the girls hold that guy hostage and try to teach him how to be a better man?” “I don’t remember the name of it,” she added. Without waiting to hear my reply she added. . . “Jennie and I have a plan, we are going to teach Tom how to be a cuckold. What do you think?”

“Best of luck?” was my response.

“You’re a good man KD,” she said earnestly looking deep into my eyes with those beautiful brown peepers. “Thank you so very much for making my best friend in the world so damn happy,” she said right before she moved in and gave me a tender tongue kiss.

“Not helping my erection,” I joked.

“Aww, too bad so sad,” she teased. “Maybe if you’re a good little cucky Miss Jennie will let you jack your pathetic little cock off on her feet and lick up that worthless cum,” she said serious as a heart attack, her eyes now piercing mine with evil intent.

“Wow, you’re goooood,” I said. “Don’t think it would take much for you to be a quite proper cuckoldress Miss Candy.”

“Right on cucky! If she ever bebek escort loans you out to me, and trust me we have discussed it, I will bring you to your knees and make you cry like the little girl that you are,” she promised. “And I hope you enjoyed that little kiss as it’s the last one you’ll ever get from me you worthless piece of shit,” she added for good measure.

Damn I was falling in love all over again. We headed back to the table where Jennie and Tom were already back.

I sat down next to Jennie and she grabbed my crotch.

“I see you enjoyed your little dance with my bestie cucky,” she announced to the table.

“Tom, are you OK with the fact that another man just was grinding up against your bride with his hard on (as small as that might be?)”

“I don’t know Miss Jennie,” Candy interjected. . . “My hubby is sporting wood himself, must have enjoyed the slow dance with my best friend in the world. The question is where do we go from here?” again rhetorical.

“Well I’d hate to break up a good time but Lamont awaits and KD has some laundry and dishes to do while I’m out. If he’s a good boy I might bring him home another doggy bag,” she said mockingly.

Candy smiled and Tom just had a dumbfounded look on his face as we parted ways. I saw Jennie wink at Candy as if to wish her luck with her quest. She slipped something to her as well, turns out it was a thumb drive which contained a copy of our cuckold contract, information on cuckolding and several pics and a few videos of us in full cuck mode. Evidently to be used to try and turn Tom. Later that night I was rewarded with another condom full of cold ropes of sperm that I had to beg for and was eventually fed by my lovely bride. To the normal vanilla person they would never be able to understand how and why I would serve her in this way.. I can’t explain except to reiterate that I get my pleasure by ensuring her satisfaction.

I would have paid a fortune to be a fly on the wall for Candy and Tom’s drive home. I was to find out the details later when Candy stopped by for coffee and was served by yours truly. She got a kick out of my french maid outfit.

“So spill it,” demanded Jennie. “I want details!” she continued.

“OK,” said Candy. . . “here’s how it played out. I asked Tom what he was thinking on our drive home. He was still in a bit of shock but did let on that although he loved me more than life itself he doesn’t know if he could ever serve me as a cuckold. I told him that technically he already was a cuck as he’s watched KD fuck me silly on several occasions.”

“Yes that’s true I guess,” he said “but the whole sucking cock and eating cum and all that is involved, it’s kind of gay and I don’t think it’s for me.”

“No problem honey, I told him and then bent over and proceeded to give him a blowjob as he did his best to get us the rest of the way home without wrapping the beemer around a tree,” she joked. “He finished in my mouth as he pulled into the drive and when I came up for air I forced his head back and snowballed his ass, forcing him to swallow his whole load. He gagged a bit but swallowed like a good boy should. I asked him if it was yummy.”

“He actually said, not too bad honey.”

“That’s Miss Candy to you cucky! I said in my best authoritarian voice.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself there Missy,” was his comeback.

My hard on was very noticeable as I eavesdropped on their conversation and the old French maid outfit did little to assist in covering up my bulge. As I filled their cups with coffee Candy reached out and grabbed my crotch hard, startling me.

“Look Miss Jennie, seems like somebody is glad to see us,” she mocked.

“On your knees loser,” Jennie ordered. “You are embarrassing me in front of my friend you puke and you need to be punished. You know what to do faggot!” she quipped.

I immediately dropped to my knees in front of Miss Candy pulling down my panties and exposing my worthless penis. Spitting in my hand I lubed up the little guy and proceeded to jack off my poor excuse of manhood and shot my meager load on Miss Candy’s waiting feet. I immediately bent over and licked her feet clean of my mess. I showed the ladies my mouth proving that I swallowed my spunk and when asked if I wanted something to wash it down was rewarded with ten minutes or so of the girls spitting into my open mouth, laughing at my plight. Insults flying, my cock getting hard once again, this time orgasm denial would be my punishment. Now back to the real story.

So Candy proceeded to get Tom to sit with her and look at the contents of the thumb drive Jennie had provided for her. They read the cuckold contract. They looked at the pics of Jennie getting black cock, Jennie getting gang banged, Jennie wrecked after a night of being repeatedly violated by big black cock and of course pics of me sucking that cock, pics of me with mouthfuls of cum, cleaning huge creampies out of my bride’s used pussy and ass. They also watched the full length video we had a friend film for us. A sacred keepsake of us at our best as hot wife and wimpy cuck. Tom was still not convinced that this was something he could agree to. Candy told him they would drop the subject for now but she wanted to revisit it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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